Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: This is what the official Porsche 911 for the game looks like

Square Enix is ​​letting it go when it comes to marketing Final Fantasy VII Rebirth no stone unturned. From Nissin noodles to cloud cookies to the Google surprise. Now there is also a Porsche collaboration.

You read that right, Porsche – the automobile manufacturer. They launched a campaign together under the motto “Driven by Dreams” and released a visionary short film that shows the creative minds behind Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: Tetsuya Nomura, Yoshinori Kitase and Naoki Hamaguchi.

The three lead developers drive through the streets of Tokyo in two legendary Porsche 911s – one of the classic cars from (of course not coincidentally) 1997 and the latest model from 2024. They look back on the legacy of the original Final Fantasy VII.

Porsche is celebrating the collaboration with a Porsche 911 in a special design, inspired by Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. The car is on display at the Porsche Experience Center in Los Angeles. The rest is PR and a bit of philosophy.

“Here at Porsche, we are inspired by dreamers from around the world – those who are driven to make a difference. Few people represent this pioneering spirit as much as the team behind FINAL FANTASY VII, which has redefined the role-playing game genre and raised the bar for the art form of video games,” says Deniz Keskin, Director Brand Management & Partnerships at Porsche AG.

Producer Yoshinori Kitase said: “For Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, like the original Final Fantasy VII, development began with the dream of creating something that would set a new standard for storytelling in the next generation of video games. Dreaming means overcoming many challenges, but it also opens up many new opportunities. We share a willingness to reinvent things and challenge established norms with our friends at Porsche.”

The short film “Driven By Dreams”

Images: Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, Square Enix


Confusion about Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: Production error causes incorrectly printed discs

In Japan, February 29, 2024 is only a few minutes away, but like here, many fans already have Final Fantasy VII Rebirth in their hands. Japanese trade seems to be just as impatient as German trade.

Anyone who opened their retail version in Japan saw two discs, as promised. The “Data Disc” for installation and the “Play Disc” for playing. Change CDs like back then? It’s not that bad after all.

Instead, there’s a whole other problem with the Japanese retail version, as fans quickly discovered. The disc printing is swapped. Initial confusion on social media quickly gave way to certainty as Japan’s Famitsu reported and later Square Enix clarified.

The installation disc was given the “Play Disc” label during production and the game disc was given the incorrect “Data Disc” label. Square Enix asks fans to insert the “Play Disc” first, then the “Data Disc” to play.

In a blog post, the Japanese website now confirms that this faux pas is due to an “error in the manufacturing process at Sony Interactive Entertainment” and that it can confirm that the labeling printed on the disc surface is reversed. The workaround is very simple and as already described.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will be released on February 29, 2024. A playable demo is available on the PlayStation Store. Want to stay up to date on all things Final Fantasy VII Rebirth? Here you can find all articles from our detailed reporting.

Images: Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, Square Enix


Find Hogwarts Legacy Kraken Cave: Feed giant octopuses?

Where to find the Octopus Cave in Hogwarts Legacy? Where and especially when can you find the Kraken in the open game world? Can you also feed the monster or interact with it? Anyone who has already spent an hour or two in the world of the new Harry Potter game may have already seen the giant octopus. The Kraken can be found in the lake around Hogwarts Castle and the first encounter is usually during the first flying lesson. In this short guide we show what the monster is all about and where you can find it.


  • Where can you find the octopus?
    • Can you feed the octopus?
  • Find and enter the Kraken cave

Where can you find the octopus?

In Hogwarts Legacy, the Kraken can only be found by chance in the lake around the castle. Similar to the dragon, the kraken appears randomly and there is currently no way to attract and spawn the kraken. If you fly around the lake a little, you can see the giant octopus every now and then and stretch its tentacles out of the water. But there is one exception where you can always find at least the kraken’s tentacles. The exception is the Slytherin common room. In the Slytherin common room you can close the window with the basic spell and a few seconds later the octopus will hit its tentacle against the window. In another article we have already shown where you can find the Slytherin common room.

Can you feed the octopus?

You cannot interact with the Kraken. There is no possibility of interaction when you are close to it, nor can you feed the octopus by, for example, bringing a cow or another animal/object to it.

Find and enter the Kraken cave

Anyone who has already explored the world around Hogwarts Castle a little will probably have discovered the entrance to a small cave in the rocks to the east of the castle. In the cave you can see a tapestry or mosaic with the giant octopus. Many players assume that this is the “octopus cave” in which the monster can be found, but that is not entirely the case. To enter the “Krakenhöhle” you have to complete Scropes’ side quests as a Slytherin (not possible with other houses). In the Scropes quest called “Last Hope” you can enter the octopus caves and find some treasure there, but not the giant octopus.

Tip: This is how you can ride the giant dragon in Hogwarts Legacy.


Many EA Sports FC players have been outraged after ‘discovering’ that Ultimate Team matches are rigged, but it’s just a false theory that’s been circulating for years

There are many players in the EA Sports FC community who have accused the developers of match fixing. The story dates back practically to the launch of the Ultimate Team mode, when the term ‘Handicap’ began to become popular. According to some users, the game had a system that punished players with better cards by causing their defenses to fail more while they were controlled by the machine or their shots hitting the suit more frequently. Although it has remained in the past, it was a really popular thought and there were even players who filled their benches with bronze cards to reduce the impact of this supposed mechanic created by Electronic Arts and hidden in the game code. Now this theory is not taken into account, but the conspiracies have not disappeared.

A new year, a new conspiracy about EA Sports FC

Currently, complaints regarding this alleged match-fixing at EA Sports FC are related to the ‘Momentum‘. Supposedly, this is a mechanic that favors the losing player to lead to more closely contested matches and epic comebacks. It causes the CPU of the player ahead on the scoreboard to become stuck, resulting in different effects depending on who you ask. Defenses that do not steal the ball, failed passes, suspicious rebounds that always benefit the same player or long shots that sneak into the top corner. The idea is always the same: “In some way that I don’t describe, the game is being turned against me to give an advantage to my opponent, who he’s beating me unfairly and he actually plays worse than me.

The situation has become even more exaggerated over the last few days. It has started to go viral a YouTube video that supposedly confirms this theory. In it we see a user playing a FUT Champions match normally. However, everything changes when they score a goal. A temporary message appears at the top right of the screen informing you that the difficulty has been reduced. It would start in “Legend” when the result is a 0-0 draw and with each goal it would go down one step until reaching “Beginner” if we lose by five or more. This is where the problem arises. Although the video appears to be manipulated, many users who want to believe in the ‘Momentum’ theory have used it as proof that EA Sports is deceiving us.

This is the image that caused the controversy. Look at the upper right corner.

It is surprising, since even professional players have defended this video as proof of the existence of the ‘Momentum’. Corentin “RocKy” Chevrey, who has been competing for eight years and is still active in this EA Sports FC 24, wrote the following on social networks: “I don’t even understand why everyone has been surprised (…) We have known for years that the game is ‘scripted’ to favor one of the two players during matches and that this ‘advantage’ will even change from one side to the other during the same match. It remains quite blatant as always and there is no need for proof to know it. You just need play a lot,” said the Frenchman.

The reality is that, although for the last seven years players have tried to find evidence confirming the existence of ‘Momentum’, no one has made any progress. In fact, This is the strongest evidence in history. A YouTube video uploaded by an anonymous account showing a bug that, among the thousands of EA Sports FC matches played every weekend, only affected him. We are not going to make much more effort to deny the story because it does not seem necessary. However, there is a real reason why gamers might distrust Electronic Arts. This is a patent that the company carried out in 2016.

Players filled their bench with mediocre cards to lower the rating to four and a half stars.

Electronic Arts registered in 2016 a patent for dynamic difficulty adjustment in their video games. The title is quite self-descriptive, since it would be a system that would allow “the difficulty level of a video game to be automatically adjusted” so that it is “undetectable by a user” with the aim of “increasing player retention.” The company’s theory is that the games would be more equal so that they would be much more interesting, causing players to remain active in the video game for longer. Ultimately this could increase sales of future installments of said games, those of microtransactions or improve the general image of the company.

The reality is, however, that this patent is not applied to EA Sports FC. This has been confirmed, at least, the justice of the State of California. The company faced a lawsuit in the United States accusing it of using “dynamic difficulty adjustment” to manipulate players into buying more packs in different games that include Ultimate Team mode. The reality is that there was never a single solid piece of evidence on this matter and the lawsuit was dropped. “We have provided plaintiffs with detailed technical information and access to our engineers, confirming (once again) that we do not use scripting or dynamic difficulty adjustment in Ultimate Team modes,” the company’s final statement read. .

In this sense, it seems difficult to defend the perspective that a YouTube video is enough to refute an entire judicial process. Luck has a considerable influence on EA Sports FC matches and it is normal that sometimes we feel disadvantaged by the game. However, these are design elements that are in no way related to ‘Momentum’. The title has a lot of room for improvement in the CPU’s behavior when defending, offering clear passing lines when the opponent pressures the ball out. Fatigue also affects the performance of the players considerably, giving the impression that the opponent is not passing over them. There are many elements to criticize, but that does not mean that the game is actively fixing games.


Sims 4 Mirror Items: Is it possible?

How do you mirror an item in The Sims 4? Which key or cheat can you use to mirror an object? One or two players of the popular life simulation who are in the process of building a house and then decorating it and want to place several asymmetrical objects in the house will perhaps be concerned with this question. The question of mirroring objects often arises when objects are placed next to each other and the orientation of the object is only in one direction. In order to get a “symmetrical overall result”, it would be practical if you could mirror an item. But is that even possible?

How can you mirror an object?

Even though you can rotate an object in all directions and even change its size in The Sims 4, it is unfortunately not yet possible to mirror an object. There is neither a button that allows you to mirror an object at the push of a button, nor is there a cheat. The reason is probably because there is no mirrored variant stored for the respective 3D objects. If you want to mirror an item from build mode, this is only possible by mirroring the 3D object of the item using appropriate 3D software (i.e. only for modders). That’s exactly what some modders do, because you can sometimes find custom content with played objects from the game online. The latter are usually plants or other asymmetrical objects.

  • Rotate item left and right: comma and period key
  • Enlarge and reduce the size of an object: ? key and ´ key (to the left of backspace)

Mirrored items via CC

As mentioned above, you can find frequently played items for Sims 4 on the well-known custom content sites such as This usually involves two variants of the item, one played and one not mirrored.

Has anything changed in the meantime and is there now an easy way to mirror an item in The Sims 4? If so, we would be happy to hear from you in the comments and we will add the information here.


Pokémon Day 2024: Free gifts await you at this event in Germany

Pokémon Day 2024 is approaching, this year it will also take place on February 27th. The date dates back to the original release of Pokémon Green and Red Editions in Japan on February 27, 1996.

In recent years, The Pokémon Company has reliably celebrated the day, often with an edition of Pokémon Presents. Now there are the first plans for 2024.

This is how Pokémon Day 2024 will be celebrated

The Pokémon Company will celebrate Pokémon Day with a few special features in the duo flagship store in Berlin. The store at The Playce on Potsdamer Platz is being expanded to mark the anniversary. From February 17th to March 30th, 2024 you can immerse yourself in the world of Pokémon in a new themed area.

There are also special events on two days. There will be “free gifts” and “the chance to meet and take photos with Pikachu” at an event on March 2nd and March 23rd, 2024. Attending the events is free. There are no details about what the gifts actually look like.

“Be sure to bring your Pokémon TCG collection so you can have fun with other Pokémon fans in the supervised trading and play area,” they continued.

Speculation about new remakes

So much for the official part. Of course, there is already speculation about what could happen for Pokémon Day 2024. Of course, new announcements are always at the top of Pokémon fans’ wish lists.

One such could revolve around remakes of Pokémon Black and White. There are very current rumors about this. After the new editions of “Diamond and Pearl” they would at least be the next candidates for a rejuvenation treatment.

Images: The Pokémon Company


As an absolute fan of Berserk, I understand that Henry Cavill is in all the pools to be Guts in a possible series or movie, and it goes beyond physical appearance.

Berserk is one of the most beloved manga of all time. It is the work that inspired Hidetaka Miyazaki and his entire artistic team to build a large part of the universe of Dark Souls, Bloodborne and Elden Ring. It’s such an important comic that it even survived the death of Kentaro Miura, and continues to be developed today. Because Berserk is an achievement of dark, sinister and terrifying fantasy. Precisely for this reason, it is so common to hear the cry “Read Berserk!” from any of his many fans, myself included. The problem is that although the work has several anime adaptations, there is none that captures its essence well. That’s why it would be great to try live action.

Berserk is a gritty, bloody, abusive, monstrous and visceral manga. That’s why it would look great as a live-action production. Furthermore, we must show the world that Game of Thrones does not measure up to the story of the dark and cursed warrior. Very based opinion, I know.

There is a lot of desire for a series about Berserk, which actor do we choose?

After the success of the One Piece live action, and the imminent arrival of Yu Yu Hakusho, the community has begun to fantasize about creating a Berserk series. And the main question is who could be the protagonist? And, obviously, the name of Henry Cavill He was one of the first to come to the table.

In addition to his other roles, Henry Cavill has managed to penetrate the gaming community for his portrayal of Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher series. The truth is, I didn’t like this series at all, and this opinion is not just mine. It doesn’t respect the original material, it has production problems… So, Why so much affection for an actor who comes from an adaptation that is not perfect?

We all know the answer, because Henry fought tooth and nail to ensure that the scriptwriters respected the novels, that they stopped inventing strange plots and that they paid a heartfelt tribute to the work of Andrzej Sapkowski. And what was the result of his efforts? They sent him to the street. Precisely for this we want Henry as Guts, so that what is in Kentaro Miura’s manga is respected as faithfully as possible. We fans want actors committed to the project, as much as the cast of the One Piece series is. There’s a reason it turned out so well.

Because you have to be honest and realize the reality, my dear scriptwriters. Time and experience have shown us that you do not know how to add better ideas than those already contained in the author’s original work. This is so, so let’s choose actors, producers, directors and writers who are clear about this and who are committed to making a good and faithful adaptation.

Henry Cavill would be a perfect Guts

There are more reasons to want Henry as Guts. To begin with, his excellent physical tone matches that of Berserk’s antihero. They both have a similar height. It is estimated that the warrior is 1.90, and the actor is 1.85. Furthermore, both share the same languid look and a certain tenderness when it comes to smiling. And I think these characteristics are key to adapting it well.

And there is also another positive factor. Since Guts has short hair, Henry wouldn’t have to wear another terrible wig like the one he wore in The Witcher. So it’s all advantages. Of course, there is a problem with the choice of this actor. The best arc of the entire manga takes place when Guts is very young, so we would have to find an actor to play him as a teenager. I don’t see Henry wearing enough makeup to look like a fourteen-year-old, really.

Anyway, choose whoever you choose, please, that is not Robert Pattinson nor Ben Affleck. They are two names that are also being considered, and I don’t think the role suits them at all. But what do I know, I didn’t like them as Batman either. If I had to choose a Japanese actor, the truth is that I would choose Mackenyu. He does a great job playing the beastly Zoro. Can you imagine him being Guts and looking as hard as he looks at Griffith? Now that I think about this character, Robert Pattinson may have played Griffith well.

This is my opinion, so now it’s your turn to comment, What do you think of Henry Cavill as Guts? Do you like the idea or do you find it more interesting to explore the alternative of having new actors or another? We read your comments with interest. Although I think we all agree that a live-action adaptation of Berserk would be a dream come true.


Hikvision cameras pose ‘threat’ to Canada’s security, says Canadian Secret Service

Hikvision cameras constitute a danger for the country’s security because China could use them to spy on Canada, say the Canadian secret services in a security alert sent to the government of Quebec, of which our Bureau of Investigation obtained a copy.

• Read also: Disturbing Chinese cameras in around fifty cities, ministries and hospitals in Quebec

“Chinese company Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Co. Ltd poses a threat to Canada’s national security because it and its products could serve as an intelligence collection platform at home and abroad,” the document reads. . from the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) dated November 2, 2022.

This “security alert”, which details the numerous security flaws of these cameras, was sent last year to several partners of the Canadian secret services, including the Ministry of Digital Cybersecurity of Quebec, to warn them against Chinese company.

We reported Monday that around fifty Quebec public organizations, including the City of Montreal and Hydro-Québec, currently have Hikvision cameras while their use is restricted in the United States and the United Kingdom. Hikvision has also been accused in the past of participating in the repression of the Uyghur minority in China.



Under the control of China

In this warning to its partners, CSIS recalls that the United States had reported as early as 2020 that Hikvision was under the control of the People’s Liberation Army of the People’s Republic of China (PRC).

“Across the world, ‘smart city’ systems use Hikvision’s facial recognition technologies, which can create a platform for the PRC to carry out espionage activities abroad. Additionally, Hikvision products have security vulnerabilities that make them extremely vulnerable… These security vulnerabilities, combined with gaps in privacy controls, allow the PRC to intercept private data remotely,” it reads. in this alert.

The memo also details links between the Chinese company and China’s campaign of repression of the Uyghur minority in the Xinjiang region.

“The company’s security equipment has been used to closely monitor public places and concentration camps in the Chinese region as well as provide in-depth analysis (…) More than a passive supplier, Hikvision is responsible for organize, implement and directly manage surveillance. projects in Xinjiang, at least until 2040,” the report also states.

No recommendation in Quebec

In Quebec, the Ministry of Digital Cybersecurity (MCN) has not issued any directives or recommendations to ministries regarding the use of Hikvision cameras.

The Quebec Ministry of Transport even purchased 4,000 cameras from the Chinese brand last year for video conferences for its officials.

“The Department takes into account the recommendations of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service in its analyzes of products or assets in order to assess the level of risk. The MCN would also like to emphasize that it is continuing its monitoring of risks and cybersecurity. Although to date no guidelines or recommendations have been formulated for specific products, including Hikvision, the MCN is continuing its analyses. As part of this work, the diversity of use of these products as well as the existing legislative framework had and must be taken into account to make the best recommendations, which requires several articulation,” commented the MCN by email.

With the collaboration of Yves Lévesque and Chrystian Viens



These 7 incredible Spider-Man games will come to Xbox Game Pass, as long as Microsoft agrees with Marvel

Although the relationship between Spider-Man and PlayStation today seems unbreakable, the reality is that just a few years ago Spidey games (and Marvel in general) came to all consoles under the Activision seal. Those days are over, but there’s still some hope for Xbox gamers… as long as Marvel agrees.

With Microsoft’s purchase of Activision Blizzard King, it is expected that games like , , and can land on Game Pass during 2024. But What’s up with all the Marvel games, mainly Spider-Man? Well, considering that those games were licensed by Marvel, Microsoft would have to pay the license to Disney again, in order to have those games on Xbox Game Pass.

Previously, Activision has had to remove Marvel games from digital stores, as the license ran out. Such was the case of the , who returned for a limited time with their version. Even Capcom has suffered from this situation, and only a few lucky ones took advantage of the return of the classics more than 10 years ago.

Be that as it may, Microsoft has enough money to reach an agreement with Disney and Marvel, as long as it has several of the Spider-Man games on Game Pass. And, who knows, in one of those you may even bring to life several heroes and stories from comics, exclusively for Xbox and with studios that have already worked with these characters.

7 Spider-Man games we want to see on Game Pass.

Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions

This was the game that started the idea of ​​the Spider-Verse. Long before the Miles Morales comics and movie, Dan Slott wrote a short original story for the game developed by Beenox. Four Spider-Men vs Mysterioin one of the arachnid’s most epic adventures.

Spider-Man: Edge of Time

A direct sequel to but focused solely on classic Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2099. The direct sequel is worth having on Game Pass… despite not being a game with as much quality as the original. Be that as it may, Beenox gained experience for the following deliveries.

The Amazing Spider-Man 1 and 2

These games are, most likely, the most difficult to get for Xbox, since they not only have to talk to Marvel and Disney, but also with Sony Pictures. Despite his failed time on the big screen, had two decent gameswith a lot of stories and characters that we did not see in movie theaters.

Spider-Man: Web of Shadows

If you thought Spider-Man in a black suit was the coolest thing, get ready for a much darker story. In 2008, Shaba Games took advantage of the trends of multiple endings, focused on a good and bad path, so that players made one of the most important decisions of the character: Whether or not Peter Parker keeps the symbiote suit.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 and 2

Although they are not exclusive Spider-Man games, Peter Parker’s participation is key in both stories… or, rather, in the teams we can form. adapts several modern Avengers stories, such as and . have to wolverine and Spider-Man on the same team It’s enough to want both games on Game Pass.

Spider-Man 1, 2 and 3

There’s nothing like a good hit of nostalgia to be a hit these days. Without a doubt, Tobey Maguire’s trilogy remains a favorite of Spider-Man fans and its adaptations for PS2 and Xbox are fondly remembered; especially for the possibility of playing in an open world. As with , reviving these games depends, in large part, on Sony Pictures.

Ultimate Spider-Man

Probably the best Spider-Man game out there (even before Insomniac). In we have the possibility of playing in an open world, passing some levels with Venom and learning a story directly inspired by the comics of the Ultimate line. Besides, Treyarch developed the game with a graphical style , allowing us to fully immerse ourselves in the comic-like narrative. It would be a dream to play this title again on Game Pass.


Nintendo Switch vs Smartphones

This week Huawei unveiled its new flagship smartphone, the Huawei Mate 20 X. It is an impressive device that combines the best that technology has to offer at the moment, with three rear cameras, a 5000 mAh battery, 6 GB of RAM, 128 GB of internal storage and the new octo-core Kirin processor. In addition, they have a massive 7.2 inch screen, making the Huawei Mate 20 X an attractive smartphone for entertainment, especially for watching videos and playing video games.

It must be because of this that Huawei felt it should make a comparison with the Nintendo Switch. And so it did. At one point in the presentation, Huawei showed its new smartphone with the Nintendo Switch side by side, stating that the Mate 20 X is the best portable video game machine. Is there any truth to this statement? We know in advance that it is an unfair comparison for several reasons, but we decided to take the bait of Huawei and make a comparison of Nintendo Switch with smartphones, based on the Huawei Mate 20 X.

Price – 899 euros vs 329 euros

This is how Justin Bieber (in DJ Khaled’s song) says, “it’s a no-brainer, it ain’t that hard to choose”. The Huawei Mate 20 X has better specs than the Nintendo Switch, but it is much more expensive. It is almost three times more expensive than Nintendo Switch in Europe, so it was bad if it didn’t have superior features. There’s no denying that the Huawei Mate 20 X’s screen is better… the battery also has more capacity, there’s more RAM and in theory the Kiri processor might even be higher than the Nintendo Switch’s Tegra X1, but for 329 euros, the Nintendo console does not unravel anything badly. This takes us to the next topic …


The volume of games currently available for any smartphone is daunting, but few really matter. Both the App Store and Google Play are immersed in extremely low quality games. Although the volume of games on the Nintendo Switch eShop has increased significantly in recent months and, consequently, the quality has also decreased, the Nintendo console continues to have a vastly superior offer, not to mention the issue of exclusives.

Nintendo Switch has games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, Splatoon 2, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, among others, which were developed from scratch for the console and are not available on any other platforms. The quality of games for smartphones has increased lately, but the reality is that they are not yet on the same level as games developed exclusively for consoles. So on this issue, although you can play games on your smartphone like PUBG, Fortnite and Arena of Valor, the Nintendo Switch catalog is superior.

There are no games like that for smartphones yet


Touch controls even work well in some games, but in general, the physical buttons are much better for playing. Huawei seems to know this and has created an official accessory for the Huawei Mate 20 X. Despite this, the accessory only offers an analog and d-pad. The Nintendo Switch has all the buttons on a traditional controller. It also has the advantage that the joy-con has been designed as an integral part of the console concept and several games even allow you to play with only one joy-con, making it easy to live with a second player. Joy-Cons also have motion controls and HD Rumble, things that the Huawei accessory does not.

The Huawei Mate 20 X requires a separately purchased accessory to have physical controls.


Making direct comparisons is tricky because most Nintendo Switch games are not available for other devices, but we can take Fortnite Battle Royale, one of the most popular and most demanding games for mobile. Fortnite is also available for Nintendo Switch and Digital Foundry made a comparison between three versions: iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch. Although the Nintendo Switch loses in things like resolution and viewing distance, all mobile versions aim to reach 30 frames per second.

Therefore, the smartphone versions of Fortnite can be visually superior to the Nintendo Switch, but we cannot fail to mention that we are talking about equipment that cost between 800 and 900 euros, while the price of the Nintendo Switch is lower. Smartphones are capable of performing tasks that the Nintendo Switch does not, but the Nintendo console has the advantage of being a platform exclusively for games, which allows for an optimization and much better use of the hardware.

Unfortunately, we cannot compare how the games of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, DOOM and The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim would perform as these games are not available for smartphones (and there are not even similar games).

In the case of Fortnite, the smartphone versions are visually superior.


Finally, a point in favor of the Huawei Mate 20 X! According to Huawei’s comparison, your smartphone has a battery capable of playing Arena of Valor for more than 6 hours, while the same game on the Switch drains the battery in just over 3 hours. What is curious is that the Mate 20 X battery does not have a much larger capacity than the Switch battery. The Huawei smartphone has a 5000 mAh battery, while the Switch has a 4310 mAh battery. Perhaps the Nintendo Switch needs an optimization in this matter, since Huawei can extract more than 3 hours with a battery that is only slightly larger.

Other things to consider

As a gaming machine, there is no doubt that the Nintendo Switch is superior to any smartphone at the moment, contrary to Huawei’s claims. But we have to underline that smartphones have, on a daily basis, more uses than the Nintendo Switch. We can use smartphones as cameras, to work, make calls, browse social networks, watch videos on Youtube and Netflix and many other things that are not possible on Nintendo Switch.

As we said at the outset, it is not a fair comparison for either party. A smartphone is a device designed for multitasking, the Nintendo Switch is a dedicated gaming machine. Still, Nintendo could already have added more features, such as an application for Youtube and Netflix. Smartphones have another advantage for online games, which is Internet data. Nintendo Switch only has WiFi, which means you can’t play in the middle of the street unless you have an Internet connection.

A smartphone has more uses than the Nintendo Switch.

For a game like Arena of Valor, which is dependent on an Internet connection, I would say that a smartphone is better just for the sake of Internet data and portability. The Huawei Mate 20 X has a huge screen, but remains more portable than a Nintendo Switch, which increases its proportions due to the huge bezels and joy-con. However, Arena of Valor is an exception. It is a game that was developed on purpose for smartphones and whose touch controls work extremely well, but in other games, the Nintendo Switch wins the arm wrestling.

Which device do you prefer as a gaming machine: the Nintendo Switch or a high-end smartphone?


Try RTL+ for free: With the trial month you can see the full program

  1. The most important information at a glance

  2. RTL+ trial month

  3. Subscription tricks

  4. This is how you redeem the trial month

  5. Cancel trial period

  6. Discounts

  7. Avoid shady streaming portals

The offering on RTL+ ranges from live TV to media libraries from well-known TV channels to in-house productions (originals) and exclusive US series and Hollywood blockbusters. However, you can only get a large part of this content with a paid subscription. First of all, the most important information about the individual packages, discounted prices and the trial month.

The most important information at a glance

  • With RTL+ you can only watch past TV broadcasts and live streams from the channels without a paid subscription.
  • For all other content you need a paid subscription.
  • At RTL+ this is divided into the packages “Premium”, “Max” and “Family”.
  • The Premium subscription costs 6.99 euros, the Max subscription 12.99 euros and the Family subscription 18.99 euros per month.
  • You can save by paying annually instead of monthly.
  • You can also use a trial month for one of the three subscriptions.
  • If you do not cancel it during the trial period, the subscription will be extended for a fee.

Basically, RTL+ also offers free access to its own streaming service with RTL+ Free as a free alternative. However, the scope is meagre. You can only watch recently broadcast TV content from 14 TV channels in the media library and listen to RTL radio streams.

RTL+ Free is therefore more of a media library of well-known channels such as RTL, VOX, Nitro or Super RTL. RTL+ only becomes a streaming service with one of the three paid subscriptions RTL+ Premium, RTL+ Max or RTL+ Family. With these, the advertising breaks during streaming are not only shorter (Premium) and in some cases even eliminated completely (Max and Family), you can also watch up to two parallel streams with the Max subscription and up to four parallel streams with the Family subscription.

Even more important than these convenience functions are the many additional contents that you unlock with the RTL Premium, Max and Family subscriptions. In addition to many exclusive series and films, this also includes in-house productions, sports programs and sporting events as well as reality formats that you won’t see anywhere else.

In addition, with a paid RTL+ subscription you can stream a lot of content in HD quality and watch many programs before they are broadcast on TV. However, with a price of 18.99 euros per month for the most expensive subscription to RTL+, the price for so much entertainment is correspondingly high. The premium subscription is a little cheaper at 6.99 euros per month, but it still adds up to a hefty sum per year.

By subscribing to RTL+ Premium or RTL+ Max not just for a month, but for a whole year, you can save in the long run. With the Premium subscription you can reduce the costs by around 24 euros, with the Max subscription even by around 35 euros per year.

But it can be even cheaper. You can even use the extensive RTL+ Family subscription in full for a limited time and free of charge. How it works? We’ll tell you.

RTL+ trial month

Like many other well-known streaming services, RTL+ offers you the opportunity to test the full extent of your own streaming service in detail before you have to spend any money. As a new RTL+ customer, you can take advantage of a trial month, which allows you to enjoy RTL+ just as much as paying customers.

This trial month even has a little special feature. Instead of simply providing you with a trial month for the cheapest of the three paid packages, the streaming service gives you the choice of whether you want to test RTL+ Premium, RTL+ Max or RTL+ Family for free for a month.

Since RTL+ Family is the package with the largest scope, we would of course recommend that you apply for a trial month for this. Thanks to up to four parallel streams, other users can also get an impression of the RTL+ offering. Compared to the trial month for RTL+ Premium and RTL+ Max, the one for RTL+ Family actually only offers advantages.

But you should definitely keep one thing in mind: you have to cancel your RTL+ trial subscription within 30 days of the test month if you don’t want it to be extended for a fee. In addition, in the event of an extension, the notice period is then set at 30 days. With an RTL+ Family subscription, this can quickly become expensive.

Subscription tricks

So now you know how you can enjoy all RTL+ content for a month without having to pay for it. However, you can enjoy this free phase for much longer by simply stringing together several trial months.

Of course, the provider only plans one trial month per person. That’s why the offer only applies to new customers and only if you register with an email address that hasn’t been used before. But who says that not everyone in your household wants to use the trial subscription for RTL+?

Here it makes sense that not everyone takes out the trial subscription at the same time, but one after the other. To do this, each person uses their own email address. Once the first person’s trial subscription is over, the second person applies for a trial month and you can then use RTL+ for several months for free. If you choose the family subscription (as recommended), up to four members of your household can still enjoy the streaming service at the same time thanks to parallel streams.

And even when the last trial month has ended, the family subscription is still a good idea if you live in a household with several people. Even for two people, this is worth it at a price of 18.99 euros per month compared to the similarly extensive RTL+ Max subscription for 12.99 euros per month.

If you split the costs between you, everyone only pays around 9.50 euros for the family subscription, which is less than for the max subscription. With three people the price for each person drops to 6.33 euros and with four people you end up with around 4.75 euros per head.

This is how you redeem the trial month

Can you hardly wait to try out what RTL+ has to offer? Then you can start your trial month today. In the following instructions we will show you step by step how to take advantage of your test period with RTL+.

Try RTL+ Premium, RTL+ Max or RTL+ Family

  1. 1

    To test RTL+ Max or Premium, click on the “Try Now” button at the top right of the RTL+ homepage.

  2. 2

    In the following overview, select the package that you would like to try out for free for 30 days and click on “Try for 30 days for €0.00” in the corresponding window. Alternatively, you can also book the free package here on the left. Don’t be surprised, in the pictures you can still see the old prices before the price increase.

  3. 3

    Don’t be surprised: If you choose RTL+ Premium, you will have to briefly provide information about your payment method in the following window. But don’t worry: no money will be debited from you during the 30 day test period. This only happens if you forget to cancel your test subscription in time.

  4. 4

    Now you have to register again, as described above for the free package, with your email address, a password and your age (or log in if you already have an account). Once you’re done, click “Next” below.

  5. 5

    You will now receive an email to the address you provided. There is a confirmation link that you must click on to activate your trial subscription. You will then be asked to provide your payment details. As mentioned: Money will only be debited after the test period has expired unless you have canceled on time. Complete the registration and you can now use the RTL+ package you booked for 30 days.

Cancel trial period

On the day your trial subscription expires, you will automatically be billed for the following month and the corresponding amount for the RTL+ package will be deducted. To prevent this, all you have to do is cancel your trial subscription well before this deadline expires. You can find out more about cancellation on the RTL+ website.

Practically speaking, it doesn’t matter whether you cancel your test subscription on the first day or on the 29th day, you can continue to use it for the full 30 days in any case, as the cancellation only takes effect at the end of the test month. It’s best to make sure again before the end of the 30 days whether you have actually canceled your contract.


Apart from the trial month, RTL+ sometimes reduces the prices for one or even all three paid subscriptions. However, the streaming provider is currently not offering any discounts, which is why the fixed prices remain. Of course, this can change at any time.

Streaming services in the test: Netflix, Disney +, Amazon and Co. in comparison

SamaGame may receive a commission from the retailer for links on this page. More info.

Special discounts like those offered by Amazon with its video streaming service Amazon Prime for students do not (yet) exist at RTL+. So every person pays the same price regardless of their status. The only exceptions are discount campaigns and voucher codes that are sometimes offered on other websites and by other service providers.

Avoid shady streaming portals

Some shady streaming portals may also offer free streams for RTL+. The use of such streaming portals is punishable. In the worst case, viruses get onto your device. So you should avoid the streams. We’ll tell you which streaming providers are reputable and which are not.


Solution : Full list of Pacific Drive trophies and achievements, including hidden ones

Pacific Drive is a game of discovery that extends to the list of trophies and achievements, as most of them are hidden when you first start the game. As you venture further into the Olympic Exclusion Zone in your trusty station wagon, you’ll begin to uncover all sorts of weird and wonderful alien secrets.

Of course, you can peek at hidden trophies by pressing Square in the PlayStation menu, but it’s much harder to see those elusive achievements if you’re playing on the Epic Games Store or Steam. As such, I’ve compiled the full list of trophies and achievements below so you can see exactly what you need to do to 100% complete this strange game.

All trophies and achievements for Pacific Drive

Visible trophies and achievements

The name of the trophy Description Rarity
Platinum trophy Unlock all trophies Platinum
Long distance Cycle an exceptional distance Brown
Great Scott! Reach 88 miles per hour Brown
Patent pending Come up with something new after installing Zone Scanner Brown
Garage dam Install each Auto Shop station and update it Silver
DIY expert Unlock over half of everything in the Production Station Silver
Master DIYer Unlock everything in the production station Gold
ARDA recorder Discover 300 journal entries Silver
ARDA guard Discover 600 diary entries Gold
Scientific pursuit Scan the anomaly as a storm approaches Brown
Fly home Escape through the gate while the car wheels are in the air Brown
Fully equipped Equip yourself to install something in every possible slot in your car Silver
Personal methods of creative expression are highly encouraged Fully decorate your car by equipping it with one cosmetic item of each type and applying paint or decals to mounted car parts in every possible slot Brown
Streets ahead Complete a route with at least seven intersections Brown
Juice up Complete the run with at least two intersections and twice the anchor load needed to escape through the Gate Brown
Runs on empty Complete the journey with at least two intersections and always having low or empty gas tank in your car Brown

Complete the route with at least four intersections and without damaging or removing any parts of your car

It would take a miracle Brown
Top down Complete a run with at least three intersections and no panels, doors or bumpers on your car Brown
Do not park Complete the journey with at least three intersections and without stopping your car in a parking lot Silver
Lumberjack Destroy 1000 trees Brown
They didn’t use it Free and equip a part from an abandoned car Brown
Renewable energy Fully charge your car battery below 50% using only natural energy sources Brown
Just go away Get electrocuted, burned by acid and physically injured within a minute Brown
And you? Hit hard by a car Brown
Watch out for Hop-ons! Drive a few miles with your bunny in the car Brown
Sleight of hand Distract attention from anomalies with a light source Brown
Certified mechanic Fix six status effects on the same car component Brown
I don’t know what I expected Deconstruct the resource Brown
Where we’re going, we don’t need roads While riding, stay in the air for six seconds Brown

Hidden trophies and achievements

The name of the trophy Description Rarity
Car shop Once you’ve connected with Oppy, plan your first route to the Zone at her car shop Brown
Into the wilderness Install a zone scanner above your auto shop Brown
Explore the Zone Return to the Auto Shop after scanning five Anomalies or resources Brown
Jump of faith Successfully test Oppa’s theory and return to her car repair shop Brown
Route stabilization Activate the zone stabilizers in the outer zone and escape back to the car repair shop Brown
Passage through the middle zone Gain access to the middle area and escape from there to the car shop Brown
Hack the planet! Find Oppa’s secret hideout in the auto shop and deliver the hard drive she hid there to Francis and Tobias Brown
Visions Discover some of the Zone’s history in the Central Zone, then escape back to the auto shop Brown
Red Meadow album Return to the Auto Shop after recovering the data that ARDA hid at the Red Meadow Research Facility Brown
Crossing the Deep Zone Access the Deep Zone and escape from there to the auto shop Brown
Anomaly Barricade Reload your ARC device in your car and run back to the auto shop Brown
The end of the road Return from the Well Gold
Together for the ride Return from the Well with Tobias’ favorite cryptid equipped Brown
Eye of the storm Escape through the gate when the storm has completely subsided Brown
Theseus’ car Replace all original car parts Brown
Neotoma Load enough items into your car to fill 150 slots in your inventory grid Brown
Dumping Ed the Driver Forget about shifting into gear before pressing the gas pedal 20 times Brown
Graveyard thieves Discover your Forsaken Spirit and recover any lost items or equipment it had Brown
Nothing Staff, Zone Kick a tourist, a tour bus or a ticking cup anomaly Brown
The car whisperer Diagnose and treat the gift Brown
Troubleshooting Give your car a few quick kicks (maybe this will help?) Brown

Together, there are 21 hidden trophies which you need to unlock before you get that coveted platinum trophy. Most of the hidden trophies are related to parts of the story, although some of them are rather stupid actions that you have to perform in the game.

My favorite of the secret trophies is “Driver’s Ed Dropout”, which is unlocked after you forget to start the car before hitting the gas pedal 20 times. This is something I always forget to do and caused a real laugh when I unlocked it myself without realizing it.

How many trophies and achievements are there in total?

Together, There are 50 trophies and achievements to unlock, if you include the PlayStation Platinum trophy, which can be obtained by unlocking the remaining 49 trophies in the game. Of these 49 trophies, three are gold, five are silver and 41 are bronze.

Although it is estimated that you will need around 20 hours to complete the main story of Pacific Drive, it will probably take you around 40 hours if you want to unlock all the trophies in the game. This is because you will need to unlock everything in Fabrication Station, discover 600 journal entries, and complete the main story before unlocking the three gold trophies, which are the hardest to obtain in the game.

Still, considering Pacific Drive is one of the most mechanically interesting games of 2024 so far, there are worse games to spend 40 hours on!

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For more useful Pacific Drive guides, keep reading We’ve also covered how the Transmuter works in the game and plenty more in our Pacific Drive hub.


Item of the day: Gozney Arc compact pizza oven

The best gadget for any garden has been discovered on the Internet. Barbecue? Corny! How about a real pizza oven that will fit in even the most radish-heavy suburban plot?

Gozney has introduced new compact models Arc (for pizza up to 14″) and Arc XL (for pizza up to 16″): they can heat up to 500ºC and are equipped with a special smart thermometer and flame regulator, which will help you not to lose face in front of your guests and not burn the treat.

The large model has dimensions of 42.7 x 51.7 cm and weighs 26.5 kg, which is a lot, but definitely more compact than a stone oven. And in a pinch, you can hide it in a barn or, if you really want to, take it with you on a picnic. Sales will begin just in time for International Women’s Day, and prices range from $700 for the Gozney Arc to $800 for the Gozney Arc XL.

Have you decided on a gift for March 8?


Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis celebrates Valentine’s Day with a sweet hellhouse version

Are you still playing? Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis? Then you’ll definitely be looking forward to the next event. Of course, with free-to-play mobile games, after the event is always before the event anyway. Starting tomorrow, the characters from the FF7 universe will be preparing for Valentine’s Day.

You can certainly look forward to numerous costumes and items, but obviously also a Valentine’s Day version of the hell house, decorated with gingerbread and sweets. Cute.

Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis is now also playable on Steam and the number of players is likely to have increased further. It was previously released on mobile devices and has already been downloaded 7 million times.

The new trailer for the event:

Images: Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis, Square Enix, Applibot


How to schedule automatic replies on Telegram with AutoReponder

The Telegram has a lot of options, but something it doesn’t have today is automatic responses. In other words, it responds on its own when someone talks to you or says something specific. Fortunately, there is an app to do this, and it is quite easy to use.

Answering Machine for Telegram is a new application for automatically reply to messages on Telegram. It works quite well and is free for basic use. If you don’t like Telegram very much, but you’re interested in auto replies, the same author also has an auto responder for WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger, which works in exactly the same way.

Authorization to respond

AutoResponder for Telegram is not affiliated with or logged into Telegram per se, but what it does is watch your notifications to know when a new message has arrived and respond. Obviously, in order for the app to see your notifications, you need to grant it permission.

40 tips to get the most out of Telegram

Therefore, the first time you open the telegram answering machine, you must give access your notifications. In addition, on mobiles with an additional energy saving system (Xiaomi, Samsung, Huawei and many others), the application asks you to add it to the battery saving exceptions, to prevent the system to close it.

When working through notifications, the app will be used to respond to Telegram messages arriving as notification. Therefore, it will not work for you in disabled chats or groups where notifications are disabled.

Configure your automatic response

With the permission granted, you do not create your first response rule. The free version of Autoresponder for Telegram allows you to configure replies for all messages you receive or those that contain a certain word.

To have Telegram automatically reply to all messages you receive, press Everybody, which will write an * in the search text. If you want respond to specific messagesLike « Hello », write the text in the box. You can choose between an exact match or not. Below you can write the message you want to send.

The app really doesn’t have any major complications, and by adding these two details you have already set up automatic replies in Telegram. Otherwise, just wait for someone to write to you on Telegram. Application will automatically respond to the chat for you and you get a notification when it happens.

If you want to push the automatic replies to the limit, the app allows you to configure certain functions and additional conditions, like that, they only apply to certain contacts, whether there is a minimum pause between automatic replies or which affects users and not groups.

The free version is fully functional, although if you need a complex auto-response system, la version pro It requires a one-time payment of $ 14.99 and adds replies with various messages, connection to web servers, activation in certain time zones and more, in addition to removing advertising from the app.


Windows 11: Microsoft has hidden these Easter eggs in the Windows 10 successor

  • Microsoft is well known for putting Easter Eggs in their software.
  • Naturally, these small and larger functions are not that easy to find.
  • We’ll help you find it!

Software developers like to leave humorous gimmicks in their products with so-called Easter Eggs. Like real Easter eggs, these are not immediately visible and must first be found or activated. As with Windows 10, Windows 11 has fewer digital Easter eggs than older Windows versions.

  1. 1. Star Wars IV as a text-based telnet story

  2. 2. Animated cog in the editor

  3. 3. Godmode for the control panel

  4. 4. Shut down on touchscreens with a swipe gesture

  5. 5. Windows 3.1 File Explorer

  6. 6. Playing games with Cortana

  7. 7. Hidden surfing game in Edge browser

However, the Microsoft developers have not completely lost their urge to play. Here we present you the previously known Easter Eggs from Windows 11. Some are not part of the system. But they’re still fun.

1. Star Wars IV as a text-based telnet story

You can use the optionally available telnet client in Windows 11 to watch the science fiction classic Star Wars: Episode 4 – A New Hope as a text film.

  1. 1

    Opens the “Turn Windows features on or off” menu via the search.

  2. 2

    Check the “Telnet Client” box and click “OK”.

  3. 3

    Start the Run dialog with the shortcut “Windows + R” and execute the command “telnet”.

  4. 4

    You can then watch Star Wars: Episode 4 – A New Hope as a text film in a telnet window.

2. Animated cog in the editor

  1. 1

    The wheel for opening the settings in the Windows 11 editor turns wildly in circles when you right-click. Once you know the hidden animation, the “nudge” by right-clicking should bring a small smile to many people’s faces.

3. Godmode for the control panel

  1. 1

    As in Windows 10, there is a hidden Godmode for the remnants of the control panel in Windows 11. Once activated, you can use it to display all control panel items as an ordered list. We will show you how to do this in a separate guide.

4. Shut down on touchscreens with a swipe gesture

The function known from Windows 8 for shutting down the computer by swiping from the top edge of the screen is available in Windows 11 in the form of an Easter egg. You can activate this as follows via a new link.

  1. 1

    Right click on the desktop and select “New – Shortcut”.

  2. 2

    Enter the command “%windir%\System32\SlideToShutDown.exe” and click on “Next”.

  3. 3

    Enter any name.

  4. 4

    By double-clicking on the shortcut you can now activate the shutdown with a swipe gesture.

  5. 5

    A kind of overlapping slider with wallpaper appears, which you can drag down with your finger or mouse.

5. Windows 3.1 File Explorer

If there were still traces of the old file manager from Windows 3.1 in older versions of Windows, you can now completely install and use it in Windows 11.

  1. 1

    To do this, download the ZIP file provided by Microsoft from Github and unzip it.

  2. 2

    In the x64 subdirectory you can then start the old Windows 3.1 file explorer with a double-click.

  3. 3

    The window-in-window mode is quite impractical. Some nostalgia and joy comes up when clicking around with the file manager.

6. Playing games with Cortana

  1. 1

    Cortana also has its own “Easter Egg”. You can use the language assistant as a playmate or as a random decision-making aid via the “rock, paper, scissors” or “heads or tails” commands.

7. Hidden surfing game in Edge browser

The Edge Browser is the first browser that you can use on Windows 11. But did you know that the program also comes with a game? It’s a clone of the classic game SkiFree, which is based in a tropical setting and can be easily accessed via the address bar.

  1. 1

    Microsoft is already telling you what you have to do on a website dedicated to the Easter Egg: Open the Edge browser for the Easter Egg and navigate to the address bar. Here you give edge://surf and press the Enter key.

  2. 2

    The game window opens. Choose your surfer of choice here and press the spacebar to start surfing in the game. Use the arrow keys to control your character. But be careful: Don’t get caught by the squid.

You can find more Easter Eggs in other programs and in services like Google or in popular games in another article.


Valentin, 15, confesses to the murder of his parents: in Châteauvilain, “we think we are living a horror film”

The horror is confirmed and increases a notch every day in Châteauvilain (Isère) where the charred bodies of a couple from the village were found a week ago, in the rubble of their deliberately burned house. Autopsies quickly revealed a violent death by gunshot. The couple’s youngest son, Valentin, who has not been found since the fire, was located and arrested on Saturday by the Montpellier gendarmes (Hérault) as he got off a bus.

From the start of his custody, in the premises of the research section of the Grenoble gendarmerie, the 15-year-old teenager confessed to investigators to having killed his parents. Information confirmed by Éric Vaillant, public prosecutor of Grenoble. Concerning the motive for this crazy gesture, Valentin explained that he wanted to rebuild his life, destroy everything and start again, according to the released Dauphiné. The weapon used would be his father’s rifle, a sports shooting enthusiast. According to a neighbor, Valentin Nurdin learned to use it himself by dragging bottles from the garden.

Many unanswered questions about the trigger

The scenario of the drama therefore begins to become clearer. Monday, November 27, Valentin allegedly shot and killed his parents while they were in their bedroom. He also allegedly attacked the family dog, a border collie found in a pool of blood. Then the teenager allegedly set the house on fire before fleeing in his father’s Citroën Picasso car towards Drôme where the vehicle was discovered damaged in Sainte-Uze. We do not know precisely how he continued his route towards Montpellier.

Today, many questions remain unanswered about the triggering factor of this murderous madness. Hearing his big brother, Titouan (17), at home the previous weekend and leaving the day before the tragedy for Lyon where he studies, will perhaps shed light on the atmosphere reigning in the family circle. Valentin’s psychiatric state is the other major unknown in this case. An expertise could determine the degree of responsibility of the teenager, whom many describe as intelligent. Valentin also suffered from Lyme disease from which he seemed to suffer greatly. His parents tried, in vain, to find remedies abroad.

“He was a kid like any other”

In the meantime, in Châteauvilain (800 inhabitants), we are trying to understand the incomprehensible. The Nurdin farmhouse is located away from the village, in Combe Noire, an isolated valley in the middle of the fields. The agricultural building had been renovated by Isabelle and Didier Nurdin, who arrived 18 years ago. Isabelle came from a family of Parisian cabinetmakers and had set up an armchair renovation workshop in this countryside. Didier was a former international level table tennis player (who was part of the French top 10 in the 90s) and today worked as an engineer at EDF in Lyon.

On the dirt road running alongside the Nurdin property, a few walkers look sadly at the smoke still escaping from the rubble. “It’s inconceivable. Our daughter went to primary school with Valentin. He was a child like any other. We never noticed anything unusual. He was later dropped out of college because he suffered from Lyme disease. That’s why he started correspondence courses. Afterwards, we lost contact with them. »

Police custody which ends this Monday

“Little Valentin, I didn’t know him,” confides Jocelyne, who has lived all her life in Châteauvilain and who, from her windows, has a view of the roof of the burned house. “However, I walk a lot in the countryside, especially near the Nurdin family home. I even have two armchairs that I had restored by his mother with whom I spoke at length. I even went to their house to see his workshop. She worked very well, was very friendly. But we haven’t seen Valentin, even though in the countryside, the children are outside all the time. I didn’t even recognize him in the photo on the wanted poster.

“It upsets us,” says Christelle, a mother from the village. My daughter was scared when she learned what Valentin had done. She thinks she’s living in a horror movie. We thought it was a robbery gone wrong. But there, a son who kills his own parents… It’s confusing. We wonder what was going through his mind. Was it Lyme disease that drove him crazy? »

Valentin Nurdin’s police custody ends this Monday. The Grenoble prosecutor should provide new details on the circumstances of this tragedy. The teenager risks up to 20 years of criminal imprisonment, a sentence taking into account his status as a minor.

gn france


Disney Dreamlight Valley: Forgotten Land Find Orb (Pillar)

How do you actually unlock the Pillar in the Forgotten Land? Where do you get the orb for the forgotten land? In the last few days and weeks, this may be the question asked by one or the other player who is currently playing Disney Dreamlight Valley and has discovered the pillar in the forgotten land with the pumpkin house. In this short guide we will show you where to get the Orb of Memory and use it to unlock the Pillar of Memory.

Find the Orb of Remembrance for the Pillar in the Forgotten Land

In order to get the orb for the Pillar of Remembrance, you need to complete the new Fairy Godmother quests. The fairy godmother has moved into the valley with the new update, namely in the pumpkin house in the forgotten land, which you could not enter before the update. As part of the quest Miracles Take Time from the Fairy Godmother, you have to find various memories in the dream world. The first three memories can be found on the pillars in Dreamland. You have to collect the other memories in the respective areas by entering the portal and solving a small task (just follow the quest instructions).

  • The Memory of Friendship (Mickey)
  • The Memory of Trust (Mother Gothel)
  • The Memory of Nursing (Scar)

Unlock Pillar of Remembrance

After you have collected the memories, you have to return to the fairy godmother, who then gives you the task of bringing the ball of memory back to the pillar of memory in the forgotten land. But just before you want to pick up the ball of memory, oblivion appears and snatches the ball from under your nose. In order to get the Orb of Oblivion you just have to keep following the story until you can complete the Fairy Godmother quest and start the new Merlin quest. In the Merlin quest “Remembering” you will then encounter oblivion again and after completing the “Remembering” and the subsequent “Knickknacks” quest you will finally receive the Orb of Memory for the pillar in the forgotten land .


Ivory Coast: Abdourahmane Cissé dismissed from his position as Minister, Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic

© – Thursday November 30, 2023 – 6:29 p.m.

Abdourahmane Cissé

Abdourahmane Cissé was dismissed this Thursday, November 30, 2023 from his position as Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic.

We learn from a press release from the presidency sent that the President of the Republic, Alassane Ouattaraproceeded to sign a decree repealing the decree No. 2021-179 of March 29, 2021 appointing Abdourahmane Cissé as Minister, Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic.

The press release also informs that the Ivorian number one expressed his gratitude to Abdourahmane Cissé“for his contribution to the proper functioning of the Institution as well as for his commitment to the service of the State. »

As a reminder, Abdourahmane Cissé42 years old, was appointed secretary general of the presidency in March 2021.

Finally, before considering the fate ofAbdourahmane Cisséwho could perhaps be appointed elsewhere, it remains to be seen whether the position would revert to Masséré Touréniece of President Ouattara who is currently deputy secretary general of the presidency.

TK Emile, Abidjan

gn world


FIFA 21 Career Mode – Second-tier league players with the potential to buy low and sell high

We offer you a list of cheap players and authentic gems that you can find in second level teams in FIFA 21 Career mode.

Even if you think that you have already combed the entire market to buy cheap players in FIFA 21 in career mode , you are probably wrong, because there are also a lot of players with enormous potential that you can buy in second level leagues and that are happening unnoticed by many users.

Although the big clubs have already taken hold of the young promises, you can also try to investigate the second division of certain leagues or even second-level leagues such as Argentina or Belgium, since they hide real gems that are going to be revalued. during the next seasons and we want to make them known to you.

In addition, all these cheap second-level league players are very easy to sign, and you will be able to buy them cheap to later sell them at triple the price in just a few seasons later.

You can now buy the official jerseys of your favorite teams

FIFA 21 Career Mode: cheap second-tier league players with the potential to buy low and sell high

First we are going to highlight the most important ones so that you go directly to them:

Thiago Almada

He is a 19-year-old Vélez Sarsfield midfielder who has an average of 73 and potential of 89, with remarkable parameters such as 95 in balance or 93 in agility, and that you could convince him if you give him a weekly salary of more than € 7,000.

Agustín Urzi

He is a 20-year-old left-back from Banfield with an average of 73 and potential of 88, with parameters of 89 in speed or 85 in acceleration, and you could sign him if you give him a weekly salary of more than € 9,000.


He is the goalkeeper of Genk and he is only 18 years old, with an average valuation of 68 that can go up to 87, and that has remarkable parameters such as 72 in jump and 71 in reflexes, with a weekly salary of € 600.


He is a 22-year-old attacking midfielder from Watford with a rating of 78 and potential of 87 with parameters of 95 in acceleration and 94 in speed, and with a weekly salary of € 18,000.


He is a 17-year-old midfielder from Mechelen and has a rating of 66 and potential of 86 with a parameter of 73 in strength and 72 in endurance, with a weekly salary of € 600.

You could also go for the following players:

  • Nicolás de la Cruz, 23 years old From the Río de la Plata team, a midfielder with an 87 valuation and 86 in potential with a salary of € 15,000 a week.
  • Caicedo, 20 years old From the sports car Cali with a valuation of 68 and 86 potential with a weekly salary of € 1000.
  • 17-year-old Bright Arrey from Bayer Munich’s second team with a valuation of 60 and potential of 86 and with a weekly salary of € 500
  • 17-year-old Esposito from Spal with a valuation of 66 and potential of 86 and with a salary of € 2,000 per week.
  • Gustavo Assunção, 20, from Famalicao with a valuation of 74 and potential of 86 with a weekly salary of € 6,000
  • Adrià Pedrosa, 22, from Espanyol with a valuation of 75 and potential of 85 and a weekly salary of € 8,000
  • Gonzalo Montiel, 23, from Río de la Plata, with a valuation of 78 and potential of 85 with a weekly salary of € 15,000
  • Leonardo Fernández, 21, from Tigres with a valuation of 76 and potential of 85 with a salary of € 30,000 a week
  • Santiago Rodríguez, 20, from Nacional de Montevideo, with a valuation of 72 and potential of 85 and with a weekly salary of € 700
  • 21-year-old Ezequiel boat from Atlanta United with 74 valuation and 85 potential and with a weekly salary of € 6000

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Cyberpunk car 2077 appears in Forza Horizon 4

The futuristic Cyberpunk 2077 Night City is packed with spectacular cars and is so sensational that it cannot be limited to one game.

If you are excited about Cyberpunk 2077 cars, you might be interested in going to Forza Horizon 4, which has just received Quadra, one of the main vehicles in the CD Projekt RED game.

Through Reddit, acreamymeme shared that he spotted the 2058 Quadra in Forza Horizon 4, which is currently celebrating the recent Super 7 update, as initially advanced by (Destructoid).

Playground Games suggested new features for the Game Awards and the arrival of a Cyberpunk 2077 car package at Forza Horizon 4 was one of the strong possibilities, but it looks like one of the cars was seen ahead of time.

Through the new Super 7 mode, you can use the Quadra and bring some Night City to that game.


The power, consumption and efficiency of the Apple M1 processor, to the test: a before and after in numbers and in real use

The arrival of Apple’s M1 chip to your computers is a perfect time to compare with other computers in its price range and even higher. As a package containing CPUs, GPUs, Apple Neural Engine and more, this is a piece of hardware worth further dissecting .

Let’s see what makes the M1 a revolutionary chip in benchmarks and in real use, with facts and figures that put Apple’s milestone in context, and that may soon be from Qualcomm, HiSilicon, Samsung or Nvidia itself .

The first surprise: the concept of consumption at rest changes with the M1 thanks to its Icestorm cores

After many years with Intel, in which the consumptions could be consulted with Intel Power Gadget and ‘Activity Monitor’, what is most surprising in the M1 is that once all the common applications in daily use are open, the use of the cores is very low and, above all, that the four high-performance CPU cores, called Firestorm, are hardly used once everything was working.

That totally changes the concept of rest , since it can be considered that almost any task such as browsing the web, office automation, playing videos, etc., uses energy close to that which is consumed without doing anything. This is the real key to the amazing autonomy that we have seen in the reviews of the new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro: the chip consumes much less than a watt doing many of the day-to-day tasks , with tremendous consistency. Against this, the tests in Intel say that the energy oscillation of the processor is much higher, and rises more with tasks in the background.

The M1 has an eight-core CPU: four high-performance Firestorms, and four high-efficiency Icestorms, all of which can work at the same time.

When writing this on a 2018 MacBook Pro with an i5-8259U processor, and with only the text editor open, its consumption between half a watt of use and 7 watts. The M1, with the same use, does not rise from half a watt of consumption . Behind this magic are the four highly efficient CPU cores, which for me are the big surprise of the chip .

Apple had bragged that the M1’s four high-efficiency cores on their own were on par with the 10th-generation dual-core i3 of the early 2020 MacBook Air. That was one of the mentions of the critically-criticized Keynote presentation of the M1 that surprised, because when carrying the word efficiency in its name and not performance, the logical thing is to think that they are much less powerful.

For years, the ARM-Android world has been using the Cortex A55 architecture, used for high-efficiency cores complementary to those of the Cortex A75, A76, A77 or A78 architecture. So when arriving in M1, it was understood that those high-efficiency Icestorm cores from M1 were really small cores .

And they have a smaller size on the chip, but they are not small and useless at all . The concept is different from the A55 used in SoCs on Android, as Apple’s architecture is much more modern and powerful. According to Anandtech, in the Apple A14 of the iPhone 12, which also uses Icestorm cores, these cores are on par with Cortex A76 cores at 2.2 GHz, with 3 times more energy efficiency. We are not talking about something minor, as the A76 is used as a high-performance core in recent chips as powerful as the Snapdragon 855, the Kirin 990 or the Exynos 990.


Icestorm – decent power, amazing efficiency

 Those for small, high-efficiency cores are one of the great keys to the M1.

Apple said that the four high-efficiency cores consume a tenth of the power of the four high-performance cores , which are considered the jewel in the crown because they are the ones that allow computers to outperform their predecessors with Intel. So far, beyond Anandtech’s analysis, focused on the A14, which shares architecture with the M1 but differs, we have not been able to know if this was true.

This issue interested me both to know how it is that high-efficiency cores have so much prominence in the day-to-day, performing almost all the normal tasks of the system, and to know what they were really capable of , to know what Apple can do with them in the future and if he only used them exclusively.

To do this, I decided to disable the high-performance Firestorm kernels, something that the system does not offer, but which I managed with help, with good luck and using the command line. It’s not difficult at all, but it does require disabling System Integrity Protection. To measure the consumption of the M1 and the rest of the processors that have been tested we have used the command ” sudo powermetrics ” and Intel Power Gadget.

First of all, let’s see how these four cores compare to the fully functioning M1, according to Geekbench 5. This will give us a first idea of ​​which mobile and desktop processors they are comparable to. This is the result of running the famous benchmark using only the Icestorm cores :

 Geekbench 5 test using only the four high-efficiency Icestorm cores.

As we can see, the performance in single core is low , on the level of what Apple provided in the cores of the A9 in the iPhone 6s five years ago. Of course, that weakness is relativized thinking that it is the single core power of a Snapdragon 845, the star SoC in Android in 2018. As for multi core, it is also located in that band, in that of the Snapdragon 845, which had , yes, with eight cores in 4 + 4 arrangement.

IPhone, using all cores, the four Icestorm of the M1 are similar to the iPhone X A11 of power . To find equivalent Macs, we can go, for example, to 2013 or 2014, when my old MacBook Pro scored 515 points in single core. Of course, in multi core, the four Icestorm cores are comparable to what Apple promised : a MacBook Air i3 from 2020, also similar to the Pro with i5 two cores from 2017 of the seventh generation.

For even more perspective on the high-efficiency quad-core data, let’s review how they stack up against the Surface Pro X 2020, the best the world has ARM and Qualcomm in Windows 10 laptops. With quad-core high-performance running at 3.15 GHz and four high-efficiency, the SQ2 chip in the Surface Pro X 2020 is only 56% faster than the four high-efficiency cores in the M1 running at 2.06 GHz (3,100 points in Geekbench 5 versus 1977 of the Icestorm).

But the key to these cores, as we will see, is not their already decent power, but their efficiency. Let’s see, before moving on to that, the result in Geekbench 5 of the entire M1, as it comes from the factory:

Geekbench 5 test using all the cores from the M1 on the MacBook Air, as shipped from the factory. In single core one of the most powerful cores is always used, in this case a Firestorm.

The high performance Firestorm core is 3.32 times more powerful than the Icestorm . But the most surprising thing is that, as we will see, at one-third the power, these cores require only one-tenth the power of high-performance cores. In Geekbench 5, the peak consumption of the M1 is 18 watts, while using only the small cores, it is 1.4 watts.

Icestorm and Firestorm under the microscope with Cinebench R23

The M1 gets hotter on the MacBook Air than on the Pro due to the lack of a fan. Photo: Pedro Aznar.

Geekbench is a good benchmark, but it does not saturate the processor cores too much, and it does not allow only tasks for one core to be executed. Without having the means to test with industry benchmarks, such as SPEC2006 or 2017, the best benchmark to compare CPU performance is Cinebench R23, native to Intel and Apple Silicon and representative of real use , since it uses the same engine to render from Cinema 4D, which belongs to the same company that develops it, Maxon.

This test is where everything that Apple promised in performance is confirmed , and everything that we have intuited in efficiency. Let’s first look at the Cinebench R23 single core scoring results using the high-performance Firestorm core, the high-performance Icestorm core and one of the 16 “MacBook Pro cores released in 2020, featuring an i7-9750H six-core.


As the table expresses, the M1’s high-efficiency cores achieve a third of the high-efficiency cores. However, they do it with a tenth of the consumption, responding to the task for which they were born with an efficiency three times higher than that of their older brothers. With a score of just under half, Icestorm’s high-efficiency cores are 31 times more efficient than Intel’s i7 . An important part of this difference is explained by the fact that the Intel processor is still manufactured in a 14 nanometer process, compared to the 5 nanometer of the M1.

The high-performance Firestorm cores in the M1 are ten times more efficient than the i7-9750H, thanks to seven times less power consumption. And all this, operating with a similar frequency, around 3-3.2 GHz. It seems like a milestone against almost the best that Apple had in 2020 in laptops . I feel like calling it a revolution is over the top, but it’s just what it is.

In all tests, we will test the M1 with its eight cores in full and, in parallel, with limiting the chip to the four high-efficiency Icestorm cores (4C in the tables)

In the multi core test of Cinebench R23, we have used the same equipment. In the MacBook Air M1 we have done the test both as it comes from the factory, with its eight cores, as with the four of high efficiency exclusively . This is how it turned out:


As we can see, the situation repeats itself. The Icestorm cores in the M1 achieve three times the efficiency of the M1 overall, with about ten times less power. Compared to the i7, which it surpasses in the case of the MacBook Pro M1, which is better cooled than the Air M1, the M1 manages to exceed Intel’s efficiency by almost six times , with consumption also almost six times lower.

The M1 in real use: what benchmarks don’t always count

After having analyzed the performance of the M1 in dedicated tests, now it’s time to do it in real use, and the most relevant thing is that there are cases in which the benchmarks are no longer representative due to lack of optimization of the applications that we have tested or because we did not have in tell what elements like the Neural Engine could help.

ZIP compression: harnessing the power of the Firestorm

A very basic test in macOS is to compress a “certain” size file like the Ubuntu 20.04 ISO . It is something that we can do a lot depending on how we send files or what we need to compress. As there is the option to “compress” in the macOS Finder and in iOS (in the Files application) it seemed interesting to me to see how the different teams perform, and to see if the M1 has as much in common with the A14 as we think .

It’s a test where it’s the power of a single core that matters, on both iOS and macOS:


As we can see from the results, the M1’s single core power makes it outperform the 2020 16 “MacBook Pro and the 2020 four-port MacBook Pro 13” which continues to sell today with i5 for 2,129 euros. It’s the latest generation of Intel on a Mac, so it was interesting too.

Here we see that the M1 in the MacBook Air achieves the same as the i7 in the 16 “Pro in 77% of the time it takes the Intel chip , and in 68% of the time it takes the 10th generation i5 of 28 watts On an architectural level, it’s very interesting to see how the M1 pretty much matches the A14 in the iPhone 12, whose Firestorm core is somewhat slower in clock frequency.

The iPad Pro 2020 is more powerful than the iPhone 12 using all its cores, but having an architecture of two years ago, compressing with one core only manages to tie with the i5 of the MacBook Pro. It is a figure that makes sense, since both are more or less on par in bechnmarks.

Creating PDF from RAW Images

A very interesting optimized tool to do real performance tests is Automator, and therefore we will use it several times in our tests. In this case, we will generate a PDF from 28 Nikon RAW images, resulting in a final 2.48GB file . For this, the system reuses the resources of only one kernel. And therefore, we see once again the superiority of the M1 over the i7.


In the rest of the results there is a correlation with what was observed in the Cinebench R23 test, our reference to know the maximum performance.

Convert an H.264 video to Apple ProRes 422

Automator has also helped us to encode a 4K file recorded by an iPhone in H.264 to Apple ProRes. This encoding uses all the available cores quite intensively in both Intel and Apple Silicon , and the M1 is again at the top in the equipment used in the test.


Export 30 Keynote Pages to Apple ProRes 4444 Video

A very cool test that uses all available kernels is Keynote slide export to video . In my case, to take the equipment to the maximum, I opted to export 30 slides to a video of 2,880 x 2,160 pixels resolution with Apple ProRes 4444 codec. The logical thing would have been to export in H.264 or HEVC, but there the use of the cores it is very low thanks to the hardware coding, so we would not be comparing the same with respect to the equipment with Intel.

When I did the test for the first time, I realized that the generated file was so large that it took a long time to finish the export, not depending on CPU but on SSD. So since the behavior was the same in all the computers (stop CPU and saturate the SSD), I opted to stop the data timer just when the CPU usage was reduced to become irrelevant .


Here the M1 reigns supreme over the i7 in the 2020 MacBook Pro 16 “, which takes almost twice as long to export . The 2020 MacBook Pro 13″ is more than twice as slow. Let’s remember that both teams are now 2.39 and 1.8 times more expensive than the base MacBook Air M1 with which we are doing the tests.

Converting a Magazine Page from PDF to HEIC: The “Magic” of Hardware Encoding

One test I used to do to compare computer CPUs to Intel was to convert the first page of a magazine in PDF to HEIC, the compression-enhanced format that Apple uses to take pictures on iPhones, and for which its chips have dedicated encoding by hardware. Here it is seen that with some help from one of the cores (in consumption), the M1 with eight and four cores is too far from the rest.

And what is relevant again is not that it manages to be much faster than the i7, but that to achieve the same goal it consumes 20 times less energy , generates much less heat and does not set the fans to maximum (in the case of the MacBook Pro and the mini, which they do have).

Panorama creation in Adobe Lightroom: a warning about poor optimization

Adobe has recently released the optimized version of Adobe Lightroom (the non-Classic version). Performance is good overall, but after doing the test I had in mind, I was very disappointed. I have chosen the function ” Combine photos” -> “Combine panorama” , feeding it 29 RAW files. It is a demanding test and very dependent on the use of the cores.

The problem is that, despite being optimized for Apple silicon, the application is slower with native code than with the Rosetta translation . In fact, with Rosetta, the four high-efficiency cores manage to be faster than the full eight cores with native code. They are the first steps of Adobe in Apple silicon, but this performance is surprising not being a beta. In this case, as we will see now in Handbrake, the Intel teams do much better than the M1, although what I wanted was to show the importance of optimizing the applications well.

In our tests in both Lighroom and Handbrake, the performance was better with Rosetta than running native Apple silicon code

Converting an H.264 video to H.265 with Handbrake

Handbrake is a fantastic video converter with a multitude of options and, in its beta version, it has been updated to support the M1. It has hardware encoding options, but in our case we want to compare pears with pears, so we have done a software encoding. Specifically, we have downloaded the file “jellyfish-45-mbps-hd-h264.mkv” from this website.

Thus, we convert this 1080p video file with H.264 codec to H.265 codec and with MKV container. It’s a preset in Handbrake, so anyone can try it out. This test is very CPU intensive, and uses all cores .

As the test duration is somewhat longer, the M1 in the MacBook Air suffers without a fan compared to the MacBook Pro M1 with a fan . What is really interesting about this test is that it has helped us to confirm that some applications are not optimized despite running on native code, as Handbrake 1.4 beta already does. A yes, test Rosetta (Intel code) has been faster than the test with the Silicon Apple universal binary , as shown in the chart.

7-Zip compression with Keka: taking advantage of all the cores

Given the fiasco with Lightroom and to a lesser extent with Handbrake, I was looking for an application already updated and compiled for Apple silicon that would take full advantage of the M1, and I remembered that in performance comparisons it is common to use 7-Zip compression as a test of real use . In macOS there is no official client, but Keka performs 7z compression and it is very well optimized, as we will see by the difference between the normal result and Rosetta’s.

Even with Rosetta, which now does have a considerable difference with the native application, the M1 manages to outperform the i7-9750H using all its cores , with a considerable margin, and that in this test the MacBook Air comes to reduce to reduce the speed clock to cool down. In addition, it must be remembered once again that the i7 exceeds 60 watts of consumption while the M1 when cooling is about 11.

In the lower part of the graph, the four Icestorm cores demonstrate once again that the values ​​obtained in Cinebench R23 using all the cores are related to reality, tying with the 13 “MacBook Pro from 2017. Of course, the latter uses a value close to 20 times more energy to perform this same task.

A very powerful integrated GPU that surprises as much as the Icestorm and Firestorm

The case with the M1 GPU repeats itself . We’ve known for a long time that Apple also leads here on iPhones and iPads, and while a dedicated graphics chip is missed, on a day-to-day basis, and outside of specific needs, the performance is exceptional.

For integrated graphics and not having memory allocated exclusively, the M1’s GPU is the best integrated on the market, a far cry from the rest. But as with the CPU cores, the thing does not stop there, because it manages to be much better than the integrated proposals of Intel and AMD , with also much lower consumption.

Compared to the dedicated 16 “MacBook Pros we’ve been able to test, the Radeon 5300M and 5500M, the M1’s GPU is surprisingly close in frames per second in the GFXBench gaming benchmark (Aztec Ruins High Offscreen 1440p). It’s a benchmark already adapted to Apple Silicon and that uses the Metal library on all models.


Although not listed in the table, the latest dedicated notebook solutions from Intel and AMD are a far cry from the M1 , with 44 and 30 fps respectively on the latest generation processors released on the market. It is an advantage that is not surprising, since the iPad Pro of 2018 achieved 50 fps and the iPhone 12 Pro 36 fps.

As in other tests, the M1 has remained practically cool when doing the GPU test, while the two 16 “MacBook Pros with Radeon 5300M and 5500M have even put the fans at 5,000 rpm.

As revealed by Mark Gurman, it is expected that there will be computers with Apple Silicon with 16 and 32 GPU cores, the first being the one that would be expected in a MacBook Pro 16 “base with Apple Silicon. Seeing all the thermal space that Apple has to grow From 10.2 watts on the M1 on the MacBook Air to 61 watts on the 16 “MacBook Pro with the Radeon 5500M, you can expect the M1’s graphics performance to double . This has only started.

The Neural Engine in all its glory with Pixelmator Pro: what you don’t see in a classic benchmark

One of the most interesting sections of the M1 is that not everything is CPU or GPU power. As my colleague Javier Pastor said in his anatomy of the M1, in the context of heterogeneous computing, “Apple’s chips have a good number of specialized chips with cores dedicated to very specific tasks.”

Among all of them, the Apple Neural Engine or 16-core Neural Engine stands out , “capable of performing 11 billion operations per second.” With it, the system is able to perform specific tasks using machine learning much faster than using the GPU or CPU, with much lower power consumption.

At the moment, it is not easy to find dedicated applications that already make use of the Apple Neural Engine , but the future is very promising. Adobe has already launched some applications compatible with Apple silicon in beta, and thus shows the advantage that the M1 has with its Neural Engine over the 16 “MacBook Pro. As we can see, it does scene detection in four times less time.

However, thanks to Pixelmator Pro we have been able to do our own tests with the “ML Super Resolution” function, which uses machine learning to triple the resolution of an image “without losing quality”. In a first test with very small images, the M1 is twice as fast as the MBP 16 “2020 entry i7. However, we wanted to do the test with a large image (8000 × 5806 pixels), to see how it works. The different teams performed. These are the results:


The M1 wins again with solvency thanks to the fact that it is only using the Neural Engine for a task in which the MacBook Pro 16 “uses GPU and CPU, reaching 33 watts. It is 26 seconds slower, using 12 times more power consumption In smaller images, such as a cropped screenshot, the M1 was up to twice as fast as the i7, and this is just the beginning, waiting to see what the developers are able to squeeze out of it.

Maximum consumptions of the M1 on the MacBook Air

Before Apple announced the landing of Apple Silicon, there was much talk about the extent to which the company would be able to outperform Intel or AMD with chips “like those of an iPhone.” The reality is that the M1 is more than that, and thanks to an improved cooling capacity compared to mobiles and iPads, Apple allows the consumption of the chip with saturated large cores (something we have done with Prime95) to skyrocket up to just over 18 watts with the high-performance cores running at 3.2 GHz .

Image of the high-performance quad-core cluster of the M1 (P = Performance) performing almost 100% of its capacity. 18,384 mW = 18.38 watts of consumption.

Of course, that consumption and clock speed drops quickly (in 30 seconds, approximately) in the MacBook Air due to the lack of fan, and stabilizes at about nine watts in sustained performance. This drop in performance is not noticeable in the day-to-day, where as we have already said, high-performance cores are rarely used. Still, it should be noted that on the Mac mini and MacBook Pro, both equipped with fans, this performance loss is non-existent .

For Icestorm cores, with high-performance Firestorms disabled, the maximum efficiency cluster consumption is 1.7 watts with all cores running at their maximum 2.06 GHz . Again, it is impressive that with such low peak power consumption, these cores run the rig so well without help from their older brothers.


Image of the high-efficiency quad-core cluster of the M1 (E = Efficiency) yielding almost 100% of its capacity. 1,777 mW = 1.77 watts of consumption.

Regarding the GPU, the maximum consumption observed doing the GFXBench benchmark is 8.5 watts in the MacBook Air with seven cores in the integrated GPU. In the case of the Mac mini M1, connected to the current, it amounts to 10 watts with the eight-core GPU.

Regarding the maximum consumption of the last component of the M1 that the system reports, the Apple Neural Engine or neural engine, the maximum consumption that we have managed to obtain with Pixelmator Pro is 2.2 watts , a figure also spectacular considering everything that is squeezed. The Neural Engine is also activated every time we use the camera, in those cases showing a consumption of 0.12 watts.

Lastly, I set out to fully saturate all parts of the chip at once, with some success. In a very limited time, I got a consumption of 17.36 watts of CPU, 8 watts of GPU and 1.03 watts of RAM. Altogether, the “pack” put out a figure of 27.2 watts . Perhaps, if I had managed to use the Neural Engine at the same time, it would have touched 30 watts.


Notes on energy and possibilities

 The autonomy of the MacBook Air M1 is really surprising.

With all that we have talked about the energy consumption of the M1 and its high-efficiency cores, you wonder what possibilities this gives for other future equipment . The first thing to say is that I also do not see that launching a device that only had high-efficiency cores changes Apple’s game much.

It could launch a much cheaper chip, and even equip it only with a CPU with eight high-efficiency cores , which, if it grows in performance like all four, could be almost compared to the best that Intel has with the eleventh generation. Of course, single-core performance is very important to Apple to keep it as “low” as the Icestorm offer. Probably, without an architecture change, improving it would be feasible by raising the frequencies of the high-efficiency cores somewhat, which is still low.

At the level of possibilities, something with that consumption and heating could perfectly power a Mac that was the size of an Amazon Fire Stick 4K , and that, although it did not have many ports, would fully fit with the company’s strategy since the adoption of USB- C / Thunderbolt 3.

 Apple has in its hands the possibility of getting, for the first time, a device like the Intel Compute Stick, but with enough power for most tasks.

Moving on to more realistic scenarios, using only high-efficiency cores does not make sense when you see how the system manages to govern the two groups of Icestorm and Firestorm. The use made of the high-efficiency ones is so good that by testing video playback for one hour on Twitch with fixed brightness I have obtained similar results with four cores and with eight . The same goes for video calling in Zoom. This is due to what I said that high-performance cores only intervene when they are needed, such as to open an application at maximum speed. In the mentioned scenarios they are not used too much.

While watching a direct from Twitch a 2020 13 “MacBook Pro consumes about 4 watts, a MacBook Air M1 consumes less than medium, and with much less power fluctuation. Therein lies the real savings.

However, high-efficiency cores are going to play a major role in making future computers with Apple silicon, such as the successor to the 16 “MacBook Pro, have enviable autonomy. With the same use as a MacBook Air, and growing somewhat the consumption due to having a larger screen (which seems to be more efficient soon thanks to the use of miniLEDs), it does not matter if Apple gives them four or twelve more high-performance cores: the Icestorm will continue to be tremendously capable and fulfill the same role .

Thus, for light use, it will not be strange to see in a 16 “MacBook Pro more 30 hours of autonomy in video playback , for example, compared to the 18 that Apple talks about in the Air. It is not unreasonable considering that they maintain chassis and current battery capacity, set at 99.8 watt-hours (down from 49.9 watt-hours for the MacBook Air M1).

Although the M1 is more efficient than contemporary Intel, when it is pushed to the maximum it will drain the battery at a good speed: there is no revolution

Of all the news, having the Icestorm seems to me the most game-changing . Because something must be clear: if a MacBook Pro 13 “with M1 is required for a long time with all its cores at 100%, that is, consuming about 17-18 watts, the battery will drain quickly. In that scenario, The autonomy results will not be so different from those of a low consumption Intel i5, although it will achieve a lot of performance, but it is in light tasks where the real gain is that allows us to leave the house without scares.

A bright future ahead after dispelling many doubts

A much larger battery than that of 13 “computers and greater dissipation capacity can give the 16” MacBook Pro a range and performance never before seen in notebooks.

After having carried out many tests on the M1 and some of its predecessors and direct competitors in the range that Apple has for sale, what has started the M1 seems like a revolution to me. One that, because it does not change the industry too much in its early days, because it does not modify the use on a day-to-day basis, perhaps goes a bit unnoticed . But it will not happen for those who see that the autonomy of their laptop is tripled, that the fans no longer sound, that many specific tasks are executed with a speed never before seen on the desktop, etc.

In any case, after verifying that the promises of the M1 are real, we can only wait for their older generation brothers . In that sense, Mark Gurman is usually a reliable source, and on what will come after the M1 has offered information with some interesting details.

In early December, he told Bloomberg that Apple is developing Mac processors with up to 32 CPU cores. For the next generation of MacBook Pro and iMac, he spoke of Apple working on chips with up to 16 high-performance CPU cores and 4 high-efficiency cores (16 + 4), although he also pointed out that they might first opt ​​to launch 8+. 4 or 12 + 4, depending on the production.

Taking into account that in the M1 I have been able to deactivate the cores one by one from the fifth (the first high-performance) to observe how it behaved at a growth level, and that its performance and consumption grows in a practically linear way (about 1400 points with each nucleus added), I have taken the license to make this estimate from the eighth nucleus, always maintaining the base provided by the four high-efficiency Icestorms. Obviously, it is not a prediction , but it can give to understand where the M1X or M2 can move, whatever their name.

The image itself won’t tell us much, but if the estimate were correct, with 8 + 4 cores, the M1X would outperform the Ryzen 5600X by about 2,000 points, which consumes about 61 watts with all cores in use. The M1X would do it with 29.3 watts, less than half. If Apple launches a model with 12 + 4 cores, the estimate says it would reach 18,774 points with 43.3 watts, beating the Ryzen 5800X by about 2,000 points and being on the same level as the Ryzen 3900X. Finally, with 16 + 4 cores, the estimation model returns 24,414 points with 57 watts, catching up with giants like the Ryzen 3950X and 5900X (94 watts with all cores active). In favor of AMD, we must be fair and mention that Apple achieves its current consumption with lithography of 5 nanometers , versus the 7 nanometers of the Ryzen 5000.

Right now, considering how much progress the Ryzen 5000s and the Zen architecture itself have made, it seems like sheer madness. But it also seemed to many that the M1 could outperform Intel’s low-power chips in CPU and GPU (and let’s not talk about outperforming chips like the i7-9750H with which we have compared so much), and it succeeded, by far. margin. As my colleague Javipas said, the M1 was the great no surprise of 2020 for those who had been paying attention to the progression of Apple’s chips on iPad and iPhone.

 This chart was quite a statement of intent from Apple, and considering that the M1 is in the lower part of the blue zone, it is realistic to think that the estimates fit in the middle and upper part.

In that sense, the leaked Cinebench R23 tests of the development kit for the transition (DTK), which is still a Mac mini with the same CPU of the iPad Pro of 2018, have shown that two years ago, Apple was already at the height of what Intel offers in low-power laptops in the 11th generation when using all cores. And all this, with the limited dissipation that an iPad allows.

What the DTK & macOS 11 showed is that Apple probably could have shipped ARM Macs long before now — from beta one, macOS was so stable on ARM it felt like it had been doing this for years — but they would merely have been ‘as good’ as Intel Macs, not the blowaway experience M1 is

— Steve Troughton-Smith (@stroughtonsmith) January 16, 2021

As the well-known and influential developer Steve Troughton-Smith, who now has a Mac mini DTK, said, “what the DTK and macOS 11 have shown is that Apple could have released ARM Macs much earlier.” But, yes, “they would have been as good as the Intel Macs, not the incredible experience that is the M1.” And in squeezing the M1 to the fullest from the least powerful core to the most capable, I totally agree with that perception .

Source : Engadget


Mortal Kombat 1: Mod sends Shrek, Woody and Mr. Incredible into the ring

Games on the PC have the undeniable advantage that they are often enhanced by mods created by the community. Developers like Bethesda bet on their games Starfield or Skyrim even on it and provide corresponding programs. For some games, however, the mods become strange, like this example from Mortal Kombat 1 shows.

In the brutal fighting game you can not only beat up characters who attack with fireballs, ice projectiles or poison vomit, but also perform explicit finisher moves. Severed limbs or disemboweled bodies are the order of the day here – but now the fighters replaced with Pixar and Dreamworks characters the absurdity reaches a new height.

Mortal Kombat 1: When Pixar becomes USK 18

The Mortal Kombat 1 mod comes from YouTuber ToastedShoes, who posted it on his Patreon provides. In a video we see Woody from Toy Story using, among other things, his cowboy hat as a weapon. Just like his Kung Lao model template, whose headgear has razor-sharp edges, he uses it to inflict massive damage on his opponent – in this case Sulley from Monster AG, who doesn’t have much to counter the attacks. When Woody then summons his cameo Jessie, the fluffy monster is over.

In other gameplay videos from ToastedShoes we see other Pixar characters like Mr. Incredible and Frozone from The Incredibles or Carl Fredrickson from Above as well as Dreamworks characters like Shrek or Kung Fu Panda Po. In terms of quality, the mod is actually relatively good – the grim looks from Woody and Jessie after they have cut Sulley in half seem pretty authentic.

So if it’s not enough for you, Netherrealm in Mortal Kombat 1 with the original characters or Franchise loans like Omni-Man or if you want to make the upcoming Peacemaker unsafe, you can try out the ToastedShoes mod. Childhood ruined in three, two, one…


Genshin Impact: Sigewinne ability kit leaked

With the latest Genshin Impact update, the Traveler and Paimon were heading to Fontaine, the Hydro region. Besides the Archon, Lady Furina herself, we’ve already met a bunch of other characters who will soon be playable! One of them is particularly interesting, since it will be our first Melusine unit: Sigewinne! Let’s take a look at what this little nurse has in store for us!

Melusines are a entirely new species within Genshin Impact, which were added not too long ago with the very first version of Fontaine. Throughout the history of the Hydro region, we will find a gang of these little ladies running around the city or encounter them in their own little underground village.

One of them, which arouses the most interest within the community, is the gypsies, the head nurse of the Meropide Fortress infirmary. In terms of looks, she definitely gets a 10/10 on the cuteness scale, but since her adorable looks alone won’t kill any enemies, you can also check out her kit here!

Genshin Impact: Sigewinne kit leaked

As I already mentioned, regarding the main story of Fontaine, Sigewinne is a nurse and what role would suit her better than that of support! Oddly enough, this would make her the fifth unit with the smallest body type to be a healer. The only exceptions to this rule are Nahida and Klee, who are also very small but as far away from a healer/buffer as they could be.


Estimated output:

Version 4.6
Element and weapon: Hydro/Arc


Role: Buffer and Healer

Genshin Impact: overview of Sigewinne’s abilities

Sigewinne – Autoattack: Tide Accuracy

  • Sigewinne makes up to three consecutive shots with her bow.
  • Performs a more accurate aimed shot with increased DMG.
  • Fires a shower of arrows into the air before falling and hitting the ground, dealing AoE DMG on impact.

Sigewinne – Elemental Skill: Maritime Sedation

  • Sigewinne uses it Dart gun granting the status to all characters close to your party. This state has different effects when pressed or held:

    → Press: Fires a , dealing AoE Hydro DMG to enemies it comes into contact with.

    → Maintain: Enters aim mode and locks on to an enemy. During this time, Sigewinne’s resistance to interruption is increased and so is her charge. Dart gun up to three Flurry levels.

  • Characters in this state will benefit from the following effects depending on the hydro-elemental reaction they created during said state:
Reaction (hydro-based) Effect
Freeze Increases freeze duration by a certain amount.
Electro-charged Increases EM by a certain amount.
Spray Spray DMG is increased by a certain amount.
Bloom Increases EM by a certain amount.
Hydroelectric whirlpool Increases EM by a certain amount.

These effects can be increased by the number of the opponents you hit with your Dart Gun!

Sigewinne – Elemental Burst: awkward bump

  • Sigewinne drops her medicine, dealing AoE Hydro DMG on appearance and creating the following properties:

    Applies wet state to opponents, who was hit by the initial AoE.
    → Characters inside restore a certain amount of HP based on Sigewinne’s maximum HP. Non-active units will do the same with an amount less than the active one.

  • It is important to note that the more enemies you hit with AoE, the shorter the interval between healing instances will be.
  • Besides that, there can be two fields at the same time, which will give you three changes of .

    → will be triggered if two fields created by Sigewinne itself already exist. This allows Sigewinne to jump between the two fields, consuming a charge of and dealing huge AoE Hydro DMG hopping and jumping. This also heals other nearby characters.

Sigewinne’s Burst seems quite interesting to me, especially with the movement mechanics. It’s hard to say how difficult it will be to trigger all three charges of Tender Leap, and we’ll have to wait until we finally get to play it alone! Aside from that, it looks like Sigewinne will be a super strong healer, buffer, and Hydro candidate for your team, and you should definitely keep an eye on her release if you need a new healer!

And that’s basically everything there is to know about the cutest Mélusine Sigewinne! After reading her kit, the decision of whether I wanted to shoot for her or not was pretty simple: YES, obviously! It is absolutely a must-have in my range!

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