Home of the Yokai lets you collect over 300 Yokai and send them into battle

Rayka Studio has Home of the Yokai announced, an adventure role-playing game with a collecting component and an automatic combat system. The title will be released on July 10th via Steam for PC and features English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese texts.

Players take on the role of a Yokai Keeper and are tasked with maintaining peace between humanity and Yokai. However, an evil threatens to disrupt this balance and plunge the land of the ancients into danger.

Home of the Yokai entices you to collect creatures – there are said to be over 300 unique Yokai – in a sprawling, semi-open world and an automatic combat system.

Players challenge other Yokai Keepers and use Yokai strategically in battle. And of course, crafting, cooking and farming also play a role. It remains to be seen whether the title will also appear on consoles.

Home of the Yokai in the announcement trailer

via Gematsu, images: Home of the Yokai, Rayka Studio


Get rid of Sims 4 overnight guest and send them home

With the new “Grow Together” expansion, you can now let individual Sims stay overnight in your own household for several days. If you have invited the overnight guest, they appear with their suitcase and spend the set time in the household. Depending on how long you have chosen for the overnight visit, some players may ask themselves, how do you send the overnight guest home and get rid of them again? For “normal guests” you can simply select the appropriate interaction and send the Sim home. But how do you end an overnight visit and get rid of the guest?

End overnight visit and send guest home

As mentioned above, you cannot send the overnight visit home via an interaction. When you select the guest, at least in the current version there is nothing about “Send home” or “End overnight visit”. But there is a way to send the overnight guest home and that is via the calendar. Not only can you use the calendar to invite Sims to stay overnight for several days, but you can also easily end the action again. To do this, open the calendar in the game and the “overnight visit” should be displayed on the left side under the tab of the same name. In addition to a pen symbol, you can also see a bucket symbol with the label “Cancel overnight visit”. After canceling the visit via the calendar, the Sim packs his things and his suitcase and disappears.

  1. Click on the calendar icon at the bottom of the game and open the calendar.
  2. In the calendar view, scroll down on the left side and click on the trash can icon under “Overnight Visit.”
  3. Confirm the end of the “event” and the guest disappears.

Of course, you can invite the overnight guests you sent home again at any time and let them stay in the household for several days without permanently adding the Sim to your own household.

Tip: The new babies in The Sims 4 can develop and get these quirks.


Deal : CES 2024: Dreame presents new devices for home and garden

If you want to vacuum and mop smartly, you can hardly ignore the newcomer Dreame. To ensure that it stays that way, the manufacturer is preparing its first devices for 2024.

In 2023, cleaning robots from Dreame were real bestsellers – especially this one DreamBot L10 Ultra. The successful successor also changed that L20 Ultra nothing. So it’s logical that the manufacturer doesn’t consider the L10 to be old news yet and is giving the model an update as part of the CES 2024 (Consumer Electronics Show, January 9th to 12th in Las Vegas, USA). SamaGame has all the information about this new product – and other Dreame announcements that will follow later in the year.

L10 Pro Ultra Heat: vacuum, swirl, rinse

As the name suffix suggests, the new “Heat” version is hot: the included dock not only dries the robot’s wipers with warm air after the cleaning tour, but also rinses them thoroughly with heated water beforehand. This is supposed to prevent bad smells and mold. So that not only the L10 gets clean, but also the floor, it has a suction power of 7,000 Pascal.

The device has inherited the CleanGenius function from the L20: The dirt detection detects stubborn dirt independently and automatically does a second or third round there. Also on board: a swivel-out wiper that is supposed to scrub right up to the edge when driving along edges. With its reliable laser navigation and additional sensors, the L10 should always stay on course.

Dreame Z10 Station: One station, 90 days of rest

If you like to do your own floor cleaning, you can use the Dreame Z10 Station. The cordless cordless vacuum cleaner comes with a suction station that saves you the hassle of emptying it into the trash can. All you have to do is press a button and the dirt ends up in the bag with a capacity of 2.5 liters. A multi-layer filter system and an antibacterial filter in the station should ensure that the air is free of germs and odor-free.

Dreame Roboticmower A1: Off to the garden!

Shown for the first time at IFA 2023, Dreame’s first robotic lawnmower will soon be in the starting blocks. The A1 should work without a boundary wire in the lawn edge, but also without a GPS and satellite antenna. An advanced 3D lidar sensor system on board the robot with a range of up to 70 meters will take care of navigation. Not only does it create a precise map of the garden, but it also aims to identify property boundaries and obstacles on the lawn without external aids.

DreameBot X30 and X40: A look into the future

If you want to know where the smart cleaning journey with Dreame is going, the manufacturer gives you an outlook on what is to come later in 2024: The DreameBot X30 Ultra will also be available in China and soon in the USA this year get to Germany. Here, Dreame wants to control the suction power again (8,300 Pascal), further improve the dock and fine-tune the self-cleaning system. Brand new is the new floor brush of the

Not enough? Drama is already working on its successor, the DreameBot X40 Ultra with an incredible 10,500 Pascal suction power. The planned features primarily concern edge cleaning: the swing-out mop at the rear is accompanied by a fold-out function at the front, with which the rotating side brush should also reach into the corners. There are also better sensors that allow the X40 to get even closer to furniture, vases or chair legs.

CES 2024: The highlights of the technology trade fair

Dreame novelties 2024: prices and availability

A little patience is still required until the new Dreame devices can move into the home and garden. Price and market launch of the L10 Pro Ultra Heat Dreame wants to announce in the next few weeks. The handheld vacuum cleaner should be used beforehand Z10 station come on sale – at a competitive price of 500 euros. The A1 robotic lawnmower is announced for March 2024. The exact price is not known. The smart garden helper could cost up to 2000 euros. For the Vacuum-mopping robots X30 and X40 Dreame has not yet revealed any prices or exact dates. Both models are scheduled to appear in 2024.


Starfield player discovers ‘planet Skyrim’ complete with river, and fans immediately feel at home

It features countless planets full of different biomes, although with very few rivers. That said, they’re definitely in the game, and you can see proof here, among other things. As a very nice and fun bonus, this planet also appears to transport us to Bethesda’s previous fantasy role-playing game, , much to the amusement of many fans.

“Hey, you, you’ve finally woken up”: a Starfield fan finds the planet Skyrim with one of the rare rivers

has handcrafted content that you experience primarily over the course of the main story. But there is also Countless planets with random content. A wide variety of scenarios await you there, which not only include laboratories or spaceship landings, but also various biomes, for example.

What happens to the rivers? Well, since the release of , there has been a persistent rumor about the supposed absence of rivers in . Many hobbyists have only seen lakes and oceans, which are apparently much more common. But that’s not true, There are certainly rivers, they are just rare.

On Reddit, a player shows off his discovery of a river. The player writes, probably jokingly, that the game . But most commenters aren’t as interested in the river as they are in anything else.

Planet Skyrim

If you’re a Bethesda fan and played years ago, you should feel right at home and feel some nice nostalgia when you look at the two images above. In fact, the screenshots could almost be coming directly from .

Consequently, of course, many community members joke that the player ended up in and that it’s a good thing he finally woke up (alluding to the beginning in , of course).

Where can you find that planet? In the Narion system. According to the author of the post, it is the second planet seen from the sun. The location is in the deciduous forest biome and not far from the ocean.

Brilliant ideas for mods, DLC or NG+

Of course, many fans also let their imagination run wild and think out loud about how cool it would be to delve into the world of but being in . Something like this would already be conceivable as an alternative scenario for New Game Plus or a DLC. But some mod will definitely guarantee it sooner or later. What do you think of the images, the river and the look of en ? Have you already seen rivers?


Matter has version 1.2 ready. It will arrive in autumn and these are the home devices that will become compatible

Today it’s time to talk about Matter again and if in spring we talk about version 1.1 of the new protocol that arrives to unify the connected home, we already have news of the changes coming with version 1.2 which is about to be released.

It will be in the fall when the CSA (Connectivity Standard Alliance) releases version 1.2 of the Matter standard. A change that will prepare the arrival and integration into the connected home of new types of devices that will be added to all those that we already know. Let’s see what it will offer.

Doors and kitchens, protagonists

Matter, formerly known as “Project CHIP” (Connected Home over IP), is a collaborative effort supported by several leading technology companies, including Apple, Google, Amazon, and others, with the goal of establishing an open and universal standard for communication between IoT devices in the home. This standard has as its main objective improve interoperability and security of smart home devices.

And although it is still in its infancy, little by little, we are learning about changes that will come with successive revisions. In the case of version 1.2, which will be released next fallMatter will support new devices.

This is the case of smart door locks and in fact, manufacturers like NuKi have already confirmed that they will update their products so that they can work with Matter while also adapting them to work with the European door system.

In addition to smart locks, they can also be used with other common devices in the home, such as washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, fans and air conditioning systems They will also be compatible with Matter 1.2. Now it is in the hands of the manufacturers to adapt their catalogs.

For example, Matter-compatible robot vacuums have not yet been announced but companies like SwitchBot have indicated that support for Matter is on their roadmap. In the case of household appliances, the colleagues at Homekits.dehave already seen the dishwasher, fan and air conditioning system with Matter support from the Midea brand.

Later it will be time for Matter 1.4 to arrive, presumably in the fall of 2024. A standard that should finally support the use of surveillance cameras, since for now there are limits imposed among others by the different video codecs. And according to Chris LaPré, CSA’s chief technology officer, the idea is to integrate device support preferably with fall updates to use spring updates for stability improvements, feature extensions…

Even so, and with all these improvements, there is still a lot of work to do and for Matter to reach more connected home devices to end the atomization and dispersion of a large number of devices for the home, which with this new standard, will be able to interact more easily. . Companies like Google, Apple, Amazon… will have to open their ecosystem, something that we have already seen Samsung or LG do recently. The plan is on the table and now It is the companies that have to start updating and launching products.


Can I use PlayStation Portal away from home? We solve this and 15 other questions about the new PS5 portable device

Is it a new PSVita? Perhaps the return of the mythical PSP? A bit of everything and nothing at the same time. PlayStation Portal, which became known a few months ago as Project Q, revealed its letters yesterday announcing price, Specifications, compatibilities and one nice list of features that has made many doubt. Is it a console itself or a console for the cloud? Today we are going to reveal all the details and clear 16 doubts that you may have

What is PlayStation Portal?

First you have to make the official presentations. For practical purposes, PS Portal is a portable device for streaming Official Japanese brand, nothing from secondary hardware or third-party companies, with one promise: play all PS5 games wherever you want. An extension of the portable console concept that does not reproduce the games natively.

Price and release date of PS Portal

The formerly known as Project Q seemed like it was going to avoid a launch this 2023, but nothing could be further from the truth. It will arrive at a slightly less competitive price than we might expect, €219.99 ($199.99), and will do so at some point in the last third of 2023.

It will arrive at a price of 219.99 euros sometime in the last third of 2023

Can I play in the cloud?

No. PS Portal not a device game in the cloud. It’s not like Xbox’s Cloud Gaming or future PlayStation service is a console. PS Portal needs to be connected to the network and thanks to it will broadcast the games already installed on PS5.

Can it be used to play away from home?

YeahPlayStation Portal can be wear out of home, although it is a device designed entirely to work at home, be it on the sofa, the toilet or in your bed. A somewhat strange concept that is answered by connectivity and the need to have a PS5.

Minimum and recommended Wi-Fi broadband

As we have mentioned, it is mandatory to connect it to a Wi-Fi network to play, but not to the same one as your PS5 console. This is good news since Remote Play does have that obligation. PS Plus broadcasts the games over the network and you need to have an access point with these characteristics:

  • Minimum 5 Mbps broadband.
  • Recommended 15Mbps for correct use.

PlayStation warns that while you can connect to public networks like a shopping center or a train, the quality will be diminished, although you already knew that.

Do I need a PS5 to play? Does it need to be on?

yes to both. Actually, the full name is PlayStation Portal Remote Player, and these last two words are key here. It is basically the Remote Play function of PS5 and PS4, but made a device. not a hardware completely independent and you need to have the games already installed on PS5 to play them over the Internet, as well as the PS5 on and connected to Wi-Fi or network cable.

Do PS4 games work?

Yes and no. PS Portal can’t connect to PS4 for obvious reasons, but those installed games on your PS5 that are for ps4 yes they can be retransmitted to the device.

Can I install games on it? Do you have storage space?

To both questions, no. Can’t install games,It does not have built-in storage or that we can expand with an SD card.

Does it keep the features of DualSense?

Yeah, although the details have not been specified. Both haptic vibrations Like the adaptive triggers are present in PS Portal. It’s almost like the PS5 controller has been expanded at its center with a screen. It works just like a normal DualSense.

Do I need a subscription to PS Plus?

No, using PlayStation Portal Remote Player does not require any PlayStation Plus membership. It’s just like using the Remote Play feature, which requires no additional payment of any kind. Of course, the online games yes They need a subscription to PS Plus like any other, but having an active membership on PS5 is enough.

It is not a completely independent hardware and you need to have the games already installed on PS5

Do you have Bluetooth?

YeahPS Portal has bluetooth connection, although we do not know what type of connection it offers. Of course, as in all official devices, only official accessories via Bluetooth will work.

Can I connect my headset to PS Portal?

Regarding the connectivity of the helmets, we can connect headphones to your connection 3.5 jack wired, but the problems begin if we want to use them wirelessly. Although the console has a Bluetooth connection, we cannot connect the original PS5 Pulse 3D that was released in 2021 because they require the official PlayStation dongle that Can not connect to device.

To use wireless audio you need the most recent Tap Elite and Tap Explore as these connect to the PS Portal using playstation link. These also connect to PS5 via dongle if we want.

Is it compatible with PS VR and PS VR2?

I wish, but No. It would be the most complete device, but we ran out of support. PS Portal it will not work with those games that require a VR helmet (PlayStation VR or PlayStation VR2) or any additional peripherals.

Resolution, Display and FPS Specs

Something more informative than the above. The PS Plus device is slightly larger in size than the Nintendo Switch (both the standard model, as well as Lite and OLED) or Steam Deck. This screen is LCD of 8 inches, 60hz and with a maximum resolution of 1080p. In addition, PS Plus is prepared to broadcast games to 60FPS Full HD, as long as the title gives the option.

Can I connect it to another TV and use the PS Portal as a controller?

No. That’s why we have our PS5. PlayStation Portal is the escape route if you have the console connected to the TV in the living room and someone else wants to use it. You can play while someone else uses the TV the console is connected to, but not broadcast the image to another screen.

What is the battery life?

Per se, we do not know, but we can make estimates. Basically, PlayStation claims that a normal DualSense has a life of 6 to 12 hours before charging. Although we know that this varies, and a lot, I propose an exercise: how long does your PS5 controller normally last? That’s the PS Portal battery. Simple. Of course, to load it, it has USB Type-C.


Mercadona raises the price of home delivery after 20 years. It’s to “cover costs”

You go to the supermarket, fill the shopping cart and tell them to send it home. Mercadona’s home delivery service is a great option for those who don’t want to be burdened, but now the chain has decided to apply changes.

Following the widespread price escalation, Mercadona has raised the price of its home delivery service. As the company explains, the price of this service had not changed in the last 20 years but now they have had to raise it to “cover the costs of the service.” An increase in the cost foreseeably derived from the price of energy, transport and personnel.

Suddenly, some users have seen how the price they traditionally paid to take their purchase home has risen.

A user from the Basque Country has pointed out that the cost of the home service will rise from 3 August from 4.21 euros to 6.50 euros, regardless of the purchase price. The user complains that other supermarkets such as Carrefour or El Corte Inglés have this free service for purchases over 100 euros.

Mercadona has a home delivery service from the store itself at a price that starts at 4.21 euros, but from the company’s website they explain that the final cost depends on each geographical area. The service is not present in all stores and they usually apply a maximum of 10 kilometers from the store to the customer’s home.

It should be noted that the price of home delivery from the store is lower than from the online page. Directly from the Mercadona website it has a price of 7.21 euros and a minimum order of 50 euros.

Deliveries of the home service from the store are usually delivered the day after the purchase. The rise in prices of this service has started to be applied since the end of Julybeing its progressive implementation depending on each area.

Mercadona is in the midst of applying strategy changes, such as its rental of premises. After two decades where home delivery was a constant, now customers have seen a price increase.