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4 ways to log out of Windows 10

4 ways to log out of Windows 10

There are different ways to log out of your Windows 10 computer. Some methods are shorter than others, but you choose which one you prefer. It may not be the fastest, but it’s what you used to do.

But since saving time is always a good thing, why not take a look at all the logout options and choose which one you want to use right now? Some users may not use the fastest way because they did not know it exists.

1. How to log out of Windows 10 using the Start menu

When you want to shut down your computer, click the Windows Start button and click Shut Down. But what if you want to log out? The disconnect option is not in the power options.

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To disconnect from your current session, you must click on the Windows start button, followed by your profile picture. Of the three options, it will show you the Log off the option will appear in the list.

2. How to log out of Windows 10 using advanced options

The quickest way to access the advanced options is to press the key. Windows and X keys. When the menu appears, hover over the shutdown or logout options and click the logout option.

3. How to log out using a keyboard shortcut

If you’re more of a keyboard shortcut user, you can use a three-key shortcut. Pressing the Ctrl + Alt + Del keys will get you a blue screen (don’t worry, this blue screen is a good screen). The screen will display various options and the Logout option will be third down.

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Another keyboard shortcut that you can try is Alt + F4. When the window asks what you want your computer to do, click the drop-down menu below that message and click the Sign out option. Don’t forget to click the OK option.

4. How to log out with the command prompt

If you’re already using the command prompt for some other reason, why not log out? The command is short and easy to remember turn off -L.


Disconnecting is something you do every day. With the disconnection tips mentioned above, you can choose which one you want to use right now. How do you usually disconnect from your computer?