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Uber will monitor drivers with radar

Uber is a great appalthough Uber is not legal in Spain, it is true that it has aroused great interest in many of the countries where it is working well.

Uber has been banned for unfair competition in some other country prohibiting, by a judge, the use of the application. Now, in order to be operational again in all those countries, it is working on Uber X, its low-cost and, at the same time, legal service. Now, to prevent people from getting into cars with very bad drivers, he wants to monitor the drivers using geolocation tools and tools that will allow him to examine the rough driving of some of them.

What will Uber’s radar be like for drivers?

Measuring someone’s driving without being present is already complicated, but by using some things that almost all phones have, you can get a good idea. more or less adequate control:

  • Gyroscope – A sensor that almost all mobile phones have and allows you to identify the orientation of the phone. This allows you to control the movements that occur during trips.
  • GPS and accelerometer – These combined systems allow the driver’s position, speed, etc. to be located. but, in addition, they allow us to detect the force of gravity to be able to control possible accelerations and sudden stops. It can also be determined if you are driving above the legal limits and making very sudden maneuvers.

Personally I question Uber’s ability to judge whether a driver is doing well or not using sensors since the client, if it is real, must judge the driver’s driving in a much better way. Since it is so easy to be an Uber driver, it is not at all difficult for an inexperienced or too reckless driver to get behind the wheel.

For the moment this will be done in a more or less controlled test that will try to find out which drivers offer better service but the company is looking for a perfect way to create a quality competent and legal service. Will he succeed or will people go out of their way to ban it again? While you wait to see that Uber is legal in Spain, you can try Ohlalá, the Uber of ___.

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Marvel’s Spider-man 2: release window confirmed

Insomniac Games has reassured fans that its long-awaited Spider-Man 2 is still on track for a 2023 release date, despite the long silence surrounding it.

Insomniac, in fact, appears to have taken part in a conversation among fans on Twitter, who pointed out that it’s been over a year since any significant updates on Spider-Man 2 were released.

While it didn’t confirm when we’ll know more about the game, Insomniac did explain that it wasn’t showing it anymore for logistical reasons and not due to issues with its development. 72920ba84064192%7Ctwcon%5Es2_& 2Fspider-man-2-still-on-track-for-2023-release-says-insomniac

Do not be worried. We are making good progress, the game is still planned for 2023. Showcasing the game takes time, effort, resources and coordination.

Fans’ concern may have been somewhat justified, given that Sony has a track record for pushing back its exclusives, but the most recent example of God of War: Ragnarok could resolve these concerns.

Even then, many fans thought it would be delayed, however this forced Sony Santa Monica to reassure fans that everything was going as planned.

Spider-Man 2 was announced by Sony as a PlayStation 5 exclusive in September 2021, promising a continuation of the story of Peter Parker and Miles Morales as they take on the infamous symbiote.


We tested Job Today: Is it that easy to get a job?

The world is constantly changing and with such a changing world we cannot waste time making basic decisions. Trying to rule out thousands of candidates every day is increasingly complicated and look for work near where you live It is vital to avoid having to take on a big change when it comes to having a new job.

Companies need skilled labor and people who are aware of the latest technologies may know Job Today. Job Today is the Wallapop of jobs, an application that allows you to search for a job near you and, at the same time, receive a quick response. Those who use Job Today are obliged to respond to you within a maximum of 24 hours. Now, the theory is very nice but… does Job Today really work?

How does Job Today work?

We have tested Job Today for a few days to find out if the application is really effective and the people who use it are serious. It would be interesting if you stayed to see how it works. Obviously our intention was not to desperately find work since we already have one but yes we have decided to know how far the application goes and how likely we are to have a job interview.

When we enter Job Today for the first time we have to make a small resume (in my opinion, one of the most intuitive and useful I have seen). One has to fill in some information:

  • Our name.
  • A photo (perhaps one of the most important parts), the more you take care of it, the more possibilities.
  • A small definition.
  • Summary of professional experience.
  • Languages.
  • Previous jobs.
  • Studies.
  • Location.

What else does a recruiter need to know if we are suitable or not for an interview? Job Today in this aspect is really good because in a small space we have access to the most important and valuable information. Then, making use of our positionJob Today searches for jobs in our area and gives us the opportunity to sign up for offers that resemble our profile.

We have signed up for those that resemble the profile of the person who was trying to look for a job and the result has been quite good.

Is it easy to find a job on Job Today?

Obviously we have not managed to work for another company with Job Today but of the 10 job offers that we have signed up for during 2 days we have received a response from 9 of them. Only one company has not responded to our offer.

Job Today is the Wallapop of employment

In addition to that, we must take into account that of the 9 that responded, 7 were interested in our profile and 5 of them have even offered us an appointment for a job interview, an interview to which we have not attended but the truth is that, at least Yes, we have had the opportunity to go. I think that if we start from the basis that we have only tried it on 2 different days (at different times) finding a job on Job Today can be an option since many people complain that they are not able to get to an interview and in this case it was not bad at all.

What should I do to find a job faster on Job Today?

Maybe the person who was looking for a job (we should mention that we have created a real profile of a competent person, not a person who has been unemployed) was pretty good at finding a job but that has nothing to do with it. Now, there are several things to keep in mind to find a job on Job Today.

  • The big cities – The larger the city where you are looking for work, the easier it will be for you to find a job or the possibility of having one. In big cities there are more offers and it will be in small towns or small cities where the offer is very limited.
  • Take care of the profile – Your profile must be related to the offer you are trying to access. Typically people looking for an employee want someone with minimal skills and jobs are rarely offered without prior experience or training.
  • Be attentive and show interest – At Job Today, in addition to sending your application, the company may contact you to find out more about you or analyze you even before arranging an interview. Be attentive to the chat and respond with interest and determination, a small chat can be vital to finding a job.
  • Many companies do not follow the rules – There are companies that do not follow the rules of Job Today, some respond to us by telling us to send our resume to an email and then start a parallel selection process but you can take advantage of the chat to clarify doubts and find out if it is really what you are looking for .
  • If your profile is computer science or close to the web, the better – Many of the jobs offered are related to the technology sector since it will be in this sector where there are more people who are aware and who use such a new application. Occasional jobs are also offered such as weekend offers, etc. The truth is that it is quite complete.

Our answer is clear. Job Today is fast, intuitive and useful. We highly recommend trying this option. You may not find the job of your life on Job Today, but if you are looking for something close and want to get employed quickly, it can be a perfect solution to find a job quickly. Have you tried Job Today? Is your experience far from ours?

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Xiaomi MIJIA 2 Slim wireless vacuum cleaner: your new “weapon” to clean the house Mónica Marques December 2, 2023

Xiaomi has just launched the new wireless vacuum cleaner MIJIA Wireless Vacuum Cleaner 2 Slim that provides an autonomy of up to 45 minutes.

The equipment comes with a “gun”-shaped design that not only prevents air obstruction but also increases suction efficiency.

Xiaomi MIJIA 2 Slim wireless vacuum cleaner: gun-shaped design for greater efficiency

Xiaomi continues to expand its MIJIA line aimed at the home and has now just launched the new MIJIA Wireless Vacuum Cleaner 2 Slim wireless vacuum cleaner. The equipment provides 100,000 rotations per minute and with just one charge it has autonomy of up to 45 minutes of continuous operation.

In turn, the “gun”-shaped design not only prevents air clogging, but also provides smoother movement, in addition to increasing suction efficiency and reducing energy loss.

The integrated high-speed motor can reach 100,000 revolutions per minute and, as it does not include brushes, it has a reduced weight, which makes cleaning easier while minimizing the user’s effort.

But the cyclonic separation system, which consists of seven cones, separates the dust and the air flow. As a positive result, the filter element will hardly suffer from clogging problems and its useful life will be increased. In fact, this five-stage filtering mechanism is capable of filtering up to 99.97% of fine dust.

The new Xiaomi MIJIA 2 Slim wireless vacuum cleaner can also be attached to a water tank that is equipped with a mop-type brush in its lower area. This way, it can be even more effective in removing stubborn dirt.

The new Xiaomi wireless vacuum cleaner has three different brushes: one electric, specially designed for use on carpeted floors (or rugs), another to vacuum cracks and a third brush to clean the floor and eliminate mites.

The latter can even be used to vacuum sofas and mattresses, two of the mites’ favorite places.

At the moment the new Xiaomi MIJIA 2 Slim Wireless Vacuum Cleaner is only available in the Chinese market and the brand has not provided information about its global availability.

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Asus Padfone: update to Android 4.0.4 available

A new update has been available for download for a few hours now Asus Padfone: the update will update the version to V9.20.1.22 and above all it will bring the operating system from 4.0.3 to 4.0.4Always Ice Cream Sandwich.

Let’s now see the complete changelog:

  • System updated to Android 4.0.4
  • Optimize system performance and stability
  • Optimized the performance of the DDS (Dynamic Display Switch)
  • Optimized energy consumption
  • Optimize camera performance and quality
  • New features for the Messages and Email apps: Edit Group and Peak Times
  • Optimized the input method
  • Added support for 64GB SD cards
  • Added features to Super Note: password reset and improved handwriting recognition
  • Added the ability to track your device and protect your data

The complete package, which you can find on the Asus website, weighs well 500MBbut by downloading it via OTA the dimensions will naturally be smaller.

Let us know if you have updated your Padfone and what differences you have noticed in the comments, happy downloading!



Is it necessary to use an antivirus today?

It is not always enough to be cautious, we cannot protect ourselves from absolutely everything.

If you have a conversation about antivirus with a group of tech lovers, it’s guaranteed that at least one of them will say that this type of software is not necessary if you are careful when using your computer. This statement is partly true because The most important thing to avoid infecting your computer with malware is to have common sense and follow certain parameters that will keep you safe. However, this does not mean that you will be 100% protected all the time and that is why, in most cases, yes it is necessary to have an antivirus installed.

If you use Windows, you have to be more careful than ever, not because this operating system is not secure, but because it has been the most popular for many years. Linux and OS

The truth is that even if you take all possible precautions, you will never be completely safe from malware. But installing an antivirus (if you don’t have it by default), having common sense and following Some tips for your security can help you avoid malicious software victoriously.

Stay protected

  1. Be careful with the sites you visit. If you frequent sites with adult content and websites where pirated software is downloaded, the risk of an infection on your computer greatly increases. In this case you can avoid these pages completely or visit them with caution. But unfortunately, legitimate web pages can also be compromised with malware. This is one of the reasons why it is good to have an antivirus that always protects us.
  2. Use a modern operating system. Yes, it is true that Windows XP was great, but it is no longer supported, and therefore, it is insecure. So try installing Windows 7 or later version.
  3. Install updates. Always install the updates offered by the system because they are made to protect the user. If you forget, then set Windows to install them automatically, or to notify you when they are ready to install. This rule also applies to the applications you use.
  4. Create guest accounts on your computer. You should only consider it if you lend your computer to someone else. The idea is that there is another user who is not an administrator to prevent a friend or family member from infecting your PC without realizing it.
  5. Download software from the author’s page. There are pages where they compile software of all kinds and from them you can download whatever you want. The problem is that many come with malware. Therefore, it is better to download the programs using the official page of their creators.
  6. Install an antivirus and keep it updated. If you use Windows, you can stick with Microsoft Security Essentials, which comes installed by default since Windows 8. You can also download it here. Another good free option is Avast!.
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How to Basic Tune Doze Mode on Android Marshmallow with Naptime

Francisco Franco is one of the Android developers who has been the most related to the community of this OS for mobile devices, which has been the best basis for it to be so successful today and the most installed operating system. A developer who has been able to create high-performance kernels and apps like Naptime, one that comes to fine-tune that doze mode that is greatly improving the terminal’s battery. While we wait to have the doze update on Android N, which means that it will be activated even when we carry the phone in our pocket, an app like the one launched by Franco is the perfect one to make this mode more aggressive in its use.

For this reason we are going to share with you some adjustments that can be made from Naptime. And having said that, it is an app designed for terminals with ROOT privileges, since in this way you can access the system files that will allow us to configure the parameters of this battery mode that has even allowed smartphones to be able to introduce delicacies such as the screen “always on” on the LG G5 and Samsung Galaxy S7. A Doze mode that works when the phone is in sleep mode and that defaults to 30 minutes before going to that state.

Doze Basics

Doze leaves a 30 minute period before being activated in which the data connection is frozen so that they periodically connect and the apps can be updated and thus notifications are received. This is how Doze works normally.

With Naptime we can force this mode to be activated directly the moment we turn off the screen, it will always be active if we wish or if we can change the wait time and the frequency of the different sensors that the mode uses. We are going to move on to a tutorial in which we will go step by step so that you can better tune that Doze system, which is so important to increase battery life.

That said, we need the phone to have ROOT privileges, Android 6.0 Marshmallow and know if Doze is active in our terminal. You can visit this entry to check the latter.

How to tune Doze mode with Naptime

  • The first thing is download and install the Naptime app
  • We guarantee the ROOT access to the app right when the app starts. You must also allow the app to be able to modify system settings

  • We activate aggressive mode called in the app “Aggressive doze”. This will make the phone directly activate Doze mode when the screen turns off. Also, there is an option called “Disable Motion Detection” that when activated, Doze mode will always be active even if it detects motion, which is when this battery mode is normally deactivated.

  • The next interesting option is “Sensor app whitelist” which works in conjunction with “Disable Motion Detection” and allows you to choose an app that may require information from the sensors even if motion detection is deactivated. This option is very good for health or running apps like Google Fit, one that needs the accelerometer or gyroscope to count your steps

Sensor options They are for an advanced mode to tune when Doze is activated and we recommend that you be careful with the parameters, as some can be counterproductive. From the app itself we have the option to restore the settings to their normal values, so you also have to experiment to find different results.

Repeat that under aggressive Doze mode, turning off the screen you will not receive notifications in a relative period or music streaming apps will not work because the data tap has been turned off.


Akdemia, the startup that helps students and teachers

Many very interesting startups are born from the Wayra ecosystem. Akdemia is one of them and it offers to bring out the full potential of both teachers and students.

Education worldwide has remained stagnant in terms of innovation, especially in Latin America. This reality has generated an enormous gap between members of the educational community, directly affecting the quality and educational level of our future generations.

Teachers in particular are the ones who need the most support in this sense since they are not taken into account in making decisions about what tools can benefit their performance as teachers and at the same time they do not receive adequate preparation and training in information and technology technologies. communications (ICTs), this causes fear and ignorance about these new trends and some even think that it would add more workload, when the opposite is true. To the extent that teachers are more included in these processes, the greater the incorporation of technology in education will be.

Taking school management to another dimension

Seeking to change this reality, Akdemia was born in 2012, a company that is committed to changing this reality through the creation of an inclusive and friendly school management system for the entire educational community. Founded by Juan Andrés Lagrange, a young Venezuelan entrepreneur, who decided create a technological platform specifically focused on optimizing the management of administrative, managerial and communication processes between parents, teachers, students and administrative staff of a school.

“Akdemia is a technological platform developed specifically to optimize school management. We offer everything from the administration of online grades, the visualization of various graphic reports, an activity calendar, a virtual classroom that allows file sharing and even the sending of mass communications, the interaction between students and teachers through the wall. We are very proud to be one of the few companies in the educational sector, not only at the Latin American level but at the global level, which offers both web service and mobile application (app) dedicated exclusively to enhance communicative and academic processes within the Educational Institution.” Comments its CEO.

Likewise, Juan Andrés indicates that “Akdemia is designed to have a positive impact on students. When you are a child or teenager, you often do not realize the consequences that being a bad student can bring. That is why we seek to ensure that parents are more aware and can take action to avoid harming the future of their children. In fact, according to a study by Johns Hopkins University, it was found that parents who reach 85% involvement in their children’s education ensure that they are above the 97th percentile, that is, they are the best students. . Unfortunately, the general average of parental involvement barely reaches 40% and we want to change that reality.”

All this meant that in the same year of its foundation, Akdemia was selected by Telefonica Open Future’s Wayra initiative in Venezuela to be part of their business acceleration program. With its commitment to startups like this, Telefónica continues to demonstrate its great interest in revolutionizing digital education. Telefónica Educación Digital, Talentum Schools or Talentum Startups are clear examples of the real commitment that the telco makes to bring digital education to everyone.

Present and future

Akdemia today works with 20 schools in Peru and Venezuela and is carrying out a pilot with two schools in Spain. This translates to 14,000 students, almost 28,000 parents and 600 teachers using the app.

The company’s vision aims to have a global impact and highly supported by new technologies. Juan Andrés adds that “we can help thousands of schools around the world and support teachers to create more engaged students, providing relevant and dynamic content. I would like Akdemia to interact seamlessly with other school relevant technologies, from attendance management to reporting to gamified content. This is what we define as “an incredible school” and even though there are hundreds of obstacles to get there, being able to participate in these changes and such positive results motivates me to continue working to reach the goal of turning education into something great.”

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Fans discover a strange characteristic in Eren’s titan form

By now, Attack on Titan fans might think they know the series like the back of their hands. Creator Hajime Isayama finished the story a couple of years ago in print, and soon, the manga story will conclude in the anime. Earlier this year, the fourth part of Attack on Titan season 4 was released, and this marked the beginning of the end of the series.

But it was thanks to one scene in particular that Attack on Titan fans discovered a detail about the Titan that they had not noticed until now.

The update comes from Reddit, where the user Elfdemon1 gathered the evidence. As you can see below, Attack on Titan episode 88 features a close-up of a bird. The seagull is seen perched behind Armin and Annie as the group sails through the sea. In the shot, we can see the bird blinking its third eyelid, and the movement was very familiar to some keen-eyed fans.

Eren Jaeger’s Attack Titan has nictitating membranes (second eyelids) like a bird
by u/Elfdemon1 in ShingekiNoKyojin

After all, Eren’s titan form has used this animation before. Even in the early seasons of Attack on Titan, fans found footage of Eren blinking while he was in his Titan form. For a while, many thought the images were of Eren’s eyes glowing, but that’s not the case after all. It turns out that the titan also has a third eyelid like this seagull from season 4.

Attack on Titan has long used birds as a symbol of freedom, and that’s what Eren has dreamed of achieving his entire life. By transforming into a titan, he comes one step closer to freedom by acquiring this bird-like characteristic. Of course, the possession of a third eyelid (also called the nictitating membrane) is common in predators. From birds to cats to polar bears, these third eyelids allow their owners to protect their eyes while maintaining their vision for hunting. As such, it makes sense that the Titan would have that characteristic, and all it took was one seagull for fans to realize this.

Now, all eyes are on Attack on Titan season 4. The anime will return with its last episode this year as Studio MAPPA announced weeks ago. The release will end the Attack on Titan anime after years on the air.

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Why will we use more energy to cool than to heat?

In the future we will use more energy for cooling than for heating. Ironically, this activity will be the one that contributes the most to global warming.

The demand for air conditioning and other types of refrigeration is increasing by leaps and bounds. It has done so throughout the 20th century, but the needs are increasing and soon more energy will be used for cooling than for heating. It is expected that This limit will be crossed in the middle of this century. From that moment on, the irony will arise that the cooling process will contribute more to global warming than the heating process.

This paradox is sustained based on the amount of energy that will be dedicated to both tasks. Cooling will consume more resources than heating and will do so by relying on fossil fuelswhich are the main energy source today, as well as the main source of emissions into the atmosphere.

As the burning of these fossil fuels is expected to continue to be the most important way to obtain energy, the process that uses them most profusely will be the one that releases the most gases into the atmosphere. All this despite the fact that cooling is a relatively recent phenomenon.

We are talking, of course, about artificial refrigeration. Leaving aside the use of ice blocks or specially prepared structures to keep the temperature low, the first domestic air conditioning equipment appeared in 1914. The first refrigerators, as such, did not arrive until 1930which leaves barely a century for the development of this industry.

Now in developed countries the share of refrigerators per household is around 100%, while the installed base of air conditioning equipment continues to increase. They have become an everyday part of life in advanced economies. While air conditioning in cars is present in every vehicle less than ten years old.

But this is only the tip of the iceberg – although it may sound rhetorical to talk about more ice – since industrial refrigeration accounts for a large part of energy consumption. Storage and transportation of many foods It is only possible thanks to cooling. Many medicines, such as vaccines, need to be stored in low temperature conditions.

The steel industry, plastics processing and various sectors that fall within industrial chemical processes need refrigeration. Without forgetting what makes it possible for this blog to be written and read: data centers. These huge facilities full of servers are the pillars of the Internet and the heat they give off requires dedicated cooling systems so that the heat is dissipated and the equipment can continue to function.

Some data to illustrate the importance of artificial refrigeration and its growth. The United States uses as much electricity to cool buildings as all of Africa uses, for any purpose. The proportion of Chinese households that have refrigerators increased from 7% in 1995 to 95% in 2007. This Asian giant is joined by another, India, in its race towards energy consumption, a part of which will be dedicated to cooling.

The European Union predicts that in the next 15 years The energy used to cool buildings in Europe will increase by 72%. On the other hand, the amount used for heating will decrease by 30%.

Images: PublicDomainArchive and triosolution1

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Spotify adds videos to compete with YouTube

Spotify adds videos to compete with YouTube, and it seems that these guys are not going to stop until they get it. And this streaming music service that we all want to enjoy for free, has in mind to launch this week the videos for your platform. We are before the more direct competition for YouTubesince if we use Spotify, we will surely end up using the popular channel less than before.

Spotify adds video to its platform

We don’t have too much data, but we do know that both Android and iOS users will be able to see these videos on Spotify. If you are from Android, which I hope so, you will now be able to see them to starting this week, while if you are the bitten apple you will have to wait until the end of the next one. One week difference between both services, which will be how long it will take to implement the service from one device to the other.

On the other hand, it has also been said that the company plans to introduce content in the videos through brands such as BBC, Vice Media or Comedy Central, among other. The goal they have in mind is that what is shown makes sense with what is being heard.

We cannot ignore that users who use Spotify normally press play and minimize the app. That is to say, They start listening to music and doing other things. YouTube users do not blink while watching the video. Will Spotify users get used to watching videos again?

We’ll see how the Spotify video experiment works, if there are no changes, They will not have ads. It doesn’t look bad, and it is a way to cover more content and more possibilities for the user does not have to resort to third parties.

In which countries will we have the videos on Spotify?

Bad news, because the main countries to receive it will be United States, United Kingdom, Germany and Sweden. Let’s see if it doesn’t take long to arrive in Spain, but in a few days we will be able to give you a preview of how the service is enjoyed. It certainly won’t be wasted.

What do you think of the new YouTube video? Do you think it will catch on in the market?

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Google announces the start of the roll out of Android 4.1 on Nexus S: also arrived in Italy

Late yesterday evening Google, via the channel Nexus of Twitter, announced that it had started the roll out of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean for the Nexus S. We announced yesterday in a second Update of this post that the update had started in certain countries and, among these, there is also Italy.

Here is the Tweet:

We’ve started rolling out Android 4.1, Jelly Bean, to Nexus S phones on a number of carriers with more to come. Enjoy!

— Google Nexus (@googlenexus) July 20, 2012

The first Italian to receive it was a user who reported to us via Twitter theupdate via OTA on his Nexus S.

The Nexus S It therefore becomes the second Android device to have received the update and joins, so far, the only two terminals that feature Jelly Bean: Galaxy Nexus And Nexus 7.

death xiaomi Ξ TREND

Xiaomi and iQOO postpone conferences due to the death of former Chinese leader Mónica Marques November 30, 2023

Xiaomi was the first to cancel its conference scheduled for tomorrow and then iQOO also postponed its presentation scheduled for 2 from December.

The brands do not give an explanation, but the cause of the postponements must be the death of former Chinese leader Jiang Zemin, which placed China in a period of mourning.

The death of the former Chinese leader causes the postponement of the Xiaomi and iQOO conferences

Without any explanation, Xiaomi and iQOO announced that their conferences are scheduled for the next few days. 1 It is December 2, respectively, were postponed. Both brands made the announcement on the Chinese social network SamaGame with very similar texts that do not explain the reasons for the postponement.

Xiaomi, in its post, simply says that “the launch of the new series 13 has been postponed” and we will inform you later about a new date for the conference. He also thanks them for their “understanding and support.”

For its part, iQOO also reports that the “new product launches of the iQOO 11 and iQOO Neo 7 SI series have been postponed.” It also promises to inform about a new release date and, like Xiaomi, thanks for the support and understanding.

And although both brands have not given any explanation for this postponement, it could be due to the death of former Chinese leader Jiang Zemin. The news of this death was reported by the official Chinese news agency Xinhua, as well as by Reuters.

Jiang Zemin assumed leadership of China shortly after the Tiananmen Square protests in 1989 until the early 2000s. He was also the president who accompanied China’s rise to economic power around the world.

The former head of state had been fighting for a long time against a diagnosed leukemia that caused his death at the age of 96.

It was this loss that led both Chinese brands to postpone the events they had planned for the next two days.

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How to take a screenshot on XIAOMI Mi 8

Taking a screenshot on a XIAOMI Mi 8 is extremely useful in many situations. For example, to take a screenshot of a Snapchat sent to you by a colleague or to record important information viewed on the web. Therefore, today it is necessary to know the technique to take a screenshot on your XIAOMI Mi 8. Don’t worry, it is not very complex! In fact, there are different ways to take a screenshot on a XIAOMI Mi 8 and we will discover it in this post. We will first see how to take a screenshot with the help of the buttons on your smartphone. Then we will see how to take a screenshot with the XIAOMI Mi 8 menu. Finally, we will finally see what is the method to take a screenshot through an application.

Take a screenshot with the buttons of your XIAOMI Mi 8

This is probably the easiest and fastest way to take a screenshot with your XIAOMI Mi 8. In fact, to take the capture you only need to press several buttons at the same time. Pressing and holding the buttons may change depending on your phone model, but it should look like one of the following combinations:

  • Press simultaneously on off et Low volume.
  • Press simultaneously on off et high volume.
  • Press simultaneously return et on off.
  • Press the button at the same time Home et on off.

If the screenshot is taken on your XIAOMI Mi 8, you should see a kind of flash on the mobile screen, as well as a small click. Assuming you don’t notice or hear this, the capture didn’t take place. From time to time it happens that the buttons are not pressed at the same time. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there.

Take a screenshot using XIAOMI Mi 8 standby menu

This technique does not work on all smartphones, however, it is likely to work on the XIAOMI Mi 8. So the method is to use the standby menu to use the Screenshot option. So getting to this menu is awfully easy, just keep pressing the power button of the XIAOMI Mi 8. When you are there, you will arrive at the standby menu which offers several options including mobile restart or airplane mode. At that time, if you see an option Screenshot, just click on it to start screen copy. Assuming you don’t notice this option, it is most likely not available on the XIAOMI Mi 8. But don’t worry, it is still possible to take a screenshot easily with the apps.

Take a screenshot with an app

If you are looking for an easy way to take a screenshot with your XIAOMI Mi 8, rest assured that there may be a large number of applications that offer the opportunity to do so. So we have tested for you the Screenshot touch application that offers to take a screenshot more easily than with the processes seen above. In fact, this application allows you create shortcuts to show the screenshot option. This means that you can set the app to start capturing the screen when you shake the XIAOMI Mi 8, when you press and hold the photo button or why not when you click on the notification icon. It is true that it is much more interesting! It’s up to you to choose the shortcut you want and you’ll be able to take as many screenshots as you want. Feel free to check out our tutorial in case you don’t know how to install an app on XIAOMI Mi 8.

On which Android are screenshots recorded on the XIAOMI Mi 8

Taking a screenshot is nice, but you should also be able to find it on the XIAOMI Mi 8. Of course, if you’ve created a screen printer and want to share it or transfer it to your computer, you’ll need to know where it is. Most of the time, screenshots are saved in a folder that can be accessed from the photo gallery of your XIAOMI Mi 8. In fact, you must find a dedicated folder that contains all the captures. This will be the same folder in case you used an application. From now on, you know everything!

evil resident resident evil village Ξ TREND

Resident Evil Village Gold Edition: demo starting today, PS VR2 in progress

During the Resident Evil Showcase the release of a demo of Resident Evil Village Gold Edition which will allow you to experience the game in third person: this innovation, loudly requested by many fans, will be given to us before going out with the definitive version (maximum 60 minutes, from 21 October to 1.00 am).

During the Showcase it was also revealed that Resident Evil Village is being worked on for PlayStation VR2: thanks to the new Sony viewer, it will be possible to do many interesting things and interact with the environment dynamically. Resident Evil Village Gold Edition will be available from October 28, and those who have the standard version will be able to upgrade by paying for the DLC to the Gold version.


Block hidden calls on Condor Griffe T3

Knowing how to block the hidden calls you receive on the Condor Griffe T3 is essential. And yes, you may have received calls from an unknown number incessantly. Whether it is telephone prospecting or someone is harassing you, it is annoying to receive hidden calls on your Condor Griffe T3. In fact, to stop being harassed, you can block anonymous numbers. To do this, we will discover that there are several techniques to do it. We will start by following the steps to block hidden calls from the Condor Griffe T3 menu. We will then see what is the technique to automatically reject unknown calls on your Condor Griffe T3 with an application.

Block hidden calls from the automatic rejection of your Condor Griffe T3 call rejection

The easiest and fastest way to block hidden calls on your Condor Griffe T3 is to go through the mobile options to activate the blocking. To get there, you will have to enter the phone app of your Condor Griffe T3. This is the app you use to call and dial a number. When you are there, go to the section Keyboards then click the button menu. After that you have to enter Call settings and finally in Appeal rejection. It is necessary to finally open the auto reject list in which you should see the option appear hidden call. Simply check this option to block unknown calls on your Condor Griffe T3. The settings to enable automatic rejection of hidden calls may vary from time to time depending on the mobile model. In the event that you do not find these settings on your Condor Griffe T3, feel free to switch to the second technique which is just as effective.

Block unknown calls on your Condor Griffe T3 with a specialized application

In case you are looking to block unknown calls on your Condor Griffe T3, there are applications that will allow you to do so. In addition to being able to block hidden calls, these applications usually offer the possibility of blocking numbers, but also SMS. Some apps even allow you to block or reject calls at a certain time of day. Therefore, we recommend that you use the Call Blacklist app, which is versatile and easy to use. To block unknown calls, simply download and install this app on your Condor Griffe T3. When you’re done, you’ll need to open the app and go to parameters. When you are there, select ClosingThen in Blocking unknown numbers. It will be enough to finish checking the option Block private numbers so that the rejection is active. It’s okay, you will no longer be bothered by your Condor Griffe T3.

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How to activate two  step verification to improve the security of your online accounts

We show you how you can activate two step verification on Google, Facebook and Twitter. And we tell you where to look for instructions for other services.

We have talked a lot about security, from how we can create strong passwords or use an administrator for them, to how to keep our mobile phone safe. Users have many tools at hand to protect our data from malicious third parties, and the two step verification It is one of the most effective.

Companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter and Dropbox, to name a few, have incorporated this layer of security into their services. If you don’t know what it is, it’s something that’s been around since the 1980s, a method to identify a user using a combination of two different components: information that the user knows and something that the user possesses. A simple example of this is ATMs: what the user has is the card, and what the user knows is the pin. Two step verification has spread widely on the Internet to prevent anyone from accessing an account just by knowing the password.

There are many services that offer two step verification and if you want to know each and every one of them, you can check the website Two Factor Auth List which offers a list organized by categories with all the information about it, including a link with instructions to activate the feature on each site. Meanwhile, here we will explain how to activate two step verification on Google, Facebook, Twitter.


Google’s two step verification is one of the most complete. It offers the ability to receive text messages and phone calls anywhere in the world. There are also other options such as using a secondary phone number in case the primary one is not available, downloading backup codes that can be used only once, and if you want you can use your mobile or desktop devices as a form of verification.

To activate the service, go to this page dedicated solely to explaining what two step verification consists of. Once there you have to press the “Start” button at the top. On the next screen you will be asked to log in. If you have never set up anything in the security area of ​​your account, the next step will be to do so, which will involve adding a mobile phone number. However, in newer accounts, all of this information is requested by Google repeatedly, so the system will most likely tell you to verify your mobile number by sending a code via SMS or a call.

You have to wait to receive the code and then enter it in the box indicated on the website. The next step will tell you that if you log into your account from a reliable or trusted computer, you will not be asked for a code, but otherwise, you will need to have your cell phone at hand. This also means that If your phone is lost or stolen, you will need to go to one of the trusted computers to log into your account and change the settings. The last step is to activate two step verification.

When you finish you will be sent to another page where you can configure an alternate phone number, security codes to download and create security keys. From this link, you can deactivate two step verification if necessary. From now on, every time you log in to your Google account you must enter your password and the code sent to your mobile.


On Facebook, two step verification also depends on the mobile phone and can be configured by entering this link once you have logged in with your account. There you should look for “Login approvals”. To the right of this is a link that says “Edit” that we need to click on. Then we will see that we can check a box that will make Facebook ask for a security code every time you access your account from a browser that it does not know.

If you do not have a mobile number set up, you will now be prompted. If yes, you will only be sent a code by text message and then you will have to enter it in the box that appears on the Facebook page. Press “Continue” and then enter your password, which will confirm the change. Then you can enter the configuration again and you will see that You have ten codes available that you can print in case you go on a trip and don’t have your cell phone at hand. These can only be used once. To reverse this two step verification, simply edit “Login Approvals” again and uncheck the box.


To use two step verification for your Twitter account, you’ll need to do two things first:

  1. Confirm your email address, which is usually done right after creating your account thanks to an email that arrives to you automatically. You can go to your Account Settings to update your email if necessary.
  2. It is necessary to add a mobile number, which you can do from this link, after logging in to Twitter. A verification code will be sent to you via SMS immediately to activate the phone number.

After these two steps you can go to the Security area of ​​your Twitter account and you must check the first box that indicates Login Verification. Twitter will send another test message to your mobile. If you received the text message, indicate yes, and if not, you will need to check your phone number settings again. The next step will be to enter your password, which will save the changes and activate the two step verification service. Now you will see that you also have the possibility of requesting a backup code in case you do not have your mobile phone at hand and also generating a temporary password to log in with Twitter.

In the case of Twitter, You’ll always be prompted for a verification code, even when you sign in on a known device. To deactivate this service, you just have to uncheck the same Login Verification box.

Cover image: Kaboompics


Kevin Spacey acquitted of harassment charges against Anthony Rapp

One of the most sensational cases regarding the horrible fact of ___ual abuse in recent years has seen accusations among other stars and famous people, including Kevin Spacey. This was it accused by Anthony Rapp of having attempted to molest him in 1986, the year in which Rapp was still fourteen years old. The jury’s verdict was issued yesterday in Manhattan cleared Spacey of harassment charges.

This important verdict will certainly have a great weight not only in the actor’s personal life, but also in his career, given that due to the accusations received he has seen himself miss out on several roles in various films, as well as having received fines to pay for damages (as in the case of the House of Cards series). Let’s not forget though that this wasn’t the only accusation against Kevin Spacey, and he is still facing trial in the UK.

On the specific case, Rapp himself expressed himself via social media, without however coming clean about the verdict:

— Anthony Rapp on Mastodon @[email protected] (@albinokid) October 20, 2022

As you can read from the tweet, he he declared himself extremely grateful for receiving the opportunity to take his case before a jury, and emphasized how important this case was put under the spotlight the very important topic, as well as the need to fight for justice to be done.


Details emerge of the bug that is killing the Wii U

A little over two weeks ago, reports about a memory error appeared on Reddit. NAND that blocked the consoles Wii U. The only effective way to avoid this, since Nintendo no longer officially supports the system, was to turn it on from time to time.

More details emerged about the corruption problem in the NAND memory that is leaving at Wii U blocked. As previously noted, this occurs by not using the console for long periods of time (not exactly specified).

Its about error 106-0103 which appears as a notification on the Gamepad, This error is a death sentence for the console, as it warns of corruption of the NAND memory and crashes the system, there is no solution unless a backup has been saved via softmod.

It is useless to try to reset the console to factory settings. If there is no backup NANDNothing can be done.

“I had without using my Wii U about five years. The other day I decided to take it out but when I started it a black screen appeared with the activation code. error 160-0103which suggests an error in the system memory,” commented one user.

Nintendo hasn’t offered any comment or explanation, but the community has discovered that it appears the likelihood of this happening to your console depends on the NAND chip that your console has. Chips that were created by Hynx, Samsung either Toshiba. Everything seems to indicate that those with the fault are those manufactured by Hynixsince it degrades much faster than the chips of the other two brands. To find out what type of chip your Wii Uyou need to open it.

Via: Go Nintendo

mobile phone Ξ TREND

Do you know when the touch mobile phone was invented? Discover what was the first smartphone in history

Touch phones are the norm nowadays, and it’s a little hard to imagine a life without them, considering all the conveniences they bring. However, as it is obvious to assume, there was a time when it was not even thought that they could exist. If you have wondered when was the touch mobile phone inventedwe will summarize the history of these interesting devices as much as possible so that you briefly know their evolution over the years.

When was the touch mobile phone invented?

The first touch mobile phone, as it is known, was very different from the ones we see every day now. In fact, being the precursor, it had the same features as an older mobile phone, especially in terms of its impracticality in terms of size. It was called Simon Personal Communicator and came from the IBM brand.. When was this touch mobile invented? Its official commercial appearance It was in 1994shortly after wireless phones began to gain popularity and the popularity of Nokia and Motorola began to expand.

For its time, IBM’s Simon was quite advanced. It had a touch screen, with a 4.5-inch monochrome LCD panel. With this device you could make calls, send and receive emails and faxes, and even integrated several classic applications (calculator, calendar, clock and notepad). It had 1 MB of RAM, a processor running at 16 MHz, and It weighed just over 450 grams.

The main problem with this touch mobile phone was its autonomy. So It could only last a whole hour after being charged to 100%. Maybe it was a big part of what made him unattractive back then. The market went as many already know or experienced during those times: non-smart phones and basic flip phones dominated the market, going from monochrome screens to those that came with coloruntil in 2007 Apple launched its first mobile phone with a touch screen and changed the rules of the game.

The iPhone 1 or 2G made way for the new generation. Thus, smartphones began to invade the mobile phone market at a rapid pace, until they became what we know today. Today, they are the faithful allies of many to stay connected and always aware of trends in the world.

Did you already know the true first smartphone in history?

online Ξ TREND

How to recruit and select personnel online and choose the best profiles?

Online recruitment and selection is here to stay, thanks to its great effectiveness when it comes to managing human capital compared to traditional methods.

He Coronavirus has had a notable impact on the labor market, by causing some companies to paralyze part of their hiring processes, hoping that the situation will be overcome. However, companies have to remain active and reduce the economic impact of the pandemic, integrating new and better professional profiles. Against this backdrop, online recruitment and selection play a fundamental role in the present and future.

Currently and thanks to technology, Several aspects have been changed when selecting personnel, which has had a positive influence and brings great advantages such as multiculturalism that occurs thanks to the support of recruitment and selection software, in the case of remote work and teleworking.; since the candidate can be chosen from any location; country or city you find, without having to be in person, which adds to the diversity of the companies, because different cultures complete each other and unite, the work is potentiated.

All this thanks to technology with specialized software that is used to evaluate candidates, in addition to collecting and processing the information of each one so that the human resources area is responsible for analyzing it in depth. On the other hand, according to an interview conducted by Buk Colombia with UBITS, a company that implemented 100% work at home, considers tools that allow traceability of a candidate and facilitate approval flows to be important. Here is the full interview.

Nowadays, with the new normal, even the most traditional processes are impacted by new technologies. For Camilo Mejía, Country Manager of Buk Colombia, “few people would imagine the great practicality of online recruitment and selection for the candidates and for the interviewer, since it expands the possibilities for the latter, because there are candidates from various cities and regions removing geographical limits, companies have perceived that this alternative saves time and money. In addition to ensuring the best talents, thanks to the updated databases in which a pool is created with all the candidates, knowing their history, past applications, references and reports.” Also adding advantages for candidates since being online they can participate in more processes in different companies and considering tools that allow traceability of a candidate and facilitate approval flows to be important.

Another aspect that takes on great importance is immediacy, due to the speed at which the digital environment moves. You just have to wait a few minutes after publishing a job offer to start receiving applications, Recruitment speed is essential as it also centralizes work, eliminates many manual tasks, performing an automatic collection of accurate, relevant and organized information. In addition to facilitating searches in candidate databases by excluding those who do not fit the process. In short, it saves a lot of time for HR teams.”

These new technologies also personalize and manage, because by particularizing the recruitment and selection processes within the company, they define the different stages through which a candidate must advance and permanently monitor their progress, specifying the different processes according to the nature of the position or type of recruitment. Likewise, through application forms compatible with mobile devices, the candidate experience is improved and a classification is made based on the same specific criteria with personalized questionnaires and pre-filters in the processes.

On the other hand, online job selection allows applicants to be filtered based on various parameters and through technological advancement the impact of an offer can be analyzed, which allows for better analysis.

Buk experts assure that recruitment and selection software reduces human resources costs by up to 62% and in a hiring process, the time to fill a position is reduced by up to 68%.

xbox Ξ TREND

These games join Xbox Game Pass

Something very particular about online video game services, especially those that give the user assembled titles to try on the platform, is that from time to time there is rotation, that is, some leave and others stay. That is something that precisely does Xbox Game Passadding new proposals for the following weeks.

For example, today users can try no more and no less than Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdoma strategy RPG game that spiritually follows the first installment of Level 5. For its part, within a short time it will arrive MLB The Show 23baseball pitch that is surprisingly owned by the company itself sony.

Here is the list with dates:

– Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom – The Prince’s Edition (Cloud, Console and PC) – Available now

– MLB The Show 23 (Cloud and Console) – March 28

– Infinite Guitars (Cloud, Console, and PC) – March 30

– Ghostwire: Tokyo – (Consoles, Cloud and PC) April 12

These are the games that leave on March 31:

– A Memoir Blue (Cloud, Console and PC)

– Chinatown Detective Agency (Cloud, Console and PC)

– ClusterTruck (Cloud, Console and PC)

– Double Dragon Neon (Cloud and Console)

– Kraken Academy!! (Cloud, Console and PC)

– MLB The Show 22 (Cloud and Console)

– Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid (Cloud, Console and PC)

Remember that Game Pass andis available in PC and consoles Microsoft.

Via: XboxNews

Editor’s note: No big games are really leaving the catalog, so users of the service should not worry at all. For its part, Ni No Kuni II is a game you should try, it is very worth it.

black death Ξ TREND

Wakanda Forever, the death of Black Panther changed history

The screenwriter and director of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, Ryan Cooglerrecently explained how the film’s script changed after the death of Chadwick Boseman. Furthermore, the director also revealed what the film was originally going to focus on.

In an interview with colleagues at The Hollywood Reporter, Coogler explained that the Black Panther sequel was originally supposed to be a much more intimate story and centered on T’Challa played by the late Boseman.

After his death in 2020, however, Marvel decided to don’t look for a new actor for the character, so Coogler and co-writer Joe Robert Cole decided to write a new story. Here are the director’s words on the matter:

The script we wrote before Chadwick’s death was very much rooted in T’Challa’s perspective. It was a huge movie but at the same time a character study that would delve into his psyche and his situation.

The rewrite of the script following Boseman’s death still retained the concept of exploration of the protagonist characteralthough in this case the focus will be on one new Black Pantherwhose identity has not yet been revealed. The producer of Wakanda Forever Nate Moorein this sense, revealed the following:

Black Panther has existed in Wakanda for centuries, so the idea of ​​someone else taking on this identity didn’t seem inorganic. But once this became a reality, we asked ourselves what made the most sense for the story and which character we should focus on.

To conclude, we remind you that Black Panther: Wakanda Forever will be released in Italian cinemas on November 9, 2022while in the US ones the11 November.

ball dragon dragon ball dragon ball z Ξ TREND

Engineer creates Dragon Ball Z tortillas

Nowadays, finding a job is not as easy as it may seem, that is precisely because you must not only have a completed professional career, but also extensive experience in the field. This means that many recent graduates cannot demonstrate their skills, since companies do not usually hire newbies into positions.

This has led to many university students generally not practicing what they studied, and that is precisely what is happening with a young man of TikTok which has gone viral, given that he has left the engineering profession to sell tortillas. However, they are not normal tortillas, since they go through a printing process that includes figures of Dragon Ball.


I’m an engineer but I’m going to get involved as a tortillero #entrepreneurship #ifyoucan #LoDiscubriEnTikTok

♬ World’s Smallest Violin – AJR

From what can be seen in the stories shared through the social network of the moment, the tortilla shop is called The Mexican, and they not only offer products with printing of the anime created byr Akira Toriyama. There are also popular superhero forms of Marveleven that of famous singers like the group btsso customers have been pouring in.

This type of venture is something new, since the tortilla market is quite rigid in terms of ideas, but this demonstration could give ideas to those who have a similar business. And now, the future of the engineer seems promising, since he constantly shares updates on how they are progressing with the sale of the product.

Via: TikTok

Editor’s note: Without a doubt it is something that attracts a lot of attention, it is possible that they will later launch Mario Bros or even Pokémon designs, personally I would take a kilo for family meal time.