23 Deep Stranded tips and tricks I wish I knew before playing

Stranded Deep is one of the most darned games you can throw on your face right now. Their multiple dangers and how easy it is for a game to get lost, make it a title that requires you to always keep your eyes wide open.

To help you with this task, we have created a Stranded Deep Guide in which to talk about all those tips and tricks that the game doesn’t tell you and you will need them to get to the end. I wish someone had taken my hand at first as we intend to do next.

First steps on the island

Patience, mother of science

One of the biggest mistakes you can make in Stranded Deep is wanting and believing that you can handle it all. Because no, you can’t continue exploring this sunken ship even if you have some oxygen left, you won’t be able to get home until dark, and you won’t be able to go a few more minutes without eating or drinking. . Above all, be patient and try to control any unforeseen events that may arise. It’s survival, not a race.

Save your game. And then start again

Another easy-to-forget resource. It doesn’t matter if everything seems to be under control and your next steps promise to be brief and safe. To save. Check that everything is as it should be in terms of health and mobility and insure your game in case something goes too far 20 seconds later. Better than running around here and there looking for a solution to your problem.

Secure large amounts of water

Your main objective on the initial island is to ensure a good supply of water. Create one or more water filters and place palm leaves on its base to make it work. Not only will you need it constantly to keep you hydrated, but you’ll also be glad you were proactive when you started planting your garden.

First harvest the fibers and cassava

Fibrous leaves are one of the things that worry you the most when starting out in the game and, in fact, one of the least headaches you will ever get. Cassava plants and small palm trees are replenished every one or two days, so even if you can’t find them on the island, do something else as they will appear soon. Precisely for this reason, collect as much as possible whenever they are available so that you don’t have to worry about waiting.

Aware of all that is toxic

Lilac starfish, snakes, moray eels and the cursed lionfish. They are now your greatest enemies, so keep an eye out for them and try to avoid them at all costs. Poisoning always happens at the worst time and can upset you with relative ease.

Secure Piss (not that piss)

To avoid suffering more than the number above, you will need a coconut with a bottled rope and two Pipi herbs. They are hard to find because being green they camouflage themselves quite well in the undergrowth, so whenever you have a free space with little to do, take the opportunity to look for them.

Don’t binge on coconut

Coconut is one of the best places to start. After peeling it, you can drink its water and, once empty, you can break it to eat its interior. Of course, do it in pairs and with breaks between them or you’ll end up with stomach pain and vomiting which promotes dehydration.

The king of crafts

Resources are scarce and do not reappear

You can see a lot of palm trees, stones, and other materials on your first few walks, which will undoubtedly lead to a false perception of abundance on the island. Nothing is further from reality. Anything you harvest, except plants that provide fibrous leaves, will fret when picked and never come back. This doesn’t stop you from leaving the island below the minimums, but watch out for basics like coconuts and plan well what you’ll use your gear.

You can see the content of each recipe

If a crafting recipe holds up, you can always hit the ‘examine’ button to figure out what makes up that item and get an idea of ​​where to find it. With the exception of vehicles and their parts, everything you can build is mined from materials you can collect or find on wrecks.

Create items even if they are not in your inventory

Your inventory is limited, but that doesn’t mean you have to constantly change gear. If they’re on the ground near you, they’ll be marked as being in your possession as well, so get up close to that pile of sticks nearby if you want to create something with them instead of picking them up.

Don’t give too much importance to your home

While it looks great in promotional images and videos, the use of a shelter is pretty anecdotal and will only serve to create shade and decorate. Make sure you have enough supplies before you board a building, as this can leave your inventory shaking.

Your main goal should be to create a raft

Focus your efforts on everything you need to create a face and eye raft. Sooner or later, let whatever you do focus on this step. Having an engine or sailboat that will allow you to move between islands at a higher speed and carry more equipment on the go will be essential.

Better the fishing spear than the rod

Returning to the idea of ​​economy mode, take advantage of the fishing spear to get food on the shores or your dives. Don’t waste time or materials on the rod as it is much slower and inefficient.

Go for the choice instead of the ax

Another similar case is that of the beak, which will be used both for cutting down trees and for extracting stones and mud. One tool is better than two, especially for your low inventory, so use peak force as a measure of austerity.

Better the hunting spear than the bow

As above. While it is true that the arrows in the bow are faster and it is easier to aim at the pigs running around here and there, the basic spear is more than sufficient for the purpose. Also, don’t waste the resources of the Improved Spear as its usefulness doesn’t compensate for sticking with the materials.

Attentive to the durability of your items

As in many other games, in Stranded Deep tools don’t last forever, so it’s best to pay attention to their durability before setting out on a discovery. You don’t want to run out of oxygen or a good ax before you reach your goal.


In search of pigs and potatoes

At some point, you’ll have no choice but to leave your island, but beyond the items you’ll find in sunken ships, you won’t find any interesting news to see. Of course, focus on bringing more pigs and potatoes to your island, the better. You’re going to need it.

Don’t venture beyond the neighboring islands

The map is diamond shaped, so it will be easy for your island to be surrounded by four or five other similar islands. You can go there with the inflatable raft, but it is a slow and cumbersome process that the raft with sail or motor completely eliminates. Don’t venture too far as the return can be boring. Wait until you have a raft with a sail or motor before going any further.

A spring can be very useful

A good way to keep your rafts under control is to create a dock to drop anchor in (although it is less comfortable but it is recommended that you slide them down to shore to avoid wasting stones on an anchor). However, the main asset of the pier is to create it next to a sunken ship and take advantage of the structure to hunt sharks in a safe place.

Create something to mark where you came from on each island

Whenever you travel to an island, try to do it in a straight line, and once you hit the shore, create something like a bonfire or leaf tent to mark where you came from. Also, where have you gone if there are no more buildings on the island. It will be very helpful for you to understand which path you have taken if you are confused.

Destroy the trees on the small islands as a guide

Visualize which island you walked on and which can’t be a toothache when you’ve already had multiple stages. A good way to mark them is to make a tall structure or, easier and cheaper, to destroy all the trees on the island. So you can see from a distance whether you went there or not.

The limit of the map is marked by virtual buoys

If during one of your trips you reach some sort of virtual buoy in a straight line, turn around because you have reached the limit of the map. Don’t bother to venture further, but try to remember where that line was as it can come in handy towards the end of the adventure.

Circle virtual buoys if you can’t find the special islands

If you’ve made it this far you have a good raft or vehicle and want to tackle the last stretch, congratulations it wasn’t easy. You must now find two islands. One with an abandoned aircraft carrier and the other with an oil rig. The second will give you access to the latest missions of the game and the first to your passport for its final cutscene. To find them, follow the line of buoys around the perimeter of the map.

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I returned to OGame 12 years later … and after several weeks of playing, I was bored like an oyster

For science. I’m doing it for science, I tell myself over and over again as I’m bored like an oyster playing OGame. I reverted to the popular title of Resource Management 12 years after my last visit to see how it’s kept and I think after writing these lines I’ll get off the train.

It all started a few weeks ago, I was struck by the doubt. Will follow Ogame In progress? The mere memory gave me chills, but within minutes I had already created a new account to start from scratch. In search of traces of my previous passage Ogame In the email I could see that in 2008 I created an account. The second, because some four or five years before, he had already devoted many hours to the game.

As much as I try, I can’t remember how long I was hooked to this game the first time around, probably 2003 or 2004, but I put my stuffy cargo ships flying between my planets so that no other player cannot take me. my resources while sleeping. I guess it got almost obsessive, because what I also remember is doing a spreadsheet to see what time and how fast I had to send my ships from one planet to another so that I could be in front of the computer when I got to my destination. This will sound familiar to many of you.

Why should I get addicted to a game like this at the time? I guess it was another time and I didn’t know how many minutes I had to wait to build a metal mine or a robot factory. Or at least not like now. And I realize the contradiction: back then we weren’t used to games with typical wait times for current mobile titles like now, where if you want to speed up the actions you can scratch your pocket, but with Ogame tolerated them. Right now, they’re going uphill.

It’s curious because in principle the system, in a way, could not be more comfortable: you set to build any installation or study a technology and forget about it, it will end. You close the browser tab and continue with your things while the game does what you asked, you will come back later. But no, it doesn’t work for me. it doesn’t make me laugh. I just didn’t see the end goal. Or maybe that ultimate goal doesn’t interest me. It’s personal, of course, there are people who pass it on to her, but I can’t.

But what is OGame?

Excuse me i didn’t explain what it is Ogame, a title for which you only need a browser, and surely many of you have never heard of it before.

Basically it’s a resource management game where you can make your own intergalactic empire. You start with a random planet in a galaxy lost in the universe, and from there you can (rather should) colonize other planets to expand your domains.

The first steps are to create Metal, Glass, and Deuterium Mines to begin generating the materials that will allow you to craft other facilities, research technologies, craft all kinds of ships and more. And of course, mines consume the energy of your solar power plant, so you have to pay attention to these numbers so that everything works correctly. You can also adjust the production of each mine so that it uses less energy, if you feel it is necessary.

From there, being clear that your goal is to develop yourself and that there are other players both in your galaxy and others who might want to attack you to steal materials, hamper your progress and ultimately destroy yourself, it will be up to you to think about your next steps. I was surprised to see that there is some sort of tutorial or guide that gives you everything you need so that you don’t get lost during the first few bars because I think he wasn’t there when I played it over ten years ago. But the same is my memory, what do I know.

What was clear to me was that I had to fabricate a colonizer-type ship as soon as possible to have at least a second planet. First, because the one who touched me when creating the account is not too large and it turns out that each building, factory or mine, as well as its developments, take up space. How logical. And secondly, because having more than one planet allows you to generate a lot more materials and move them between them so that no one steals them from you.

Indeed, the game has a spy system by which you can send probes to other planets and see what resources these players have. If you are interested in what you see, you can attack. Although you can also play in a more peaceful and diplomatic way and send friend requests to your neighbors in the galaxy or even join an alliance to be part of a large group of players with a common goal.

At the moment I have two planetsside by side, called SamaGame and VX (I renamed them for the occasion. They had cooler names). In the first, I have missile launchers as a defense system, several light fighter-type ships in the hangar, spy probes, and a few freighters. The colonizer I had already used to get my hands on the second planet, where for now only the mines are working and I have no defenses or anything else.

And here we are. After several weeks of daily login, a point has come where I have no motivation to continue. I am very lazy to repeat the whole process from the first planet to the second, which is bigger and could become the main one, and think about when I start to have a lot of resources and I have to move them from planet to planet. the other so as not to steal them makes me lazy.

Greetings to all who can enjoy it Ogame. I go down and I stay with the experience she gave me 15 or 16 years ago. Due to my return in 2008, I don’t have any clear memories… I probably walked in, saw what was there, chills returned and I ran like crazy.

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9 short PS5 games with a playing time of less than 8 hours

If you have a PlayStation 5 at home, we can imagine that you prefer to play as many games as possible. But with everything that comes out for the console, you grow like crazy. That is not the case with these short PS5 games that you can complete very quickly.

Astro’s Playroom (4 hours)

Every PlayStation 5 owner has the first game in this list. Astro’s Playroom is pre-installed on every console. The game introduces you to your console in a playful way by introducing all the functions one by one. Think of the new haptic feedback from your DualSense controller and more.

Astro then also takes you on an adventure through the history of PlayStation. You really see everything in the game, while you are out and about in beautiful worlds. And all that only takes 4 hours. After those four hours you have already reached the credits and you can start thinking about which game you will play next.

The Pathless (6 hours)

The next game is a mythical adventure from the makers of ABZÛ. The Pathless puts you in the shoes of an archer who finds an eagle in a vast forest. Soon you are working to save the world that has been corrupted by a dark force. By using your bow you can move at lightning speed and move acrobatically. In the meantime, you build a bond with your eagle who guides you through the game’s large open world.

The corrupt spirits that reside in this world will try to stop you at all costs, but you in turn must free them. Will you be able to rid the world of all dark energy? The Pathless doesn’t give you a fixed route, but it will keep you busy for at least six hours.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales (7.5 hours)

An adventure that can be done very well on the PlayStation 5 is the content for Marvel’s Spider-Man. Miles Morales is a game in itself that builds on the story from Spider-Man. With a whole new Spider-Man at your fingertips, you’ll swing your way through crowded streets, shopping centers and more. The goal: discover where a supervillain is hiding who is making your New York unsafe.

To stop the destructive force that threatens your city, you just have to learn to deal with your new powers. That doesn’t seem to be as easy as it seems, but in the 7.5 hours that the game lasts you will increasingly master your Spider-Man powers.

Bugsnax (7.5 hours)

A game you may have downloaded for free is Bugsnax. The game was completely free a while ago via the PS Plus update. In Bugsnax you explore an island as a journalist. When you arrive on Snaktooth Island, at the invitation of Elizabert Megafig, all that appears is that she has disappeared. So you look for the lady, but her followers must also be sought.

As you search the island for Elizabert, you collect her loyal followers and discover what exactly the Bugsnax are. They are not just insects or fruit, but a mix of both. They also seem to be delicious, but you can discover that for yourself during your 7.5-hour adventure on the island.

The Falconeer (5 hours)

If you’re not into islands, but prefer to fly high in the sky, then The Falconeer is for you. The game puts you in control of your own bird and lets you battle enemies in spectacular aerial battles. The Great Ursee is the open world that has suffered for years under humanity and in the meantime all the betrayals and misconduct are slowly but surely being discredited. Yet there are groups that want to preserve the past, while you want to put an end to the poison that is ruining the world.

A fierce battle that lasts at least 5 hours awaits you, during which you will be presented with various main and side missions and you will have to fight pirates, giant crabs and other threats. Luckily you have your lightning bolts ready!

Greak: Memories of Azur (5 hours)

Greak: Memories of Azur lets you get started with not one, but no fewer than three characters. Greak, Adara and Raydel are three children of the magical Courines race who navigate the land of Azur. Along the way they encounter all kinds of challenges in the form of platform action and puzzles. Their country has been invaded by the evil Urlag and that cannot happen easily. It is your task to use the unique powers of the three to build an airship. With this, you must ultimately flee the country before it is too late and you fall prey to the Urlag.

You collect the parts of the airship while enjoying beautiful hand-drawn graphics and a soundtrack made by an entire orchestra. The compelling story about family, friendship and emotion will easily keep you busy for five hours.

Alex Kidd In Miracle World DX (3 hours)

A classic with a new look on this list is Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX. Hand-drawn art, a great soundtrack and classic gameplay will keep you busy for a few hours in this platformer. Your country is threatened by an evil king, but before you can deal with him you must navigate to his castle and deal with his generals.

You don’t simply do this by fighting with them, but you have to beat them in a number of games of rock, paper, scissors. If you beat them, you eventually get to fight them and then navigate your way through Miracle World. In between you have to run, climb, sail, fly and motorbike to cross the country. As a bonus, you can also get started with the classic one. In principle you can reach the end within three hours, but believe us it actually takes about five hours before you see the credits.

Evergate (5.5 hours)

Another great game that you can complete in no time is Evergate. In this game you explore a beautiful, hand-drawn world as a soul named Ki. As you travel through the world, you discover mysterious powers, collect artifacts, collect and literally play with time. You have to move time forward or backward to progress in the game.

In this way, Evergate creates cool puzzles that challenge your brain, while you enjoy the beautiful soundtrack. The moving story about two souls looking for each other strikes a chord more than once. Unfortunately, the game only lasts 5.5 hours.

Spirit of the North (5.5 hours)

Once again we have arrived at the last short PlayStation 5 game on this list, and we’ll take another look at it. Spirit of the North is a short game at 5.5 hours, but one that you must play. The game puts you in the shoes of a fox whose path crosses with a guardian of the Northern Lights. This spirit fox takes you on an adventure based on Scandinavian folklore.

There is no dialogue in the game, so the visuals have to do their job. And believe us, they do. Solve all kinds of puzzles and explore your surroundings to discover everything about an ancient civilization and the story of the mountains and the red sky. The land in ruins tells a story of loss and reveals the nature of the spirit fox.

Do you have a short PlayStation 5 game that is not on this list? Let us know in the comments below!

The Pathless

Available from November 12, 2020

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How to know if your mobile is playing Netflix, Disney + or Amazon Prime Video in maximum quality

Most streaming platforms offer different playback qualities to their users. These have settings in the respective apps, although companies Limit aspects like resolution or HDR to select Android phones. How do you know which ones are compatible with the highest quality? We teach you how to find out.

Mobile not only provides access to messaging and games, but watching movies and TV shows is generally one of the ways to take advantage of the phone’s growing screens. And Netflix is ​​generally one of the most used, along with other platforms like Amazon Prime Video or Disney +: all offer a more or less voluminous catalog that can be viewed in different qualities. As usual, not all mobiles can access the best breeding conditions. But do you know why and how to know if your mobile is suitable? The key is in Widevine, a file protection or DRM system.

Widevine, the DRM that dictates reproduction quality

This is one of the key aspects of any Android mobile and the first thing to know whether your mobile can play high resolution streaming content or not. Widevine is a protection system or DRM which ensures reproduction of protected content to avoid copying and sharing. On Android, most platforms use this system. And manufacturers certify their phones with Widevine so they can access streaming apps.

One of the key aspects of Widevine DRM is that it Divides devices into two levels for their playability: L1 and L3 (Widevine is L2 level, but not used on Android). In terms of resolution, here’s how the two certifications work:

  • These mobiles Widevine L3 certified They will have access to playback on Netflix, Disney + or Amazon Prime Video up to maximum SD resolution (standard or basic, up to 720p).
  • Widevine L1 offers high resolution playback, above 720p. The decoding process is more demanding than Widevine L3, many midrange to low range mobiles are not certified for the top level (the reason is often attributed to the material contained). Additionally, having a Widevine L1 certified mobile means that it is also compatible with the lower level, L3.

Having a phone with Widevine L3 or L1 makes a remarkable difference as the reproduction quality differs greatly from one to another. It doesn’t matter if your mobile phone has an FHD screen if it is certified with Widevine L3: Netflix, Disney +, Amazon Prime Video and the rest of the usual platforms they will only download the SD version of the streaming; so you can see the somewhat pixelated content.

As long as your mobile has a high resolution screen, if your mobile has Widevine L3, you will see Netflix in SD

How do you know which Widevine level your mobile understands? You can check it as follows:

  • Download an app that can read DRM certification. For example, DevCheck Hardware and System Info. This app offers a wealth of information with everything your Android has, hardware and software.
  • Open the app and go to the « System » tab.
  • Go down to where it says « Widevine » and look at the security level, « Security Level ». It will appear there if you have L1 or L3. If your mobile is not Widevine certified, this part should appear blank.

Widevine L1 Safety Certified

With Widevine, you can access content in SD or HD resolution, depending on the level of security in DRM. And if your mobile doesn’t incorporate any certification, such as cooked ROMs, you may be able to use a Magisk module, like the one from XDA developers.

Can your mobile phone stream Netflix in HDR?

Besides resolution, which is a fundamental aspect of the quality of any video, Netflix offers HDR playback to just a few phones. And it does not matter here that your mobile has a screen compatible with HDR standards: Netflix will only play this way if the phone is certified by the platform for it.

To know Which phones are compatible with Netflix in HDR you need one of the following:

GOOGLE Googloe Pixel 3 et Pixel 3 XL
Honor play
Huawei Mate 10 Pro
Huawei Mate 20
Huawei P20
Huawei P30 and P30 Pro
LG G7 One
LG Q9 One
LG V30
LG V35
LG V40
ONEPLUS OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro
RAZER Razer Phone
Razer Phone 2
SAMSUNG Samsung Galaxy Fold et Fold 5G
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip
Samsung Galaxy Note 8
Samsung Galaxy Note 9
Samsung Galaxy Note 10 et Note 10+
Samsung Galaxy Tab S3
Samsung Galaxy Tab S4
Samsung Galaxy Tab S6
Samsung Galaxy S9 et S9 +
Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite
Samsung Galaxy S20, S20 + et S20 Ultra
SONY Sony Xperia 1
Sony Xperia 1 II
Sony Xperia XZ Premium
Sony Xperia XZ1
Sony Xperia XZ2
Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium
Sony Xperia XZ3
TCL TCL 10 Pro
XIAOMI Xiaomi Mi 9T and Mi 9T Pro
Xiaomi Mi 10 et Mi 10 Pro
Xiaomi Redmi K20 et K20 Pro

Whether you meet the requirements does not imply the highest quality

Ok, your mobile is compatible with Widevine L1. It’s even certified to play HDR content. Now, are you still going to get access to the highest quality streaming available? The answer is no, because other factors also come into play.

In addition to compatibility with certificates and reproduction standards, streaming depends on the quality of your network, whether it is WiFi or mobile. This way if your internet connection is saturated, surely you can only access SD playback. You will even enjoy terribly pixelated scenes with drops of « frames » against which you can do nothing. And there is one final point to keep in mind: most streaming platforms has reduced quality by confinement, you will therefore not appreciate the 100% clear image at all stages of the day (the platforms have chosen to lower the « bitrate » or the flow, the amount of information that passes per second).

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Marvel: this is how Henry Cavill would look like playing Cyclops; Superman takes off his cape and joins the X-Men as the perfect addition to the MCU

Playing with Marvel and DC Comics actors bouncing back and forth between one franchise and the other is a fan pastime and we don’t blame them, as it’s a lot of fun imagining dreamy scenarios where Hollywood stars bring our favorite superheroes to life. One of the darlings of the community is Henry Cavill, who after giving up his place as Superman, now has the doors open to play another hero, and Cyclops from the X-Men seems to be the one and voted for by the majority.

The movement was so big that you can find multiples of the actor as an entire X-Men if you know how to search the internet, but without a doubt and as you probably guessed, our favorite is the design made by , who once again showed off with a awesome begging to come true in the future.

Marvel would have a dream addition with Henry Cavill

Although we have already seen multiple Cyclops outfits in Fox movies, without a doubt the most iconic of all is the suit we grew up with many fans watching on television: He did a great job of representing this classic side of the X-Men without hiding too much of his combination with Henry Cavill, a difficult task considering that this superhero hides much of his face.

It would be a huge surprise to see Henry Cavill as another superhero, and from the competition!

Henry Cavill shone after being Superman like Geralt in the series Netflixbut as it happened with the Man of Steel, the actor gave way to a new face that we will see in the next episodes of the project, leaving Cavill without a definitive place in his career as an actor.

With this in mind, it is no longer so unreasonable to think that Henry Cavill could arrive later as an exquisite addition to the MCU; Marvel is still figuring out how to incorporate the X-Men with the rest of their superheroes, so we shouldn’t immediately dismiss this impressive , as the actor certainly has the ring of a leader and we’d love to see the outcome.


Remnant 2 bug on PS5 makes playing with friends very difficult

Remnant 2 can be played from today, but co-op does not work properly on the PS5. Playing with friends is made difficult by a bug.

Remnant: From the Ashes was a cult hit, combining Dark Souls elements with a third person shooter. Developer Gunfire Games has removed the rough edges with the sequel and with Remnant 2 created a strong game for fans of the genre.

  • Order Remnant 2 now at!

Like other titles in the genre, Remnant 2 is quite challenging, especially during the . It is therefore not a luxury to invite your friends and play the game together in co-op. Remnant 2 can therefore be completed with three players in a group.

On the PlayStation 5, the latter is not so easy. Due to a bug, it is not possible for many players to invite their friends. Gunfire Games has confirmed that it is a problem for players and that a hotfix is ​​being worked on to fix the bug.

Workaround for the bug

If you don’t want to wait for the hotfix and still play together with friends, there is fortunately a detour for that, which Gunfire Games has shared. Players must first go to a Crystal and select ‘Join Game’ there. Under each area, friends in your Friend List who are in-game are shown under a small dot. By clicking on the dot you can join their game.

This solution only works for people with a small Friend List. If you have an extensive list of friends on your PlayStation account, the process will unfortunately not work.

Remnant II

Available from July 25, 2023

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