Make a video call on HOMTOM S7

Making a video call with a HOMTOM S7 is extremely useful. In fact, it is a perfect solution in case you want to see the head of the person you are contacting. When you call someone who happens to be on the other side of the world, sometimes it’s nice to see the thrombin in them. Thanks to the front camera of your HOMTOM S7, you can see the person while they are being filmed during the video call. So, when you want to not only hear but also see your contact, this post is for you. We have chosen three applications that allow you to make a video call with the HOMTOM S7. For each of them, it is essential that both individuals have the app on their mobile. We will see above all the technique to pass one call vision using the Facebook Messenger application. We will see how to use Google Hangout to make a video call on HOMTOM S7 second. Finally, we will see the procedure to make a video call using Skype.

Make a video call with a HOMTOM S7 using Facebook Messenger

Making a video call from Facebook Messenger is really easy. In fact, all you have to do is open the app and create a conversation with the person you want to call. When the conversation is created, the little one will have to be pressured camera icon. Once this is done, the video call starts and your contact’s smartphone will ring. Then it is easy for you to change the camera of the HOMTOM S7 by selecting the 2 small circular arrows.

Make a video call with the HOMTOM S7 via Google Hangout

If you want to use the Hangout app on your HOMTOM S7, you must have a Google account. If you never have one, you can create one in less than 5 minutes. When it’s okay, the first step is to download and install the app which you can find here: Google Hangout When it’s there, you can import contacts from your phone. When it is good you have to press the button: New video call and enter the contact name. Simply click the camera-like button to start the video call on the HOMTOM S7.

Make a video call with the HOMTOM S7 via Skype

As with other applications, you must have a Skype account to be able to make a video call with the HOMTOM S7. After creating your account and installing the app on the HOMTOM S7, you need to launch the app and log in. Once done, go to the contact list and select the contact you want to call visio. Finally click Make a video call to start the call on your HOMTOM S7.

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5 Google news reaches Android smartphones until Christmas Rui Bacelar December 2, 2023

TO Google just announced a series of new features that will come to Android tablets, watches and smartphones Until christmas. There are (at least) five functions that will improve our mobile devices, however, to receive them a system is necessary.

Only users with the latest version of Google’s operating system, the Android 13, is that they will have the right to the news. Others will have to wait for their respective software updates if they want to take advantage of these Christmas gifts.

Improvements in Google Photos, Gboard keyboard and YouTube

The news was highlighted by Google in its official Blog with all the news arriving in time for Christmas for the chosen products. There are new tools, creativity options and shortcuts that will allow us to save time in the most used apps.

Below, we present the list of new features with at least five good additions that little by little are reaching the North American technological ecosystem.

1. Christmas collages come to Google Photos

First of all, we have the (photo) collages in time for Christmas. To celebrate the holiday season, the North American technology company will make new features available for Google Photos. More specifically, for the Image Editing options.

Photos taken with the new styles are ideal for creating (and sharing) unique memories during Christmas. We thus have new drawing styles, created in collaboration with the artist. Design Yao Chengas well as visual artist duo DABSMYLA.

The user who wants to create their photo collages with the new designs and styles must select the images and then touch Collage. Finally, simply choose one of the new filters and styles, tapping last Save.

2. Emoji Kitchen has arrived on the Gboard keyboard

Google also updated one of Gboard’s best features, its emoji “kitchen.” In fact, we have the EmojiKitchen with Christmas novelties such as the snowman (☃️), as well as the snowflake (❄️).

You’ll be able to find this whole range of new emojis on the Google keyboard over the next few days.

3. New reading mode application on Android

Among the great news of this Christmas update is the arrival of a native application for the Android operating system to facilitate the reading of texts, news and documents. Basically, anything that has text to display on the device.

This native Android app can turn websites into easier-to-read pages, reversing color schemes when necessary. The user can choose font type, size and format for ease of reading.

We also have new accessibility options for people who are visually impaired, visually impaired, or dyslexic.

4. YouTube Video Search Widget

Google’s Christmas update will also bring a new widget to YouTube. It is now more complete and includes a new search bar to facilitate searching on the company’s video platform.

This will facilitate the placement of a widget on the main screen of the smartphone that will give us direct access to the application, its Shorts, Subscriptions (of the user), as well as the Video Library.

5. Send content directly to the Google TV app

Through the app Google TV We will be able to access movies and series from the main services and platforms. The application aims to facilitate the management of various content from different platforms, in addition to facilitating its sending to TV.

Once you’ve found your desired content, a single tap is all it takes to start playing it on the TV, with the app serving as a remote control.

Bonus: Wear OS improvements

The new update also includes a new series of platform improvements Use operating systemOh Google operating system for smart watches. We have new tabs and shortcuts to quickly access favorite Contacts, sunrise times, location, Google Maps, among other functions.

In addition, the Google Assistant application has been improved to speed up its responses through our wrist. Finally, we can ask the voice assistant to start more than 30 types of exercises, so we can monitor them.

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Teacher uses AC: Odyssey in his classes

As time goes by, the tools used to teach advance to reflect new technologies. At the time, one book was more than enough to teach a class. However, today video games can be used to illustrate some concept or historical moment, as demonstrated by a teacher in the United States using Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.

Through his TikTok account, the user known as Mr. Mahathey, has used the Ubisoft title to teach a class related to the Peloponnesian War. Here we can see how he uses Icarus, the eagle that accompanies us in the game, to talk about the Thermopylae Gorge.


Nothing like using Assassin’s Creed to teach the Battle of Thermopylae #fyp #foryou #assassinacreed #odyssey #teacher #history #historyteacher #middleschoolteacher

♬ original sound – Jade1803

Let us remember that, despite being a fictional series, the Assassin’s Creed series has been characterized by recreating historical events and characters in a quite interesting way. Beyond the Templars and Assassins, The games in this franchise have also attracted attention for their accurate historical representationsand being able to visit places that we find in history books.

On related topics, Assassin’s Creed Red would already have a launch window. Likewise, this would be the protagonist of the next game in the series.

Editor’s Note:

The last Assassin’s Creed trilogy was not only characterized by having an RPG combat system, but it also gave greater emphasis to the way in which its worlds are represented, and how the user can interact with them in a unique way. that goes beyond simply changing, and they feel almost like an interactive book.

Via: Mr. Mahathey

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The strongest possible password is pure poetry

A website promises a secure password – very secure – but easy to remember. You just have to learn a rhyme with two short verses.

The project created by two researchers from the University of California has led to a web page that sends users who request it a password safe and easy to remember. Normally these two qualities are difficult to combine, since keys that are easy to remember tend to be easy for hackers to discover, who try the most used terms – such as the fateful ‘password’ and ‘123456’ – or use brute force attacks , to massively introduce alphanumeric combinations until you find the correct one.

Having ruled out the use of an easy password, it remains to create a difficult one to guarantee our security. The obvious problem with these passwords is that in addition to being difficult to discover through an attack, they are also difficult for the user to remember. To this is added that we not only have a key. We handle a large number of services that require a private login, from email to a handful of social networks, including productivity tools for work, payment methods or leisure websites.

There are key managers that generate a secure and unique password, while storing yours on their platform. This master key is useful, but the ideal is to have one for each service. The dilemma has been solved by these researchers from the University of California, who They have created a web page to send strong keys to whoever wants them.

These are not complex alphanumeric lines strewn with strange characters. The curious thing is that the password generator that these researchers have created is based on poetry to facilitate memorization of the key by users. The passwords that are created are two verses that follow the structure of iambic pentameter (a type of composition used extensively by William Shakespeare) and rhyme.

One of the examples of these passwords, which can be requested on your website, is:

A science chasing revenue
adjacent Boxing avenue.

As you can see, the verses have no coherence whatsoever, they are simply words placed so that they meet a certain meter and rhyme. Another example is:

The painted faces emphasize
proclaimed Delgado symbolize.

Again there is no way to make sense of these verses. If poetry is sometimes difficult to decipher, in this case it is impossible because there is no hidden meaning. It is only a composition oriented towards its objective: security and simplicity to be remembered.

The researchers created this method by taking a dictionary of 327,628 words and assigning each of them a unique code. Once the field work was done, they developed a tool that generates an extensive code, which translates into two verses of this type. The dictionary was in English, of course. And needless to say, they delete the strong password they generate and send to a user.

Images: geralt, II

silent hill Ξ TREND

Preview Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

We’ve already talked about it in another article, but now the time has come to delve deeper into the details of the horror universe of Shattered Memories. Konami has decided to return to its roots, proposing a modernization of the first chapter of the Silent Hill series.

  • Plot

If you have never approached Silent Hill, we give you a nice refresher. You will impersonate Harry Masona father in search of his lost daughter in the town of Silent Hill. Although it may seem very familiar to you, it is not. Yeslent Hill is a very strange place and hides several surprises. Furthermore, for this title, several supernatural creatures have been added. Climax Studios (the developers of this title, but also of Silent Hill: Origins for PSP) used the storyline only as a basic structure. The game, in fact, is best described as a reimagining, rather than a remake. So, even if you’ve played the original chapter, you don’t necessarily know how Shattered Memories will continue.

  • Gameplay

The game interface has been localized in Harry’s cell phonefrom which it will be possible to access the city ​​map, make calls (yes, you can also call 911, but don’t expect much), receive (from what we know, expect bad news every time your cell phone rings) e take photos of the premises to show clues supernatural.
Additionally, Harry will be able to interact with several familiar faces from the original game and do some exploration that will emphasize Wii Remote and Nunchuk control (for the Wii version, of course).

For those who don’t remember, Yeslent Hill focuses on the experience of an ordinary man dealing with supernatural forces. So, you certainly won’t have the arsenal of a STARS member at your disposal.
Although you will have a gun at your disposal during the course of the game, this time the developers have decided to eliminate an element that proved to be quite important in the original chapter: the bar. While not much information has been released about it, it’s safe to say that Shattered Memories will be more about avoiding enemies than killing them.

The most interesting part of this chapter concerns the city’s reactions regarding how to decide to play. The game, in fact, will take into account your actions (such as the interactions or choices you make), which will alter the city to reflect them. The entire city may change around you as you explore it.
It’s true that it will also be distributed on PSP and PS2, but let’s get back to talking about the controls for the Wii. The Wii Remotein fact, will be used for your cell phone and flashlightwhile the Nunchuk will allow Harry to move. Furthermore, the Wii Remote’s speaker will release the radio noise which you will hear during the game, meaning that there is trouble ahead.

  • Conclusions

As regards the graphics sector, Shattered Memories has obviously been modernized, to offer a softer and more contoured look. The characters and enemies are rendered in high detail and the environments also look very good from a lighting point of view. The climatic effects are also interesting like the snow or the obvious mist that marked Silent Hill.
It is obvious that the game is still in development and therefore, over time, it will only improve.

For audio, however, not much is known. But it is important to remember that it will certainly be something very interesting for fans of the series, since it will present a new contribution by composer Akira Yamaoka.
In the first chapter some excellent choices were made in the musical field and therefore there is nothing to worry about.

Summing up, Yeslent Hill: Shattered Memories It just seems like a great way to revisit the game that started the whole series. Regarding the version Wiithe game seems to do a very clever use of controls. Also, we hope to have more information about the story and soundtrack.
In any case, Shattered Memories does not have an official release date. But we can say that it will be available before the end of the year on PS2, PSP and Wii.

apple samsung samsung galaxy Ξ TREND

Apple’s requests accepted: stop sales of Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 in the EU, the 10.1N is saved

Apple scores a coup in the Old Continent thanks to the acceptance of its requests by a German court, which essentially bans the marketing and sale of Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 in the entire European Union. Except for the 10.1N model.

A victory for Apple, which therefore obtains the ban the competing device (you will remember when last year, after learning of the action initiated by Apple, at the IFA in Berlin, Samsung tried to hide the tablet) in the territory of the European Union, because of infringement of design patents. At the same time the court ruled that the 10.1N model was not subject to the same limitationsas Apple requested.

The Korean house has thus pronounced itself about

  • Samsung is disappointed by the court ruling. We will continue to take all available measures, including legal action, to protect our intellectual property rights and defend against Apple’s claims to ensure that our products remain available to consumers across the European Union.
  • Samsung instead welcomes the Court’s ruling which confirms our position that the GALAXY Tab 10.1N does not infringe Apple’s intellectual property and does not violate laws against unfair competition. If Apple continues to make legal claims based on a generic design patent, progress in the field could be limited.


company launch Ξ TREND

Company seeks to develop aerospace projects in Colombia: this is how they will launch it

The Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation and the company Thales, a technology leader, signed a memorandum of understanding in order to promote the country’s aerospace development and establish future project development and the promotion of scientific vocations of Colombians.

He Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation and the company Thales, technology leader, signed a memorandum of understanding in order to promote the aerospace development of the country and establish in the future the dproject development and the promotion of vocations Colombian scientists in space, aerospace, technology, cybersecurity and smart cities.

This Wednesday in La Nube we spoke with Jerome Copin, general director of Thales in Colombiaabout this new aerospace project in the country.

He added that this agreement contemplates above all the availability of the experts to work on technical tablescontemplating the smart cities sector and promoting the technological appropriation with a strong social value.

This agreement seeks to accompany development in Colombia, since according to Copin the country has the potential to realize elements in a future of satellites.

“What we are doing is strengthen that ecosystem and that allows people to define the axes in which we could cooperate and host some students to train programmers who could be in that space program and allow these Colombian students can return to the country to strengthen the ecosystem“he added.

Finally he stated that the student training will be carried out in order to promote local entrepreneurship and strengthen the program space in the country.

android nexus Ξ TREND

Android N will not offer multi-window mode by default on the Nexus

There has been a lot of talk about the possibility of free mode on the desktop in Android N. At least it exists as a possibility if you dig into the code, which has led to the idea that possibly there would be the option to be able to use this mode on a larger screen in order to imitate what can be done on a desktop computer, or at least what we see in Remix OS. A Remix OS that we have recently seen on a few new devices.

While we wait to soon know the final name of Android N, there are more and more features that we are getting to know, since it seems that they will not only remain with those we saw in the first versions of the developer preview. One of the most notable is the multi-window modebut it seems that we will have to wait because it will not appear in the official builds that arrive from Android N, at least on Nexus devices.

As we have mentioned, Android N will have the multi-window mode support, but only in a limited way. This means that you can activate this option that will put the apps next to each other as is the case on Samsung devices. In this way, multitasking is activated, which happens not to be official.

Manufacturers will be able to activate this feature on the phones they want, but Google will not do it specifically for any of its Nexus devices in the official versions it releases of Android N. It will be up to some user to be able to incorporate it into a custom ROM, which will allow The Android community takes care of it to offer this multi-window mode.

We share the video in which Google talks about the features of this mode for Android N.


Fantasian, the new video game with handmade settings that is becoming a trend

About 150 artists came together to build real-life dioramas that were then put into the game. All of these ‘Fantasian’ environments are literally handcrafted. The video game was created by Hironobu Sakaguchi, the same as Final Fantasy.

The creator of the video game final fantasyHironobu Sakaguchi, confirms the release of his new game exclusive ‘Fantasian’.

It is a video game set role andn a backdrop created with more than 150 dioramas that combine real scenarios, spaces and with 3D elements.

A key feature of ‘Fantasian’ is called ‘Dimengeon’ and players can “delay” battles with random encounters sending monsters to a alternative dimension and then decide when to fight them all at once.

Nearly 150 artists They came together to build dioramas in real life which were then put into the game. All of these environments ‘Fantasian’ are literally hand made.

For now, Apple’s gaming service will have the video game available that promises to offer a great experience.

blood bowl Ξ TREND

Blood Bowl

If you like football then this game will certainly not go unnoticed. But it is certain that this is truly a very particular type of football.

It’s a fantasy football game (developed by Cyanide) which implements elements of real-time and turn-based strategy. AND’ based on an old board game which was created by Games Workshop with the label Warhammer Fantasy. It could be considered a remake of the 1995 game, even though the two titles are not related.

They will be well 8 playable races in the gamesix of which are shown in the screenshots you will find at the bottom of the page: Humans, Orcs, Dwarves, Lizardmen, Skaven, Goblins, Chaos and Forest Elves.
Unfortunately there are no additional details at the moment and not even the publication date has been announced yet (but it is believed to be scheduled for the second quarter of 2009). In any case, the platforms on which it will be distributed are PC, Xbox 360, Nintendo DS And PSP.

Looking forward to more information on Blood Bowl, we leave you to watch a gallery and some trailers. Good vision !

amazon android realme tablet Ξ TREND

Realme Pad: the Android tablet is now at a good price on Amazon Rui Bacelar December 1, 2023

oh royal pad It is one of the cheapest Android tablets on the market, made of metal and with a 2K screen, as well as very good audio quality for watching movies. The product has good features and is now cheaper on Amazon.

This device now costs 200 euros, a round price for a tablet with good battery life, pleasant build quality and easy to carry because it is thin and light. Essential for trips, for those who like to watch movies and much more.

Are you looking for a good and cheap tablet? See this Realme Pad

A tablet is a very useful device for working, watching movies and series online, or simply for browsing the Internet and spending time on social networks. However, finding a cheap and good, or at least very satisfactory, Android tablet is not easy.

Fortunately, there is a group of products like this Realme Pad, the OPPO Pad Air or the Xiaomi Redmi Pad, which offer a good quality/price ratio. Especially now, in fact, when the product itself is cheaper in the online store. Amazon.ES.

It is also important to note that Realme is an OPPO group company, like OnePlus, so we expect (and find) a good level of build quality and finishes, taking into account the price of the product.

Get the Realme Pad at the best price in the Amazon online store

Screen: 10.4” 2K IPS LCD (224 dpi)
Processor: Helio G80 (12nm) from MediaTek
RAM: from 3 GB
Storage: from 32 GB
Cameras: 8 deputy / 8 deputy
Battery: 7 100mAh
Launch: September 2021

Discount: -3% (cost €205)

For those looking for an affordable tablet to watch movies and series, this could be a good buy. NoteIt is clear that, for the price, we already have the version with 4GB dand RAM memory and 64GB of storage, with the option to use a micro SD memory card for expansion if necessary.

Its performance is very comparable to that of more expensive tablets launched throughout this year, which is why we decided to publicize this promotion as it represents a good purchasing opportunity.

Alternatively, we present these Android tablets:

Amazon There are special conditions for this Christmas

NoteIt is also noted that the return period will be temporarily extended until January 31, 2023 for most items purchased between November 1, 2022 and December 31, 2022.

The best of all? These advantageous conditions also include items shipped by third parties, such as items shipped by Amazon with further information already published.

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My Hero Academia should end with season 7

With the start of the final phase of My Hero Academia in season 6, the series should approach its definitive end with the seventh. The final act of Kohei Horikoshi’s original manga has pushed Deku and the rest of the My Hero Academia characters to their limits, as the final fight between heroes and villains is in full swing, but there honestly isn’t much left to explore as the story unfolds. prepares for its grand finale.

It’s becoming increasingly clear that the end is near, so it would be best for the anime to do the same.

While My Hero Academia is far from over, as each new chapter of the manga continues to reveal surprising new details for the final battle to come, it is clear that the end of the fight between Izuku Midoriya and Tomura Shigaraki is near. But as the anime quickly approaches this final battle, one more season will be enough to adequately wrap everything that will happen in this final war within its planned set of episodes.

My Hero Academia’s seventh season should be its last, mainly for pacing reasons. There are no signs of the manga ending in the immediate future, but let’s take a look at My Hero Academia season 6 to see how quickly the anime can move forward through a year of fighting in the manga.

The arch of the Paranormal Liberation War It lasted more than a year in real time with the publication of its chapters, but the anime was able to adapt it completely in a single block of episodes. In fact, My Hero Academia season 6 will lead directly to this final battle at the end.

Not only is it likely to cover this final battle in a single block of episodes, but it really should. My Hero Academia is no longer as impressive as it was at the beginning. It’s the result of many different factors (the global pandemic certainly played a role in changing a lot of how each anime has been produced in recent years), but something about My Hero Academia also feels like it’s speeding up towards the end.

Via: Comicbook

Editor’s note: I like animes that end, and even more so if they are 13 or 30 chapters, I think they are better because they know that they have to conclude instead of lengthening things so much and allowing the abuse of filler. It’s time to marathon My Hero Academia.

android Ξ TREND

How to install Xposed on Android

In the following practical Android tutorial video, I am going to teach you the correct way to install Xposed on Android. This regardless of the version of Android that you have installed on your device since, at the moment there is an installation method for versions of Android Lollipop up to Android M.

The video with which we begin this practical tutorial, even though it is aimed at teaching you how to install Xposed on Android M, specifically on a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus which is my personal smartphone, the installation method is identical for all versions of Android, with the only change being the Xposed ZIP file to be installed through the modified Recovery that will depend on the version of Android that has the terminal installed to Flash Xposed. So if you’re thinking about install Xposed Framework on your Android terminal and you don’t know exactly how to do it, I advise you not to miss any detail of this post and the attached video with which we began this article.

Requirements to be able to install Xposed on Android

To install Xposed on Android and being able to enjoy all the customization that downloading and installing modules offers us, requires meeting these essential requirements:

  1. Have a Rooted Android terminal.
  2. Have the Modified Recovery correctly flashed and updated to its latest available version.
  3. Have a nandroid backup, backup of the entire operating system from the Modified Recovery. This is in case we have problems with an incompatible module to be able to recover the terminal as it was before the installation of the conflicting module.
  4. Follow the installation steps that I explain in the attached video with which we began this post.

Files needed to install Xposed on Android

To install Xposed on Android, regardless of the version of Android that we have installed, we will need to download the latest version of Xposed Installerplus the download of the Xposed ZIP corresponding to our version of Android.

Below I attach the direct links to download the Xposed Installer APK in its latest and most updated version, as well as links to download the ZIP files necessary according to your Android version:

  • Xposed Installer apk. (This is the application that I install first in the video and is valid for any version of Android).

From this page you have access to the download of the Xposed ZIP file corresponding to versions of Android 5.0, Android 5.1 and Android 6.0. Below I leave you the corresponding direct links for each of the mentioned Android versions:

  • Download Xposed Framework SDK 21 for versions Android 5.0.
  • Download Xposed Framework SDK 22 for versions Android 5.1.
  • Download Xposed Framework SDK 23 for versions Android 6.0.

You can also download the Xposed unnistaler file from this same link. This ZIP file is valid for any version of Android and is an essential file if one day we want to completely remove Xposed from our Android.

Once these two files have been downloaded, the apk file plus the ZIP file corresponding to our version of Androidwe are going to copy them to the internal memory of our Android device and we are going to proceed with the installation and flashing method of Xposed on Android.

Xposed installation method on Android step by step

As I tell you in the attached video with which we began this post, I show you the installation and flashing process of Xposed on Android step by step, a process that is limited to following these simple steps:

  1. We install the downloaded apk just as we would install any application in APK format. To do this, we must first enable from the Android settings in section Securitythe option that allows us to install apps from unknown sources or of unknown origins. Then you just have to click on the APK file itself for the installation of Xposed Installer to begin.
  2. After installing the Xposed Installer apk, the application from which we are going to install and uninstall Xposed modules, we will restart in Recovery Mode and from the option Installwe will select the ZIP corresponding to our current version of Android and we will run it.
  3. Reboot System Now.

PS2 the console of 2008 according to Nielsen!

Nielsen through measurements it created a ranking according to gamers’ tastes regarding the console that was most played in 2008.

Nielsen has discovered after careful analysis that the most used console during 2008 is the PlayStation 2 despite it belonging to the old console generation. Nielsen he based it on play time not sales and stated that gamers prefer older generation consoles to newer ones.

Here is the second ranking Nielsen :

1- PlayStation 2 – 31.7%
2- Xbox 360 – 17.2%
3- Nintendo Wii – 13.4%
4- Xbox – 9.7%
5- PlayStation 3 – 7.3%
6- GameCube – 4.6%
– Other – 16.2%

Obviously the ranking is individual, not global, we don’t know what types of calculations he did to come to this conclusion, it’s true PS2 it was the most popular console among GameCube And Xbox but in this new generation of consoles prefer PS2 to Xbox360 or PS3 or maybe even Wii I see it difficult unless users who play PS2 they can’t afford to spend money on other consoles or they don’t want to do it then things change but we respect their point of view as we do with every site or person who stipulates their own statistics and their own point of view.


LG G5 leaks in new images

There is less and less left to discover everything about the LG G5, and even yesterday images of a supposed first prototype were leaked. But today we have been able to see new images of the LG G5 leaked, that are very close to what we expect from LG’s new flagship. However, we can see little when connecting with such a rough case that covers it, but it is valid for us to get an idea of ​​what to expect.

Leaked LG G5 images

If yesterday’s images were not enough, today we have seen new images of the LG G5 that have been leaked. These that we show you are quite interesting.

These images reveal few data, but we have practically been able to find out many things with the first prototype. In the previous image, we see the dual camera and LED flash. It is also confirmed the fingerprint sensor, as we can see in the back. And it is reminiscent of what has already been seen in the Nexus 6P.

Convincing inside and out

In the following image, we can see the screen, although slightly. We get an idea of ​​what the margins, something that is always important to keep in mind, and it has also reminded us a little of 6P again due to the separation. We see the operation and some applications. We are convinced by what we see, although we would have liked it more without so much cover.

The following image already tells us a little more about the bottom and top. We see, as we told you yesterday, the entrance to USB Type-Cwhich is the most striking thing.

This LG G5 doesn’t look bad at all, it’s a shame that we can’t see it in all its fullness, but at least it confirms some physical characteristics, such as the edges, dual camera, flash and fingerprint sensor.

What do you think of this LG G5? Does it convince you? Tell us in the comments if you feel like it.

Fountain | Gizmobic


The Smart Kitchen is finally here!

In the world of technology, apart from the flying car, few promises of the future have attracted as much news and, however, have achieved fewer tangible results than the kitchen of the future. It is probably not due to a technological problem but rather to the fact that a series of unrealistic expectations were generated that were out of step with the real advancement of technology.

The arrival of the Internet of Things, a truly new Industrial Revolution, is leaving no stone unturned when it comes to reinventing and optimizing existing processes and devices.

In many homes the kitchen is the central room of the house and, as the nerve center, in addition to having breakfast, lunch and dinner, it serves as a place to work, read, relax and generally live life.

IKEA, the Swedish home furnishings and decoration retail giant, has been thinking about the connected kitchen for some time. Its concept kitchen is a joint project that it has developed with IDEO and the universities of Lund and Eindhoven and is called Concept Kitchen 2025. The kitchen has as its center a multipurpose table with a hard surface that hides induction connections under it. Above the table, a camera and overhead projector shows us recipes to cook, recognizes the elements we want to prepare and suggests recipes based on the ingredients and time we have available. This work table combination that advises you on what to cook and how to do it doubles as a cooking surface, improving the necessary space in the kitchen. IKEA estimates that the idea could go from concept to marketable product in less than a decade.

Next generation connected appliances can now be managed centrally using our mobile phones or tablets. General Electrics and Siemens, among others, share a holistic vision so that we can control all home appliances from a simple app. At the beginning of the year, GE Appliances launched a suite called GE Connected Profile to control the connected kitchen from the smartphone, “since the smartphone is the everyday toolbox with which we carry out our routines,” says Liz Ver Schure, General Manager of Connected Appliances at GE. At Siemens they have a similar approach and want you to have everything connected and managed via smartphone: from the wall oven, to the dishwasher, to the double door refrigerator. Its app can even connect to your built in and connected coffee machine so you can prepare that first morning injection from bed as soon as you wake up.

In these integrative visions the biggest challenge is the usual one, to prevent managing my appliances from requiring an infinite number of apps and there being a common platform that integrates them regardless of the brand.

We cannot finish this review without stopping at some of the interesting gadgets that populate the kitchen today: HAPIfork is a connected fork that helps you maintain a healthy diet and eat slowly, which is crucial for losing weight and increasing fat. welfare.

SmartyPans, Pantelligent Smart Frying Pan or Cinder Grill are similar solutions that literally allow you to cook from the couch. The Drop Connected Kitchen Scale connects to your tablet and allows you to follow recipes step by step.

Forbes predicts that the way we weigh ingredients, find recipes, store food, and clean up leftovers (plus the way we cook, of course) is about to change radically over the next decade because of the Internet. of Things. We can not agree more.

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Could PT be resurrected thanks to Silent Hill ads?

Geoff Keighley he is currently among the most prominent personalities in the field of gaming journalism, creator and host of The Game Awards, definitely doesn’t let his social media moves go unnoticed. It’s just an enigmatic post by him, uploaded to Twitter a few hours away from Silent Hill Transmissionto give rise to the first doubts in fans of the horror saga Konami. After three big announcements made a few hours before the event, Keighley In fact, post a picture of PTa now old playable teaser of a supposedly new one silent Hill probably fallen into oblivion.
PT was in fact released on August 12, 2014developed by Kojima Productions and published for free by Konami on PlayStation Network. Silent Hills was supposed to be released in 2016 but, one year after landing on consoles, PT was eliminated from the store and the publication of the game cancelled. From Silent Hills it was never talked about again and yesterday several new non-related titles were announced. Here is our article on the matter.

Geoff Keighley’s post therefore seems completely disconnected from recent news on the saga but, considering the author of the post, it could still have a meaning. Isn’t the news on Konami’s famous horror saga over yet? PT was much appreciated by fans and it cannot be ruled out that the Japanese company could retrace its steps. We just have to wait for official announcements to see how the issue will evolve.

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FIFA and PES, football compared

Let’s compare the two titles dedicated to the world of football to see the pros and cons. PES 2009 And FIFA 09 they have certainly made improvements from the previous chapters, but FIFA succeeded where PES could not and so, vice versa.

Two different worlds collide to give life to the challenge everyone was waiting for and so we begin with our review. The games can be distinguished starting from the menus. FIFA presents itself with a sober style and very light music, to give it a more “busy” touch. PES, in response, aims at younger people with mural-style graphics and pleasantly fast music.

  • Reality. How many of us love her?

FIFA it presents itself excellently from the licensing point of view. You can dispute over 25 championships, not excluding the smaller ones such as the Italian Serie B. There are some flaws. Some players’ names have been mispronounced and perhaps one or two teams may be made up of unknown players, but as far as clubs are concerned, the names and crests are the authentic ones.
The possibility of being able to connect to the internet to keep the statistics of each player always updated to reflect them in the real ones is excellent (Adidas Live Season).

PEShowever, seems to suffer a lot in this respect. Far fewer championships make the game variety rather monotonous and the presence of invented names does not contribute to the joy of fans of the game Konami.
The latter could take the trouble to edit their favorite team starting from the names of the individual players, up to the physical appearance but, is the game worth the candle?
In the context Champions Leauge, PES offers magical moments, during and before the match. But, it brings with it a negative aspect. In fact, it is not possible to play with all the teams that participated in the Champions League this year and it would seem that German football is completely non-existent (Bundesliga and the main German club do not exist).

  • Graphics Section.

Here too, two completely different styles. FIFA offers a much more realistic view and the stadiums will give you goosebumps. While PES tried to give a more drawn look to the players, having a great effect on the close-ups of the players. Although, overall, FIFA manages to come out on top.

You can see this right from the start, from the animations, the jerseys, the stadiums and so on. FIFA has made great strides in recent years and seems to have caught up with PES without any problems. The latter, however, does not offer great innovations and many may dispute the choice to adopt graphics that are practically identical to the previous title.

As for realism, both have flaws. FIFA doesn’t seem very credible, even if the contrasts between players (for example, when they wait for a ball from above) are really well done. The ball, however, seems to have remained the same as in previous EA chapters. It may happen that some rebounds are totally unnatural and that the shots do not give any emotion.

PES, on the other hand, is much more frenetic. The players, very fast, run here and there giving little weight to the contrasts, therefore. The ball control, however, is very good.
Furthermore, the Konami game also presents differences from FIFA in terms of game movement. PES, as already mentioned, is more frenetic and features more solo actions made up of dribbling and “magic”. FIFA, on the other hand, is heavier and slower, a continuous series of passes until the enemy defense opens up.

In short, FIFA tries to give a more realistic tone but the various flaws in terms of animations and ball control make everything more fictitious. PES, on the other hand, is closer to the “imaginative” world of footballmaking many fans happy, but also losing that “realism” that never hurts in a football game.

  • Playability.

The gameplay of FIFA is made rather heavy by the “forced” movements of the players that make up your team and, most of the time (if not always), the action will take place with a series of endless passes trying to throw the tip forward. Difficult to say and also to do, probably. Many of the passages seem really unrealistic, with impossible and often even wrong trajectories. FIFA is a game more designed for tactics but the controls are not on its side. The various tricks can be performed using the right stickwith which you can do anything. But, controlling it is far from easy and all this makes the progress of the game unfunny and unrealistic.
Furthermore, FIFA for PC offers the possibility of controlling your players with the mouse and keyboard, perhaps restoring a fluidity that is lost with the joypad. You can order your teammates to sprint, kick on goal and you can perform various tricks (heel kicks, overhead kicks and so on), with simple movements of the peripheral.
PES it’s a completely different story. He brings the fast component of football into play. The players (especially the best known) they are extremely fast but ball possession is not affected but rather encouraged by the various tricks available (less than those of FIFA, but certainly simpler to perform). PES is a game of direct attack, of solitary actions or at most a few one-twos before being in front of the goalkeeper.
Precisely this type of game, so unbridled, makes the most important aspect of football less enjoyable. The team. It’s practically impossible to manage concrete action at the pace of PES.

  • Visuals.

Delicate topic for home IT’S AT.
Although it offers multiple possibilities for manually modifying the view, it seems very complex to find a suitable one. The views of FIFA are very open, precisely due to the slowness of the players, but this particularly affects the possibility of showing the player well-made animations.
Furthermore, in the wide field view, you will have many difficulties managing an aerial action because the doors will be shot essentially in profile and will distort the depth view.
PES, on the other hand, despite not having all the options of FIFA, has an excellent camera which gives the possibility of greater awareness even in actions in front of goal.

  • Audio.

The audio sector presents significant problems for PES. As for the environment it is truly unlistenable. The noise of the ball is very fake and the chants are rare and poorly made (although it is possible to upload your own). The commentary, however, was very good. There aren’t many sentences but the interpretation is excellent and in sync with the action.
FIFA reverses everything. The commentary is rather poorly organised. A few phrases that repeated can get tiring. The ambient audio, however, is good. Excellent pitch noises, fans, discreet, but offering good sensations when the choirs are sung.

  • Online.

FIFA wins and wins again. Multiple online modes among which, singles, tournaments, championships and above all the 10vs10. No lag problems on servers managed by EA and anyone with at least a decent connection will be able to play without the slightest problem for hours.
Another story, however, for PES. Few modes, including 1vs1, 2vs2 And Myths Online. Unstable servers contribute to lag which, even not being very heavy as in the previous chapter, can ruin the gaming experience.

  • Conclusions.

Two completely different games and both have some flaws. Trying FIFA and PES before purchasing one of the two is a must.
FIFA isn’t very convincing when it comes to visuals and heavy action. But PES hasn’t made any progress in the field of playability which, moreover, was easily taken over by FIFA (even if still a little heavy).
If you were to judge the two titles according to how much they have improved since their previous edition, Fifa 09 would certainly have the podium guaranteed.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2009:

Audio 7 – Good commentary. Much less its environmental ones.
Graphics 6 – Non-existent changes from the old version.
Playability 9 – Excellent controls, easy and intuitive.
Longevity 7 – Few online modes, but Become a Legend is very fun and well handled.

Total 7.8 – A good mark. Pretty bad if you think about the career of this series. Pretty non-existent news. There is some fun, but too few online modes and single player championships.

FIFA 09:

Audio 7 – The opposite of PES. His ambient, stadium and choirs are good. A little less commentary. Repetitive and unconvincing.
Graphics 8 – Giant strides for FIFA since the previous editions. Excellent animations.
Playability 6 – Rather poor, even considering the physics of the ball.
Longevity 9 – Many modes both online and single player.

Total 8 – EA definitely outpaced Konami this year. Excellent news and updates even if FIFA still has several problems.

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This 11  year  old girl sells you encryption services online

Mira Modi, only 11 years old, has started a business to sell passwords generated with the Diceware method through a website.

It is always surprising when a teenager stands out far above the rest of his peers in something. When he also does so by starting an activity that can provide economic benefits or be considered a business, he attracts even more attention. This is the case of Mira Modi, an 11 year old girl who has launched offer encryption services over the Internet. Specifically, it sells passwords, generated by it with the Diceware method.

In this case the activity is also surprising. Selling a password that has been generated by a method that could be classified as artisanal implies that whoever created it knows it. This hasn’t stopped Modi from launching a simple website and starting selling these passwords.

The claim is attractive. The first thing you read on Modi’s website is a dig at the user. “Come on, admit it, your passwords can be better. Instead of ‘12345’ or ‘password, your passwords can be longer, stronger, and more unique.’ This girl proposes to her potential clients to offer her an advanced security key, but easy to remember.

She generates it herself using a die and a list of words. She sells them for two dollars each and does not store them on her computer or anywhere else. These passwords generated with Diceware He writes them by hand on a piece of paper and sends it by postal mail. to the recipient. It points out on its website that this is the safest form of shipping, since a letter sent by ‘US Postal Mail’ cannot be opened by the government unless it has a search warrant.

Cryptography at an early age

Modi started in the world of cryptography with his mother, Julia Angwin, a journalist specializing in privacy and author of the book Dragnet Nation. It was precisely when writing this book that the journalist introduced her daughter to encryption issues. One of the parts of the text talks about the Diceware method to generate passwords and To illustrate this, he asked Modi to try creating unique keys.

The girl learned how the method worked and its usefulness. She liked it and has found a way to continue practicing it and earn some income. Diceware was invented in 1995 by Arnold Reinhold, who created an extensive list of words (in English, an equivalent has since been created in other languages) which are reached by rolling dice. Depending on the combination of numbers rolled on the die, one or another term will be chosen, repeating the operation several times to generate a password.

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Aliexpress new discount coupons in its Christmas Gift promo

Christmas is approaching and AliExpress is launching its traditional Christmas campaign under the name “Give Christmas” which will be active from 9:00 this Monday the 7th.

As usual, the star of this new Aliexpress promo are the Direct Discount Coupons that we can always combine with other discounts we have to get an attractive price. A section could not be missing for Aliexpress PLAZA where we have offers for products that are sent from Spain, offers for featured brands and the usual coupon center, where we can get Selection Coupons. As always, it is a matter of looking a lot and combining discounts to get a really good offer.

Discount coupons valid for ALL AliExpress products

  • GIFT3 discount of €3 on purchases of more than €30
  • GIFT7 discount of €7 on purchases of more than €70
  • GIFT8 discount of €8 on purchases of more than €80
  • GIFT12 discount of €12 on purchases of more than €120

Discount coupons only for products shipped from SPAIN or EUROPE

  • DECSELL15 discount of €15 on purchases of more than €110
  • DECSELL8 discount of €8 on purchases of more than €70

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Sparrow+Google, a better email client for Android is coming?

Those who dream of a email client better than the current one, they will soon be able to see their dream come true. The latest purchase of Google it could point to a new application, which will soon be available in the Play Store.

The official press release is published on the website Sparrow, well-known email client present for some time in the Apple App store:

We’re excited to announce that Sparrow has been acquired by Google!

We care a lot about how people communicate, and we did our best to provide you with the most intuitive and pleasurable mailing experience.

Now we’re joining the Gmail team to accomplish a bigger vision — one that we think we can better achieve with Google.

We’d like to extend a special thanks to all of our users who have supported us, advised us, given us priceless feedback and allowed us to build a better mail application. While we’ll be working on new things at Google, we will continue to make Sparrow available and provide support for our users.

We had an amazing ride and can’t thank you enough.

Full speed ahead!

Dom Leca

So Sparrow will start working together with Gmailand this would lead one to think that there is one in the pipeline new application for Android. Obviously we are talking about a new email client improved in every aspect and decidedly perfected.



FIRMWARE: Transpeed 6K with the Allwinner H616 SoC (10-08-2020)

Thanks to one of our users we have today a new firmware for the TV-Box Transspeed 6K which includes the SoC Allwinner H616. This model integrates on plate 2/4 GB of RAM DDR3 and 16/32/64GB of storage memory that we can expand thanks to the microSD type card reader that we find on the side of its plastic box. This Smart Box comes with basic wireless connectivity, as it only includes WiFi b/g/n and Bluetooth 4.0. As connectors it includes an interface grid 10/100AV jack, one port USB 3.0, another USB 2.0a port, a microUSB OTG, an HDMI 2.0 video output and SPDIF digital audio output. Among the included accessories we find a basic IR remote control, cables and power supply.

Price and availability

  • The TV-Box Transspeed 6K H616 can be purchased at from €24.34 ($26.88) with free shipping.

Update process

  • Download the Update for the Transspeed 6K Smart TV-Box with H616 SoC(10-08-2020) – ZIP method (Does not recover)
  • Update firmware following our Allwinner Upgrade Guide.

List of changes

  • Not available.

World Console Championship Finals

As first participation I can’t complain, got over it group stageI also managed to pass the first round only to be eliminated ai 128th…day of finalschampions, magic, it was one nice day even if it could have been done better!


Let’s start talking about the sore points: we Italians are good at doing many things, but often at an organizational level we make people laugh. Oh yes, it must be said, because we were mocked by the European participants of the various tournaments due to some organizational shortcomings: relating to the last day, we once again made a kilometer long line only to then play 4 hours later and be called out one by one by voice! However, I hope it serves as a lesson for the next edition: and also the cost of tickets excessive if you did not participate in the tournament which however had a good prize money. As for the my resultsafter first phase:
First Round (Worst second group stages): I (Barcelona) – Inter 5-1 Clear victory even though at the beginning I suffered and on 3-1 my opponent also had a penalty in his favor which would have reopened the match… congratulations at the end of the match, you always have to be sportsmen 😉
128th final: I (Barcelona) – Manchester United 2-3 I didn’t play very well and honestly I didn’t make many conclusions even though I kept the ball a lot and conceded goals from Christiansome trivial…shame because I was in lead at the start 1-0 and then I scored at the 90th but it was useless. But what he gave me anger is that precisely on the occasion of second goal my opponent he comes up with a sentence “2 shots, 2 goals“. At that time, first thingit’s not like someone is playing with the computer and a sentence of this type it is not acceptable especially then because the my goal was useless given that also the recovery had already expired and I was now ready for the final whistle and defeatthe opponent could have spared it and if he hadn’t said anything I would have even shaken his hand. Was sporting from the point of view of the gameI have nothing to object to, and on the other hand I wouldn’t have been angry about a goal that came too late since I already had the certainty of passing. In any case, I’ve seen people lose with embarrassing defeatsme all in all I only lost by one goal even if they are worse defeats from a certain point of view, no clear superiority… On the website of Gameland Still there is no news on the winnerI hope they update in the morning and I’ll let you know if necessary 😉

dragon house series thrones Ξ TREND

House of The Dragon – Episode 9 of the Game of Thrones spin-off series

Ninth and penultimate review of House of The Dragona spin-off series set 172 years before the beginning of the story of Game of thronesjust a few days after the father of all this, George R. R. Martin he said he wanted four seasons of this show, for a total of 40 episodes. In short, the history of Targaryen It seems to be very long and rich, and in this series we have only tested a small part of it. But now we are at a really important point.

Well yes, The King is dead. King Viserys Targaryen passed away in the finale of episode eight, shortly after speaking to his wife for the last time Alicent Hightowerdaughter of his current Hand Otto Hightower. Well, for the beginning of the Dance of the Dragonsit is essential to remember how crucial this conversation is, because in the desperation of the death of Viserys the Pacifica man and King substantially appreciated both by his royal family and by his subjects, Queen Consort Alicent manages to extract from himself his worst cynicism and careerism.

In fact, he will declare that the last words of the late Viserys concerned his succession to the throne. As you will surely remember, from the very beginning of this series, the heir to the throne chosen by Viserys, contrary to tradition, had been designated as his daughter Rahenyra, with Otto Hightower’s own skepticism. She would be the first Queen of Westeros, in an era in which only the male figure had space. Alicent lies by swearing that King Viserys would have changed his mind on his deathbed, preferring their first son to the succession Aegonactually completely uninterested in the crown.

In an instant, everything changes and politics spreads. We already know that from this moment on two factions will be created: one that will have Alicent, her father Otto and the new King Eagon at the center; the other with Rahenyra, Daemon Targaryen And Rahenys Targaryencousin of Viserys and wife of Corlys Velaryonalthough at the same time the latter suspects that her son’s death Laenor It’s Rahenyra’s fault. At the same time we also have a King Aegon improvised and out of place and the brother Aemond who would like to dethrone him.

The Dance of the Dragons begins here

This episode is a great little masterpiece, because from the very first lines you begin to feel a gloomy atmosphere, full of tension, announced by continuous music that is very reminiscent of the first 15 minutes of the finale of the sixth season of Game of thrones, which everyone will surely remember. From Viserys’ death, to Alicent’s brief despair to his reaction and implementation of his plan, we sense how the plot threads are moving. Many small intertwined threads that move in multiple directions at the same time. We feel like we are fighting against time. The more minutes pass, the more the news of Viserys’ death will spread from the Palace, reaching King’s Landing and becoming public knowledge. Inside the palace, however, things must happen in everyone’s silence…

A narrative tension full of memorable moments, involving practically all the characters we have been introduced to so far except, cleverly, two: Rahenyra and Daemon Targaryen, who are still in the dark about everything. And the beauty of this episode number nine, perhaps, is precisely this: those who could be the main protagonists of this series, in this episode are not at all. It is the secondary characters who create the basis for what will be there Dance of the Dragonsthat is, the fight for the succession to the throne of Viserys which we know broke the long period of peace guaranteed by the Targaryen Realm.

So all that remains is to make an appointment next week, when up Sky Atlanticthe tenth and final episode of the first season of House of The Dragon will be published.