Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: Tifa in the “Costa del Sol” bikini steals the show from Cloud and Sephiroth

The embargo for reviews ends on Thursday Final Fantasy VII Rebirth fallen. Dream reviews and an OpenCritic average of 93 are in the books. The feud between Cloud and Sephiroth goes into the next round. But Tifa steals the show that day.

The Japanese Famitsu shared its review 26 second video of Tifa and Aerith in Costa del Sol. It has been shared nearly 18,000 times and viewed over 13 million times. Final Fantasy influencers like Genki or Audrey also shared the video and it was watched millions of times.

In the video you can see the two women and Cloud appropriately (and barely) dressed. Cloud is visibly moved and seems a little embarrassed. If you want to see it, watch the video, otherwise wait until February 29th and experience the scenes yourself if you don’t want spoilers.

Fan artwork for “Costa del Sol” Tifa

In any case, for many fans there was only one topic: Tifa. The obsession of many fans has even been discussed by major media outlets like IGN. Within a few hours there was even already first fan artwork by Tifa in the “Costa del Sol” outfit on social media.

At the same time, of course, it’s not as if Tifa is a topic of conversation for the first time. Just a few days ago, Tifa went viral when Tekken and Final Fantasy fans demanded her appearance as a DLC character in Tekken 8.

“We all know she’s attractive and I understand that,” commented Katsuhiro Harada. When asked, Yoshinori Kitase said they had seen the excitement on social media and were happy that the character was being received with such enthusiasm.

Regardless of the fact that there is of course nothing wrong with a bikini on a beach and that Final Fantasy VII wouldn’t be Final Fantasy VII without Costa del Sol, the excessive ___ualization of characters in video games is generally viewed critically.

Final Fantasy VII Remake also has a controversial history in this regard. In 2019, there was talk of an internal ethics department at Square Enix asking Nomura and his team to “limit” Tifa’s bust size. SamaGame has translated excerpts from the Famitsu interview at the time.



Get rid of Sims 4 overnight guest and send them home

With the new “Grow Together” expansion, you can now let individual Sims stay overnight in your own household for several days. If you have invited the overnight guest, they appear with their suitcase and spend the set time in the household. Depending on how long you have chosen for the overnight visit, some players may ask themselves, how do you send the overnight guest home and get rid of them again? For “normal guests” you can simply select the appropriate interaction and send the Sim home. But how do you end an overnight visit and get rid of the guest?

End overnight visit and send guest home

As mentioned above, you cannot send the overnight visit home via an interaction. When you select the guest, at least in the current version there is nothing about “Send home” or “End overnight visit”. But there is a way to send the overnight guest home and that is via the calendar. Not only can you use the calendar to invite Sims to stay overnight for several days, but you can also easily end the action again. To do this, open the calendar in the game and the “overnight visit” should be displayed on the left side under the tab of the same name. In addition to a pen symbol, you can also see a bucket symbol with the label “Cancel overnight visit”. After canceling the visit via the calendar, the Sim packs his things and his suitcase and disappears.

  1. Click on the calendar icon at the bottom of the game and open the calendar.
  2. In the calendar view, scroll down on the left side and click on the trash can icon under “Overnight Visit.”
  3. Confirm the end of the “event” and the guest disappears.

Of course, you can invite the overnight guests you sent home again at any time and let them stay in the household for several days without permanently adding the Sim to your own household.

Tip: The new babies in The Sims 4 can develop and get these quirks.


If you have corrupted save files, Lords of the Fallen asks you to do this to help prevent it.

Lords of the Fallen has just released a new patch in which They have inserted more than 100 improvements. Between stability changes, performance, errors and other adjustments, they have enhanced and/or fixed many details. None of them were particularly serious, as we have seen in the patch notes, but it is still an interesting update.

Especially because it has shown us that the studio, despite the fact that its work is in great shape, is still very involved in the project. Or in other words, they seem convinced of improving the experience as much as possible. Despite this, they continue to face a rather annoying setback:some save files are corrupted.

Lords of the Fallen publishes a new patch and makes a request

During the last few weeks, several players have had problems saving their games. In many cases, they have even lost all or part of their data. This is why Hexworks has included a new security system. This is intended to reduce save issues to “help reduce the rare issue some users have experienced with corrupt save files.”

In principle, with this we should no longer have problems. Despite this, they have explained that, if we ever have a problem with this, The ideal is that we contact them at [email protected] and have us send them the damaged file. With this, although they do not say anything about recovering the data, they could have more information of vital importance to analyze the error.

So, if you are unlucky enough to be one of those affected, you can help the rest of the players and prevent this from happening again. Otherwise, the patch addresses general issues that improve overall performance and gameplay.


Heading for Los Angeles: it’s the end for illumi in Laval

The 25 million LED bulbs on the illumi site will go out for good on January 7, Normand Latourelle’s team having failed to reach an agreement with the City of Laval to extend its operations on the immense site that it has occupied the edge of the A-15 since 2019. In the coming years, it will host the Carré Laval project, a mixed innovation district.

So, the 5e The edition in Laval will be the last, all the “negotiation attempts” having not borne fruit with the administration of Mayor Stéphane Boyer.

Photo provided by Cavalia

“My goal in life is to bring some light and happiness into people’s lives. I see that we have succeeded once again with illumi, and that warms our hearts. We are in Laval until January 7 to show off, one last time,” declared the founder of Cavalia and creator of illusmi, Normand Latourelle, in a press release.

According to the City of Laval, the five-year agreement signed with Mr. Latourelle’s company ended in May 2024 and it was not possible to identify other sites in Laval to relocate illumi.

This is a structuring project called Carré Laval which will be installed partly on the site occupied by illumi, at least phase 1. Starting next fall, the City will begin geotechnical studies financed by Quebec to carry out the preparatory work. Carré Laval will include residential and institutional development as well as a large urban park.

Photo provided by Illumi

“For us, it’s a beautiful chapter that is ending. It’s been a great five years. And a whole new chapter is opening for the development of Carré Laval, a structuring project that will change the entire sector and generate economic and social benefits,” declared the head of public affairs for the City of Laval. , Philippe Déry, at the QMI Agency.

Under the hot Californian sun

Illumi’s proposal, which his team calls “the largest multimedia sound and light event in the world” with its 19 paintings, has also traveled to Toronto in the past. She will now head to Los Angeles, California to “put down roots”, it is claimed.

In five years, more than two million people have passed through the turnstiles at the Laval site, which has been modified many times according to the different holidays of the year, such as Christmas or Halloween.

According to Cavalia – which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year – and illumi, the economic impact has amounted to nearly $100 million since 2019.
Tickets are available online.



Crusader Kings 3 Chapter 3 Roadmap Explained

A new year is coming, and with it a new chapter for Crusader Kings 3. We already have an outline of Chapter 3 and the new additions to the game that you can expect in 2024.

Crusader Kings 3 has fully established how to deliver new content to fans, with each chapter consisting of four different types of DLC packs.

Some make major changes to the game, adding new mechanics, systems and extensions to existing ones, while others make cosmetic changes and add a little spice to events or narrative moments.

If you want to find out everything Chapter 3 has to offer this year, check out everything we know so far below.

Chapter 3 price

PC Developer Diary #143 – Next Chapter 📖
Crusader Kings III #ChapterIII has been revealed! This year you can expect Plagues, Legends, Landless Adventurers, Byzantium and much more. Read the latest #CK3 Developer Diary where you’ll find all the details!

— Crusader Kings III (@CrusaderKings) February 6, 2024

You can now purchase the Chapter 3 bundle for free £38.48 / $43.98 / €43.98.

This way, you will save some money by purchasing the DLCs rather than buying them individually over time.

Capetian fashion

Couture of the Capets is the first DLC for Chapter 3 of CK3, which is: cosmetics packaging which introduces high fashion styles drawing inspiration from French royal culture from the late Middle Ages.

If you purchase Chapter 3 now, the pack will be unlocked immediately, but you cannot purchase it separately.

Once Chapter 3 ends and the next one is announced, it will be available for purchase as part of the CK3 Collection Bundle on Steam, but that will likely happen sometime next year.

Legends of the dead

Legends of the Dead is the first part Core expansion Chapter 3, which will be launched on March 4, 2024.

The expansion focuses entirely on your family’s legacy, both material and abstract, giving you greater control over your dynasty with new systems and expanded mechanics.

Here are the main features:

  • Legends – Build the legend of your dynasty through great deeds or by commissioning a history of your family that can last through the ages
  • Legendary play style – Brand new decisions and actions that contribute to the legend of your dynasty
  • Legendary buildings – As your legend progresses, you will gain access to new buildings
  • Legendary feasts – Throw an amazing party where poets and bards will wax lyrical about your dynastic achievements and spread the word of your greatness
  • Court Chronicles – A new court position for your family’s official historian
  • Two new inheritances – A heroic dynastic legacy for the heirs of characters who have achieved legendary status, and a legacy of legitimacy that will help promote your dynasty as the true rulers of your chosen kingdom
  • New diseases and mourning – Three new deadly diseases have been added, and you can now honor deceased family members with faith-specific funeral rituals
  • Black Death – The greatest plague in history can now wreak havoc across the land, changing the society and politics of your kingdom and the entire continent
  • New art – Brand new map table, clothing types, unit models and facility designs

Roads to power

Roads to Power is the next major DLC for this chapter and is called Major expansion by Paradox.

His centered around the Byzantine Empire, enabling the creation of a new administrative government in Constantinople. There will also be a number of events and flavors typical of the region.

Finally, it adds new playstyles wherever possible traverse the map and become an adventurer.

There’s no word on a release date for Roads to Power, but we’ll keep this roadmap updated with any new information.

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Wandering nobility

Finally, there are the Wandering Nobility. This is Event package is intended to build on many of the systems added in the “Tours & Tournaments” expansion from Chapter 2.

Adding new ones Traveling lifestylenew forms of travelingreasons why you should leave the safe kingdom and a handful of events, incidents and stories related to traveling.

We also have no information about the release date of this pack.

You can find more guides on our Crusader Kings 3 home page. We’ve also covered the best starts and how to use debug mode, and for those who haven’t tried the previous core expansion, we’ve prepared a review of tours and tournaments.


All weapon buffs and nerfs in the MW3 and Warzone Season 2 patch notes

Season 2 of Warzone and Modern Warfare 3 is finally here, and while the new additions in each update are exciting, it’s the weapon changes that tend to have the biggest impact on the meta. Changes to the vast arsenal could lead to a complete shift in what is popular and which weapons will fall by the wayside.

With Season 2 seeing improvements to the RAM-7, MCW, Holger 556, and TR-76 Geist, it’s safe to say that the developers didn’t hold back. So let’s take a look at all the weapon buffs and nerfs in the Season 2 patch notes.

All MW3 weapon buffs and nerfs in the Season 2 update

🗒️ #MW3 #ModernWarfareZombies #Warzone

Patch notes for the Season 2 update are now available.

Multiplayer and Zombies:
War zone:

— Call of Duty Updates (@CODUpdates) February 7, 2024

Here are all the MW3 weapon changes that came with the Season 2 patch notes:

Weapons and accessories

  • Reduced melee lunge distance for all MWIII weapons to bring them up to MWII standards

  • Increased movement speed of all MWII weapons to bring them up to MWIII standards

  • Added tactical stance kick and recoil controls for all weapons

Assault rifles

  • Holger 556

    • Aim time increased from 260 ms to 270 ms (+4%)

  • MCW
    • Aim time increased from 240 ms to 265 ms (+10%)

    • Sprint to fire time increased from 241 ms to 252 ms (+5%)

    • HOW Raven Kit

      • Maximum damage increased from 31 to 33 (+6%)

      • Average damage reduced from 23 to 22 (-4%)

      • Minimum damage reduced from 22 to 20 (-9%)

      • Maximum damage range reduced from 20.3 m to 19.8 m (-3%)

      • Near-medium damage range increased from 29m to 35.6m (+23%)

      • Average damage range increased from 40.6 m to 45.7 m (+13%)

      • Headshot damage multiplier increased from 1.4x to 1.5x (+7%)

      • Lower torso damage multiplier increased from 1.01x to 1.1x (+9%)

      • Reduced hip shot spread while sliding

      • Gun recoil and kick have been significantly reduced

Battle rifles

  • BAS-B

    • Sprint to fire time increased from 231 ms to 252 ms (+9%)

    • Aim time increased from 260 ms to 270 ms (+4%)

    • Hip fire minimum spread increased from 2.3 deg/s to 2.9 deg/s (+26%)

  • Sidewinder

    • Projectile speed increased from 540 m/s to 600 m/s (+11%)

    • Gun recoil and kick have been significantly reduced

    • JAK Thunder LMG set

      • Increased delay before accelerated fire rate begins to drop from 200ms to 500ms (+150%).

      • Accelerated fire decay speed reduced from 300 rpm/s to 240 rpm/s (-20%)

      • Increased weapon kick control and recoil control by 35%

  • TAQ-V (MWII)
    • Maximum damage range increased from 35.6 m to 43.2 m (+21%)

    • Near-medium damage range increased from 48.3 m to 55.9 m (+16%)

Machine guns

  • Striker

    • Near-medium damage range increased from 19.1m to 21.6m (+13%)

    • Average damage range increased from 25.4 m to 27.9 m (+10%)

  • AMR9

    • JAK Ettin double barrel kit

      • Added missing hip sight

  • WSP-9

    • Aiming time reduced from 240 ms to 220 ms (-8%)

    • Maximum damage range increased from 16.5 m to 18.5 m (+12%)

    • Near-medium damage range increased from 22.9m to 25.1m (+10%)

    • Broodmother .45 kit

      • Aiming time reduced from 270 ms to 241 ms (-11%)

      • Reduced movement speed penalties by 50%


  • Lockwood 680

    • Lockwood Defender heavy long barrel

    • Sprint to Shot time penalty increased from 8% to 30% (+22%)

  • Broadside KV (MWII)

    • Sprint to fire time reduced from 210 ms to 189 ms (-10%)

    • Aiming time reduced from 330 ms to 240 ms (-27%)

Light machine guns

  • TAQ Eliminator

    • Sprint to fire time increased from 210 ms to 252 ms (+20%)

    • Aim time increased from 330 ms to 340 ms (+3%)


    • Sprint to fire time reduced from 216 ms to 199 ms (-8%)

    • Aiming time reduced from 390 ms to 330 ms (-15%)

  • 556 Icarus (MWII)

    • Sprint to fire time reduced from 250 ms to 235 ms (-6%)

  • RPK (MWII)

    • Aiming time reduced from 410 ms to 380 ms (-7%)

Sniper rifle

  • MCW 6.8

    • Aiming time reduced from 271 ms to 245 ms (-10%)

    • Reduced all damage ranges by 18%

    • Projectile speed reduced from 1016 m/s to 930 m/s (-8%)

    • Hipshot minimum spread reduced from 5 degrees/s to 4.1 degrees/s (-18%)

    • Hipshot maximum spread reduced from 12.1 deg/s to 10 deg/s (-17%)

  • DM56

    • Near average damage reduced from 42 to 41 (-2%)

    • Minimum damage reduced from 39 to 38 (-3%)

  • MTZ interceptor

    • Sprint to fire time increased from 252 ms to 262 ms (+4%)

    • Aim time increased from 265 ms to 280 ms (+6%)

    • Neck damage multiplier reduced from 1.62x to 1x (-38%)

  • SP-R 208 (MWII)

    • Reduced maximum damage range from 19.6 m to 13 m (-34%)

    • Arm damage multiplier increased from 1.15x to 1.5x (+30%)

  • Lockwood Mk2 (MWII)

    • Maximum damage increased from 110 to 125 (+14%)

    • Reduced maximum damage range from 8.9 m to 6.4 m (-29%)

  • LM-S (MWII)

    • Reduced the intensity of the sight’s downward swing when idling

  • SA-B 50 (MWII)

    • Maximum damage increased from 110 to 120 (+9%)

    • Reduced maximum damage range from 14.2 m to 10.4 m (-27%)

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Sniper rifles

  • Bow

    • Aiming time reduced from 550 ms to 520 ms (-5%)

  • Signal 50 (MWII)

    • Reduced maximum damage range from 48.5 m to 35.1 m (-28%)

  • SP-X 80 (MWII)

    • Aim time increased from 521 ms to 545 ms (+5%)


  • Rennett

    • JAK Ferocity carabiner set

      • Reduced movement speed penalties by 50%

  • Basilisk (MWII)

    • Increased maximum damage range from 6.9 m to 8.4 m (+22%)

    • Near-medium damage range increased from 15.2m to 22.9m (+50%)

    • Average damage range increased from 22.9 m to 35.1 m (+53%)

    • Far-medium damage range increased from 35.1 m to 41.9 m (+20%)

    • Lower torso damage multiplier increased from 1x to 1.2x (+20%)


  • Great men

    • Resolved an issue that prevented certain killstreaks from being destroyed and/or disabled

All Warzone weapon buffs and nerfs in the Season 2 update

Now let’s take a look at all the weapon changes coming in Warzone Season 2:


  • The recoil of all weapons has been reduced when using them in a tactical stance

A number of improvements have been introduced to Modern Warfare II weapons:

  • Assault rifles
    • Increased movement speed while aiming
  • Battle rifles
    • Increased movement speed when aiming and in a crouching position
  • Sniper rifles
    • Increased movement speed when aiming and in a crouching position
  • Light machine guns
    • Increased movement speed when aiming down, while crouching, and while firing
  • Sniper rifles
    • Increased movement speed when aiming down, while crouching, and while firing

Assault rifles

  • RAM-7 (MWIII)
    • Average damage reduced from 28 to 24
    • Minimum damage reduced from 25 to 22
    • Aim time increased to 265 ms from 240 ms
    • Sprint to fire time increased from 241 ms to 252 ms
  • Holger 556 (MWIII)
    • Aim time increased to 270 ms from 260 ms
  • TR-76 Geist (MWII)
    • Headshot damage modifier reduced to 1.25x from 1.3x
    • Upper body damage modifier increased to 1.15x from 1.05x
    • Arm and hand damage modifier increased to 1.15x from 0.96

Battle rifles

    • Maximum damage reduced from 35 to 30
    • Sprint to fire time increased from 231 ms to 252 ms
    • Aim time increased to 270 ms from 260 ms
    • Hipshot minimum spread increased to 2.9 degrees/s by 2.3 degrees/s
  • MTZ-762 (MWIII)
    • Semi-auto damage override removed
      • Weapon now deals the same damage in semi-automatic mode as in automatic mode.
  • Sidewinder (MWIII)
    • Projectile speed increased to 600 m/s 540 m/s
    • Gun recoil and kick have been significantly reduced
    • JAK Thunder LMG set
      • Increased the delay before accelerated fire rate begins to drop to 500ms, from 200ms
      • Accelerated fire decay speed reduced to 240 rpm/s, from 300 rpm
      • Increased weapon kick control and recoil control by 35%

Machine guns

  • HRM-9 (MWIII)
    • Maximum damage range reduced to 12.9 m from 16.5 m
  • WSP-9 (MWIII)
    • Maximum damage range increased to 18 m from 16.5 m
    • Near Medium damage range increased to 26.7m from 22.9m
    • Aim time reduced from 240 ms to 220 ms
    • Broodmother .45 kit
      • Aim time reduced to 241 ms from 270 ms
      • Reduced movement speed penalties by 50%


  • Lockwood 680 (MWIII)
    • Average damage reduced to 30, from 44
    • Heavy long barrel of the Defender
      • Sprint-to-fire time penalty increased from 8% to 30%
  • Sianokosz (MWIII)
    • Dragon’s Breath 12 Gauge
      • Maximum damage range reduced to 2.9m from 3.5m
      • Near-medium damage range reduced to 4.1m from 4.8m
  • Riveter (MWIII)
    • Damage range near mid level reduced to 5.5m from 6.3m
    • .410 caliber fuze
      • Maximum damage range reduced to 2.5m from 3.0m
      • Near Medium damage range reduced to 3.3m from 3.8m
  • Bryson 890 (MWII)
    • Medium damage range reduced to 10.4 m from 13.2 m
  • Broadside KV (MWII)
    • Sprint to fire time reduced from 210 ms to 189 ms
    • Aim time reduced to 240 ms from 330 ms
  • Lockwood 300 (MWII)
    • Dragon’s Breath 12 Gauge
      • Maximum damage range reduced to 2.6m from 3.3m
      • Near-medium damage range reduced to 5.3m from 7.1m
  • MX Ranger (MWII)
    • Dragon’s Breath 12 Gauge
      • Maximum damage range reduced to 2.9m from 3.5m
      • Near-medium damage range reduced to 4.8m from 5.5m

Light machine guns

  • Pulemyot 762 (MWIII)
    • Jak Annihilator Bullpup Set
      • Near average damage set to 32. New variable
      • Near medium damage range set to 38.1m. New variable
      • Minimum damage reduced from 34 to 30
  • TAQ Evolve (MWIII)
    • Maximum damage increased to 34 from 26
    • Maximum damage range reduced to 30.5 m from 45.8 m
    • Nearly average damage of 29. New variable
    • Near average damage range of 45.8 m. New variable
    • Minimum damage increased to 26 from 20
  • TAQ Eliminator (MWIII)
    • Sprint to fire time increased from 210 ms to 252 ms
    • Sprint to fire time increased from 330 ms to 340 ms
  • 556 Icarus (MWII)
    • Sprint to fire time reduced from 250 ms to 235 ms
    • Sprint to fire time reduced from 216 ms to 199 ms
    • Aim time reduced to 330 ms from 390 ms
  • RPK (MWII)
    • Down aim time reduced to…


Solution : Disney Dreamlight Valley Star Path Responsibilities List for Lovely Monsters

Update 9 of Disney Dreamlight Valley – also known as The Laugh Floor – added Mike and Sulley to the game along with a brand new Nightmare, with many different chores to complete to unlock all the new items.

This particular Path of Stars, known as Cute Monsters, has a lot to check off your virtual to-do list – and since I absolutely love everything Gameloft has put in this round, I’m working on them as fast as I can.

Star Path Duties for Lovely Monsters

I’ve already started looking through all the daily chores that come up, and here are all the ones I’ve found so far that will show up for you as well:

Duties Completion requirement
Break some rocks 40
Build things! 10
Cook meals that would never be accepted at Chez Remy 10
Fulfill Dreamlight’s duties 5
Get some Star Coins 5000
Engage in Goofy’s favorite pastime thirty
Pick some bright red berries 50
Keep the conversation short 2
It’s better to give your favorite gift than to receive it 3
Hang out with classic friends 15
“Erase” forgetfulness 5

These aren’t the only chores you’ll encounter, but I’ll try to update this list with more of them as I come across them as I play the game.

How to fulfill the duties of the Celestial Path

The descriptions provided in the titles of each duty in Lovely Monsters’ Night Path can be a bit confusing at times, especially if you’re playing for the first time or have returned from a long break.

Below you’ll find a quick summary of what you need to do to complete each chore without any problems, and tips on how I like to do them.

Break some rocks

To complete this duty, you must grab your pickaxe and go to and break Mining nodes around the world. I tested this on regular old rocks that you find on the ground in the valley that yield coal, but it didn’t increase the meter for this particular chore.

For an added benefit, be sure to bring along a friend to whom you have assigned the mining encounter bonus, this will kill two birds with one stone to get any additional resources you may need for crafting.

Build things!

In this case you’ll want to walk over to your trusty crafting table and start building! Initially, when I saw this one, I wondered if it also applied to placing furniture in the world, but no, in this case you’ll just want to get super crafty and build 10 items.

It doesn’t have to be just furniture! Whether you’re “building” seaweed or a new clay jug to display in your world, this timer will keep ticking nice and fast.

Cook meals that would never be accepted at Chez Remy

For this duty you will want it cook 1 star meals – which, shockingly, includes coffee (how dare Gameloft be so brave). Other easy ones in terms of ingredients are Crackers or Crudites, the former requiring only a grain such as wheat or rice and the latter requiring only vegetables.

You can create them wherever you want, but you can also create multiple of the same items for it, which means they are generally very quick to make.

Fulfill Dreamlight’s duties

In this case you will have to complete a set of five different Dreamlight chores. To do this, press “Escape” to open the menu, go to the “Dreamlight” tab at the top of the screen, then select “Dreamlight Responsibilities” to see a list of available tasks.

However, I find collecting and giving gifts to be much faster than something like Scramblecoin, so you can definitely pick up some of them that are a bit quicker to complete.

Get some Star Coins

Probably one of the easiest chores in Star Path is earning Star Coins. You can do this in no time (especially if you’re a pumpkin picker like me). talking to Goofy at one of his stalls and selling items.

Pumpkins, as we all probably know, are very profitable in the valley, so if you have some on you, sell them to Goofy when he shows up and you’ll have it ready and dusted in no time.

Engage in Goofy’s favorite pastime

Gawrsh! Did you go fishing? You will need to in order to perform this function on the Celestial Path. Grab your fishing rod, come over and get ready catch the catch of the day…30 times. When doing this, you need to catch a real fish for the counter to increase, as in my experience items such as quest items and seaweed will have no effect on this.

Pick some bright red berries

In this case you’ll want to pick any red berries can be found throughout your world. You can also double them, especially if someone has a favorite fruit as a gift today.

You can find Raspberries and Gooseberries in the Dreamlight Valleywith the former appearing in the Tranquil Meadow or Square, and the latter appearing in the Forgotten Realms and Frozen Hills.

Strawberries also count if you have the A Rift in Time DLC, and can be found on Eternity Isle.

It’s better to give your favorite gift than to receive it

Disney Dreamlight Valley is all about gifts. Forget birthdays and holidays, in this corner of the forest you can give gifts to your heart’s content – and this obligation is another reason to stay with your favorite (or newest) villagers to build your Friendship Level.

You’ll be sure that you won’t just give them an old thing as a gift – it will happen must be one of their daily favorites (which you can see when you are about to gift them something or by going to Collection > Characters and scrolling to who you are giving the gift to). You also You can’t give another person their favorite gift twicebut you can give the same character another favorite character.

Keep the conversation short

This fits well with the earlier task of cooking 1-star recipes, as all you have to do is go to a villager, interact with them, and conduct a discussion by pressing the bubble icon in the list of dialogue options.

While there are plenty of characters to talk to throughout the world, there are usually a few villagers waiting for their dish of choice, which means you can talk to one and quickly move on to another faster than you can say “Bibbidi – Bobbidi-Boo’!

Hang out with classic friends

Hot Dog Diggity! This is one of Mickey’s iconic lines, and he’s just one of the few characters you can spend time with to fulfill this particular obligation.

Donald, Goofy, Mickey, Minnie and Scrooge everyone is profitable here and you will want to talk to them and ask them to Hang Out – then you will want to spend 15 minutes with them (you can even take them with you when doing other tasks on this list for double the effect!)

“Erase” forgetfulness

You know those incredibly persistent, pesky, purple Night Thorns? Yes, these. You will want to make room for magic and remove 50 of them for this duty.

That’s all there is to it for this entry, and if you’ve shelved Disney Dreamlight Valley waiting for the latest update (like me), you’ll likely have plenty of them to thwart – making it a Breeze.

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Now that you know how to get through all the Lovely Monsters chores to get Star Path tickets, head over to our Disney Dreamlight Valley homepage where you can find this week’s Premium Shop reset content, all the latest codes, whether or not sell furniture or the best recipes to make.


Spider-Man 2 and the use of inclusive language, what is happening? All you need to know

It’s been five years and three years since Marvel’s Spider-Man and Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales respectively fell into our hands. Insomniac Games allowed us to once again fulfill a dream that many Marvel fans share: swinging around New York as one of the best superheroes in history.

Now, Insomniac Games is back at it with Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, a sequel that continues the story and includes both heroes, Venom himself, a huge cast of Villains and an obscene number of nods to the Marvel Universe. You might think that all this, added to Peter and Miles’ trademark incredible good vibes, is enough to unite us in collective joy… but no.

The controversy has returned, an increasingly common custom in notable releases, and this time the main issue is inclusive language. Before telling you why San Quentin has been set up on social networks, we are going to review what this type of language is and why it usually creates these conflicts.

Inclusive language. Beyond video games

Inclusive language usually has several aspects within it and tries to cover the great variety of conditions that human beings present. In the case of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, we talk about inclusive language regarding the person’s gender. According to the United Nations website:

“Gender-inclusive language” means the way of expressing oneself orally and in writing without discriminating against a particular ___, social gender or gender identity and without perpetuating gender stereotypes. Since language is one of the key factors that determine cultural and social attitudes, using gender-inclusive language is an extremely important way to promote gender equality and combat gender bias.

These uses are not limited to our language, as indicated by the United Nations, and apply to others such as English, Latin Spanish, French, Russian, Chinese and others. Each one has its own linguistic solutions to cover the great variety we are talking about. It is not a whim, but a way to create “a work (and living) environment that embraces equality, eradicates prejudice and is inclusive for all staff”, as indicated in the United Nations Strategy document. United Nations on Gender Parity.

The most well-known and veteran examples of this type of controversy are the use of E and Its use today is not mandatory, but it is becoming more widespread… and video games are no exception. This is where our friends and neighbors come in.

What’s happening with inclusive language in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2?

Now that we have laid the foundations of the topic to be discussed, let’s get to the heart of the matter: what is happening with inclusive language and Marvel’s Spider-Man 2? Insomniac Games decided to include inclusive language in certain conversations in its video game. The most famous fragment, the axis of all the current controversy, is in Danika’s Podcast and in the presentation of “Doctore Young”.

It all started when content creator ElRubius listened to an episode of Danika’s podcast dedicated to the Emely May Foundation and Young. His reaction was the spark that made him explore the powder keg of inclusive language once again: he accessed the options menu and deactivated “Danika’s Podcast” in the Podcast

Continuing with the clarifications, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 It has a few more interactions with inclusive language, but they are absurdly few compared to the enormous amount of lines of dialogue that the entire video game has.

Varied opinions of all types

The clip of ElRubius’ live reaction soon reached Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube Shorts, and in turn has provoked a reaction from both those who support inclusive language and all kinds of detractors. And when the wave seemed unstoppable, the reaction of Vegetta (another content creator) and hundreds of opinion videos have ended up turning it into a huge tsunami. Everyone has an opinion about it.

It doesn’t matter to me at all. I see it absurd. To a doctor, if he is an uncle, he is a doctor and if he is an aunt, he is a doctor. He is already there. Welcome to the world. (…) For me, doctor or doctor. (…) There is a male nutritionist and there is a female nutritionist. There is no nutritionist. – Vegeta

The debate on inclusive language has heated up a little more (if it was possible) and many places on social networks have become real battlefields. While detractors applaud the deactivation of the podcast and the words of the aforementioned creators, others justify the use of this language and remember clips from AlexElCapo, another content creator.

Like someone who is very bothered by saying the correct pronoun to someone who tells it to you, I say: “Hey, I would like you to call me by this pronoun.” That worries you a lot, but your colleague’s name is UltraSniper69, and when you play Conter or whatever you call him Ultra, and nothing happens. (…) They are destroying Spanish, Castilian. The one who says it… It would be to see your Whatsapp. Let’s see how you destroy Spanish every day you pick up your cell phone.

And it doesn’t just affect Marvel’s Spider-Man 2…

The controversy over inclusive language is not the exclusive fiefdom of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Other deliveries have had problems when including it. Without going too far, Bethesda’s Starfield allows us to select our character’s pronoun. It didn’t take long for a mod to be released that eliminated this option, although the NexusMod website did not hesitate to eliminate it with the following message:

We champion diversity and inclusion in our community and eliminating diversity, while appealing to many, does not promote a positive modding community.

The arrival of inclusive language in video games goes far beyond a whim or preserving Spanish. Its background is very deep and leads us to social and ethical debates of great importance: the acceptance and inclusion of a broader gender diversity than was popularly accepted until recent times.

And precisely Insomniac Games and Marvel’s Spider-Man They are veterans in this matter. The PC version of Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered featured a mod that replaced all Pride flags with US flags. The resolution was similar to what happened in starfield: NexusMods deleted the mod and banned the author. In addition, he released a statement that says:

We are in favor of inclusion, we are in favor of diversity. If we believe that someone is uploading a mod to our site with the intention of being deliberately against inclusion and/or diversity, then we will take action against them. (…) For our part, we will strive to improve moderation on our website in this spirit.

In summary: the reaction of some content creators to inclusive language in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 has caused the debate around it to heat up on social networks. For its part, Insomniac Games has not made any statement and it is likely that it will not do so… unless the matter emerges in the coming days. This is what has happened, the opinions that are on the table and some past events to understand that this issue has been going on for a long time.


If the ending of Assassin’s Creed Mirage seemed cryptic to you, there is a trick to understand it, see Fight Club

If the Assassin’s Creed saga has been characterized by something, it is by the fact that most of its plots deal with link the present with the historical period in which its chapters take place, and at the same time connect both with Isu civilization, the one that preceded humanity and was devastated by solar flares millions of years ago. Assassin’s Creed Mirage is a bit out of the ordinary since only during the introduction of the game it seems that we are contemplating fragments of the presentbut the references to the present in this case take shape, although not as we expected, and of course it is also possible to contemplate part of the Isu technology in various parts of the game.

But it is the final part of the game which contains many parallels with certain movie starring Edward Norton and Brad Pitt, linking in some way with the present, only as a tribute. To this we must add that Mirage is considered a prequel to Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, since it stars one of the characters with whom we interact in said game: Basim. But how can these brushstrokes be combined to explain the ambiguous and I would even say unfinished ending of the most recent chapter of this series of Ubisoft games? Now we look at it, but I warn you: This article has spoilers and big spoilers about the plot and ending of Assassin’s Creed Mirageso if you don’t want to spoil it, stop reading right here and finish the game first.

Basim had his own Tyler Durden in Mirage

Since the first game in the Assassin’s Creed saga, many fans remember the maxim of Nothing is true, and everything is allowed. This interpretation has undergone changes or evolutions as the saga has progressed, but I would dare to say that in the last stages of Basim’s adventure it takes a quite interesting interpretation.

Without entering into more spoilers than necessary, and not to highlight what is obvious that many of you will have already experienced, the last moments of the game after having ended the Order in Baghdad They take a most dramatic turn of course. It all starts from the fact that our ultimate goal refers to us like the prodigal son who returns. Obviously, this is difficult to understand due to the fact that before becoming involved with the Order, Basim had never had direct dealings with them.

But before the last leader of the order can tell us more, Roshan appears and kills himwarning Basim that if he chooses to follow the trail of what his victim has said she will will not hesitate to kill him. The fact is that Basim returns to his home in Anbar to rest, once again tormented by the genie. And againthis Nehal there to do a proposition. Intrigued by the words of his enemy and with Nehal insisting that He must find out what he saw that night in which the artifact was stolen all those years ago, both decide to return to Alamut and find out what it was that they stole and why the Order seemed to know more about Basim than himself.

Upon their arrival in Alamut, the Order has beaten them to it and is attempting to end the Hidden; Basim is attacked and rescued by a former comrade, Nur. But there is no trace of Nehal, so he interprets that at least his friend is still alive. Basim manages to prevent the disappearance of the hidden ones by saving several members and to Maester Rayhanwho understands that our protagonist has an important relationship with what the Hidden Ones They have been guarding under the floor of the Temple.

However, upon reaching him, and after stopping Rosham’s attack (who is clearly acting as final boss of the game in this epilogue), Nehal knows exactly what to do to open the chamber that Basim revealed a moment ago. Inside, we clearly see Isu architecture and machinery. There are more devices like the one Basim stole from the Winter Palace at the beginning of the game, or like the ones in the Chamber of Mysterious Shards. Are Isu memory disks, those who keep experiences and knowledge of the ancients so that they are not lost to their heirs. By the time Basim reaches the center of the chamber, we see that there are a sarcophagus that when you open it, Nehal appears from inside him.

This is where it is established the relationship of Mirage with ‘Fight Club’. In the movie David Fincherin the last bars of it, the anonymous narrator (Edward Norton) discovers that the man with whom he has been living all this time and who has prepared the bombs to ”restart” society,Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt), was a projection of your psyche to help him achieve his goals, but in reality it was the narrator himself who was the architect of the idea and the creator of the Fight Club.

If you have a good memory, you will have noticed that Nehal is never present in the conversations that Basim has with other characters.

Nehal is Basim’s Tyler Durden; It was he who actually killed the Caliph and activated the Isu memory disk that they stole, and if you have a good memory you will have noticed that Nehal never this present in the conversations Basim has with other characters, he is always absent. On the other hand, she is the only one who has always understood Basim’s suffering from the visits of the Genius, and by accepting it and merging with his memory, he becomes complete again as Loki; which brings us to the Connection with Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and why the Order was so interested in him, and why Roshan didn’t want Basim to explore that area of ​​the temple of the Hidden Ones.

Who was the genie that tormented Basim?

After discovering that Nehal is a part of himself, Basim accepts her, and the reason for this imaginary friend was so insistent The idea of ​​finding out what the disk he stole at the beginning of the game was was to remind Basim of his true identity: the reincarnation of Isu Loki.

Those of you who have played Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and his DLC Dawn of Ragnarok, you will remember that in said game and additional content, Basim wanted to take revenge on Eivor Varinsdottir for the fate that the Isu who reincarnated in her inflicted on Basim in the past: the disk we stole at the beginning of the game is Lok’s memoryi (Basim) tortured and imprisoned in the sarcophagus by Odin (Eivor).

Loki’s traumatic memory of being locked forever in the Ygdrassil/Animus of the Isu tormented him until the end of his days; a memory that he genetically passed on to his human descendants, the most recent and receptive of all of them being Basim, and that manifested itself in the form of nightmares with a genius that tormented him only in dreams, but that began to become more intense from the day he played the Isu disk that he had to steal and contained Loki’s last moments, and could also emerge in violent acts such as murders.

Further proof that Basim stopped being the same after this episode is in his last words in the game

Naturally, those who have not played Assassin’s Creed Valhalla will not understand this relationship. It’s not explained very well either. the reason why Roshan leaves the Hidden Ones in the last scene of the game. Perhaps it is because she knows that not all reincarnated Isu or those with their essences intact are benevolent towards humanity (Juno wanted to reconquer the Earth and eradicate humans as seen in Assassin’s Creed 3 and Black Flag), and evidently the members of the Order or the Templars later worshiped these reincarnated avatars of the Isu as their mastershence Qahiba (the leader of the Order in Baghdad) will try convince Basim to join them.

Further proof that Basim stopped being the same after this episode is in his last words in the game during the coda after the credits; he says he craves the reunion with those who made him suffer if they are still on Earth. And if you need further proof that Basim is now Isu Loki reincarnated and with his memories recovered from him, it is the fact that when he calls upon Enkidu, the eagle who has been faithful to us throughout the game make a wound on his face and refused to rest on his arm. She knows that what has called her is no longer her friend and her master, but another being.

A smart maneuver to replay Valhalla or try it

Regardless of whether we have played the previous game in the saga or not, Ubisoft has known string together a mysterious ending but far from leaving fans of the saga indifferent, it may make them want revive Valhalla to see how it all connects. Mirage was conceived as a reboot of the sagabut it is very striking that instead of looking forward chronologically to learn of Basim’s fate (either with another game or with additional DLC), it forces us to look just what we have behind us.

Obviously those who will play Valhalla they won’t be surprised of Basim’s change to his new self as Isu Loki, and even if you ask me I would say that it is a little forced. The genie’s appearances are sporadic throughout the game, and although Nehal’s plot twist I was surprised and pleased by how it was handled, it doesn’t seem like they wanted to close all the plot threads. We do not know what happened to the rebellion of Ali, what was it the reaction of the Hidden Ones knowing that Basim was the reincarnation of a potentially dangerous enemy, nor how other cells of the Order they could react to the total loss of their members in Baghdad.

What the game does achieve at least is what we have mentioned, that the bug bit us to replay AC Valhalla, and if we haven’t, then give it a try, although don’t expect an adventure as direct and condensed as the one we just completed. As already happened with Odissey or Orgins, Valhalla is one of the greatest Assassin’s Creed that have been done, so be patient.


Final Fantasy XVI: “The Rising Tide” will most likely demand a lot from you

The DLC announcement too Final Fantasy XVI may not have come as a surprise to fans of the game. Locked doors and a few things that were touched on but not discussed further until the end of the credits. No big question marks, but room for expansion. The first DLC, “Echoes of the Fallen,” is already available. “The Rising Tide” is scheduled to follow in the spring.

GameSpot spoke to DLC director Takeo Kujiraoka about the contents of the season pass. He revealed that the difficulty level for the DLCs had been increased because this was feedback that they received immediately after the release of Final Fantasy XVI.

“We intentionally changed the balance of battles compared to the main game. In particular, we have increased the overall strength of enemies in the DLC,” said Kujiraoka. Anyone who has already completed the boss fight in “Echoes of the Fall” will probably agree with Kujiraoka. He goes on to say that the basic game was deliberately made a little easier.

“This is partly because we set the enemy strength a bit low in the main game to ensure that as many players as possible could reach the end. But the reactions of the players and the streams showed me that we could perhaps set the enemy strength a little higher,” explains Kujiraoka.

In addition, the DLC content will only become accessible shortly before the end of the game and fans will therefore already be familiar with the combat system. Do you welcome the increased difficulty of “Echoes of the Fallen” and what do you hope for “The Rising Ride”?

Artwork: FINAL FANTASY XVI © 2023 SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved.


Disney Dreamlight Valley: Shimmering Pool

What is the actual function of the shimmering pool of water in Disney Dreamlight Valley? What items should you put in the shimmering pool of water? This is a question that one or two players of the Disney game from Gameloft who are currently in the Vitalys mines in the sunny plains will be thinking about in the last few days. In the Vitalys Mines you will find a water basin hidden away with some crystals in the background that you can interact with. After interacting with the water basin, the inventory opens and you can place a total of five items in the water. But which items are in demand here and where do you get the items from?

Find blue potato and blue objects

The shimmering pool of water is needed for the blue potato and the shimmering blue potion. To get the blue potato, you have to collect various blue items and these include:

  • Blue Shell: The blue shell is located in the realm of Moana. Once you have arrived in the realm, which you can enter via the dream castle, you will find the blue shell from the starting point at the back of the same island with the rocks in the water.
  • Blue Starfish: From the skull rock on the shimmering beach, take the boat to the position where you first met Ariel. In the back area near the stones on the beach is the blue starfish.
  • Blue Book: The Blue Book can be found in the mysterious cave on the shimmering beach. At the back left between the pillars you will find the blue book.
  • Blue Gem: The blue gem can be found in the Vitalys Mines. The Vitalys mines are again located on the sunny plain. From the entrance, keep right and then follow the tracks until you come to a junction. Take the junction to the left and then turn left again. On the left side after a few meters there is the blue gemstone.

Use shimmering pool of water

With the five “blue objects” you can now go back to the Vitalys Mines to the shimmering pool of water. Once there, interact with the shimmering pool of water and move the four blue items mentioned above using the blue potato from the inventory on the right. After closing the window you will receive the blue shimmering potion.

By the way, you need the potato potions like the shimmering blue potion to prepare the rainbow potion with which you can unlock the rainbow fox.


(VIDEO) Laval family decimated in Ontario: two children and their grandmother killed because the incriminated truck driver had his eyes glued to his cell phone

The driver of a heavy goods vehicle who decimated a family from Laval in 2022 in Ontario was a real time bomb: not only was he not allowed to drive, but he had his eyes glued to his cell phone a second before the tragedy, reveals a disturbing video obtained by The newspaper.

On April 18, 2022, Mehakdeep Singh, driving a Volvo trailer truck, never saw the line of vehicles slow down and stop in front of him. He was too absorbed in the screen of the phone he held in one hand. It then caused a violent collision which cost the lives of two children and their grandmother, on Highway 401, near Belleville, Ontario.

The driver was subsequently criminally charged and recently pleaded guilty to dangerous driving causing death and injury. He was sentenced to five years in detention.

To convict him, authorities had one damning piece of evidence: a video of him looking at his phone up to a second before the collision.

Vehicle of Anik Legault and his family. Her children, Émérik and Maélie, as well as her mother, Chantal Dendooven-Legault, perished. COURTESY of the Ontario Court

COURTESY of the Ontario Court

Cameras installed in the cabin of his truck filmed Mehakdeep Singh and the road in front of him.

  • Listen to the news with Maxime Deland via
Absorbed by his cell phone

Several minutes before the fatal collision, Mehakdeep Singh looked at his phone for a long time. He was absentmindedly and unenthusiastically monitoring the road, but his attention was mainly diverted to his screen. He even took his hands off the wheel momentarily to use his cell phone, before changing his mind.

He then put the device down for a few minutes, only to pick it up again just 20 seconds before impact. Already, on the camera images which show the trajectory in front of its heavyweight, the slowdown is visible in the distance.

He looks up less than a second before hitting the Hyundai Elantra, which was slowing in front of him, at full speed. The truck driver didn’t even have time to brake.

Its speed at the time of impact was 105 km/h.

The three passengers in the back seat of the Hyundai had no chance: Émérik Giroux, 7 years old, Maélie Giroux, 3 years old, and their grandmother Chantal Dendooven-Legault, 68 years old, perished.

Anik Legault (with headband), with her twin brother, Érik, in a Toronto restaurant shortly before the death of her mother, Chantal Dendooven-Legault, and her children, Maélie, 3, and Émerik, 7, in a violent collision in Ontario in April 2022.

Courtesy photo

The children’s mother, Anik Legault, and her twin brother, Érik, sitting in the front seat, were slightly injured. The group was returning from a weekend in Toronto. The Laval family should never have crossed paths with the reckless trucker.

In fact, the man, now 26 years old, was not authorized to drive at the time of the collision.

Mehkadeep Singh, at the time of the fatal collision. ONTARIO COURTESY COURT


The police investigation revealed that he had falsified his logbook and thus violated the hours of service limit authorized for truckers.

The company he worked for, Snowflake Express Inc., still used electronic statements as well as paper statements. Electronic statements have since become mandatory in Canada.

  • Listen to Alexandre Dubé’s editorial on Benoit Dutrizac’s show on the fatal accident via Radio QUB :
Difficult forgiveness

Thus, Singh’s paper returns differed from the electronic returns.

The mileage of the Volvo truck recorded in the logbook was also different from the movements seen in the videos. And the GPS data didn’t match the logbook entries taken at the crime scene.

The Volvo truck driven by Mehkadeep Singh. COURTESY of the Ontario Court

COURTESY of the Ontario Court

The driver should have been placed off the road for 72 hours for these false entries into the system, according to court documents.

In addition to the five-year prison sentence, he will be banned from driving for a period of seven years. He then risks expulsion, we learned.

“Of course, I would have liked him to receive a more severe sentence, but no sentence will be enough in my eyes for three lives taken,” commented Anik Legault, who traveled to Ontario to attend the guilty plea .

COURTESY of the Ontario Court

The driver filed a letter of apology to the court, but MMe Legault said she didn’t feel ready to hear what he had to say.

“I would have found it easier to forgive if it was an accident and not repeated dangerous behavior,” she said.

Do you have any information to share with us about this story?

Write to us at or call us directly at 1 800-63SCOOP.



Samsung Galaxy S24 review: great in everything, except the battery

The Samsung Galaxy S24 has been in our pockets in recent weeks and we have extensively tested the flagship. Read here how the smartphone performs and find out whether it is for you.

This is the Samsung Galaxy S24 review

Flat, smooth and packed with artificial intelligence: that’s what Samsung promises with the Galaxy S24. The manufacturer has updated the smartphone in terms of both hardware and software, including a larger battery, new chip and brighter screen. All this for a suggested retail price of 899 eurosfive bucks cheaper than its predecessor.

We have extensively tested the new entry-level of Samsung’s top devices and you can read our experiences in this review. This way you know whether the Galaxy S24 is for you.

Samsung Galaxy S24 review

Design Hardware Screen Software

Cameras Battery and charging Conclusion Buy

Subtle custom design

It is clear at first glance that the Galaxy S24 speaks the same design language as other Samsung devices. This is due to the flat glass back, metal sides and the three separate cameras on the back. Samsung has made minor adjustments, because the sides are now almost completely flat, except for a subtle rounding towards the back.

Combine this with the handy size of the regular S24 and the device fits comfortably in the hand. Unfortunately, the smartphone offers little grip due to the matte back, making it easier to let it slip out of your hands.

Furthermore, the device is again equipped with clear stereo speakers with Dolby Atmos, buttons on the right and a SIM card slot. All in all, this is a housing that you would expect from a high-end smartphone.

Hardware performs surprisingly well

It may be a bit of an exaggeration that the Exynos name strikes a chord with Samsung fans. However, processors from Samsung’s own kitchen were not exactly popular in the past. Fortunately, you have little to complain about with the Exynos 2400, because the chip is very smooth.

Playing games, switching between apps and opening large 3D files goes smoothly on the S24, which feels smooth, especially with the 120Hz screen. The Exynos 2400 seems to be a lot less energy efficient than the Snapdragon chips. You can read more about this later in this review.

Furthermore, the Galaxy S24 is available in two variants, both with 8GB of RAM. The cheapest model has 128GB of storage, which in combination with a cloud subscription will be more than sufficient. Want to store more photos, apps or files locally? Then there is also a 256GB version.

Screen you want to look at for hours

A Dynamic LTPO AMOLED 2X screen with a 120Hz refresh rate, HDR10+ colors, a maximum brightness of 2600 nits and protection by a layer of Gorilla Glass Victus 2. That is not only a mouthful, but they are also the ingredients for a screen of very High Quality. Samsung has outdone itself once again.

Although the Galaxy S24 ‘only’ has a Full HD resolution of 2340 by 1080 pixels, the compact size of 6.2 inches makes it sharp enough. In addition, the screen edges are incredibly thin and symmetrical. The brightness automatically adjusts to show HDR images clearly, but at the same time keeps the menus dim.

Software packed with Galaxy AI

During the launch of the S24, Samsung paid the most attention to Galaxy AI. This name covers several useful artificial intelligence functions that the manufacturer has incorporated into the One UI 6.1 shell of Android 14. In our experience, there are mainly a lot of small functions that you use occasionally, but certainly not all of them.

There are various language functions with AI, including Live Translate that can translate calls and messages between different languages. This works fine and also on WhatsApp, but Dutch is not yet supported. Chat Assist can also help you write messages in a different tone, but these often appear to be written by AI.

In collaboration with Google, the Galaxy S24 also features Circle to Search. This allows you to draw a circle around an object you encounter on your smartphone at any time, after which information will appear. In practice you won’t use the function too often, but it is certainly useful to have. However, do you use swipe gestures instead of a navigation bar? Then activating the Circle to Search mode is quite inconvenient.

OneUI 6.1Circle to SearchResults

Furthermore, the One UI shell is exactly what you have come to expect from Samsung. For example, menus look a lot different than on stock Android and you have exclusive access to the Galaxy Store. In addition, Samsung provides the Galaxy S24 with seven years of software and security updates, so you can use it until 2031.

Cameras take more realistic pictures

The set of cameras on the Samsung Galaxy S24 is identical to those on the predecessor. The new flagship is again equipped with a 50 megapixel main camera, 12 megapixel wide-angle lens and the optical telephoto lens has a resolution of 10 megapixel.

Pictures on the S24 are especially striking because of the natural colors. The smartphone does not take photos too colorful and the contrast is lower than its predecessor. Photos on the S24 also seem to be sharpened less. This applies to the main and wide-angle lens. The zoom camera does smartly sharpen objects, especially if you zoom in further than the optical ‘3x zoom’.

Wide angle lensMain camera3x optical zoom10x digital zoom

The cameras don’t perform particularly well in the dark unless you hold the phone still for long enough. Unfortunately, movement often means a blurry photo and again the flash still cannot be used with the wide-angle lens.

Portrait modeWide angle lens3x optical zoomMain camera

Of course, Samsung also brings AI to the cameras. In this way, artificial intelligence combines the different cameras for the sharpest picture and the best quality. You can also edit photos better with the AI.

Use Samsung’s Gallery app to straighten photos, generate missing parts and remove reflections from windows. All in all, the functions often work well with simple photos and good lighting conditions. However, we don’t think you’ll use them often.

Battery for a (busy) day and charging

Let’s start with the facts with the battery: the battery has grown from 3900 mAh to 4000 mAh, it still charges at 25 Watts and can charge other devices (wirelessly). The increased capacity is of course minimal, which means that in practice you will not see a major improvement compared to its predecessor.

To be honest, the battery life of the Galaxy S24 is quite disappointing. On average, we get a measly five hours of active screen time from the phone. That’s fine if you don’t use the smartphone much, for example on a busy working day. Do you want to play games for an afternoon or do you use the device a lot during the day? Then you probably need to recharge in the evening.

The charging speed of the S24 is again a maximum of 25 Watts. Samsung does this to keep the battery in good condition for as long as possible, but this does mean that it takes about an hour and a half for the smartphone to charge from 0 to 100 percent. You should take this into account a little more before you leave the house.

Wireless charging is again possible at 15 Watts and takes almost two hours. Reverse wireless charging of other devices is even slower, but is especially useful in emergencies.

Conclusion Samsung Galaxy S24 review

With a recommended retail price of 899 euros, the Samsung Galaxy S24 is in a different price range than the S24 Plus and S24 Ultra, but it is equipped with a very bright screen with a high refresh rate, an extensive set of cameras, a smooth chip and the same smart software functions.

In our opinion, the only thing you really need to cut back on is the battery, because it simply won’t hold up to intensive use. Do you not use your smartphone all day long, but do you want a high-end device when you do use it? Then the Galaxy S24 is definitely recommended.

Do you like the design of the S24, but do you want to be sure of an all-day battery? Then take a look at the Galaxy S24 Plus. Do you prefer the best of the best and are you willing to pay extra for it? Then you’ve come to the right place at the S24 Ultra.

Buy Samsung Galaxy S24

Will the Samsung Galaxy S24 be your new smartphone? Then make sure you get it for the best price through the most affordable provider. You can easily find the best deal via our price comparator.

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€42 p.m

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  • Super bright AMOLED screen

  • Exynos 2400 has fast performance

  • Housing is modern and premium

  • Extensive set of cameras


  • Battery doesn’t last too long

  • Charging is relatively slow

  • Not all Galaxy AI features are equally useful


Id Software chief opened up about DOOM Eternal soundtrack scandal

Chapter id software and executive producer Doom forever Marty Stratton spoke in detail about the situation with the bad shooter soundtrack and the “conflict” with Mick Gordon.

Short version: Gordon missed the deadline several times and hardly helped the studio with the album’s release. Since the soundtrack is part of the collector’s edition, it had to be released as soon as possible, otherwise problems may arise due to incorrect products in many countries.

Additionally, due to this conflict, id Software has no plans to work with Gordon yet: the creation of the first plot addition for the game goes without a musician.

Now a much more detailed version:

According to Stratton, id Software agreed with the composer in January to prepare an album in early March, at least to reduce it. 12 issues with additional bonuses. A similar contract was last signed four years ago Condemn.

At the end of February, Gordon contacted the studio and said he and the team didn’t have enough time to complete the project. The musician apologized and asked for another four weeks, promising to provide 30 issues total duration of more than 120 minutes.

The companies agreed, giving Gordon even more time – another six weeks. The new deadline was mid-April. Stratton points out that the soundtrack was promised as part of the collection, and under the laws of many countries, people could claim a refund for incompatible goods.

In early April, the studio began to fear that the composer might miss the deadline again, and Stratton personally asked ID Software’s lead audio designer, Chad Mosholder own version of the album.

Here, too, their problems began to arise, as only Gordon had the source code and Mosholder had to work with the music used for the game itself. Hence the result that many fans have complained about: a lower volume of instruments.

Comparison of BFG 2016 and 2020 versions

When Gordon sent Stratton 9 full songs, he was not satisfied: alone a (!) of which played in the heavy metal genre, while the rest was ambient. It’s clearly not what they expected from the game’s music album.

After some discussion, Stratton decided to commission Mosholder to create a chronological soundtrack. Some of Gordon’s work was about to be included.

The final version of the game’s soundtrack ultimately only included two songs from Mick, while Moskholder took care of the rest – he did all the work in a matter of weeks. On April 19, the soundtrack was released to the owners of the Collector’s Edition.

And here, in response to criticism of the soundtrack, Mick Gordon said he wouldn’t have done it, although according to Stratton he personally advised Moskholder to work in that form.

It is much more interesting that Gordon was probably surprised by the composition of the album in 59 songs, although according to Stratton the final version was sent to him a week before the release, so it would be possible to combine versions of Moskholder and Gordon tracks.

Additionally, Gordon was reportedly concerned that Moskholder had « received » co-authorship of the soundtrack, but the studio did no such thing. Gordon is listed as the sole composer and author of the album. However, in songs mixed by Mosholder, he is considered an auxiliary musician.

This way id Software can clearly record the songs Gordon mixed and those of Moskholder. It would be misleading to attribute the authorship of songs to Gordon only when they have been put together by someone else.

Collector’s soundtrack

While the DOOM Eternal music album is only officially available to owners of the Collector’s Edition, its release on streaming services is expected in the near future. Fans can expect positive improvements.

Source: Game Informer


Familiar face returns for How to Train Your Dragon live-action film

For the live-action version of How to Train Your Dragon, a different cast will be used. One familiar face will reportedly return to play the same role.

It has been a popular strategy in recent years to adapt beloved animated films into live-action versions. Disney has already given many different franchises a new face in this way, such as The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin. Universal Pictures is now also going to give one from DreamWorks Animation a live-action treatment: How to Train Your Dragon.

  • Order the How to Train Your Dragon trilogy now here!

The film will be a reboot, making casting for the project a major question. Jay Baruchel and America Ferrera, who play Hiccup and Astrid in the animated films, are much too old for the characters who would be 15 years old in the original. Their roles will be taken over by Mason Thames and Nico Parker.

Age alone is not a problem for one actor, namely Gerard Butler. The actor plays the Viking Stoick in How to Train Your Dragon, who is about 45 years old in the animated film. At 54 years old, the Scot would play the role again, Deadline reports. According to the studio, it would be an excellent opportunity to also pay tribute to the original cast.

A successful franchise

It is not surprising that How to Train Your Dragon was chosen as a franchise to be made into a live-action film. The series is very popular with the public. The three animated films together managed to bring in no less than 1.6 billion dollars.

The live-action movie of How to Train Your Dragon is scheduled to be released on March 14, 2025.


Android Auto is better with root: this app unlocks hidden settings and functions

Google places several limits on Android Auto that the community of developers and users do not always agree with, such as the applications that are allowed Android Auto XLauncher Unlocked is an application that allows us, on the one hand, to use unofficial apps on Android Auto and on the other. launch hidden Android Auto settings.

The application offers us more or fewer functions depending on whether we use it without root, with root and with its Xposed module active. If we fulfill this last case, we have access to all the functions and we can dUnlock all the power of Android Auto without touching any file.

An Android Auto launcher

Android Auto XLauncher Unlocked, or AAXLU for friends, is a new application that seeks to modify Android Auto and give us access to sections that Google does not normally allow us to access.

The application is a launcher for Android Auto and not for Android Auto, that is, it allows us to launch things from Android Auto, mostly options for developers and/or specific sections not accessible from the menus. In order to access all functions we need to grant root permission. If not, we can still use the application to launch the Android Auto settings, which is not bad considering that they are sometimes difficult to find.

AND what can we launch exactly? With the application we can open the Android Auto settings in its classic version or with the Material You design, in addition to several development and error resolution options such as developer settings, engineer settings, the PRIMES event viewer or the test. of application quality.

An important detail is that, by checking the box, you can have whatever you want be launched every time you open the application. In this way, you can use this application to, for example, access the Android Auto settings in its Material You versionevery time you open it.

Some of the hidden screens you can access with this launcher

If you have an application that allows you to use the The funny thing is that no file on the mobile is modifiedas if it happens with other similar applications such as AA AIO TWEAKER.

If you have root, Magisk, Xposed and want to give Android Auto your all, you can download AAXLU APK from Github. The application is open source, so you will also find the complete source code there.


Grundig TV: This is how you carry out a firmware update

Firmware updates on your smart TV prevent possible errors in the system and ensure the longevity of your device. Automatic updates ensure that your Grundig TV is always up to date.

However, if your TV is switched off for a long time or is disconnected from the Internet, updates can accumulate and have to be carried out manually. If you don’t do this, individual functions or your entire TV may no longer work. How you can carry out these manual updates, we will show you step by step in this guide:

Grundig TV: This is how you carry out an update

  1. 1

    The first step is to go to the menu on your television screen. Then look for the white gear in the top right corner to get to the settings of your Smart TV.

  2. 2

    In the settings, go far down the list where you click on “Advanced Settings”.

  3. 3

    Next, look for the device settings. There you select “About” again.

  4. 4

    At the top you should now see a system update as an option, which you select. It will then search for possible updates. If an update is available, tap the update to start the process.

  5. 5

    The update may take a few minutes. During this time, your TV screen will be blacked out for a short time. Finally, you can restart your TV afterwards to complete the update.

To get the most out of your TV, you should also adjust the picture and sound settings to your liking. The linked articles show you how to do this. We also have some tips for you if you want to buy a new Smart TV.


We have been fantasizing about an alternative to “bell-shaped” space engines for 70 years. Now we are close to having a

Since the beginning of the space age, engineers have banged their heads over and over again against the same problem: the technical impossibility of building an engine that would be both efficient in the atmosphere and in a vacuum.

So much so, that we only managed to fix it by mounting two-stage rockets: one with nozzles for the atmospheric phase and another optimized for outer space. The “middle” thing is a matter of brute force.

Is it inefficient? Yes Do we have another option? Not at the beginning.

“In principle”? Well yes, because for more than 70 years there has been no shortage of experts who thought that the solution lay in something very simple: form. As Darren Orf pointed out a few months ago, “whether it’s the German V-2 rocket, NASA’s legendary Saturn V or SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy, all rocket engines share a common attribute: their exhaust nozzles are bell-shaped. “. But what if they didn’t have it?

Essentially, the function of a nozzle is to direct the flow of gases in the direction that interests us. It seems obvious, but it’s key. Above all, because the mixture of propellants at very high temperatures generates a lot of force, but the movement of the gases is (to a large extent) random. The conventional nozzle has proven very effective in converting all that randomness into a “jet” efficient enough to put the rocket into the air. The question is, then, how do we do without it.

That’s where the ‘aerospike’ comes in: a type of engine that “would maintain its aerodynamic efficiency over a wide range of altitudes” by changing precisely the shape in question. That is, the gases are launched “along the outer face of a wedge-shaped solid volume” (the spike) and the result would also efficiently reduce this randomness.

It sounds good, very good. At the end of the day, all of this that we have explained would translate into being able to reduce the total weight of the ship and, in the process, increase the useful load. The problem? That doesn’t work.

The eternal promise of space exploration. It is true that NASA tested a prototype in the 1990s, but the result has always been the same: the different companies or agencies that have opted for the aerospike have ended up signing checks that they have not been able to pay.

And what has changed that we are talking about this? Germany has passed. In April, Berlin awarded a military contract to Polaris, a start-up dedicated to this type of technology, to investigate the possibilities of using such an engine in a space plane. The news now is that Polaris has just completed the first series of test flights of one of the key prototypes.

We are talking about 15 tests between the end of August and the beginning of September. And it is true that the MIRA-light (which is what the prototype is called) measures only two and a half meters long and is very far from what we are looking for; but the sensations are good and that has caught the attention of many people.

Does that mean we will (finally!) have an aerospike engine? At this point in the game, the most reasonable thing is to think that no, that there is a lot of work ahead and that, even in the best of all possible worlds, its effects are not going to be immediate. However, innovation in the world of engines is excellent news (and even more so if the tests go well)


Chromecast with Google TV does more than meets the eye: from games via Game Pass and xCloud to external drives with a USB-C hub

The renewal of Google’s Chromecast was highly anticipated, and although certainly the price in Spain has been a jug of cold water, it must be recognized that the device has remarkable potential.

In fact, to the official options that stand out in Google with content streaming, there are several that begin to consider how this device can be a great companion to our Smart TV, and all thanks to the support of Google Play, he ‘sideloading’ apps and that USB-C port which can do much more than supply current.

Unofficial options that give a lot of play

We are seeing it in recent days: since the Chromecast with Google TV in several stores in the United States before even its official launch, several users have tried to do things that have not been officially publicized by Google.

For example, although theoretically the device does not work for Google’s own Stadia service at the moment, there are those who have tried it by doing this process of sideloading consisting of install applications on the device through their APK installation packages on the Chromecast operating system with Google TV, which is nothing more than a somewhat special version of Android.

Not only that: the device also allows install the Xbox Game Pass and PS4 Remote Play apps. In the first case, it has been shown that it is possible to play games through the Project xCloud streaming service that recently debuted on the Microsoft platform. In the second it seems that there is not so good news at the moment and although the application seems to load, there is not much more that can be done than logging into the account.

When playing with streaming services like Stadia or xCloud that are not officially supported but do work, the internet connection is crucial. The Chromecast with Google TV has WiFi connectivity, but there are two different ways to ensure a more stable connection and have a wired connection via Ethernet.

The first, buy the official and optional Google charger that includes precisely that entry and that costs 19.99 euros in the Google Store. The second is to take advantage of the device’s USB-C connector, which in addition to being used to charge it allows you to do something very important: connect a USB-C hub.

By doing so we can obtain many more connection ports with which expand the possibilities of Chromecast with Google TV. There are already users who have confirmed that some concentrators work and that thanks to them they have connected mice, keyboards or have accessed those Ethernet connectors we were talking about.

Not only that: it is also possible to connect external storage units (pendrives, hard drives) and explore those contents. That, together with the aforementioned sideloading of applications, suggests that these Chromecasts could also become valuable multimedia centers for local content.

We have not yet seen cases that confirm that for example it is possible to use these devices to install Kodi or Plex and thus expand those options, but of course the sideloading process invites to think that this capacity is feasible. And if it is, as in the rest of the cases, we have before us a product that becomes more interesting at times.

Source : Engadget


Samsung: TV gets its own gaming controller

Remote controls are out, in the future you will operate yours Samsung TV with a controller. In order to make optimal use of the “Samsung Gaming Hub” function, the company is now bringing suitable hardware onto the market.

The so-called “Replay Wireless Controller” from PDP At first glance it looks like an Xbox controller. However, it has a button that immediately opens the gaming hub. You can also use it to control the volume and turn your television on and off.

Samsung brings its own controller

With the help of the Samsung Gaming Hub, owners of a TV from the brand can play games directly on it stream without a console to own. Of course, a suitable controller shouldn’t be missing, which is why Samsung is now bringing its own model onto the market, which will be available for purchase this month.

The program is integrated free of charge on all smart TVs and monitors from the last two years and lets you access subscribed streaming services. However, Samsung does not replace the price of the subscription. You then stream Xbox Game Pass, Amazon Luna and more.

So far it is possible, different Controllers from different manufacturers like Xbox, Sony and Amazon, so no one had to play with a classic remote control. However, the appropriate device from Samsung itself was missing.

Anyone who is now on the website of PDP If you stop by, you have the opportunity to get the controller for the Samsung Game Hub for just under 50 dollars Pre-order when it is available again. There are currently no other models available, but that could change soon. Microsoft Meanwhile, try something completely different and makes his own toaster.


Lenovo Legion R45w-30 Review – Curved eye candy

Gamers naturally go for the highest immersion. Thousands of euros are quickly spent on a new PC to be able to play in 4K or higher resolution without sacrificing the number of images per second. This naturally requires an equally impressive display and Lenovo now offers the Legion R45w, a curved super-ultrawide display.

Lenovo is making good progress with both laptops and peripherals. Now Lenovo has launched two new monitors, the Legion Y34wz-30 and the Legion R45w-30. We tested the Legion R45w-30, an impressive curved monitor with an image diameter of no less than 44.5 inches.

The Lenovo Legion monitor comes with a sturdy base that easily clicks into place on the monitor. The base is solid and that’s a good thing, but the monitor weighs almost 9 kilos and is certainly not light. In addition to the monitor and base, the R45w comes with a brief manual and three cables. The extensive manual must be collected digitally.

The three cables consist of an HDMI, DisplayPort and USB cable. The monitor is quite flexibly adjustable, it can tilt, swivel and be adjusted in height. The display itself is a matte backlight WLED. Unfortunately, this is not an OLED screen, but we should not expect that for the recommended retail price of just under 1000 euros. Before we go into the possibilities of the monitor, let’s first take a look at its technical features.


Dimensions Height 528.4 mm (20.80 in)
Width 108.99 mm (42.91 in)
Depth 341.1 mm (13.43 in)
Image size 44.5 inches
Aspect ratio 32:9 (super ultra wide)
Maximum resolution 5120 x1440 pixels (DQHD)
HDR DisplayHDR 400
Maximum frequency 165Hz
Response time 1ms
To adjust Tilt: -5 – 22 degrees
Rotate: -30 – 30 degrees
Height adjustment: 135 mm
Power consumption <165 watts (max)
<34W (typical)
Connections 1 x Power supply
2xHDMI 2.1
1 x DisplayPort 1.4 in
1 x USB-C 3.2 Gen 1 (upstream)
1 x USB-B 3.2 Gen 1 (upstream)
1 x RJ-45 (10M/100M/1G/2.5G)
3 x USB-A 3.2 Gen1 (downstream)
1 x Audio Output

Lots of frames, huge resolution

The more frames a monitor is able to produce, the more stable the image looks. The R45w-30 delivers frequencies up to 165 Hz (and even 170 Hz in ) which produces a beautiful, stable image. Whether you play games or want to use the monitor for work, a stable image provides peace of mind for your eyes. With a resolution of up to 5120 x1440 pixels and HDR 400 support, the image is also razor sharp.

Anyone who wants to use the R45w-30 in a work situation can use the super ultrawide screen to display multiple applications side by side. The disadvantage of such a wide screen is that the standard commands for window sizes are sometimes not useful. Lenovo has come up with a solution for this, called True Split. The screen can be divided into two ‘virtual’ screens, giving the connected PC the impression of having two separate screens. Particularly useful, a maximized window is ‘only’ half of the super ultrawide screen.

In addition, the monitor has a wide range of access ports and options, including picture-in-picture (where one image is shown in the corner), picture-by-picture (side by side) and the aforementioned True Split and KVM, where the monitor can switch between two connected systems. In the various modes you can also set the ratio between the two screens.

For example, if you want to watch a movie on one part, it is useful to be able to watch that part on 2/3 of the total screen, leaving the rest for something else. All options are accessible via four buttons: a four-way button for access to the menu and buttons for direct access to frequently used functions.

Sound and Vision

The R45w is equipped with a backlit WLED display that achieves a contrast ratio of 3000:1 with a maximum brightness of 500 cd/m2. That is just slightly more than the requirements of the DisplayHDR 400 certification that the monitor has. Even though the screen is not OLED, we are certainly not disappointed with the image that is delivered. The colors are lifelike, feel natural and comes with a low response time.

The R45w is somewhat sensitive to the viewing angle. Due to the curve, the viewing angle quickly becomes quite high if you are not sitting directly in front of the screen. If we view the image from a different position, we see that the matte screen remains visible for a long time in incident (sun)light. However, the screen does become a bit dull at higher viewing angles.

Like many monitors, the R45w has a number of special game modes for FPS, racing, RTS and two custom game modes that you can set yourself. The response time can also be increased in steps and the refresh rate can be displayed. We prefer to keep the display at the Standard settings, but those who want to experiment with this have extensive options.

The monitor has built-in 3-watt speakers. That’s not too much, but sufficient for basic gaming, without immediately resulting in squeaks and crackles. Even at higher volumes, the monitor itself does not vibrate. The sound quality is sufficient, but if you are serious about your (game) sound, we recommend an external sound source.

Game on!

The ultra-wide image of the Legion obviously offers opportunities for those who want a lot of immersion gaming. All racing games benefit greatly from the extra wide and curved image. The ultra-wide view gives you a much greater sense of speed and a much better overview of what’s happening around your car, especially if you set the camera from behind the wheel. The curved screen gives you the immediate feeling that you can actually see to the left and right of you, which provides serious added value.

The wider screen is also an asset for non-racing games. Modern games such as Lies or P make optimal use of the wide screen and thus enrich the gaming experience. You simply see more of your surroundings, which only benefits you.

That extra width does come with a number of significant caveats. For example, consoles cannot handle (super) ultra-wide images, so you play with large black bars. PCs do not have this limitation, but the extra number of pixels (two 4K screens next to each other!) must be able to be controlled.

With the currently available hardware, this almost always means a trade-off: either play at the highest resolution but compromise on image quality, or reduce the resolution somewhat. By the way, we managed to conjure up a considerable number of FPS at high resolution on the screen with a laptop PC with RTX 4070. Also, not all games are able to support the extra image resolution, so sometimes even the most modern games (Starfield!) cannot always make use of it.

However, a warning is in order: anyone who really wants to use such a monitor properly will also need a modern(er) PC.

Lenovo Legion R45w-30: Ideal for the dedicated PC gamer

The Legion R45w-30 is an excellent monitor with excellent specifications. With a refresh rate of 165 Hz and a response time of 1 ms, it is not the fastest monitor we have tested, but the price reflects that: this monitor has a recommended retail price of just under 1000 euros.

For this you get a monitor with many connection options and a beautiful image and of course a particularly beautiful gaming monitor. You must have at least an equivalent gaming PC, use with a console is actually a no-go.


The plus and minus points

  • Beautiful WLED screen with an extremely wide image
  • Many connection options
  • High image quality, excellent for gaming
  • Console experience
  • No OLED


How to Craft and Organize Storage Chests in Coral Island

In any farming or gathering game, where resources are important, you’ll want to stockpile everything you find. The best way to stay organized in Coral Island is to make a storage chest and today I’m going to show you how to do that. Here’s how to stay organized on Coral Island by building a storage chest.

How to craft a storage chest in Coral Island

If you want to craft a storage chest in Coral Island, you’re going to want to open your crafting menu and find the resources needed to build it. Crafting is simple in Coral Island and you will need to gather supplies to craft tools or stage units. To make a storage chest, find 25x wood And 13x trash can, which are easily found scattered around the world. Enter your crafting menu and locate the Makeshift storage chest.

After you build your storage unit, you can add anything you want to help organize your space. You can either place it in your inventory or bind it to a hotbar for easy use. Make sure you place it somewhere you can find it easily to avoid wasting time finding it. This is how you make a storage chest in Coral Island!

Related: Coral Island Farm Name Ideas

Is there a maximum capacity for a storage box in Coral Island?

With how many items there are on Coral Island, you’ll want to make sure you only keep what you need versus what you can get rid of or sell. The maximum capacity of a storage chest is 40 items or less, and while that seems like a lot, if you’re a collector like me, it’s going to fill up quickly. Luckily, you can create more storage chests to help you store important items. You can also add items to your bag and quadruple the number of slots it contains.


‘Mythic Quest’: 11 winks, references and parodies of this precise satire of the video game industry

Of all the peculiar data surrounding « Mythic Quest, » the formidable blend of « The Office » and « Silicon Valley » that puts the video game industry at the forefront, arguably the most notorious is revealed if you look closely at the headlines. credit. “Mythic Quest” is produced by Ubisoft. Yes, ESA Ubisoft. I mean, Mythic Quest is a satire of the interactive entertainment industry fully hatched in the guts of the beast.

The jokes therefore have a very particular echo. The famous chapter 5, which talks about how big companies devour small creatives with original ideas in the industry, it takes a dark echo. And « Mythic Quest » continues to bite the hand that feeds it: in another chapter, the game producer has an emotionally destroying encounter with his enigmatic and genuine superiors, whom he simply calls « The French », in reference to claire to Ubisoft itself.

Review of « Mythic Quest », an essential comedy for fans of video games, halfway between « The Office » and « Silicon Valley »

‘Mythic Quest’ is not a series built around winks: It doesn’t parody specific games or situations, but it does provide a clear picture of the video game industry through humor.. And for those who know its history and, most importantly, the current state of the environment, it throws very obvious darts. We’re going to break some of them down into a list of tributes and references that, of course, are featured in EYES: SPOILERS, since we will go into some details of the arguments of the episodes.

The female presence

Megan Ganz

The role of Megan Ganz, co-creator of the series, is important in defining the female role in it. He is responsible for the drinking series of « Community » or « Hanging in Philadelphia », in which he worked. AND it is she who gives a very interesting role to the women who work in the company, starting with the protagonist from the series, the programmer Poppy.

Almost all the women in the series, for whom they have more or less administrative roles (the community manager, the chief of staff) to those in more creative roles (from Poppy herself to an eternally brooding programmer named Michelle – comedian Aparna Nancherla-) Do you have time to explain what the life of women is like in a company like « Mythic Quest »dominated by men. The sight has a bitter and disheartening point.

In Episode 4, the one that most directly addresses this question, a group of girls visit the studio to meet a woman who plays an important role there. But since Poppy is at a convention, starts looking for a woman who is satisfied with her job in the company, with depressing results. Finally, they will find him in what is literally almost the last monkey in the business: a pretty beta tester who still finds an illusion in what he does. Moral: ambition puts an end to all the beauty you have … if you are a woman (a message that can also apply to the excellent episode 5).

Pootie shoe

One of the more interesting characters is Pootie Shoe, an irritating young YouTuber whose motives we will meet to play Mythic Quest at the end of the season. But before that, with his whimsical mind swings he can rock the future of the game: their opinions, positive and negative, mark the rhyme to which they are forced to dance in company. This is an interesting reflection on how creators depend on current media (there is hardly any reference to mainstream press in the industry, although there are some directly and with first and last names ) and their whims.

Soon, in Mythic Quest, they realize that the only way to compete with yououtubers is to create someone to replace them. An apparently irrelevant plot that arises without the study makers perceiving a problem, which is arguably the most devastating critique of the concept that can be made: all of us (them as creators and us as than viewers) have assumed that the industry will find a way to replicate the forms of communication that arise in the fan environment.

« The time of the «

In the slang of video game developers (in turn inherited from the slang of child psychologists, who sometimes have so much in common), « Time to P***s » is, according to the urban dictionary, the time it takes for players to start drawing es with in-game tools, whether in chats or with applications Stake. The designers of « Minecraft » know this well, as any creator of a tool to modify weapons, shields or emblems knows it. The is on the horizon, the only unknown is how many minutes it will take someone to draw it.

In « Mythic Quest », this situation is achieved by the shovel, a fun artifact that also reflects the creative tension between programmer Poppy and the game directorIan. One wants the shovel to be a creative tool for gamers, the other ends up making it a deadly weapon, which ends up being very well received by users, as ridiculous as the concept is. And anyway, at point zero they start digging huge es into the ground, because that’s the creativity of this world. Well, es or …

The N**i problem

… Swastikas. Or swastikas on the , of course. In one of season one of the most powerful episodes, the creators of « Mythic Quest » discover that their game has been invaded by the N***s, and They turn to a circumstance that poses a real problem of image. Among them, a funny debate is generated on how to sweep away these unwanted people without giving the image of censors, with moments as funny as the meeting in which they categorize all kinds of toxic thoughts. In this context, one of the most ridiculously mythical moments in World of Warcraft history is in the spotlight: the brutal raid of the Soulless at Fajeyin’s funeral.

Mythic Quest Cinematics

To give the fictional game personality, real Ubi Soft games, which appear both as a transition between scenes and as cutscenes. They all come from the ‘Assassin’s Creed’ and ‘For Honor’ saga, and from franchises outside of Ubi Soft, like ‘Kingdom Come: Deliverance’, among others. The exception to its most notable catalog is in the scene where the game’s writer and a beta tester they find themselves excited by a scene of the death of a horse in a title that cannot be mentioned: it’s ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’

The role of E3

Sure, conventions and their faun play a big part in the show, but this one, as a product, is no stranger to its necessary push. Rob McElhenney presented the series at an event at E3 2019, the last. It is the first time that a television series has been presented in this context.

The game « Mythic Quest »

The game « Mythic Quest » itself is seen on screen several times. This is a transcription of the MMORPG ‘World of Warcraft’ (but with a third person action interface, to make it more easily identifiable), and was developed by Ubisoft’s in-house studio Red Storm, which has worked in the French company’s franchises such as ‘Far Cry’, ‘Rainbow Six’ and ‘Ghost Recon’.

It was overseen by Danielle Kreinik, director of television development for Ubisoft, and Jason Altman, head of the film and television department and executive co-producer of the series. Red Storm created character models like the masked man, the white knight and the poppy. They got the humor because, as Kreinik claims for The Hollywood Reporter, there were big “Hung in Philadelphia” fans in the studio.

Dr Robotnik’s Medium Grain Machine

The pseudo-Tetris ‘Puyo Puyo’ was remade and distributed by Sega in the West spin off from ‘Sonic’ in 1993. From their title come the nicknames of the two protagonists of chapter 5 of « Mythic Quest », Doc and Beans.

Crunch and other toxic working relationships

Now that we’ve all clearly seen that Marathon and unhealthy work sessions in development studios are the order of the day, ‘Mythic Quest’ can only echo that situation, and it will touch on pretty much the topic in every episode: programmers organizing to end the abuse by capitalizing on the study many of them are doing for do the job of your dreams.

« Silicon Valley »: How a Satire on the Internet Industry Became the Chronicle of a Self-Parodying Reality

In the all-new Mythic Quest: Quarantine, a Special episode of confinement recorded with each actor in their house at the touch of the videoconferencing interface, we will see a side as dark of these relations between the company and the worker as theirs cracklings: Workers’ psychological dependence on a job they love, but which kills them. The episode begins when Poppy focuses exclusively on the code so that she doesn’t have to deal with the horrific pandemic that surrounds us.

Ian’s model

Brandon Beck

Ian, game director and played by Rob McElhenney, also co-creator of the series, It is clearly based on the physique and style of Brandon Beck. Beck is one of the founders of Riot Games, the publishing studio of the very popular « League of Legends », one of the clear inspirations of « Mythic Quest ».

Brad from the Finance Department as Uncle Gilito

Another vector theme of the series is the eternal balance between art and business. Creativity and money clash especially with the character of Brad (Dan Pudi, another veteran of the « Community »), a CFO who continually monetizes the game. The series uses his ideas to parody the complex world of financing games like Mythic Quest, which is often systems-based. free to play.

A curious wink that Brad plays in is the one that leads him to confess a dream he had since his childhood: to have a pool of coins like Uncle Gilito. Interestingly, Pudi voices one of Donald’s nephews in the latest incarnation of the ‘DuckTales’ series, Huey Duck. It was while telling a colleague on a break from filming that the idea to introduce him to the series and to tell the anecdote about the pool of parts came about, an ambition that certainly fits Brad’s personality perfectly.


49-euro ticket: This is how you transfer the ticket to a new cell phone

  • Many use the new Deutschlandticket.
  • The ticket is often used in digital form.
  • When changing mobile phones, the ticket must be transferred.

Several million people use the new 49-euro ticket every month – often in digital form on their cell phones. But what happens to the ticket if you get a new smartphone? With most smartphones, the ticket should be transferred automatically if you make a backup and install it on the new device. If this is not the case, you can transfer it as follows.

DB Navigator – registration is sufficient

If your digital ticket runs through your Deutsche Bahn subscription, you can simply log in to the DB Navigator app with your login data. You should be able to find and use your ticket there.

If you bought the ticket from one of the transport associations, you have to register using the provider’s app. To do this, first log out of your old device and then enter the data on the new device.

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