How to put objects behind you in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe?

Mario Kart 8 is one of the craziest games I’ve ever played with my friends. Friends become enemies in an instant when you throw things at each other. What if I told you there was a way to place objects behind you to prevent yourself from being hit? Here’s how to put items behind you in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

Putting objects behind you in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

To put objects behind you in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, you must hold down the item button and slide it behind your vehicle. There are many items you can use in the game to prevent your friends or enemies from crossing the finish line. Some of the items you can use and place behind you are bananas, green and red shells and bombs. These are the only items you can use, but be careful when handling the bomb. If you’re not fast enough, you might end up getting blown up.

If you still don’t know how to use the item button correctly, you need to press the ZL/L button on your controller. Make sure you hold down the L button so you can slide it properly behind you. Some issues players have encountered include pressing and holding the left stick. Don’t use your analog stick when trying to place objects behind you. You can also try holding down the ZL button for a long time to keep it attached behind your vehicle.

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How to throw an object forward in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe?

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is much more than just a racing game. It’s a game that requires strategies to reach the top. You can still bump into players and force them off the ledge, but using an item behind you is a great defensive strategy. If you’re not ready to throw things behind you, you can always do it the old-fashioned way and throw them in front of you.

To get an item, you have to go through an item box. Pick up the item, use your left analog stick and hold the ZL/L button. This will throw the item at a player and, depending on the item, can cause them to crash and burn.


Playing Mario Kart Tour with a controller: Is that possible?

Can you play the new Mario Kart Tour with a controller? How can I change the controls in Mario Kart Tour? A few hours ago, the popular kart racer from Nintendo was also released for Android and iOS. In the game you can demonstrate your driving skills on numerous routes with well-known Nintendo characters such as Mario, Bowser and Co. In addition to some new tracks, the game also includes many tracks from old Mario Kart games from the Super Nintendo, the Nintendo 64 and the Nintendo 3DS, which many fans of the series will certainly remember. Anyone who has ever played a Mario Kart game on a Nintendo console may be wondering whether you can also play Mario Kart Tour with the controller.

Can you play Mario Kart Tour with a controller?

Both on Android and on the new iOS, you can now connect a controller in just a few steps and then use it in many game apps without much configuration. Not only simple “no-name Bluetooth controllers” are supported, but also the controllers of consoles such as the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One.

For this reason, some people may be asking themselves, what does controller support actually look like in Mario Kart Tour? Can you disable touchscreen controls and switch to gamepad controls? Unfortunately, the short answer to the question is currently no, that is currently not possible. Currently, Mario Kart Tour does not support controllers and this applies to both the Android and iOS versions.

Mario Kart Tour Change Controls

Even though Mario Kart Tour does not support controllers, you can make some adjustments to the controls in the game settings. Features such as “Manual Drifting”, “Smart Control” and “Auto Item” can be activated and deactivated. You can also activate the motion control and control the kart by tilting the device. The prerequisite for this is a motion sensor, which almost every smartphone should now have.

If anything changes in the meantime regarding controller support in Mario Kart Tour, we will of course add the information here.


Get Mario Kart 8 Deluxe cheaply on Switch – 3 options you have

It’s a question that owners of Nintendo platforms often ask: How do you get yourself Mario Kart 8 Deluxe cheap – You can also insert any other Nintendo game here.

Jump to:

Nintendo’s own titles tend not to drop in price, or only barely. And that even for years. So how do you get cheap Mario Kart 8 Deluxe? Well, there are several possibilities that require your attention.

Buy Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for little money in stores

As I said, the prices for Nintendo products are usually pretty stable. As long as the games are popular and selling well, there is no reason for Nintendo to go down with the price.

You can see that very well, for example, in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on Of course, every now and then there are Switch games on sale. In most cases these are not huge price reductions, but a few euros can be saved.

If you’re patient, wait for special Nintendo Switch promotions, for example for Prime Day, for Christmas or in between, and hope that the game will be there. Or you can see if you can get the game cheaper in a bundle with the Switch if you don’t have the console yet.

Getting Mario Kart 8 cheaply isn’t necessarily the easiest job.

Wait for offers in the Nintendo Switch eShop

In addition to retail, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is of course also available in the Nintendo Switch eShop. Or you can get a download code from The same applies here as with the commercial version: the price is very stable, basically you can only hope for temporary special offers to save a few euros.

Keep an eye on the Switch eShop and Nintendo’s website, from time to time the company offers its own games a little cheaper. Then all you need is a little luck and hope that Mario Kart 8 Deluxe will be there.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe used as a bargain

One more option remains: the second-hand market. Whether flea markets, eBay, eBay classifieds or other platforms – or maybe a friend or acquaintance would like to sell the game – keep your eyes peeled for low prices here too.

It should be noted that the price stability of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – and other Nintendo games – of course also affects their value on the used market. Don’t expect to get a mega bargain and get the game for a few euros, but you might be lucky and find it a few euros cheaper. Patience is also a virtue here if you don’t need the game right away. Sometimes it can be worthwhile to wait a little – provided you have the necessary luck and speed with a good offer.

With this in mind: May you be successful in your search for a cheap Mario Kart 8 Deluxe!

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A very serious scientific study has been carried out on the subject.

As in “Super Smash Bros.” or “Mario Tennis”, everyone has their favorite character in “Mario Kart”. Some prefer heavy and powerful characters, like Bowser or Donkey Kong, while others go for maneuverability with featherweights like Baby Mario or Maskass. But according to science, to put all the chances on his side on “Mario Kart 8”, it is on Wario that you have to bet.

Wario, voted best character in Mario Kart 8 by science …

It was Henry Hinnefeld, a data scientist, who conducted this amazing study. He then shared his findings in an article published on Medium. To determine the best character for “Mario Kart 8”, he relied on data science and more specifically on the principle of the Pareto optimum. No need to go into details, but basically he focused on two very important stats in the game: acceleration and speed.

Metal Mario, bottom of the ranking

Henry Hinnefeld has gathered all the information available on the character-vehicle-tire configurations (149,760 in all!). And according to his calculations, only 15 combinations reach the Pareto frontier and are therefore the best possible in the game. Wario, who appears in eight of these configurations, is the big winner of this test. He arrives in front of Donkey Kong, so it is better to favor the heavyweights. At the bottom of the rankings, the poor performers are Metal Mario and Rose Gold Peach. As for the worst kart, this is the Badwagon, so avoid it in the future.

You want to know the best configurations of course. Well this is the Wario-Moto GP-Roller Wheels combo and the Wario-Paracoccinelly-Roller Wheels combination. Astonishing isn’t it?

Mario Kart: who is the best character to win?

The success of Mario Kart is no longer to be proven, if only by the multitude of platforms concerned today. Latest: Mario Kart Tour on mobiles. But the previous episodes are still very popular, like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe whose best possible combinations are now scientifically known!

Science has spoken

By analyzing the data of all possible combinations, a data scientist has indeed discovered the best combo to win every time in Mario Kart. The parameters of the wheels, karts and especially the characters must therefore be fine-tuned to achieve all the odds in your favor.

The initial calculations put all these parameters into 7 categories, which gives no less than 140,000 combinations possible. Except, once the categories have been cross-checked, only 294 of these combinations are truly unique. And so it is among these that the researcher Henry Hinnefield explored to find the best yield speed-acceleration.

The results are clear: heavy characters have a top speed advantage but very poor acceleration, while light characters have the opposite. The other stats (handling, etc.) are not as important and can therefore be underestimated.

Combos to win on Mario Kart

It is therefore necessary that the combo is carried out to find the best acceleration and the best speed, and it is here that 15 combinations stand out:

the best character in Mario Kart 8

A precise study of data analysis has lifted the veil on an important truth: in Mario Kart, it is better to choose Wario.

Back in the not-so-distant days, we didn’t care who the better character was in Mario Kart. Basically, the mechanics were known: the small ones accelerate, the large ones draw and the means are balanced. Except that Nintendo has decided to make its racing license a little more complex over the episodes by introducing classes and different types of vehicles, which are also customizable.

In short, it is indeed possible to make a mistake in Mario Kart and to opt for a hero + kart + tires configuration that is much worse than another. A dilemma that fuels debate and prompts fans to argue over what’s best to shine on the track. But imagine that science has spoken: a priori, the best pilot is called Wario. A shame.


To determine the best formulas in Mario Kart, Henry Hinnefeld published on Medium a study based on the principle of Pareto optimum, imagined by the Italian economist of the same name and determining the most efficient allocation of determined resources (translation : without the increase in one taking precedence over the other). The interested party made his choice based on two essential data: acceleration and speed.

By compiling all this information, depending on the characters, vehicles and tires, we obtain an incalculable number of combinations (149,760). But only fifteen of them take place on the Pareto frontier: these are the best possible with regard to the two criteria used. According to the results, Wario fits in eight of them. He is followed by Donkey Kong, which would prove that the heavier characters are better off (they are more versatile). Conversely, Metal Mario and Peach of Rose Gold are the worst pilots of the cast. Finally, it is better not to select the Badwagon if you favor acceleration and speed … which is really Bad.


In terms of complete equipment, the best combinations are therefore as follows:

  • Wario in Moto GP with Rollerblading wheels
  • Wario in Paracoccinelly (BiddyBuggy) with Roller Wheels

We will still keep in mind that Wario or not, science or not, nobody can escape the injustice of the blue shell.


A data scientist has studied all the possible configurations in Nintendo’s Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Result: it is better to choose heavy characters like Bowser, Wario or Donkey Kong.

And if finishing first on Mario Kart was not only a question of talent… An American data scientist (expert in big data) thinks he has found the solution to maximize his chances of finishing first in the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe race. Henry Hinnefeld details the results of his research in a article published on the Medium platform and spotted by our colleagues from Sciences and the Future.

Before starting a race, players choose their character (around thirty in the last edition, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe), wheels, a kart and a sail. These decisions influence the game because they modify the parameters of the vehicle: speed, acceleration, weight, handling and grip. Improving one of the parameters implies reducing another.

How to choose the best combination?

Henry Hinnefeld was based on thePareto optimum, a concept which makes it possible to determine the optimal combination between two factors, without one taking precedence over the other. For Mario Kart, the expert chose two essential criteria: speed and acceleration. He first studied the characteristics of characters, vehicles and tires independently of each other using data collected by fans.

The characters who present the same characteristics are united in the same class. There are seven in total. The princess peach and Yoshi are for example both lightweights with the same basic stats.

Ditto for vehicles (the Jet Bike and the Yoshi Bike are in the same class) and tires (metal and gold are in the same category).

Henry Hinnefeld calculated 149,760 possible combinations. But there are only 294 that are unique in terms of character classes, vehicles, and tires. Among them, fifteen (or barely 5%) are located on the Pareto frontier, which defines the optimal combinations according to the two criteria retained.

Wario and Donkey Kong, two “heavy” characters, are chosen in eleven of the fifteen combinations. By selecting them, the player therefore increases his chances of finishing first. But it is not that simple because they are the representatives of their classes. Wario can thus be replaced by characters with the same characteristics as him: Bowser and Morton Koopa. In the same way, Donkey Kong can be exchanged with Waluigi, Rosalina or Roy Koopa.

No miracle solution, therefore. These fifteen configurations give you a perfect balance between speed and acceleration. Henry Hinnefeld also indicates the vehicle to be absolutely prohibited: the badwagon. No matter what character he is associated with, no combination can be found on the Pareto frontier.

Not all characters are created equal in Mario Kart 8

It’s a question that may have haunted your early days of video games. A fleeting impression but without certainty. The belief that some characters in different Mario Kart are better than others. We honestly don’t know if this is the case for all editions, but as far as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is concerned, there is a solution to maximize your chances of winning … which one?

The answer through science

It was a data expert, a “data scientist” who did this little analysis. Henry Hinnefeld of his first name then published his results in a post on the Medium platform spotted by the site Sciences et Avenir. If you haven’t played Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, it is very different from some older versions because it is possible to customize your car in great detail.

On the program, the choice of character, wheels, a kart and a sail. Each of these parameters then influences different elements: maximum speed, acceleration, handling, grip, etc.

What is the best solution ?

It’s all well and good, but what’s the best combination then? For many users, this will be the one they like the most visually. But, Henry Hinnefield sees it differently, thanks to the Pareto optimum (read the study in English). It is a method which aims to optimize the best compromise. He determined two crucial parameters: speed and acceleration.

In total, the game allows no less than 149,670 possible combinations. According to him, 15 combinations are among the best possible. Wario and Donkey Kong are two of the best characters that are available, he says, but they can be replaced with others in the same category if necessary.

Respectively, Bowser, Morton Koopa on one side and Waluigi, Rosalina and Roy Koopa on the other. On the other hand, a constant appears. A vehicle to avoid absolutely: the badwagon. He is not in any of the optimal combinations. You have been warned …


[GUIDE] : How to play Mario Kart with your friends on Nintendo Switch (online and in person)

The new Mario Kart 8 Deluxe has been released for the Switch, and it is. There are more ways to play with your friends (and lose them afterwards) than ever before. Some of these options are a bit confusing, so we’ll walk you through how to play with your friends no matter where you are or how many switches you have.

Multiple people can play on a console with a split screen. Up to eight people can play on their own switches with wireless gaming. You can also play with up to twelve friends over the Internet with the online game. The switch also supports multiple controller configurations. Let’s see how to do each of these one by one.

Note: Switch controllers work a little differently from most consoles. Each switch comes with a pair of Joy-Con controllers that can be used as a single large controller for one person or as smaller individual controllers for two people. So if you want to play with four people, you only need two pairs of Joy-Con Controllers. You can also use Pro Controllers, although these are obviously limited to one per player.

Play local split screen with up to four players on a single switch

The easiest (and cheapest) way to play Mario Kart with your friends is with local multiplayer. This mode only requires one switch and a copy of Mario Kart (plus controllers for everyone). It will also be familiar to anyone who hurls blue shells at their friends and relatives from Super Nintendo.

To use this mode, choose Multiplayer from the main menu. Here you can select the number of people you want to play with, up to four players.

Then choose your game mode. If you choose Grand Prix, you will have to choose your difficulty (50cc, 100cc, etc.) before moving on to the next step.

You will see a screen like the one below where you can assign controllers to players. Press and hold the L and R (or SL and SR) buttons on your controller in the configuration you want to use. At the top of the screen, you will see the three different configuration options in which you can use your controllers.

For example, if you want to use the left and right parts of a Joy-Con controller separately, you would need to turn the controllers sideways and hold the SL and SR buttons on each controller. Your screen should look like this.

If you want to use both Joy-Con’s to create a full-size controller, press L and R on both halves of the Joy-Con on this screen. Your controller setup should look like this.

You can add up to four players using any combination of controllers. For example, if you have two pairs of Joy-Con, each half can be a stand-alone controller, allowing four people to play. In this case, your screen would look like this.

During this phase, you can easily pair controllers from other consoles to your Switch. To pair a Joy-Con controller with your Switch, hold the small, round button along the flat edge of the controller until the green row of lights begins to flash.

Joy-Con controllers will also automatically pair with any switch they are physically connected to. So if you want to share controllers between consoles, it’s as easy as sliding them on the Switch.

Once you’ve paired up and configured all of your controllers, you can choose your characters, customize your vehicles, and choose your track to start racing as usual.

Play with up to eight friends using wireless play

Split-screen multiplayer is cool, but it’s an old trick. If you really want to get the most out of your Switch, Wireless Playback Mode is where it is. In this mode, up to eight players can use up to eight switches to play a game in the same room, each with their own screen (or shared). Up to two players can play on a single Switch at a time in split-screen, which means you only need four or more switches for every eight people in the race. Likewise, you can do a four-way race with just two switches.

Wireless reading is slightly more complicated than split screen, but it’s still pretty easy. To get started, choose Wireless Play from the main Mario Kart screen. Choose the number of players who will play on the Switch console. So if you are going to play a two player race, but each person has their own Switch, you will choose “1P” from the main menu.

The first person to start Wireless Play will need to create a room that everyone can play in. This allows the switches to connect directly to each other without an internet connection. Select Create Room and press A.

After that, each switch that chooses wireless play near the first switch will see a screen like the one below. The room you just created should appear in the list of rooms under Lobby, with a counter showing the number of players in that room. Choose the room you want to join and press A.

Once everyone has joined the room, you can choose your character and customize your vehicle. In wireless play mode, each player can vote on the next map they want to run on and the game will randomly choose the next track from each player’s selections.

Play with your friends all over the world with the online game

While it’s nice to be in the same room with your friends while playing, so that you can hear their cries of rage, it’s not necessary. Mario Kart also allows you to play with your friends on the Internet. Up to twelve people can play in a single race using an online match, although only two people can share a single Switch. For a full Grand Prix of twelve people, you will need at least six switches.

To get started, choose Online Play from the main menu. As with wireless play, choose how many players will play on Switch, not how many will play in total.

From the Online Game menu, choose Friends. Global and Regional modes will match you with Mario Kart players from around the world, even if you’re not friends. For this guide, however, we’ll assume that you only want to piss off people who know where you live.

Just like in Wireless Play, you will need to create a room for you and your friends. You’ll also see a list of the people you’ve added as friends. You can select them from the menu to see if they are already in a room. Otherwise, you will need to create one. Select Create Room and press A.

When your friends log into the online game, they will see a checkered flag next to your name in their friends list. To join your room, they must select your name and press A.

Your friend will see your name as well as some statistics of the games you have played against each other. With Join highlighted, they must press A to start the game.

Currently, online play is free for everyone, but Nintendo will start charging for it sometime in the fall of 2017. While Nintendo has yet to commit to a price for this service, it will be less than $ 30 per. year. Enjoy the free race while it lasts!

How to add friends on Nintendo Switch

Like the PS4 and Xbox One, the Nintendo Switch allows you to add “friends” to play online and exchange information.

To add friends on Nintendo Switch

To be able to add Friends on Nintendo Switch, you must have an Internet connection. Then all you have to do is click on the user icon on the Home menu, then click on Add Friend, without forgetting of course to read your Friend Code beforehand. Explanations.

1. Send / Receive a Friend code

When you create an account online, you have a number assigned automatically by Nintendo: the Friend Code. The latter is accessible from the Profile screen.

To add a friend, you can either: request a friend’s code from a relative and send him a request via “Search with a Friend Code”, or give him your friend code.

2. Find a player with whom we have played

To send a friend request with a player you’ve just played online, select “Find a user you’ve played with”, then select a user to send them a friend request.

3. Suggestions from Friends

The “Friend Suggestions” section is also responsible for suggesting people you may know, for example based on mobile applications like Super Mario Run.

You can also search for friends via your Twitter and Facebook contacts, not to mention the 3DS and the Wii U.

4. Local friend request

Finally, it is possible to send a friend request locally. For this, the two players must be located nearby. On the console, all you have to do is select the “Find Locally” option, and follow the information on the screen.

Despite the “local” side of the maneuver, an Internet connection is necessary to validate the friend request. Note that each player can add a total of 300 friends.


[GUIDE] : What are the cheats and cheat codes of the game: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

How are the stars awarded in the Grands Prix?
Tip provided by Val’_Rexo ‘
In Mario Kart 8, unlike its big brothers, the ★ stars awarded when a cup is won in a Grand Prix depends only on your score.
The first ★ is obtained if you score at least 54 points, the second with 57 points, and the third with a perfect score of 60 points.
In other words, to have ★★★, you have to finish first in each race. Good luck !
Unlock Miis Faster
Tip provided by Val’_Rexo ‘
If you have a Mario Kart 8 compatible amiibo and scan it in the amiibo menu, you automatically unlock the ability to play with your Mii if you haven’t already by winning 8 different Grand Prizes.
50cc and 100cc optional
Tip provided by Val’_Rexo ‘
When you win a cup with a rank (nothing, ★, ★★ or ★★★) in 150cc, this cup is automatically considered as won with the same rank in the lower displacements (unless you have already done better in these displacements, of course). For example, if you win the 150cc Star Cup with ★★ rank, the 50cc and 100cc Star Cups will also be considered won with ★★ rank.

This means you can unlock everything without ever needing to play 50cc and 100cc if you feel you don’t need to.

Be careful, this rule does not apply with Mirror and 200cc modes: for these, winning a cup with one rank has no effect on the lower categories!

DLC character weight categories
Tip provided by Val’_Rexo ‘
The characters of the DLC are not included in the table of the tip “Detail of the weight categories”, here is for each the corresponding category.

Mario Tanuki : Medium “+” special *
Peach Chat : Medium “-” special **
Link : Medium heavy
Villager : Medium “+” special *
Villager : Medium “-” special **
Marie : Lightweight
Bowser Skeleton : Super heavy

* This is a “+” medium with slightly higher acceleration and slightly lower weight.
** This is a medium “-” with slightly higher acceleration and slightly lower weight.

Whether or not to ban DLC circuits when playing online
Tip provided by Val’_Rexo ‘
If you’ve purchased the DLC but when playing online you don’t want the DLC tracks to appear, log into Online Play mode and choose Global or Regional. Then, press “+” and you can then choose which circuits you want to appear:

32 circuits : only the circuits of the 8 basic cuts appear;
40 circuits (DLC 1 included) : the circuits of the 8 basic cuts and those of the Triforce and Egg cuts appear (only available if you have purchased DLC 1);
40 circuits (DLC 2 included) : the circuits of the 8 base cups and those of the Crossing and Tinker cups match (only available if you have purchased DLC 2);
48 circuits (DLC 1 & 2 inclus) : all circuits appear (only available if you have purchased both DLC).

This parameter can be changed at any time. Note that you only meet players online who have chosen the same option as you.

Unlock the vehicle customization elements
Tip provided by Val’_Rexo ‘
You unlock a new vehicle customization item for every 50 coins accumulated for the first 20 items (so up to 1000 coins). Then, it is every 100 coins accumulated that you unlock a new item, until you have obtained 18 more (thus total of 2,800 coins). For the last 3 …

Carrosserie Kart en or : obtain at least the rank of ★ for all the cups of the Grand Prix.
Deltaplane en or : Collect a total of 10,000 coins.
Gold wheels : Defeat all developer ghosts in a time trial or collect a total of 15,000 coins.

All coins picked up in Grand Prix, Time Trial, Race VS, and Online Play count, and if you’re multi-playing on the same Wii U, all player’s coins count.

Detail of weight categories
Tip provided by Val’_Rexo ‘
In Mario Kart 8, the traditional “light”, “medium” and “heavy” weight categories are divided into sub-categories! 2 characters belonging to the same overall category, but from 2 different subcategories have slight differences in their driving style. Let’s see this in detail.

Category “light”

Sub-category Points forts Weak points Characters
The lightest Better acceleration, better handling, better grip Lowest speed and weight Baby Mario, Baby Luigi, Baby Peach, Baby Daisy, Baby Harmony, Lemmy, Mii (so light)
Light Very good acceleration, very good handling, very good grip Low speed, low weight Toad, Koopa, Maskass, Lakitu, Toadette, Larry, Wendy

Category “means”

Sub-category Points forts Weak points Characters
Means “-“ Good acceleration, good handling, good grip Moderate speed and weight Peach, Daisy, Yoshi
Means “+” Good speed and good weight Moderate acceleration, handling and grip Mario, Luigi, Iggy, Ludwig, Mii (si moyen)

Category “heavy”

Sub-category Points forts Weak points Characters
Medium heavy Very good speed, very good weight Low acceleration, low handling, low grip Donkey Kong, Waluigi, Harmonie, Roy
Heavy Very good speed, better weight Lower acceleration, poor handling, lower grip Metal Mario, Rose Gold Peach
Super heavy Better speed, better weight Weakest acceleration, handling and grip Bowser, Wario, Morton, Mii (si lourd)

The category of the Mii depends on the size and build you gave it, but it will be either “lighter”, “medium” or “super heavy” no matter what.

Unlock Miiverse buffers
Tip provided by Val’_Rexo ‘
Just like Super Mario 3D World, Mario Kart 8 allows you to decorate your Miiverse messages with character and game object stamps. There are 90 in all and only those representing the objects as well as some special stamps are available from the start. start.

How to unlock them?

To get a stamp from one of the characters in the game, win a Grand Prize (any) with that character. There are 30 to obtain this way (including the Mii).

To get a stamp of a characteristic element of a circuit, you have to beat the developer phantom of that circuit in Time Trial. 32 buffers are unlocked in this way (one per circuit).

Game cheat codes: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (SWITCH)


We present to you the Apocanow page dedicated to the tips and secrets of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe! inside there are all the unlockables and strategies to advance in the game, overcome difficult parts and discover new in the game.

We hope you find this useful and enjoy our work. If you have any tips to suggest, comment or contact us and we’ll update the page.

Mario Kart 8 introduces new anti-gravity racing and Kart circuits which will allow the player to drive to the contrary. Players will be able to enjoy a variety of features, such as, for example, 12 player competition game, hang gliding, underwater racing, and motorcycles.

This game was issued on 28/04/2017 and the tips we have are valid for SWITCH. This list will be updated over time whenever we notice the existence of new consoles on which Mario Kart 8 Deluxe has been published.

Discover 11 tips, advice and strategies for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (SWITCH): Bonus items and Secrets.

The introduction is finished. Here are the tips for this game for you.

Tips: The True End Titles and Credits screen

Completing each pair with a first place unlocks a title screen, alternate, and unlocks the true ending credits

Tips: Parts Of The World

Here’s how to unlock parts of the world for the machine Golden Glider – Collect 10,000 Coins (Multiplayer get all tokens from all players during each race)
Gold Kart – Earn at least one star (54 points or more) on each 150cc Mode and Mirror trait
Gold Wheels – Beat the All-Time Attack Time Fantasti

Tips: Grand Prix Star Of

Arriving in first position in a Grand Prix, you will be rewarded with a trophy, gold and up to 3 stars depending on how many points you have. 1 Star – 54 or 55 points
2 Stars – 57 Points
3 Stars – 60 Points

Tips: Unlock Mirror Mode

Earn a Gold Trophy for each Cup in 150cc difficulty to unlock the Mirror. This mode will be executed in the versions: mirror of existing Cups.

Tips: Unlockable Runners

The Grand Prix Mode, comes first in any Cup and Engine and you will be given one of 13 additional random characters. To get another character you will need to change the housing and move Rosalina.
Mario Metal
Lakitu drops tips
Baby Rosalina
Peach D’Or

Tips: Unlock Vehicle Parts

A part of the vehicle is unlocked every time you reach 50 coins. Once you have reached the 1000 coins, the coins are unlocked every 100 coins.

Tips: Rocket Acceleration

Step on the accelerator when you see the 3 and hold it for further rocket acceleration at the start of the race.

Tips: Bonus Cups

Successfully complete the circuits indicated first to unlock the cup: Some Flowers: Successfully complete the Mushroom Cup.
The Star of the Cup: Successfully complete the Flower Cup.
Special Cup: Successfully complete the Star of the Cup.
Cup: Banana: Successfully complete the Shell Cup.
Leaf Cutter: Successfully complete the Banana Cut.
Lightning Cup: Successfully complete the Leaf Cup.

Tips: Play as Mii

Finish in first place in each cup of a single class of a tractor to unlock the Mii.

Tips: The Secret of Totaka’s Song

Turns down the volume of the music, and participated in a race that has Yoshi as spectators, among the audience. Can be found on Donut Plain 3, Sweet Sweet Island, and Yoshi Circuit in DLC 1. Eventually, one of them will intonate 8 Totaka secret notes in their random place. Kazumi Totaka is a sound programmer from Nintendo who has put the same secret into other games such as Mario Paint and Animal Crossing.

Tips: Use the tram as an accelerator in the Port of Crapaud

The tram in the Port of Crapaud usually has to beat you because when we whip to make a mistake, but if you are in flight after a jump from a ramp or from an accelerator you can use the roofs of the trams to your advantage. While you are in the air to land on the roof of a jump tram without damage. For additional acceleration, run a launch plane.


Mario Kart 8 Deluxe split screen horizontally? Change split screen?

In Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for the Nintendo Switch you can not only play online with friends and compete against each other in a race or battle mode, but you can also play MK8 Deluxe in split screen. The split screen mode can be easily activated by simply opening the 2-player multiplayer in the main menu and then connecting and registering the appropriate controllers such as the Joy-Con or a Pro Controller. Anyone who has driven one or two races in split-screen mode will perhaps ask themselves the same question that we recently asked ourselves. How to change the view in split screen? Can you split the screen horizontally in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for the Switch?

Switch split screen from vertical to horizontal?

In Mario Kart 8 Switch you get a vertical split screen by default. Or to put it another way, the image is simply split down the middle and each player has their own half of the television or monitor. Depending on which split-screen view you have played other games in and which television or monitor you are playing on, some people may like to split the image horizontally. While many games offer a setting option for this and you can switch the view from horizontal to vertical (and vice versa) at the push of a button, this is unfortunately not possible in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on the Nintendo Switch.

A setting option for this has been “requested” for several years on Reddit and in some Nintendo forums, but Nintendo has not yet fulfilled and implemented the players’ wishes. If anything changes in the future, we will of course add the information here. But you probably shouldn’t have your highest hopes here.