The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt: Complete Edition in stores, new patch coming soon

The Complete Edition of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is available in stores and a new patch is on the way.

Role-playing game fans on Xbox Series

To give you an overview of the possible functions and content, CD Projekt RED lists the different versions on the different platforms.

  • Buy The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt on – 39.99 euros

The developer also informed that another patch is on the way and will be coming soon. However, the contents of the patch are not known.


Bad news for fans of ‘John Wick’: the brutal fourth film starring Keanu Reeves is left without a physical edition in Spain because “it is not financially viable”

Any Spanish collector of films in physical format was already smelling it, but it never hurts to have this sad certainty: the brutal ‘John Wick 4’ is left without a physical edition, since the distributor Diamond Films He has recalled that he does not plan to publish any of his films on DVD, Blu-ray or 4K Ultra HD, justifying this decision with “”.

Demand is very low

The truth is that no Diamond Films film has been published in physical format in our country for a long time, so the only thing we needed was an official explanation from him. We finally got it, and this is what it says:

Since we started our activity in Spain, we are committed to the creation and distribution of DVDs and Blu-Ray. Unfortunately, the company in charge of manufacturing and logistics ceased its activity permanently, due to the low demand for these products, so we had no choice but to stop editing our films in these formats. We understand that there are still some collectors who continued to bet on the physical format and we are very grateful that you are interested in keeping it, but we hope you understand that the demand is so low that its manufacture is not economically viable.

That the physical market in Spain is not going through its best moment is something indisputable. Gone are the years of strength in which there were countless buyers. Many of them were disappearing with the rise of streaming and something tells me that the obsession created around 50% offers, very common a few years ago and rarely seen today, does not help to be profitable either. Now it seems that the only thing that really sells are steelbooks – and I am the first to give them priority over simple editions.

All in all, movies continue to be released in our country and there are distributors like Reel One Entertainment that subsist solely on DVD and Blu-ray sales, so profits should continue to give. Perhaps few and very focused on certain titles –I don’t have the slightest doubt about the good sales of ‘John Wick 4’, but what about the rest of the releases?-, so one can understand that they have opted for other sources of income. Which is it? I suspect that the exclusivity that Diamond Films titles have for a time with Prime Video when they are released on streaming must be more profitable than what they could earn without it and the extra of the physical format.

Obviously, ‘John Wick 4’ is not the only title affected -the same will happen with the recent ‘Talk to me’, the polarizing ‘Beau is afraid’ or the still pending release ‘The last trip of Demeter’-, but surely the most striking. Let’s not forget all the trouble that occurred with the physical format edition of its first installment, which did not appear for sale in our country until this very 2023. By the way, this will also affect future releases, so if ‘John Wick 5’ has just been done, you can count on the same thing to happen.


Buyers of Cyberpunk 2077 Xbox One Limited Edition Bundle will receive a partial refund

Last Tuesday, developer CD Projekt RED announced the Phantom Liberty expansion for Cyberpunk 2077. This expansion is currently in development and will be released sometime in 2023. But where the expansion would initially come out on all platforms, it is now limited to current-gen consoles and PC.

Buyers of the Limited Edition Bundle, which included the game and an Xbox One console, are now pissing next to the pot. They are actually entitled to the upcoming expansion through this more expensive edition. However, CD Projekt RED comes up with a neat solution, because on their website to write they say that buyers of this bundle will get a part of their money back.

The refund will be in the form of credits for the Microsoft Store. More details will be announced by the developer later.

“Owners of the Xbox One X – Cyberpunk 2077 Limited Edition Bundle will receive a reimbursement for the expansion in the form of Microsoft Store credits. Please stay tuned for more details about this procedure.”


The Outer Worlds: Spacer’s Choice Edition patch fixes many issues

Earlier this month, The Outer Worlds: Spacer’s Choice Edition finally launched after a period of much speculation. However, this new current-gen edition of the beloved RPG didn’t exactly have the best launch: the game had quite a few problems, including crashes and inconsistent performance. A new patch offers relief.

Update 1.1 is now live for the PS5 and PC and brings some necessary changes. Hopefully this update will make the technical issues a thing of the past now. Xbox players will have to wait a little while longer, though, as the update for that platform won’t appear until sometime in the middle of this week.

Check out the patch notes below.

Top Community Issues:

  • Adjusted settings for Ultra and Very High graphic modes, improving experience for PC players on higher end graphics cards
  • Fixed issues with SSGI being set inappropriately high on PC affecting performance
  • Updated SSR values ​​to improve cinematic mode on Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation®5
  • Updated dynamic resolution on PC
  • Improved frame rate in performance modes for both Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation®5


  • PSO experience improved to mitigate hitching during shader compilation
  • SSGI auto settings updated preventing scenarios where it would toggle on unexpectedly


  • Solved rare crash on PS5 in Roseway
  • Fixed chance for Xbox Series X|S consoles to crash during long syncs
  • Prevent temporary memory leaks from appearing in UI screens on Xbox Series X|S consoles


  • Various HLOD improvements to reduce popping on all platforms
  • Fix many instances of flickering textures on all platforms
  • Reduce chance for characters hair to glow on all platforms
  • Fixed two instances of invisible enemies on all platforms
  • Fixed invisible trip mine beam on all platforms
  • Improved texture resolution on the Xbox Series S
  • Fixed skin shading issues seen on some companions on the Xbox Series S