Apple could sell ringtones for the iPhone in the iTunes store

iPhone appears determined to be more fit than originally thought, according to a YouTube video now available.

The video explores four features of the device that were briefly mentioned during Apple President Steve Jobs’ keynote address at Macworld Expo when he introduced the device.

While the report is not particularly original, some of it points to new features in the device and suggests some strategic moves to benefit the company.

The report looks at the iPhone calendar application, showing where new events are added and confirming the existence of three different calendar views (day, month, year).

It also looks at the integration of Google Maps on iPhones and shows that the device will “probably” be able to provide route and traffic information through the service.

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The report also shows that the device can be used to navigate between collections using the first letter of the artist’s name, in addition to navigating iTunes content using a finger on the touch screen.

Finally, the report looks at ringtones as well, speculating that Apple will sell ringtones for the iPhone through the iTunes Store.

Source: Macworld UK