Unlock F1 23 Supercars

How to unlock the supercars in the new F1 23? What supercars are there and how can you drive the supercars? In the last few days, these questions may concern one or the other player who has bought the new F1 offshoot for the PC, the PS5 or the Xbox Series. Similar to its predecessor, in F1 23 you can not only drive the F1 and F2 cars, but there is also a range of supercars with which you can prove your driving skills on the F1 tracks. But before you can take the cars onto the track, you first have to unlock the supercars.

Unlock supercars in F1 23

The activation of the supercars works in F1 23 the same way as in the predecessor, namely via the tokens or supercar brands. The brands can be earned, for example, in a simple time trial. But before you can do that, you first have to unlock the first supercar. To do this, go to the showroom in the “F1 World” game mode. A gift symbol can already be seen next to the menu item from the showroom. You can now unlock a supercar in the showroom. It doesn’t matter which car you choose.

With the unlocked supercar you can now start the time trial and select the supercar in F1 World, among other things. The best thing to do here is to choose a simple route such as Monza or Silverstone, as it only depends on the distance driven to get the marks. The progress and the miles driven can also be displayed in the showroom, where you can unlock the next supercars in addition to the progress.

Supercar list

You can choose from the following supercars in F1 23.

  • Mercedes AMG GT R Pro
  • Aston Martin DB 11 V12
  • Ferrari Roma
  • Aston Martin Vantage Safety Car
  • Aston Martin Vantage F1 Edition
  • Ferrari F8 tribute
  • McLaren 720s
  • McLaren Artura
  • Mercedes AMG GT Black Series
  • Mercedes AMG GT Black Series (Safety Car)


Dead Island 2: Unlock Crossbow?

In the new Dead Island 2 you will not only find many improvised weapons such as wooden slats or metal pipes, but also “real weapons” such as pistols, shotguns and assault rifles. Anyone who has dealt with the “leaked weapon lists” from the game in the past or has seen Tanisha’s weapon in the game may also ask themselves the question about the crossbow. Is there no crossbow or bow and arrow in Dead Island 2? Can the crossbow used by Tanisha be unlocked and found throughout the story?

Unlock and get crossbow as a weapon?

The short answer to the question is no, there is no crossbow in Dead Island 2, at least in the current version, just like the bow and arrow. Even though Tanisha’s crossbow looks pretty promising and would certainly be a good weapon for zombie hunting, the crossbow cannot be unlocked as a playable weapon yet. Some players have also asked themselves the question about the crossbow in a few Reddit threads and here it is suspected that the crossbow could possibly come into play with upcoming DLCs.

As was recently announced, the first DLCs are already in prospect. More specifically, there will be two character packs for Jacob and Amy in the summer, which should include both new skins and weapons. Presumably there will be one for Tanisha among the character packs in the future and then hopefully her crossbow will be unlockable in the game. Until then, it’s just a matter of waiting and drinking tea. Dead Island shouldn’t fail because of too few weapons, even though it would certainly be cool to hunt zombies with a bow or crossbow. As soon as there is news about the weapons in Dead Island 2, we will of course update this article with the information.

Is there actually a money cheat in Dead Island 2 with which you can cheat yourself infinite money at the push of a button?


Mortal Kombat 11: How To Unlock Skins And Items With The Shrine | Krypt Guide

The Shrine is one of the early locations you’ll discover in the Krypt, the extensive third-person exploration mode in
Mortal Kombat 11
. After opening the gates to the Forge, you will find the shrine on the other side of Mountain Pass. At the shrine, you can donate Koins to unlock random items. At least it looks like what you get is purely random, but the truth is the amount of Koins you donate has a direct impact on the items you will unlock.

If you want to save Koins and unlock things in the Krypt that you normally can’t get, you need to use the Shrine. The Shrine is much more expensive than opening chests, but you can be guaranteed gear or skins if you donate large sums of Koins.

This is only for your
Mortal Kombat 11

to complete collection. When you first enter the Krypt, each chest contains a specific Kustomization option. This means that certain Kustomization options won’t be available to you if you’re unlucky – for example, some can be found in areas that can be very difficult to unlock

nn, or are in a Soul Fragment container. The best way to get these missing Kustomization options is through the Shrine. Read on to learn how this works.

How to unlock skins and items with the help of the shrine

The shrine in MK11’s crypt serves three main purposes: obtaining Kronika’s amulet, obtaining gear, and acquiring skins not found in the crypt. It’s possible to get literally any skin via the Shrine, but you’ll need to bounce a lot of koins to do so. I recommend that you hoard plenty of play money before attempting this method. It gets expensive quickly.

  • Shrine Donation Rewards:
    • Any Amount (First Time): You will get Kronika’s Amulet, a key item.
    • 75,000 coins: You will get two Gear Items for any characters.
    • 100,000 coins: You will get a skin for a random character that you don’t already have.

If you donate Koins while yelling, you will usually receive an item at random. But if you donate the exact amounts listed above, you’ll always get fresh rewards. There is in
no duplicates — but you will get worse items. If you have already obtained skins from 14,000 Koins chests, there is a chance that you will not find new skins when you refresh these chests. They may only contain worthless consumables.

This is not the case with the shrine. You will always get a piece of gear or a skin that you don’t already have – until you have all the cosmetics. This way you can get all the cosmetics that are in the game. 100,000 Koins is a very steep price, but if you grind enough you’ll eventually find that you can’t unlock any more skins in the Krypt. You must use Kollector or wait for fresh Towers of Time to appear with items you are looking for. The Shrine may be random, but it always gives you something you’re missing. That’s why it’s worth the significantly higher price if you’ve progressed very far in the game.

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Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (TABS) – How To Unlock All Secret Units | Easter Egg Guide

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator

) is a really silly game – and you can make it even sillier with the help of these Easter Egg units. To unlock new hidden units, all you have to do is find their weapons on the map. But these weapons are pretty well hidden. It pays to look for them though, as the units they unlock are some of the most powerful/expensive in the game.

If you crave hulking ice giants that crush enemies with a never-ending series of shockwaves, or cheerleaders that boost your other units and make them attack even faster, or dragons in wheelbarrows, read on because here’s where to find them Find units – and then some. Secret things are always nice in games, especially when they really pay off to be found or unlocked.

How To Unlock Every Secret Unit | Easter egg guide

To get new units you need to find their weapons hidden in certain levels. You need to activate Freelook and move the camera around yourself – press (F) to unlock Freeroam and be able to find those hidden weapons. Make sure your camera is next to the weapon for a while to unlock the corresponding unit.


  • levels: Medieval 1
  • Cost: 350

This strong and heavy axe-wielding unit is unlocked by finding the axe. She is embedded in a tree stump.

Mace spinner

  • levels: Medieval 2
  • cost: 500

Spins with a pair of clubs – and becomes a wild tornado when reinforced by cheerleaders. You can find the clubs in one of the spires. Use Freelook to fly down through the open tower window and inside. The clubs are surrounded by birds.


  • levels: Ancient 1
  • cost: 5500

A unit that shoots a hell of a lot of arrows with a double bow. You can find the arch(es) on the lighthouse, at the top, along the railing.

Samurai giant

  • levels: Dynasty
  • cost: 3000

Fly down the square fountain to find the giant samurai’s giant katana sticking out of the bottom of the fountain. The Samurai Giant is — well — a giant samurai with a hell of a sword.

Fan Bearer

  • levels: Ancient Sandbox
  • cost: 200

A simpler unit that blows enemies away with fans rather than destroying them outright. The fan is leaning against a small shrine near the edge/shore of the island, down a few steps.

The Teacher

  • levels: Ancient 2
  • cost: 300

A very well trained swordsman. You can find his weapon in the open temple with a statue of the Thinker inside.

Ice Giant

  • levels:Viking 1
  • cost: 6000

You can find the giant skull at the edge of the map, near the cracked ice covered lake. It is in the forest along the shore. The Ice Giant is the most expensive unit and sends groups of enemies flying with its explosive shockwaves.


  • levels: Dynasty
  • cost: 3000

A unit that quickly throws ninja stars. You can find this fighter’s shuriken on the roof of the building in the center of the map – where the red and blue lines meet.

Wheelbarrow Dragon

  • levels: farmer 1
  • cost: 1600

This is an odd unit. You can find the dragon head behind rocks at the edge of the map. It’s not a breathing, flying dragon, it’s in a wheelbarrow that’s being pushed. One could describe this unit as a mobile flamethrower.

Tree Giant

  • levels: Medieval 1
  • cost: 4000

A giant who uses a large tree as a weapon. You need to find his tree – it’s a rather small tree at the edge of the map, near a cliff over the water.


  • levels: Tribal 1
  • cost: 1000

This handy unit makes nearby friendly units attack faster and provides some bonus effects. The cheerleader’s pompoms are on the very edge of the card, on the red side, the red/blue border.


  • levels: Dynasty
  • cost: 2000

His gun is stuck in a tree on the cliffs below the map’s center dividing line. A powerful samurai-style unit, the Shogun uses the sword to slay enemies as if they were made of cardboard.


How to unlock the XRK Stalker in MW3 and Warzone

Three new weapons have been added to Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone with the Season 1 update which brings the XRK Stalker to the roster. But first you need to unlock the sniper and I can help you earn it in this guide.

How to get the XRK Stalker in Warzone and MW3

To unlock the XRK Stalker, you must earn at least 15 Battle Pass tokens to complete sector A4 of the full map. Every new weapon added at the start of a COD season will be tied to the Battle Pass as free content, which also includes the RAM-7 and Stormender. Fortunately, you can choose which ones you win first.

If you spend your Battle Pass tokens wisely, you can head north on the sector list starting at A1 and ending at A4. Each sector requires five tokens to complete and provide access to the next section of the map. Token 15 on this path will complete level A4 and provide you with the XRK Tracker to use in loadouts in all game modes.

Earning Battle Pass Tokens is a different story. These work the same as standard XP, so all you have to do is grind matches and passively work your way to more tokens. If you have double Battle Pass XP or the Black Cell Pass, you can get to other sectors much faster. Before you know it, all new weapons are at your disposal.

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Your final method to earn the XRK Stalker is to extract the weapon from the MW3 zombies. You can either find the weapon in the open world of Urzikstan, or ask a friend to drop the weapon from their own inventory. Extraction ensures that the new sniper rifle is yours in Warzone and MW3.

For those of you taking the new weapon into Warzone, make sure you have the best perk pack possible.


Tutorial : How to unlock and evolve the Pako Battiliar into Mazo Familiar in Vampire Survivors

Pako Battiliar is a new weapon added to Vampire Survivors in update 1.9. And the best part? Pako Battiliar also has an evolution! Here’s how to unlock Pako Battiliar and evolve him into Mazo Familiar in Vampire Survivors.

How to unlock Pako Battiliar in Vampire Survivors

Pako Battiliar is Bat Robbert’s starting weapon and is unlocked by defeating 161616 Bats in numerous matches of Vampire Survivors. He sends a wave of bats from one end of the screen to the other.

Here is the breakdown of each level:

  • Level 1: Can retaliate by losing life points.
  • Level 2: Pass through one more enemy. Increases base speed by 30%.
  • Level 3: Fires one more projectile. Reduces cooldown by half a second.
  • Level 4: Fires one more projectile. Increases base damage by 10.
  • Level 5: Pass through two more enemies. Increases base speed by 30%.
  • Level 6: Fires one more projectile. Reduces cooldown by half a second.
  • Level 7: Fires one more projectile. Pass through three more enemies.
  • Level 8: Fires one more projectile. Increases base damage by 10.

How to evolve Pako Battiliar into Mazo Familiar in Vampire Survivors

You evolve Pako Battiliar into Mazo Familiar by upgrade Pako Battiliar and Hollow Heart to max level. Actual evolution is done by picking up a treasure chest, just like with any other weapon in Vampire Survivors – if RNG is on your side, of course.

Screenshot by blog

What does Mazo Familiar do in Vampire Survivors?

The game text, “Pako Battiliar evolved. Damage and amount impacted by max health,” doesn’t say much. In practice, it dispatches bigger bats (and more bats, of course!) and does a lot more damage. It’s a fun weapon to try, but it’s far from the best in the game, power-wise.

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If you’re jumping into Adventure Mode, you might want to know more about the Vampire Survivors Ascend Adventure feature.


Tutorial : How to unlock the Net Café in Persona 3 Reload (P3R)

What a throwback! Here’s how to unlock the Net Café in Persona 3 Reload (P3R).

How to unlock the Net Café in Persona 3 Reload

If you have explored the Iwatodai Station Strip Mall, you’ve probably already encountered the Net Café on the third floor, which remains stubbornly closed. Unfortunately, you will not be able to use products from this store until you unlock the Shared computer in your dorm.

But there is good news! You will have access to the shared computer effortlessly. All you have to do is progress in the game until 04/29. Once you’ve done that, Mitsuri will tell you that the Wi-Fi has been restored and Junpei will point you in the direction of the shared computer. The shared computer is located on the First floor of the dormitorybehind reception, to the left of the door.

This is important to note, because anything you can buy at the Net Café can only be used once on the shared computer in the dorm. Using the shared computer and software you purchased at the Net Café will take up a block of your day.

You also cannot play online games on the shared computer. To spend time online with a specific girl, you will need to go to your room.

Once you unlock the shared computer, you can also purchase the Umiushi Fan Book for 450. Once you get the fan book you can get Take away from Umiushi Beef Bowls, which is located just to the right of the Net Café. You will then need to register your membership on the shared computer. But it will still take a while.

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Umiushi Beef Bowl offers the following takeout options:

  • Umiushi Beef Bowl – A staple of the Umiushi menu. Restores 20 HP to 1 ally.
  • Spring Cabbage Bowl – Has a flavorful blend of sweet and savory. Restores 100 HP to 1 ally

The shared computer is also where you can search URLs purchased from the club’s shady dealer. These URLs can do everything from boosting stats, providing food, and learning new skills in Tartarus.