5 Free VPNs for Google Chrome Users

VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) are gaining more and more followers.

Virtual Private Networks have always been used in corporate environments for a variety of purposes, but now they are also used by more casual users. For example, a VPN can bypass geo-restrictions imposed by certain websites, allowing users to access content restricted to certain regions or countries.

If you are interested in such services, we have listed 5 different VPNs that are free to use directly in Google Chrome. To try the services listed below, you’ll need to download and install the extension from the Chrome Web Store.


DotVPN has been available for download on Google Chrome for almost two years, but recently it started gaining more users. According to the Chrome Web Store, the service has more than 500,000 users. The average final rating of 5000 reviews posted in the store is 4 stars.

The list of private network features includes:

Unlimited bandwidth;

Ability to choose from 12 different virtual locations (Canada, Germany, France, Netherlands, Japan, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Russia, USA and UK);

Unlimited changes between sites.

One of the advantages of this service is the security it offers. According to the developers, the DotVPN virtual network uses 4096-bit encryption. Just to give you an idea, this is double the standard used by banking services.

Browse VPN


Browsec VPN has over 2 million active users who trust the service for its privacy features and extra layer of online security. Its main advantage is to allow access to any service in complete privacy and to protect your data from possible trackers.

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The 3 main features of the extension are: location-independent access to all types of content, data encryption, and apps for iOS. The service is one of the favorites for those who want to bypass some geo-restrictions of usage, for example, when accessing online stores or services like Netflix, Pandora, SoundCloud, etc.

CyberGhost VPN


CyberGhost VPN highlights the service’s focus on user security and privacy. Like the other names above, the service allows you to bypass geo-blocking and claims to have blocked 150 million intruders and intrusive ads, 210,000 malicious websites, and 260 million inappropriate tracking attempts.

Features that set this service apart include:

  • Easy to use, there is a direct power switch on the extension;
  • Additional protection against hacking, fraud attempts, bank account information theft and phishing scams;
  • Navigate completely anonymously;
  • No intrusive advertising;
  • ISO-certified annual “Transparency Report”;
  • Unblock restricted content by geographic region;
  • Additional protection against malicious websites;
  • Data compression for mobile hotspots;
  • Force HTTPS connections when available.

Like the other services mentioned so far, CyberGhost VPN also has a premium version with some advanced extra features.

ZenMate VPN


The first name on the list is ZenMate VPN. Featuring a global network of proxy servers, the service is highly secure, encrypts information transmitted over the network, and promises to protect your data from malicious websites.

The main features of ZenMate VPN are divided into three areas: protection of user privacy, security and full access to all content on the website. For privacy reasons, the tool does not allow ad banners to monitor and track your steps on the web. Security relies on the extra line of defense created to protect user data when surfing on public Wi-Fi networks. Unrestricted access as described above can unlock a variety of content restricted to specific regions or countries.

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In addition to the free service, ZenMate VPN also offers a premium plan with more tools and features.

Hotspot Shield



Hotspot Shield has been offering VPN services for some time, but has received interesting new feature updates over the past few years. In addition to being available in the online store, the service can also be purchased for free from Anchor, which is considered one of the most reliable companies in digital security. Over 10 years on the market, Hotspot Shield has more than 400 million downloads and 20 million active users in 190 countries.

The free version has no limitations. The service differs in that there are different versions for different platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, OS X, and Windows.

Like ZenMate VPN, Hotspot Shield also has a paid elite version. The value of the plan increases based on the access needs and differentiated features selected by the user.