Taxi: all the films ranked from best to worst

1. Taxi 2 by Gérard Krawczyk

After the great success of the first part in 1998 (6.5 million spectators in theaters), Taxi returned in 2000 with the same formula as the original film but bigger. More chases, car explosions, yakuza and an absolutely legendary chase through Paris. It’s a bit like the manifesto of Luc Besson, producer here, for cinema. The box office result is also more impressive with the 10 million admissions mark crossed. A landmark French comedy.

2. Taxi by Gérard Pirès

Before the enormous success of Taxi 2there was therefore this first film, directed by Gérard Pirès, which laid the foundations of what the franchise would become. Taxi is nothing without the alchemy between Samy Naceri and Frédéric Diefenthal, without the legendary Bernard Farcy who plays Commissioner Gibert and big action scenes. The film may have aged a little less well than its successors, seems less impressive than the others, but it remains a more than successful action comedy.

3. Taxi 5 by Franck Gastambide

In 2018, 11 years after the last episode, Franck Gastambide attempted the impossible: to revive Taxi with a substantial budget (more than 20 million euros) and a guest of choice, Salvatore Esposito, the star of the series Gomorra. But instead of revolutionizing the franchise, the creator of Valid chooses to return to the source of what is Taxi, a true Marseille saga. The rapper L’Algérino, originally from the city, signs the flagship song of the original soundtrack, “Va Bene”, and the chases allow you to rediscover the entire Marseille city but above all the return of Bernard Farcy remains unforgettable .


We ranked all the Mission Impossible films, from worst to best

Over the years, Impossible mission has established itself as the most constant and enjoyable saga born in Hollywood. From episode to episode, the franchise led with an iron fist by Tom Cruise has never ceased to amaze us with its breathtaking intrigues and its spectacular stunts (a large majority of which are carried out by the actor-star , At his own risk). Where James Bond has regularly experienced weak times during his long eventful history, the journey of Impossible mission approach flawless.

7. Mission: Impossible 2

Budget : $125 million
Worldwide box office : $549 million
Where to see it : on VOD

Four years after the success of the first opus, Tom Cruise and Impossible mission return with a highly anticipated second opus. Entrusted to Hong Kong director John Woo, Mission: Impossible 2 is a perfect summary of what an early 2000s blockbuster could look like. For better and (too) often for worse. Epileptic montage stuffed with clippesque slow motion, clumsy romanticism and a horrible nu metal rereading of the musical theme by Limp Bizkit: this second part looks like the perfect parody of what Impossible mission represented. Even if Tom Cruise, of all things, climbs a cliff with his bare hands and wants to prove to us that Impossible mission don’t make fun of us with the show. Despite incendiary reviews, the film was a hit in 2000, rising to the top of the most lucrative productions of that year, ahead of Gladiator by Ridley Scott and Alone in the world by Robert Zemeckis.

6. Mission: Impossible 3

Budget : 150 million dollars
Worldwide box office : $398 million
Where to see it : on Paramount+ and MyCanal


Madden NFL 24 Franchise Mode: Best and Worst Teams

Franchise is the most popular game mode in Madden NFL 24 with MUT. You should definitely start with these teams in the franchise.

There are only a few days left before Madden NFL 24 releases August 18. Traditionally, most online leagues start their first franchise season soon after. You should think carefully beforehand with which franchise you want to embark on the long journey.

The same goes for the offline franchise mode, where you can play against the AI ​​and grow your team at your own pace.

In this article, we show you the best and worst teams which you will have the most fun with in franchise mode.

Madden NFL 24: franchise mode with new features

Madden NFL 24 Franchise Mode is getting some exciting new features. Among other things, you can do special training in the pre-season to improve your recruits. Additionally, 14 new relocation cities have been added to the mode. However, German NFL fans are left behind…

You can read about all the new Madden NFL 24 franchise mode features here.

Madden NFL 24 franchise mode: best and worst teams

Which franchises are “best” for career mode, ultimately you have to decide for yourself. It depends on the scenario you want to play.

For example, do you want to defend the Super Bowl with the Kansas City Chiefs? Or do you want revenge for the Super Bowl loss with the Philadelphia Eagles? Then franchise mode with top OVR teams is for you.

For us personally, however, it’s a little too boring to win the Super Bowl right away without having an interest in the roster.that’s why we recommend a challenge with the worst teams in the nfl.

If you’re not familiar with the NFL yet, that’s no problem at all. We’ll tell you why it’s no big deal to start with the worst team in franchise mode.

Compared to many other sports, there is great parity in the NFL. This means that there is a salary cap, which states that each team can spend a maximum amount on player salaries. This means that a team cannot keep all its superstars for several years because the budget does not allow it.

Superstars can no longer be paid and must inevitably move to a weaker team, which then becomes competitive again in no time.

It’s also because the worst team in the league is the first pick in the NFL Draft, where the best college players come to the NFL. The winner of the Super Bowl chooses last. This allows weaker teams to gradually improve with the best talent in football.

So it’s not bad at all if you’re playing as an underdog in the franchise.

Madden NFL 24 Franchise: Underdogs

We’re going to show you what we think are the three worst franchises in the NFL right now that you should lead to win the Super Bowl as an underdog.

Arizona Cardinals

One of them would be the Arizona Cardinals, who are currently the leading candidate for the No. 1 pick in the 2024 draft. Their quarterback, Kyler Murray, is still recovering from an ACL injury, he will miss So the first games of the season. Murray isn’t a bad QB, but there are other franchises with much worse QBs.

However, the rest of the list is a disaster. The defensive line is probably the worst in the league, so you won’t be able to put much pressure on the opposing QB, and opponents can easily beat you with the running game.
With a 72 OVR, the Cardinals are the second-worst team in Madden NFL 24. You have a lot of work ahead of you.

But Arizona has a lot of advantages: due to the trade with the Houston Texans, the Cards have two first-round picks in 2024. This gives you a very good base to acquire young talent and develop your team.

Arizona Cardinals
OVR 72
Top Players QB Kyler Murray, FS Budda Baker, WR Marquise Brown
Draft Picks 2024 1st round, 2024 1st round (via Texans)
2024 2nd round,
2024 3rd Round, 2024 3rd Round (via Titans)
Cap Space 2023 approximately. $24,000,000
Cap Space 2024 approximately. $44,700,000

The NFC West is also one of the top divisions in the NFL, especially the San Francisco 49ers who are among the favorites for the Super Bowl. The Seattle Seahawks have a group of talented young players. Only the Los Angeles Rams could be beaten for the Cardinals.

Houston Texans

The Houston Texans have been in rebuilding mode for two years already, and in Madden NFL 24 they are the worst team. In the last draft, they picked CJ Stroud as their franchise QB.
Then came a trade to the Arizona Cardinals for the best defenseman in the draft: Will Anderson Jr. So there is a solid base in the premium positions to become a successful franchise in the years to come.

Houston Texans
OVR 71
Top Players LT Laremy Tunsil, FS Jimmie Ward, LE Will Anderson Jr.
Top draft picks 2024 1st Round (via Browns)
2024 2nd round,
2024 3rd Round (via Eagles)
Cap Space 2023 approximately. $14,111,000
Cap Space 2024 approximately. $86,180,000

The AFC South is probably the weakest division in the NFL, so there’s a good chance for the Texans to make the playoffs. In 2024, team has the highest cap space of any franchiseso you can be really active in the free agent market.

New Orleans Saints: The Ultimate Challenge

Saints are a very special case as they always see themselves in a competitive time window. You will be surprised when you see the cap space for 2024. So you have no choice but to let all your best players go and completely rebuild the team.
You won’t have all the choices available as the Saints traded with the Eagles in the 2022 draft. You’re facing a tough upset, but it’ll be a lot of fun if you’re looking for the ultimate challenge in Madden NFL 24 franchise mode.

New Orleans Saints
OVR 76
Top Players FS Tyrann Mathieu, CB Marshon Lattimore, WR Chris Olave
Top draft picks 2024 1st round
Cap Space 2023 approximately. $11,150,000
Cap Space 2024 approximately. -$78,890,000

The Saints have a competitive squad for 2023, artificially kept alive as many bonuses have been put on the books for years to come. As a result, the cap space for 2024 is abysmal. Additionally, many superstars are already 30 or older, so you can expect significant rating regressions. Have fun with the Saints!

Back to old glory

Do you want to bring your favorite team back to the success of days gone by? Then franchises like the New England Patriots, the Seattle Seahawks or the Pittsburgh Steelers are for you!

New England Patriots

After the departure of the greatest NFL player of all time, Tom Brady, the New England Patriots had to reinvent themselves. They drafted Mac Jones, who had a decent rookie season but didn’t continue to develop afterward.
One of the reasons for this was certainly also the fact that the Patriots did not have an offensive coordinator. Now it’s your turn: Can you lead the Patriots to a Super Bowl victory without Tom Brady?

New England Patriots
OVR 79
Top Players LOLB Matthew Judon, SS Kyle Dugger, CB Christian Gonzalez
Top draft picks 2024 1st Round,
2024 2nd round,
2024 3rd round
Cap Space 2023 approximately. $13,200,000
Cap Space 2024 approximately. $80,200,000

The Patriots have a top-10 defense in the NFL – in return, you’ll need to significantly improve the rather weak offense. Here, there is a lack of playmakers who must be snatched from the draft. With a cap of approximately $80 million in 2024you can also address weaknesses in free agency.

Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks fixed what they ruined with the Jamaal Adams trade with the Russel Wilson trade. Wilson’s transition to Geno Smith went pretty well and they were able to win over the top wide receiver in the draft, Jaxon Smith-Njigba.
Can you play with the beloved franchise and build a new Legion of Boom?

Seattle Seahawks
OVR 76
Top Players WR DK Metcalf, RB Kenneth Walker III, CB Tariq Woolen
Top draft picks 2024 1st round
2024 2nd round,
2024 3rd Round, 2024 3rd Round (via Broncos)
Cap Space 2023 approximately. $6,600,000
Cap Space 2024 approximately. -$6,400,000

As you can see, the Seahawks have a lot of young talent in their ranks, but there’s hardly any room left for the years to come. On the contrary, from now on, you will have to let go of certain players in 2024. You must therefore manage to keep as many good players as possible.

The best teams in Madden NFL 24

If you just want to play a season where you’re the direct favorite for the Super Bowl, then we’ve got the top three NFL teams for you. But also, hang in there and stay true to the franchise when your ceiling space runs out and the Super Bowl window closes.

Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs are the defending Super Bowl champions and they have the league’s best quarterback in Patrick Mahomes, who is tied to the franchise for years to come. The Kansas City Chiefs have the highest rating of any NFL team, but they have little cap space available.

Kansas City Chiefs
OVR 92
Top Players QB Patrick Mahomes, TE Travis Kelce, DT Chris Jones
Top draft picks 2024 1st round,
2024 2nd round,
2024 3rd round
Cap Space 2023 approximately. $86,000
Cap Space 2024 approximately. $35,000,000

Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles have a really interesting squad with a budding young quarterback in Jalen Hurts. You should make good use of the time Hurts’ big new contract isn’t on the books yet. In the NFC, the Eagles are clear favorites for the title.

Compared to other major franchises, the The Eagles managed their resources very well and collected valuable picks for the future. In the 2023 draft, they managed to secure two first-round talents.

Philadelphia Eagles
OVR 91
Top Players QB Jalen Hurts, WR AJ Brown, CB Darius Slay
Top draft picks 2024 1st Round,
2024 2nd round, 2024 2nd round (via Saints)
Cap Space 2023 approximately. $10,000,000
Cap Space 2024 approximately. $7,600,000

Buffalo Tickets

The Bills have been Super Bowl favorites for several years, but in the AFC they have to deal with top teams like the Kansas City Chiefs or the Cincinnati Bengals. Buffalo has odds of 90,…


What are the best and worst items to sell in Witcher 3?

With the release of the Next Gen Update, players are returning to play as Geralt of Rivia. Even though many have already used a lot of items and leveled up, many are still confused about what are the best and worst items to sell in Witcher 3. Since this is quite an important part of the game, you need to be confident in the decisions you make. . At the same time, it is quite difficult to understand which items may be useful in the future. However, you will have to sell a few items to get the coins needed for future leveling and upgrades. Since you are here, it means that you also had to face this problem and want to know which items are worth selling and which are not. In this guide we will help you.

The Best and Worst Items to Sell in Witcher 3

Image Source: GameSpot (YouTube) While there are many items you can sell, there are some that you will need after beating the game. Therefore, there are items that should remain on the inviolable list. Additionally, some rare items and quest items are required to complete the quest itself. If you sell these items, the quest will remain incomplete. Here are the best items to sell in Witcher 3:

  • Gems “Precious stones such as ruby, pearl and amethyst fetch high prices, and numerous merchants are willing to purchase them.
  • Books – The first time you read the books, you will gain the necessary knowledge. After that there is no point in keeping them with you.
  • Weapons and armor – Weapons of the general and master classes are very useful for obtaining coins. Since they can be easily found, you can quickly earn some useful coins.

Now that you’ve seen the best items, it’s time to look at the worst items to sell in Witcher 3:

  • Quest items – If you sell items obtained during a quest, there is a chance that your quest will remain incomplete.
  • Glyphs and rune stones – These items are very useful in the later part of the game. So don’t sell them.
  • Jewelry – Instead of selling jewelry, take it apart and turn it into precious stones.

That’s it for the best and worst items to sell in Witcher 3. While you’re here, be sure to check out our section Witcher 3 on Serio___Games.


Adam proves that he is a Driver behind the wheel of a Ferrari under the orders of Michael Mann: the best and worst of film premieres

¡its here, its arrived! A new Friday lands in our lives with a new string of film premieres under the arm that this February 9 They are headed by two proper nouns: Enzo Ferrari and Michael Mann. But not everything is biopics, and the weekly offer treats us to musicals, horror, children’s films and a couple of very juicy re-releases. Let’s review all the news!

The premieres of February 9, 2024

‘Ferrari’ (2023)

‘The Color Purple’ (‘The Color Purple’, 2023)

‘The pool’ (‘Night Swim’, 2024)

And also…

‘Run, Tiger, run!’ (‘Run, Tiger, Run!’, 2023)

‘The thaw’ (‘Her smelt’, 2023)

‘As long as you are’ (2023)

‘Peppa’s Cinema Party’ (2024)

‘The Four Daughters’ (‘Les Filles d’Olfa’, 2023)

‘Germany’ (2023)


‘Dune’ (2021)



Here are the best and worst packaging for storing your food!

The foods we eat have a significant impact on our health. However, the packaging we use to store our food can also affect our health!

Some packaging contains potentially harmful chemicals such as bisphenol A, bisphenol B, microplastics or even phthalates, which can migrate into food.

So many substances suspected of being carcinogenic! To help you, here is the type of packaging to use to protect your health!

cling film

Cling film can be used for food preservation and packaging. However, some cling film contains potentially harmful chemicals such as PVC (polyvinyl chloride) or phthalates.

When they come into contact with food, these substances can migrate and pose a health risk.

It should not be left in contact with fat, butter or mayonnaise for too long, for example, because certain toxic particles will be captured by these fatty substances!

It is better to opt for safer alternatives, such as polypropylene (PP) or beeswax cling film, which are harmless to your health.

aluminum foil

Aluminum foil should be used with care! When aluminum comes into direct contact with acidic or salty foods, it can migrate into the food in small amounts.

Excessive exposure to aluminum may be associated with health problems! It is recommended to limit exposure to aluminum, beyond a certain dose, it becomes toxic, especially for the central nervous system.

In addition, it is a material that does not support heat! Do not use it especially for cooking, the particles can migrate into the food!

Opt for alternatives like parchment paper or glass containers!

parchment paper

Parchment paper is safe to use for storing and wrapping food! It is considered safe for health.

The parchment paper is coated with a thin layer of silicone, which gives it its non-stick properties.

However, parchment paper should not be used for high temperature cooking, as it may burn!

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I’ve seen the dark side of Palworld: you can capture, sell and kill humans without limits. And it’s not the worst of all

In the few days that Palworld has been on sale, it has already left us with some very curious anecdotes. The survival adventure is characterized by the fact of capturing and training the Pals, in addition to putting them to work in each one’s base to take care of and monitor it. However, they are not the only beings that inhabit this immense open world, since they also there are humans.

You can capture Pals with Pal Spheres, like Pokémon’s Poké Balls. Of course, it turns out that they are not the only ones you can catch with them, which has made me realize that the game hides a rather shady dark side. And it turns out that you can throw one of these objects at humans themselves to capture them and add them to the collection.

What’s more, capturing them causes them to become like any of the Pals, which means that you can enslave them and place them in the base to help you with any of the tasks. It’s not that they do much, since they don’t have special skills, but at least something is something. Even so, the situation may go even further.

Another option that exists is to trade with them, because you can visit merchants and traffic with humans, since you can sell and in exchange they give you 500 coins for each one of them. Or directly, instead of doing any of the steps indicated above, you can kill them and get out of trouble, although if they are neutral you run the risk of being searched and captured.

Between one thing and another, it is clear that the game has a somewhat wild, brutal and dark component, but there is even more. You can see the worst of this whole matter in the following video, in which you can see that the captured humans you can dismember them completely to turn them into food, thus turning your character into a cannibal. Anyway, if that matters little to you, at least you will have something to feed the character or the Pals.


How do you like the game? #gamingontiktok #whattoplay #palworld

♬ Ameno hatsune miku – Hybrid theorist

From all this it is clear that Palworld It offers total freedom for everyone to behave the way they want, even though behavior of this type is not viewed very favorably.


FIFA 21 worst players at a glance

Who actually belongs to them? worst players in FIFA 21? Which players do they have? lowest overall rating receive? Even though most players are usually looking for the best players and young top talents, one or two players may ask themselves which player received the bad rating in the game. If you would like to get a brief overview of this, the following table may be helpful. In the table we have summarized the currently worst players in FIFA 21.

Worst players in FIFA 21

The “Worst Players” have an overall rating of 47 and include Wang Zhen’ao of Dalian YiFang FC, Xia Ao of Wuhan Zall, M. Flores of Club Bolivar and V. Da Silva of Oldham Atheletic. For players with a low overall rating, the potential is sometimes quite high, so that they can increase their rating by 10 or sometimes even 20 points.

player team position Old Rating
Wang Zhen’ao Dalian YiFang FC RF 20 47
Xiao Ao Wuhan Zall IV 21 47
Wang Zenghao Tianjin TEDA FC IV 20 47
Zhou Xiao Dalian YiFang FC IV, LV 21 47
R. McKinley Derry City ZM 18 47
M. Flores Club Bolivar ZDM 19 47
Huang Wenzhou Shanghai SIPG FC ZM 21 47
V. Da Silva Oldham Athletic ST 17 47
B. Hough Oldham Athletic ZM 17 47
L. Walker Milton Keynes Dons TH 30 48
Song Haiwang Henan Jianye FC LM 25 48
J. Akintunde Derry City ST 47 48
L. Waldock Sheffield Wednesday ZM 19 48
D. Collins Sligo Rovers ST, RF 19 48
Ma Zhen Shanghai Greenland TH 22 48
L. Smith Fleetwood Town RM 19 48
J. Bird Milton Keynes Dons ST 19 48
B. Shabani Leyton Orient ZM 18 48
J. Smith Stevenage FC ZM 18 48
Lan Jingxuan Tianjin TEDA FC IV 20 48
R. Dinanga Cork City ST 18 48
J. Browne Finn Harps ST 19 48
Seo Min Woo Gangwong FC ZM 22 48
A. Cetiner Shelboune FC ZM 18 48
K. Fernandez Catholic University ZM 19 48
S. Navarro Milonarios FC ZOM 19 48
R. Fontalvo Junior FC TH 21 48

On the next page we have created an overview of the worst teams in FIFA 21.