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China displays samples of the Moon brought by the Chang’e 5 mission for the first time

The samples were brought to Earth by Chang’e 5, the second spacecraft to reach the lunar surface.

According to the information released, one of the Moon samples brought back by Chang’e 5 It has been in the collection of the National Museum of China since last February 22, but only until March can it be appreciated in public.

Likewise, it was known that the museum revealed some photographs that show the container specially designed to preserve these exhibited samples in perfect condition.

The synthetic quartz container stand replicates the zun, a bronze wine vessel often used for grand ceremonies during the Shang and Zhou dynasties. The sample will be inside a balloon in this container.

Let us remember that this mission reached the Moon on December 1, 2020 after being launched from the Wenchang Space Launch Center on November 24.


There will be no second season of Willow

The series had just debuted on the streaming platform Disney+ and sought to rekindle interest in an old franchise through nostalgia. In Willow, a group of heroes embark on a mission to places beyond their home, facing inner demons and discovering an unmatched brotherhood.

There will be no second season of Willow, the original live-action series of Disney+ based on the 1988 fantasy film directed by Ron Howard. The news comes two months after the show’s eight-episode first season, which served as a sequel to the classic film, ended on the streaming platform.

Willow, which picked up the story years after the events of the film, did not have the same cultural impact as the original, but was well received by critics, earning an 83% on Rotten Tomatoes. Although the series will not continue, Willow remains an important intellectual property in the library of Lucasfilmso it could be revisited in the future.

The news comes while Lucasfilm has been re-evaluating its film slate, taking its time to identify the next film in the Star Wars franchise. Meanwhile, the company has built a considerable Star Wars television presence in Disney+ with series like the live-action hit The Mandalorian and the upcoming Ahsoka, Acolyte and Skeleton Crew, as well as animated programming.

The cancellation also comes amid increased scrutiny of media companies, including disneywho have been reducing spending on streaming content in search of profitability.

Willow introduced new characters and was set in a world where goblins, sorcerers, trolls, and other mystical creatures flourish.

Ellie Bamber, Ruby Cruz, Erin Kellyman, Amer Chadha-Patel and Tony Revolori starred alongside Warwick Davis, who reprized her lead role as Willow Ufgood. Jonathan Kasdan wrote the pilot and served as co-showrunner alongside Wendy Mericle; Howard and writer Bob Dolman. Kathleen Kennedy and Michelle Rejwan also served as executive producers.

Via: Deadline

Editor’s note: When I watched Willow on Disney+, I felt the same as when we rented the movie at home. I didn’t want to see her, I didn’t find him attractive in the least. But I remember that when I saw it I liked it a lot. I guess I’m not the only one this happens to with Willow, and this is probably why the series was cancelled. Now that everything is lost, obviously I have to see what it is about :V.


Prototype…Humanity is your mask! Editions publish the Prototype Strategy Guidean indispensable tool for dressing the role of Prototype Alex Mercer: a shapeshifter with incredible powers of combat and destruction.

Thanks to Strategic Guide you will be able to quickly absorb the form and memories of the targets thus obtaining a perfect disguiseor you can transform your body into a arsenal of lethal biological weaponspenetrating to the heart of conspiracy which has now lasted for forty years.

With Prototype and the Official Strategy Guide you will undertake one secret war against different factions and you will accompany Alex Marcer inside a real one war machine!

Inside the help pages all are contained detailed instructions on which the survival in the world of Prototype!

This chapter provides a quick overview of the basic tactics to face the first viral threat who hit the city. All will be revealed secrets of the MENU, the elements of the Display, the possibilities of EXPLORATION and how to recover health and obtain evolution pointsFurthermore, the ways to learn will be illustrated STARTING MOVES.


You will find every single one listed STRENGTHENING available during the adventure, accompanied by images that will show the consequences of each single TECHNIQUE. It will also be possible to find out how much each one costs strengtheningwhat improves and when it is best to buy it: this is the KEY to unlock the ATTACKS and the MOST POWERFUL MOVES of your repertoire!


This section reveals which are the most fearful threats who wander around Manhattan, without however telling anything that could anticipate or ruin the surprise of the game. There are examples of INNOCENT and INFECTED (which range from simple citizens to HUNTERS), as well as of course the Military (including Commanders and all VEHICLES). The following are also listed for each main ATTACK strategies.

Further chapters of the guide:

GALLERYThe behind the scenes from the development division of RADICAL
ENTERTAINMENT. This section offers numerous EXCLUSIVE CONCEPT ART and also includes the special interviews with key team members on the creation of the game, the evolution of the characters to a host of beautiful drawings of every atrocity born from the infection.

A truly a manual not to be missed!
The Official Strategy Guides published by Edizioni can be purchased online, in large-scale retail trade and in specialized shops.

Come back to visit us soon, coming soon for you review of this wonderful game!!!


Discover Sweek, a new platform to connect authors and writers like Wattpad

In the world of digital publishing, there are several actors who have completely changed the model in the industry. Amazon’s KPD has opened an ocean of possibilities for thousands of authors to self-publish; Kobo, another popular one, has been able to open the global market to produce and sell ebooks in almost all languages; and Wattpad, which has rethought the entire concept of how a story can be published, by giving authors and readers the same space in which to connect and follow the very process of writing and developing both a short story and a novel.

These different actors do not occupy all the space, so there is still room for other alternatives, apart from the fact that we really do not know what the next future models for publishing will be. Now Sweek directly enters the scene to make it difficult for Watppad, the platform par excellence to connect authors and readers with millions of users around the world. Sweek has quite a few similarities visually and operates in a very similar way which takes all the honors in this type of platforms and apps, although this does not mean that it is not looking for its own space. Apart from the website, it also has an Android app.

What is Sweek?

Sweek is a platform that mainly allows authors to create and launch stories through an Android app that connects readers so that they can discover new writers, follow the work of those with whom they have enjoyed their publications, share the content discovered through the best-known social media channels and much more. The company’s idea is that its model is valid for both short stories and longer novels.

This is why Sweek search for authors and readers to increase the community that has to be created. It will cost you to reach the millions that Wattpad has, but it is presented as an interesting alternative. We will also have to see how it evolves to find its own space, since Mybestseller, the self-publishing company that has launched this platform, claims that they have launched something that had not been done before.

Sweek has its own app for Android and its web space where you can create your own account or log in with Facebook credentials. It will be up to you to choose one option or another, but to quickly know what this platform is about, with Facebook you will be ready to even start writing.

The Android app

Sweek has a well-designed Android app that uses Material Design to take us through all its nooks and spaces. After logging in with Facebook or a registered account, we access the main screen from which we have four tabs at our disposal: “Popular”, “Featured Authors”, “Undiscovered” and “Categories”. The tabs go hand in hand with other types of apps and services with the most read readings for “Popular” or the most read authors from the next one. The categories allow us to access from classics, crime and mystery, education and teaching or fantastic among many others.

If we enter the reading any work available, we access a screen in which a lower bar appears that allows us to like, follow the author or share on other apps or networks. If we explore the reading, that quick access bar disappears in order to discover the details of the reading we are about to obtain.

Being in its beginnings, Hispanic authors will be introduced to access more readings in our language. Of course, the app is perfectly translated into Spanish, so it will be a matter of time. Finally we have options from the configuration to choose which languages ​​we want to read in, edit the profile and some more details. From that panel you can also access your favorite authors and stories and it almost becomes the central axis for the user.

You have it available for free on Android, while the iOS version is expected to be released soon.


Development Diary Issue 15

The latest expansion for City of Heroesthe Issue 15is known for its 2 new task forceshowever, we would like to focus the attention of players also on the character creation and customization system.

There character customization it is a distinctive feature of City of Heroeswe continually try to increase and expand the skills of our protagonists For create a true, unique and super powerful hero or villain.

In the Issue 15 are available, for everyone players, two new sets of costumes, created by the new designer on our art team, Cheryl Austin: “Vines” it’s a new style, “Further” it’s a new set of textureswhich will integrate with most of the costumes already existing.

Cheryl he also elaborated more than twenty new textures for the faces of the game’s protagonistsalmost all new and never edited until now. While the improvements to costumes and accessories have been implemented over the years, the selection of faces and expressions has never received the same attention.

Our scope it’s time to create a set of new expressions and faces, aimed at creating a more complex face
Was a new “change of clothes” was also implemented. As many of you may remember the Magic Super Booster Pack had already introduced this possibility.

Now that the technology is consolidated, the Issue 15 will provide a large number of themed costumes for all playerswhich, even if I do not have the Booster Packs, will be able to benefit from these new benefits.

These upgrades are immediately usable in the new expansion but they are just an example reductive of
everything we are working on.

THE players they will be surprised by exciting improvements that they will find in the system to which the team of
is working to further expand and customize City of Heroes’ customization capabilities.

Christopher Bruce, Senior Lead Animator/VFX Artist

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Intel NUC low-power miniPC with i5-10210U at low prices on Black Friday

Today in the week of Black Friday we have a minimum price on Mini PC Intel NUC BXNUC10I5FNK2 in its barebone version without RAM or storage and that includes a processor Intel Core i5-10210U.

An interesting option to build a small PC with minimal consumption and size with a processor with plenty of power to run all types of programs and be used as a 4K multimedia center. In fact, we can install this NUC behind any TV, since it includes a VESA support and in this way make it totally invisible. An interesting and quality option to build a miniPC with plenty of power, except for games of course.

Processor, RAM and storage

This Intel NUC includes a processor Intel Core i5-10210U a Quad Core with eight threads manufactured in 14nm++, 15W TDP capable of reaching 2.4 Ghz and integrating an Intel UHD GPU. For RAM we have 2 DDR4 2666 Mhz SO-DIMM slots while for storage we have an M.2 port where we can install an SSD.

Other features

For wireless connectivity we have an adapter Wi-Fi 6 Intel AX201 including WiFi ax and Bluetooth 5.1. The connectors on this NUC are 3 USB 3.1 ports, a USB Type-C port, 3.5mm audio jack, gigabit Ethernet, a Thunderbolt 3 with DisplayPort video output (DP 1.2), a HDMI 2.0a that allows us to see Netflix 4K and a Micro SD card reader.

Price and availability

  • He Mini PC Intel NUC BXNUC10I5FNK2 can be purchased at for only €287.90 with free shipping for Prime customers.

android android tv tv Ξ TREND

Schneider LED32SC400ATV, an economical 32-inch HD Smart TV with Android TV 9

New Smart TV that appears in stores, the cheap one Schneider LED32SC400ATVa 32 inches what includes Android TV 9 certificate as a system as the most interesting point.

The Schneider LED32SC400ATV It is the typical secondary Smart TV that we are not going to see much, but that includes the interesting extra of Android TV 9 with which we have access to features such as Chromecast and the Google app store. Its screen resolution is only HD, although due to its size it will not be noticeable and also due to the price it is currently at, €159.99We can’t ask for too much either.


The TV Schneider LED32SC400ATVincludes a Mediatek SoC Quad Core with ARM Cortex-A53 processors and an ARM Mali-470 MP2 GPU, although we do not know its RAM and storage memory. It also has 3 tuners for satellite, DTT, cable and Wifi b/g/n. In the area of ​​connectivity we have two USB 2.0 ports, 3 HDMI 1.4, 3.5 mm audio jack, SPDIF port, a 10/100 network port and antenna connector.

The 31.5″ screen with a diagonal of 80 cm it has a panel LED of 60Hz with Direct LED backlight, HD resolution of 1366 × 768 pixels and is accompanied by an audio system with speakers of 2×8 W. with support for Dolby Audio and Dolby Digital. This Smart TV has an energy rating A+ with an average consumption of 31 W.

Price and availability

  • The Smart TV Schneider LED32SC400ATV with Android TV 9 can be purchased on sale at by €159.99 with free shipping for Prime customers.


Ranking consoles and games in Japan

It’s been a long time since we’ve offered rankings best-selling games and consoles in a limited period of time. We’ll do it again now with the ranking relating to Japanese territory.

Let’s start with the one relating to the best-selling consoles in the previous week:

1- Nintendo DS – 95 ​​857
2- Nintendo Wii – 47 732
3- PSP – 39 882
4- Xbox 360 – 9 162
5- PS3 – 5 944
6- PS2 – 4 907

Of course we believe that when they arrive on the market PSPgo! and PS3 Slim this ranking, which always sees Nintendo consoles leading, will undergo a shake-up.
Let’s now move on to the ranking of the best-selling games in Japan in the past week:

1- Dragon Quest IXNintendo DS – 127,000
2- Tomodachi ConnectionNintendo DS – 126,000
3- Wii Sports ResortNintendo Wii – 105,000
4- Monster Hunter TriNintendo Wii – 93,000
5- SD Gundam G Generation WarsPS2 – 57,000
6- Tales of Vs.PSP – 35,000
7- Puyo Puyo 7Nintendo DS – 29,000
8- Monster Hunter Portable 2nd GPSP – 27,000
9- Color Changing Tingle’s Balloon Trip of LoveNintendo DS – 18,000
10- Penguin no MondaiNintendo DS – 18,000

audio black Ξ TREND

Tronsmart also signs up for Black Friday with its audio equipment

The well-known brand Tronsmart also join the Black Friday promotions on your AliExpress official store and focuses on 3 of its audio-related products that receive very good discounts.

No.1 | Tronsmart Spunky Beat Wireless Headphones APP edition with Qualcomm aptX

The Spunky Beat APP Edition They are a more expensive variant than the normal version, TWS headphones with Qualcomm aptX, compatible with AAC and SBC control through the APP, DSP and cVc 8.0 for clear calls and immersive music. Your body is IPX5 waterproof, up to 24 hours of playback, built-in USB Type-C and USB-A ports for charging and available voice assistant

  • The Spunky Beat APP Edition can be purchased at by €24.12 ($27.16) with free shipping.

No.2 | Tronsmart T6 Plus 40W Bluetooth Speaker

The Bluetooth speaker Tronsmart T6 Plus It has a classic round design inherited from the T6, but with an output power of 40 W. The patented technology SoundPulse has given this speaker a sound with deep bass and its Resistance IPX6 It allows you to enjoy music regardless of rain or sweat. The three equalization modes allow you to listen to any musical genre you want and the TWS technology provides double power sound with up to 15 hours of playback allowing you to enjoy all day.

  • The Bluetooth speaker Tronsmart T6 Plus can be purchased at from €43.87 ($50.99) with free shipping.

No.3 | Tronsmart T2 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker with IPX7

He Tronsmart T2 It includes current technologies such as TWS, Bluetooth 5.0, NFC and USB-C and is designed to offer deep bass and very powerful sound in a compact size. Its 20W of deep bass and punchy sound are delivered by dual full-range drivers and a passive radiator. Comes with certification IPX7 so it is completely waterproof and can be used at the beach or pool. It has an autonomy of up to 24 hours of playback that allows you to listen to 500 songs on a single charge.

  • The Bluetooth speaker Tronsmart T2 can be purchased at from €22.28 ($25.89) with free shipping.

far cry limited ubisoft Ξ TREND

Ubisoft makes Far Cry 5 free for a limited time

Since the new generation consoles hit the market, many companies have made improvements for certain games so that they have a free update that takes advantage of the hardware of said devices. That brings us to the latest patch that arrived for Far Cry 5and to celebrate the event, Ubisoft has decided to give fans a surprise.

That leads us to the fact that the first-person shooter video game will become completely free in a few more days, specifically from March 23 to 27 of the current year. Something that should be noted is that the most notable change is the 60 frames per second on consoles, something that only comes to users of PS5 and Xbox Series.

You’ve been waiting long enough… Welcome to Hope County!

Experience Far Cry 5 in native 60 FPS – available for PS5 & Xbox Series consoles … NOW!#FarCry5 will also have a FREE WEEKEND from March 23-27 on all consoles & PC.


— Far Cry 5 (@FarCrygame) March 16, 2023

You’ve been waiting long enough… Welcome to Hope County!

Experience Far Cry 5 in native 60 FPS, available for PS5 and Xbox series consoles… NOW!

#FarCry5 will also have a FREE WEEKEND from March 23 to 27 on all consoles and PC.


It will be a good opportunity for users who have never tried the title to do so for the first time, and for those who have already experienced the adventure to do so now in a new cup of fluidity. For their part, those who already have their physical or digital edition will be able to access the update to the new consoles by simply putting in their copy.

Remember that Far Cry 5 Is available in PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Via: Ubisoft

Editor’s note: For those who have never played it and want to speedrun the campaign, this is the opportunity. In fact, it is said to be one of the best installments to date. Of course, the file will stop serving when the time limit passes.

linux Ξ TREND

Are you vulnerable to Linux CONFIG_KEYS?

On Android we are being stalked by a Linux Kernel vulnerability CONFIG_KEYS. We are effectively talking about a vulnerability in the Linux kernel that would be capable of doing something horrible, nothing more and nothing less than allow root access to a malicious application. The best thing is that you find out if your cell phone is vulnerable, because if it is not, I’m afraid you have nothing to worry about.

What is this CONFIG_KEYS Linux Kernel vulnerability?

As we already told you, it is terrible, because it is capable of allowing root access to an app, which would reduce a lot of security to our device. But the good thing is that we can avoid it in 3 ways, So if we fulfill any of the requirements that we will see below, we will finally know that we are not vulnerable.

How do I know it doesn’t affect my smartphone? If you meet any of these points:

  • If you have a Nexus you are safe.
  • If you have Android 5.0 or higher you are safe. (check in Settings > About phone > Android version).
  • If you have a Linux Kernel lower than 3.8 you are also safe. (check it in Settings > About phone > Kernel version). If you have Android 5.0 or higher, you no longer need to check this.

Affects some KitKats and below

If it is true that they are many users with KitKat, but they must have a Linux kernel less than 3.8 to be vulnerable to CONFIG_KEYS. Kitkats typically have 3.4, so they should be at least largely protected.

It mainly affects old mobiles.

Google just in case, has already released a patchHowever, this vulnerability may take a long time or may never reach all terminals. Google, just in case, has preferred to wash its hands and protect its faithful. Don’t worry, because very few terminals are affected. You are surely safe.

We advise you to leave us your smartphone model in a comment so we can check it for you. Have you heard about this CONFIG_KEYS Linux Kernel vulnerability?

Via | Android Central

blood Ξ TREND

Shellshock 2: Blood Trails coming soon

Release date announced official Of Shellshock 2: Blood TrailsFor Next Gen Console And PC

After Shellshock: Nam ’67, some time ago, Shellshock 2: Blood Trails was announced during the Game Convention ’08, with the release date set for the end of 2008.

Now, the title has been taken back, after a period of stalemate in which it was no longer mentioned. Shellshock 2: Blood Trails, unlike the realistic first chapter, will be set in the Vietnam War, in an “alternative” Cambodian forest, full of horror and supernatural elements.

You will play an American soldier, searching for a package containing an extremely dangerous chemical weapon lost during an attack. The aforementioned weapon has transformed civilians, enemies and allies into bloodthirsty Zombie surrogates, who will put our stubbornness and our stomach to the test…

A plot therefore different from the usual, which could bring a breath of fresh air to a rather overused genre.

The title is owned by Eidos Studios and developed by Guerrilla Games, the same ones that led to the defeat of the first Shelshock: Nam ’67 and Killzone. However, the title in question presents itself as an extremely interesting product regarding the technical part, as well as the plot and history.

As previously mentioned, the idea of ​​uniting Vietnam and the Zombies represents an excellent starting point for an interesting plot that is not without twists and turns. Only one title has recently proposed something similar, and it is Cal of Duty: World at War with its Extra Mode called “ Zombie”, in which to defeat hordes of Zombies inside a semi-ruined house.

We just hope that this interesting idea will not be affected by a technical sector that is not up to par or by any other error capable of undermining the overall quality of the Eidos Interactive product.

Release date set for February 13, 2009 on Next Gen Consoles Xbox 360 And PS3 come on PC.

We will keep you informed about sudden date changes and other details related to Guerrilla Games’ Horror Shooter.

redmi screenshot xiaomi xiaomi redmi Ξ TREND

How to take screenshot on XIAOMI Redmi 6

Taking a screenshot on your XIAOMI Redmi 6 is very useful in many situations. Like, among other things, taking a screenshot of a Snapchat that a colleague sent you or recording important information seen online. Therefore, today it is vital to know the technique to take a screenshot on your XIAOMI Redmi 6. Rest assured, it is not difficult! In fact, there are different ways to take a screenshot on a XIAOMI Redmi 6 and we will discover it in this post. First we will see how to take a screenshot with the buttons on your mobile. Then we will see how to take a screenshot with the menu of XIAOMI Redmi 6. Finally, we will finally see what is the technique to take a screenshot with an application.

Take a screenshot using the buttons of your XIAOMI Redmi 6

This is probably the most basic and effective way to take a screenshot with your XIAOMI Redmi 6. In fact, to take the capture, you only need to press several buttons at the same time. The buttons you press may vary depending on your smartphone model, but should match one of the following techniques:

  • Press at the same time The power button et Low volume.
  • Press at the same time The power button et high volume.
  • Press at the same time return et The power button.
  • Press the button at the same time Home et The power button.

If the screenshot is taken on the XIAOMI Redmi 6, you will probably see a kind of flash on the mobile screen, as well as a slight noise. Assuming you don’t see or hear that, that means the capture didn’t work. Sometimes it is not possible to press the buttons at the same time. This is the slightest problem with this method, you must be very good at it.

Take a screenshot with XIAOMI Redmi 6 standby menu

This method does not work on all cell phones, however it can work on the XIAOMI Redmi 6. The method is to use the standby menu to use the Screenshot option. So accessing this menu is very simple, just keep pressing the power button of the XIAOMI Redmi 6. When finished, you will arrive at the standby menu that offers multiple options including restarting mobile or airplane mode. At that time, if you see an option Screenshot, you just have to press it to run the screen copy. Assuming you don’t see this option, it’s probably not available on the XIAOMI Redmi 6. But don’t worry, it’s easy to take a screenshot easily with apps.

Take a screenshot with an app

Assuming you want an easy way to take a screenshot with the XIAOMI Redmi 6, keep in mind that there are many applications that allow you to do so. That’s why our teams have evaluated the Touchshot app for you, which offers the ability to take a screenshot much more easily than with the alternatives you saw above. In fact, this application allows make shortcuts to show the screenshot option. This means you can set the app to take screenshots when you shake the XIAOMI Redmi 6, when you hold down the camera button, or when you click the notifications icon. . You have to admit that it makes life a lot easier! It’s up to you to adjust the shortcut you prefer and you’ll be able to take as many screenshots as you want. Don’t hesitate to check out our tutorial if you don’t know how to install an app on XIAOMI Redmi 6.

Or screenshots stored on the XIAOMI Redmi 6

Taking a screenshot is nice, however, you should also be able to find it on the XIAOMI Redmi 6. In fact, if you have taken a screenshot and want to share it or transfer it to your PC, it is essential to know where it is. is. In most cases, screenshots are saved in a folder that can be accessed via the photo gallery of your XIAOMI Redmi 6. In fact, you must find a dedicated folder that includes all the screenshots. It should be the same folder in case you used an application. From now on, you know everything!


Review – WWE 2K23

The WWE It has become the standard of global wrestling. You may like it more, you may like it less. But it is the company that every wrestling promoter aspires to become, while almost every wrestler on the planet dreams of stepping into their ring at some point in their career. For this reason, video games under his banner become the paradigm of what it means to represent this discipline in the digital ring. 2K Games, taking advantage of the lack of competition in this area, had rested on its laurels and delivered games that were falling into mediocrity. For this reason, WWE 2K21 was canceled, Yuke’s he left his work in development and Visual Concepts, the masters behind NBA 2K, were in the spotlight. The result was a WWE 2K22 that with Mistery King as an ambassador he regained the trust of the fans. Unlike in the past, it is expected that WWE 2K23 as a new installment of the series it has competition. AEW, WWE’s current television rival, is preparing Fight Forever with Yuke’s. Therefore, there is pressure for this new game to keep the franchise on an upward path. He achieves it?

Trial day

WWE 2K22 had already made combat control much more fluid and, above all, intuitive. A button for the strong attack, a button for the weak hit, a grapple button, the opportunity to make predetermined combos and, of course, a key within the main scheme for counter attacks. Likewise, the fighting spirit bar returned for movements such as recovery or personal movements, while separating it from the finisher and health bars. Naturally, these advances are maintained in the 2K23 iteration

What is new is a new three-count mechanic. It’s simple: press the designated button within a space that, the more damage you have and the greater the difference in health you have with your rival, the smaller it is and the faster it moves. Unlike previous versions, where a large damage difference practically nullified this response, the mechanic is present even when your opponent takes a beating. This allows you, with correct use, to get up and return to the fight, making the fights more exciting.

The animation of the movements is key in a game of this type and it is clear that Visual Concepts has refined it. Greater fluidity is perceived in the capture, as well as new possibilities when generating chances such as placing your rival on a railing or leaving him prone in the corner. However, it is clear that it still works with complete animations per movement, which does not allow you to cancel them and still generates situations such as slight “teleportations” to place a fighter where he is supposed to be. However, there are fewer and fewer of them compared to previous installments.

Character modeling continues to improve. With NBA 2K the developer studio always gives us a very realistic proposal in this sense and, after years, finally the appearance of the fighters is at the level of sports games in its generation. It’s a shame that this is still a transition period between consoles (which has been a bit longer), but we can finally see more and more human gestures, more photorealistic textures and even lighting that does justice to the lights. multicolored weekly programs deliver week by week.

Monday Night War

WWE recently recovered the War Games fight, a classic of the N.W.A. and his old rival WCW. It is a fight between teams of three inside a cage and in a double ring. Fighters can enter the fight even with weapons, making combat a violent experience. Well, WWE 2K23 shows the appearance of this modality in its options.

Thanks to a slightly more intuitive possibility to change objectives, this fight is not only exciting, but also fluid. You can do wonders with the double ring and add objects to the cage that turn the battle into something very fierce. Of course, with friends it is better and even more so considering that up to six players in two teams of three can participate. It is a modality that was expected considering the promoter’s recent programming and that finally makes its appearance.

To this we must add, of course, classic game modes such as one-on-one fights, the Elimination Chamber or Hell in a Cell. Even a Royal Rumble that becomes the way to go when one wants to challenge themselves as a specialist in this type of game. The options to enjoy continue to be very diverse, added to an extensive roster of current, classic, downloadable and even fighters to be created.

Hustle, Loyalty, Respect

John Cena He is a WWE idol, but also a controversial character. During most of his fights there were limitations in his technique and that he was presented as invincible. However, in great moments he had the opportunity to provide great fights against heavyweight rivals, some considered among the best in history for the company.

Beating Cena was a challenge and, of course, achieving it is the focus of Showcase Mode for this year. Great fights for the Marine against rivals like AJ Styles, Rob Van Dam, Brock Lesnar either Kurt Angle They are recreated in a modality whose challenge, as always, is to achieve the movements that were made just as they were in real life. Which is complex when you have an opponent giving everything to keep you from that goal and, of course, beat you along the way.

Great fights against mythical rivals like CM Punk or Daniel Bryan They are not present due to obvious issues (both fighters are in the rival company). However, the selection is more than good, it shows an important part of the evolution that the company has had in the last 20 years and, of course, it is complemented with clips of each fight and even with Cena narrating his best moments. It’s a great story mode and the key to a good part of the unlockables.

Rise above hate

The career mode, hand in hand with character creation, is an element that shines widely in wrestling games. Especially for the most radical fans, who seek to give their fighter a unique appearance and provide them with high-voltage movements. Well, in this installment the MyRise mode is the one indicated to achieve all of the above, with two paths to follow.

In the first you are a girl who has decided to start from the roots as a fighter, seeking to reach the path to fame. In the second you are an established international wrestler, who after becoming famous all over the world manages to reach WWE to generate an immediate impact. Each route is special and, of course, has its unique moments.

This modality not only allows you to climb fight after fight towards the world championship and recognition from the WWE Universe. But it also portrays aspects such as the search for your own identity when the company wants to impose one on you or the battles of egos in the locker room. Likewise, you have a mediocre but well-told story in which you interact with other fighters, of increasing caliber as you rise up the card.

Naturally you can do everything possible to ensure that Carmelo Reyes be crowned in the WWE ring, or achieve that Dream Match between The Lady of Silence and Becky Lynch. Although the creation options are broad, they are governed by archetypes such as fighter, technician or flyer. Each one with its limitations. Likewise, you must advance to be able to modify your athlete and navigate between the editing options so that the outfit looks like that of your favorite star in the independent ring.

Here comes the money!

No sports game today can, it seems, lack a mode based on microtransactions. None. The WWE 2K23 series, of course, has this option in MyFaction mode. Yes, it is still a modality in which you must spend real money to give your faction of fighters stars with better stats. But it is clear to us that the developers asked themselves how to ensure that there were unique aspects and not repeat the traditional game.

Right from the start we saw the opportunity to play with a John Cena with action figure skin… or the invisible John Cena from the promotional ones. Therefore, if you want to play with special versions of the characters, you may have to spend real money to get them and add them to your team. An option very similar to the legend cards that other titles have for these modalities.

Naturally, this game mode promises to be a full-fledged financial abuse. Even with the option to get special cards, the imbalance to make you spend is inevitable and, unless you really want to compete or play with these special versions of the fighters, it is not exactly the aspect where the title shines the most.

Have a nice day!

Yes, you think you can have better ideas for WWE. That you can schedule better fights. That with you at the helm the most valuable stars could have better space on the billboard. With you at the helm, fans could have the product they deserve. Well, you have two game modes to prove it.

MyGM returns so that you can manage a company brand as General Manager. From the roster that you can pay, choose the fighters who connect the most with the public, define where the shows will take place, who has the titles and even give which fighters a chance to both fight for them and win over the audience. with the microphone.

You have several stars to put in command, or you can choose one of your own. Each one with characteristics to take advantage of in management. There is also the opportunity to compete against three other characters when establishing which brand is the best. Whether they are controlled by artificial intelligence or you share the experience with local multiplayer.

You can resurrect NXT original or WCW, although in a version far from the authentic one. Likewise, it is not limited to one season. Instead, you must defeat your competing brand in various challenges over several years to gain access to the hall of fame, the initial objective of the game. With this goal achieved, you can choose whether to continue defining the destinations of your weekly show.

Naturally, this modality makes you have to manage money, as well as deal with the demands of your cast. Also your boss, Triple H, It asks you for various tasks whose fulfillment translates into cards to have extra resources or improve your fighters. All in order to provide the best possible battles and satisfy your audience.

Don’t want to struggle with budgets, egos or business structures? Well, Universe mode is still for you. You choose the fights, you choose the champions. It’s that simple. With more power than Vince himself, to control the company at will.

The Champ is Here!

At some point WWE 2K23 will have a challenger and it will be seen how much his potential really shines against a competitor. However, the full potential of this edition is even greater than that of the previous installment. There is still gameplay to polish, but the action is guaranteed in a more fluid gameplay and in which each of its qualities shines in a better way.

Despite attempts to give value to MyFaction, it still feels not only like a money-sucking machine, but like a superfluous mode. MyRise and MyGM could still have more work, because they are so far a point with a lot of potential. Showcase is clearly a brilliant aspect that stands out even more for showcasing John Cena’s legacy.

It is up to each individual to decide whether it is the best installment in the series, but it does surpass the previous one and is therefore one of the best in many years. The important thing, however, will be to see if 2K Games takes advantage of already having a notable starting point to make it grow even more in subsequent versions. Especially when, as facts stated, he is finally about to be challenged.

android apple iphone iphone 6 Ξ TREND

How to give the appearance to your Android in the style of Apple’s iPhone 6

If throughout this post I make a joke about it, don’t be surprised. Android was created with the idea of ​​being an open operating system that would allow you to do practically anything. One of those things is to change the image of the user interface and many users are interested (something I don’t understand) in giving your Android the appearance of the iPhone. Here we will teach you how to do it.

In most cases, to modify the image of our Android it is worth installing a new one. Launcher. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I’m sure you’ll understand if I tell you that it’s the way that Android calls Themes, Themes or Skins (and that can’t be changed to an iPhone if you don’t specify it). does the jailbreak). Until recently there was one called iOS 8 Launcher HD Retina Theme that many users liked, but that Launcher is no longer available on Google Play and, furthermore, the latest version of iOS is now iOS 9. Below you have the new alternatives ( although you will find more in the app store).

iPhone Themes for Android

OS9 Launcher HD-Lisa and Theme

Don’t be scared by the name. It is neither OS9 (the version of Mac before OS This Launcher is not perfect, but it offers many of the Features that are available in iOS 9as:

  • quick touch. While it is true that it does not have the same image as the 3D Touch options, it is also true that it does not intend to. Quick Touch is a play on words between quick accesses and 3D Touch and will allow us to access some functions from the home screen. What can allow us, for example and if the app is compatible, to enter the composition of a tweet from the same home screen.
  • Folders with the same image as in iOS 9, which is the square with rounded edges and 9 applications inside. This is something that has been true since iOS 7.
  • quick Search. Starting with iOS 9, Spotlight in iOS 9 was renamed simply “Search.” From “Search” you can search for anything on an iPhone or do online searches, something that this Launcher also allows us.
  • Option for hide apps. This is an option that will probably be available in iOS 10, so this Launcher has gone ahead of them and will allow us to hide applications. By the way, without having to use iTunes, as it seems that will be necessary in iOS 10 (as long as they allow it, knowing Apple…).

iOS 9 Launcher

Simple and easy to remember name, right? IOS 9 Laucher is just that, a theme that tries to give the iOS 9 appearance. It offers the following (taken from Google Play):

  • Simple, light and fast.
  • Clean, flat and polished home screen replacement.
  • Smart Players: Digital clock displaying, Calendar control, dynamically display the current date and time.
  • Fast and smooth screen transition effects. It doesn’t stick around even on older and slower Android devices.
  • FREE HD Retina Display preloaded wallpapers for your customization.
  • Efficient battery management including notification toggle boost option.
  • Activate notification with easy-to-use features: Wi-Fi, GPS, flashlight, mobile data and more.
  • Edit Animation Mode Effect: Shake, Breathe, Molecules

It has many options, no one denies that, and they even say that it is one of the best on Google Play to emulate iOS 9, but I have to warn that this Launcher greatly reduces performance of Android (if that is… with the Launchers one with another image there…).

IOS 9 Lockscreen

If what you are interested in is having the same lock screen Than iOS 9, iOS 9 Lockscreen is one of the best options. As its name suggests, this modification does nothing more than change the lock screen of our Android device to emulate that of iOS 9, which includes that when you slide the screen to the right, we will see the numeric keypad to enter our code with the numbers inside round buttons.

iOS 9 Wallpapers

If what you want are only the wallpapersin the following list you have all the iOS 9 wallpapers (although personally I have never liked any):

  • dark leaves
  • dark tree
  • dark leaves 2
  • black feathers
  • blue feathers
  • Desert
  • paint explosion
  • paint explosion 2
  • paint explosion 3
  • Neptune
  • Jupiter
  • Mars
  • blue landscape
  • Desert 2
  • Red feathers
  • Ola (the first of iOS 9)

Download iOS 9 wallpapers

Can I use iPhone apps on Android?

This is a doubt that many users have, but you shouldn’t: Android is an operating system and iOS is a very different operating system. Unless you are great developers (hacker level), an application from one operating system can only be used in another through emulation, so no, you can’t use iOS apps on Android. You can emulate iOS from OS X’s Xcode, but you need to have certain knowledge.

Here the question is: Why do we want to use iOS applications on Android? It is true that each operating system has applications that are only available from this operating system, but on Android we have applications for everything. For example, Tweetbot is not available, but Tweetcaster or Plume is. In addition, Apple has begun to bring some of its applications to Google Play, as is the case of Manzana Music, so we don’t need to think about iOS applications for Android.

Have you managed to give your Android the appearance of iOS? If so, don’t hesitate to tell us how you did it and what you used.

screenshot Ξ TREND

How to take a screenshot on DOOGEE X60L

Taking a screenshot on your DOOGEE X60L is very useful in many situations. Among other things, to take a screenshot of a Snapchat that a colleague sent you or to record a striking piece of information seen on the web. Now it is essential to know how to take a screenshot on your DOOGEE X60L. Don’t worry, it’s not difficult! In fact, we can find different ways to take a screenshot on a DOOGEE X60L and we will find out in this post. We will first see how to take a screenshot using the phone buttons. Then we will see what is the screenshot technique with the DOOGEE X60L menu. Finally, we will finally see what is the technique to take a screenshot through an application.

Take a screenshot with the DOOGEE X60L buttons

This is probably the easiest and most effective way to take a screenshot with your DOOGEE X60L. In fact, to capture, you just need to press several buttons at once. The buttons you press may vary depending on your laptop model, but should match one of the following combinations:

  • Press simultaneously the on/off button et Low volume.
  • Press simultaneously the on/off button et high volume.
  • Press simultaneously return et the on/off button .
  • Press the button at the same time Home et the on/off button .

When the screenshot is taken on your DOOGEE In the event that this is not realized or heard, the capture is made. Sometimes it is not possible to press the buttons perfectly at the same time. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there.

Take a screenshot using DOOGEE X60L standby menu

This method does not work on all cell phones, however it may work on the DOOGEE X60L. So the method is to use the standby menu to use the Screenshot option. So getting to this menu is extremely simple, all you have to do is keep pressing the on/off button of the DOOGEE X60L. Once this is done, you will see the standby menu appear suggesting various options including restarting your phone or airplane mode. At that time, if you see an option Screenshot, just click on it to start screen copy. In case you haven’t seen this option, it is probably not available on the DOOGEE X60L. But don’t panic, fortunately it is quite possible to take a screenshot without any problems with the applications.

Take a screenshot using an app

In case you are looking for a simple way to take a screenshot with your DOOGEE X60L, rest assured that there are a large number of applications that allow you to do so. So we have selected the Screen Capture app for you, which makes taking a screenshot much easier than with the processes discussed above. In fact, this application allows create shortcuts to show the screenshot option. This means you have the ability to set the app to take screenshots when you shake the DOOGEE X60L, while holding down the photo button, or why not when you tap the notification icon. We have to admit that it is much more interesting! It’s up to you to choose the shortcut you want and you’ll be able to take as many screenshots as you want. Feel free to watch our tutorial if you don’t know how to install an app on DOOGEE X60L.

Or screenshots are saved on the DOOGEE X60L

Taking a screenshot is not bad, but you should also be able to find it on the DOOGEE X60L. In fact, if you have made a screen print and want to share it or transfer it to your PC, you will need to know where it is. Screenshots are usually saved in a directory that can be accessed from the photo gallery of the DOOGEE X60L. In fact, you need to find a specific folder that contains all the captures. This should be the same location if you used an app. Now you know everything!

apple series Ξ TREND

Activist Malala Yousafza will produce series, documentaries and children’s fiction with Apple

Apple confirmed this Monday that the contract will extend several years with the aim of incorporating content that “inspires everyone” on Apple TV+, which already works with Oprah Winfrey, Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese and Alfonso Cuarón, among others.

The activist and Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai has signed a contract with Apple to produce series, documentaries and children’s fiction that will be included in the company’s television catalog.

The technology company confirmed this Monday to Efe that the contract will extend several years with the aim of incorporating content that “inspire everyone” in Apple TV+
who already works with Oprah Winfrey, Steven Spielberg Martin Scorsese and Alfonso Cuaronamong others.

“I believe that stories have the power to unite families, forge friendships, create movements and help children dream. And I can’t imagine a better partner than Manzana to make all these stories come true”, he indicated Yousafzai it’s a statement.

The activist has just inaugurated her audiovisual production company, “Extracurricular”with which she aims to give a voice to other women and young writers in the television market.

Yousafzai is now 23 years old, in 2014 she became the younger person in receiving the Nobel Peace Prize for her work as an activist, especially for women’s rights women in their native country, Pakistan, where there are many obstacles for them to study.


In recent months the technology company has not skimped on the budget to sign popular television faces as Jennifer Aniston, Oprah Winfrey and Keira Knightley, alongside film icons such as JJ Abrams, Martin ScorseseSofia Coppola, Ewan McGregor and Tom Hanks.

This year its platform, Apple TV+will premiere a dozen series that include comedies “Mythic Quest” and “Schmigadoon!” and the drama “Physical”, made by Rose Byrne. It also won the Golden Globe for best comedy. by “Ted Lasso“.


Survey reveals the 10 scariest games in history

A survey was conducted to discover the scariest horror games of all time. This genre has been around for decades, but it was not until three-dimensional environments and polygons became a trend that a truly terrifying experience was crystallized in video games.

Horror games are among the favorites of gamers, perhaps because they are the ones that generate the strongest reactions among us. Electronic Arts recently confirmed that these memorable experiences are not forgotten by launching a new version of Dead Space successfully, while Capcom is preparing to do the same in a few days with the remake of Resident Evil 4.

One of the franchises that revolutionized horror games was undoubtedly Resident Evil itself by classifying itself as a survival horrorfrom this emerged intellectual properties such as Silent Hill and, again, Dead Space.

And although fear is subjective, more than 27 thousand people who participated in a survey carried out by Ranker and analyzed by Datslots, determined the Top 10 of the most terrifying games in history. Which you can find listed below:

1st place

Silent Hill

2nd Place

Dead Space

3rd. Place

resident Evil

4th Place

Silent Hill 2

5th Place


6th Place

Dead Space 2

7th Place

Resident Evil 4

8th Place

Amnesia: The Dark Descent

9th Place

Resident Evil 2

10th Place

Silent Hill 4: The Room

Via: Datslots

drive ssd Ξ TREND

Crucial BX500 1TB SSD drive for only €85

The Crucial BX500 They are a series of inexpensive, highly reliable SSDs, suitable for off-road use and suitable for installation in any equipment that includes an interface. SATA 3.

Today we located the SSD on Crucial BX500 with 1TB capacity and 2.5″ format at a very discounted price. We have a good purchasing opportunity if we want to improve or increase our storage capacity with a very reliable unit with full guarantees.


The SSD Crucial BX500 of 1TB capacity has a format of 2.5″interface SATA3 and a plastic protection box. The 1TB drive speeds are around 540MB/s in reading and 500MB/s in writing, normal speeds in this range.

The controller is an SMI SM2258XT and the memories used are Micron 3D NAND. In short, a cheap SSD suitable as a secondary or main drive for any mini PC, laptop, console or to upgrade a tower economically.

Price and availability

  • The SSD Crucial BX500 1 TB can be purchased at for only €84.99 with shipping included for Prime customers.

android android tv tv watch Ξ TREND

You can now watch TV on Android with Splive TV

We spend more and more hours with our terminal, whether talking to one or another, checking news on social networks or other stories on the Internet. But something that we normally don’t do due to lack of knowledge, is watch TV on Android, so now we can start watch TV on Android with Splive TV.

It seems that since we live in this world of full technology, television has taken a back seat – which is good, but spending too many hours with your smartphone can be even worse. If you are one of those who still watches TV and want a good app to do so, Splive TV is a good option.

Splive TV

Splive TV is an app for Android devices with which we can tune in and watch TV channels at no cost to us. It works through streaming, in addition to P2P to receive the TV signal on our devices.

As you can imagine, it does not work like a charm on any device, but rather it must have minimum operating requirements, since These things usually use up a lot of RAM.. In any case, more than 1 GB should be enough and currently, all terminals start from there.

Watch pay TV without paying

The best thing about Splive TV is not that we can watch television, but rather watch pay channels at zero cost.

This application is very useful for following football matches, most of which tend to be paid and there are not enough worlds to spend so much money in bars watching these channels, so we could access them from our smartphone.

It is capable of capturing sports channels, such as ESPN or Fox, as well as local ones. Many users who have tried Splive TV are delighted, because it is also a way to pirate less in terms of downloads, to be able to see everything live without doing so much damage.

Google has removed it from Google Play

The bad news is that Splive TV no longer inhabits Google Play, due to the ease of accessing paid content. But don’t worry, because we found it on the official Splive TV website for APK.

What do you think of Splive TV or similar applications? Do you think it’s good or bad that it’s not on Google Play?

knights night Ξ TREND

Gotham Knights – Review, the Bat-Family flies into the night

The saga of Batman Arkham has certainly left its mark, in a positive way: the adventure of dark Knight by Rocksteady Studios is certainly one of the most important trilogies among those dedicated to the DC hero (if spin-offs and various prequels are excluded). With the original team working on the new title dedicated to the Suicide Squad, the city of Gotham has been left a bit on the sidelines, waiting for better times. It is therefore not surprising that Warner Bros. Montreal has decided to take Batarang back into its own hands, but creating a title completely disconnected from the Arkham series and therefore set in its own universe.

But not only that: for the occasion, it was decided to set aside the Caped Crusader, i.e. Batman, relegating him to the background, dead, as the introduction to the game immediately specifies. Whose shoes will we take on, then, to thwart crime in Gotham City? Simple, the Bat-Family in full: Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing And Red Hood they are in fact the four main heroes, the Gotham Knights who give their name to the game, the knights of Gotham who – taking the place of their deceased mentor – must get by on the streets and mean alleys of the city.

The Long Nights

As mentioned above, the plot of Gotham Knight starts from the simple assumption that Batman is no longer there, killed on the field and therefore leaving the burden of defending his city to his pupils, four heroes who will not fail to demonstrate courage on par with that of the Dark Knight.

With their own differences and characteristic abilities, the four heroes will decide to collaborate in order to honor the last wish of Bruce Wayne and working together to defend Gotham City from organized crime. While making a clear cut with Rocksteady’s successful trilogy, Gotham Knights offers gameplay that blends the mechanics already seen in the Batman Arkham trilogy, but with the addition of some elements typical of role-playing games.

There Bat Family he will in fact be able to use close-up and long-range moves, which will differ based on the chosen hero. For example, Red Hood will prefer ranged attacks thanks to the use of firearms, while Robin or Nightwing will prefer to use more direct and physical approaches. The special skills that we will be able to unlock by completing various challenges during the adventure will fill a specific skill tree, in which we will have to choose which features to unlock. Clearly, we will have to decide carefully which skills to choose, given that during the first run we will certainly not be able to unlock everything for all four protagonists of the game.

Fortune has it that, barring some initial fears, Gotham Knights is not GaaS (or Game as a Service), given that net of the overall replayability, the adventure actually has a clear and delineated beginning and end. Not offering a co-op for 4 players at launch (which will only arrive later in the form of a downloadable game mode via DLC), making four heroes available will necessarily push you to switch your vigilante, although most of you will be forced to choose a specific member of the Bat-Family and complete missions only and exclusively with him. It’s true that the developers’ idea is that the experience was shared between all four heroes, but apparently there is nothing that really pushes this to happen.

It is also true that after completing primary missions and we will not be able to obtain materials to use for the creation of new costumes and weapons, although the system will place emphasis on the characters most used by the player (not that this is strictly a bad thing, but there it is). Unfortunately, however, despite obvious differences during the cutscenes, the narrative of Gotham Knights will not undergo changes depending on the character chosen: that is to say that, with the exception of the dialogues, the adventure will be narrated in the same way for each element of the quartet of heroes .

Don’t call it GaaS

Fortunately, the gameplay and mechanics seem designed to make up for the shortcomings on the narrative side, given that Gotham Knights It has a markedly action soul and most of the enemies will require different approaches and fighting styles, encouraging us to constantly change strategy.

From a technical point of view, having tried the game on console PS5 It’s good to know that there is no additional graphics mode to improve performance. This means that we will be able to benefit from a maximum of 30 fps regardless of the resolution of your TV or gaming monitor. This is only relatively out of place, given that the polygonal mass and the overall spectacle put together by the developers is in any case completely satisfactory and absolutely lives up to expectations.

The Gotham put together by WB Montreal it is also truly evocative: leaving slightly aside the gloomy and dark metropolis seen in the series Batman Arkham, in Gotham Knights the city will be equally immense and freely explorable, although decidedly more “colourful” and bright. Unlocking fast travel points will make your crossings easier, but be aware that by doing so you will nullify one of the greatest peaks of the entire experience, namely the real sensation of policing the streets of a crime city. Obviously, we will be able to use grappling hooks or motorbikes to explore Gotham far and wide, complete with a map useful for discovering any crimes in progress.

To underline the new relationship with civilians, who will not recognize you at the beginning and then learn to trust you (and literally cheer you on) as you reach the central phases of the adventure. The possibility of tackling the campaign in co-op with a friend and the presence of environmental puzzles and investigations aimed at breaking up the action during the Gotham Knights campaign, close an absolutely positive picture.


Would you pay for an app that does not sell your information to third parties?

On many occasions we fight to get applications that offer us a lot at a low cost or if it is free much better, but we do not take into account that these applications can be much more “smart” and without realizing it they are accessing our information. Not long ago I told you that there are no free applications, since we are really paying for them with our privacy and now I ask you, what price does your privacy have?

Google takes into account the personal information of its users more than ever now, and developers who upload their applications to Google Play are “interrogated” in some way in a Google form to make them sing if they share or sell information to third parties in their applications. In the event that they lie, we don’t know exactly what happens, but what is clear is that Google is not too enthusiastic about the idea of ​​them profiting from user information.

The user is the one who decides

Before installing an application, the typical terms appear that inform us of at what level will said application access us. Many access our location or bank details and we don’t realize it, so this way is perhaps what makes them free.

Would you pay for an app that doesn’t sell your data?

It is clear that user privacy is priceless, but we do not know to what extent it could cost us money. Many free applications are indeed free for that reason, because they have marked the option to “sell or share third-party information.” But this is not terrible, since we have the option to choose whether to download an application or not after reading its termsso we are aware of it at all times.

Avoid apps that access your data

It is best to always read the terms, since There are applications that access the maximum they can and that is not good. Many times it is better to pay for an application if it guarantees that our information is stored encrypted and that it is not sold or shared, but Not everyone can afford to shell out money for apps.. We will have to find a balance.

Would you pay for an app that doesn’t sell your information?

horror konami remake silent hill Ξ TREND

Silent Hill 2 Remake: everything we know about the Konami horror

Silent Hill 2 is one of the greatest horror video games ever made, and as leaks have suggested in recent months, Konami has confirmed that a remake dedicated to the title in question. Silent Hill 2 Remake, in fact, opened the very recent Konami event called Silent Hill Transmission with a substantial trailer and various useful information to understand what should we expect since the return of the iconic franchise.

Development team and release date

Bloober Team is behind the development of Silent Hill 2 Remake. The aforementioned Polish studio has worked on several horror titles such as The Medium, Observer, Blair Witch And Layers of Fear. It was also revealed that the creative director of The Medium, i.e Mateusz Lenartis leading the project.

Silent Hill 2 It doesn’t have a release date or launch window yet (like all the other Silent Hill themed projects announced), but we know that the film Return To Silent Hill should arrive in the room by 2023. Considering that the development of Silent Hill 2 Remake has been going on for some years and that the new film will follow the plot of the second chapter of the series, it cannot be ruled out that the two projects can be released in the same period.

Gameplay and plot

Given that Silent Hill 2 is a game from twenty-one years ago, it is obvious that its remake will be called a rejuvenate an experience that by force of circumstances now feels the weight of time that has passed. Beyond the obvious visual improvements that will be made, the Bloober Team will have to renew the formula that made the original Silent Hill 2 iconic without however distorting that experience, which is still remembered today as one of the best in the history of horror video games – and for many even in general. According to the information we have, Silent Hill 2 Remake will feature a third-person gameplay which, according to the developers, will help deliver “a more visceral experience across the board.” Besides that, Bloober Team also has rebuilt the game’s combat systemand many of the opera’s highlights will be reimagined.

There’s still a lot we don’t know yet, of course. How many things will Bloober Team actually change? What will it remove and what will it add? The development team stated that is trying to modernize the gameplay keeping iThe atmosphere of the original remains intact, but details on exactly what this will entail are currently unknown. However, Bloober Team has confirmed that it is working closely with key members of the original’s development team, including the composer Akira Yamaoka and the art director Masahiro Ito. From the point of view of the plot the same argument made up to now applies. From the trailer it is clear that many narrative elements that we knew will be proposed again in this remakebut it is almost certain that the plot will undergo some changes, between additions and removals.

Technical sector

If we have few certainties regarding gameplay, from a technical point of view we have more concrete news in hand. Unexpectedly, in fact, on the title’s Steam page it is already possible to find all the minimum and recommended specifications. With minimum settings (for 1080p/30FPS), Silent Hill 2 will require a i5-8400 or a Ryzen 3 3300Xalong with one GeForce GTX 1080 or one Radeon RX 5700 And 12 GB of RAM.

As regards the recommended settings (for 4K/30FPS or 4K/60FPS), you will need a i7-8700K or a Ryzen 5 3600Xalong with one GeForce 2080 RTX or one Radeon 6800XT And 16 GB of RAM. In both settings, you’ll also need 50GB of free storage. Rather demanding specifications that make it clear what the nature of the project is. Furthermore, the fact that the game’s system requirements are already available could mean that its release is closer than we might imagine.

Another thing we know for sure is that the graphics engine used will beUnreal Engine 5 which, according to the developers, “will bring the foggy, sinister city to life in ways that were previously impossible” and “will delight players visually, aurally and sensorially.” It was also specified that space will be given to key technologies of the Unreal Engine 5 engine, i.e Lumens And Nanite. In this sense, Bloober Team has specified the following:

Lumen is a fully dynamic global illumination technology that reacts immediately to scene and light changes. This means that the light interacts with the environment in a realistic way, similar to how it happens in the real world. Nanite technology, on the other hand, is an amazing tool for designers. Thanks to this technology it is possible to create incredibly detailed worlds and environments that seem truly real.

The remake also uses the technology of Performance Capture, so we can expect cinematic footage and realistic actor performances. Bloober Team has also confirmed support for the3D audio of PlayStation 5, the haptic feedback hey adaptive triggers of the DualSense. Finally he also stated that, thanks to the PlayStation 5’s SSD, Silent Hill 2 it will not present any loading screenallowing players to seamlessly explore the entire town of Silent Hill.

On which platforms will it be released?

The remake of Silent Hill 2 will be released on PlayStation 5 and PC and it will be a Sony console exclusive for a year. This means that Silent Hill 2 Remake will also be released on Xbox Series but after at least twelve months since the release of the work on the Sony console. Currently, in this discussion, the old generation consoles PlayStation 4 and Xbox One seem to be excluded.

To conclude, we remind you what Konami did several ads about the future of the franchise. In addition to the remake of Silent Hill 2, Konami has indeed revealed several projects in the pipeline dedicated to the series, specifically the new film Return to Silent Hill, the live experience Silent Hill Ascension and the new titles Silent Hill Townfall and Silent Hill F.

3ds wii Ξ TREND

User spends $455,000 MXN on all 3DS and Wii U games

As you already know, this week the eShop of Nintendo 3DS and Wii U is coming to an end, this with constant notices from the company indicating that all titles can no longer be purchased in any way. This has led users to enter a state of panic, and one of them has purchased the entire digital catalog of both consoles.

The person is quite well known within the environment of Youtubeand it is neither more nor less than The Completionistwho is responsible for passing different games of Nintendo and document that in videos with some comedy touches. This has been spent $22,791 USD, which is approximately equivalent to $455,000 MX.

Now in its catalog it has 866 games of Wii U and 1,547 of 3DSthis includes both original console releases, applications, DLC content and retro console games. Nintendo with Virtual Console. Regarding the weight of the titles, this is 1.2 TB in Wii U and 267 GB in 3DS.

Remember that the digital store closes next March 23, 2023.

Via: Youtube

Editor’s note: Wow, those were panic purchases, what bothers me is that Nintendo didn’t block his credit card for so many transactions in a single period. And when making many purchases, an attempt at fraud is detected.