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Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course, DLC news and inspirations

Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course, DLC news and inspirations

While waiting to know the release date of Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course, let’s discover some of the news, characters, settings and sources of inspiration for the awaited DLC of the game by StudioMDHR.

It has been a long time since there was any new information on the Cuphead DLCtitled Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course. DLC, in fact. Announced in 2018, this expansion of the original game from Studio MDHR was supposed to arrive last year but was then postponed to 2020. We expect more information very soon, but in the meantime we want to share with you some little background on the DLC that has been. disseminated in the official Cuphead artbook. In fact, the artbook, published a few days ago and published by Dark Horse, tells in detail the sources of inspiration and the background of the base game, but dedicates the final pages to The Delicious Last Course.

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After the original comes out Cuphead In September 2017, the Moldenhauer brothers found themselves inundated with ideas, sketches and ideas for characters, references and bosses who for one reason or another did not find a place in the final game.

“These ideas bounced around in our heads every day, and eventually began to take shape in our notebooks and notes. At one point they became just too many to ignore.” This is what the guys on the team say through the artbook. Then they continue: “In the television script, it is often said that the best way to understand which path a show and its characters must take is to look closely at what has already happened, as the answer is often hidden in the details of previous events. Looking at the history and the world of the Calamaio Island, we immediately realized that we could have studied much more one of the friends that Cuphead and Mugman have made along the way “.

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And here it comes in Ms. Chalice, the star of Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course who in the original game looked like the Goblet of Wonders: if you have played the game you remember it; she was that spirit who had to be protected for a period of time from attack by other ghosts. The team describes her as brave, intelligent and curious, and in Delicious Last Course it will be necessary to find out how and why she abandoned her ghostly form of her to come back to life. In the making of Ms. Chalice, the Moldenhauers drew on the early designs of Minnie, and kept some key elements of the Goblet of Wonders, such as the cannuncia, the handle, and of course the goblet.

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The size and structure of the body instead mirror those of Cuphead and Mugman to maintain consistency in the feeling of the controls and in the gameplay, but Ms. Chalice will have some new powers and abilities that come from her being a ghost. One of these skills is a double jump which will make Ms. Chalice different in game feel than Mugman and Cuphead. Having a second jump does not mean that it will necessarily make Ms. Chalice easier to control, because in this case only the second jump allows her to roll up, and we do not know if this will have repercussions on the gameplay: for example we do not know if both jumps will allow. to resurrect a teammate and parry the pink shots, or if you can only do it with one of the two. Precisely because of the double jump, the developers had to design completely new frames, with the result that Ms Chalice has many more animations than the two original characters.

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Once you have purchased the DLC, Ms. Chalice will then also be used to replay the old levels of Cuphead, and considering that the boss fights were calibrated on the Cuphead and Mugman moveset, it is to understand how different it will be to face them using the new character, or the new weapons and abilities equipped. It is not yet clear if the introduction of a third character will allow you to have a multiplayer mode for three friends or if in multiplayer you will have to choose which character to control. Considering how chaotic two-player boss fights become, it’s hard to imagine what it can be like to play with three. As mentioned, however, Ms. Chalice will not be the only character introduced in Delicious Last Course. A bit like the character of Nonno Bricco in the first Cuphead, Chef Saltbaker will act as a guide in the new island where the game will be set, and will be able to give magical powers through its delicacies.

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The title of the game, The Delicious Last Course, also suggests that the main theme of the story will be food, and will be reflected in both the characters and certain settings. For Chef Saltbaker, the developers went back to old cartoons like 1934’s Pastry Town Wedding, and experimented with different designs: mushrooms, eggs, a toaster, a pig, but in the end they opted for a salt shaker. Not only is it an original way to represent a chef in a hat, but for the developers, salt is a key ingredient in recipes, so it’s also a metaphor for the importance of the character.

The artbook also gave us some background on the two bosses seen in the trailer. Let’s start from snow boss, which for the moment is very simply called the Snow Boss. The battle with him takes place in an arena that the developers describe as an icy version of the Roman Colosseum. A lot of attention has been paid to the contrast between blue and orange both in the appearance of the boss and in the backdrop. For inspiration, he looked at Ub Iwerks’ Snowtime and Donald Duck’s short The Hockey Champ, while the monster draws not only on classic cartoons like Jack Frost and Betty Boop in Hallowe’en Party, but also on other video games, such as the Sasquatch from Darkstalkers or Umaro in Final Fantasy 6. There is no information on his combat patterns, and the only attack we see in the trailer is that powerful two-handed blow that brings blades out of the ground. In this regard, against him we see Ms. Chalice performing the double jump mentioned above.

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The second boss seen in the old trailer is the giant, for now simply called the Mountain Boss. Initially the idea was to create a lone giant, but then the developers decided to put other sentient mountains in the background. Like all the other levels of Cuphead, this one also wants to hide details capable of telling the story and mythology of a setting. The design of the giant was inspired by Disney’s Brave Little Tailor and Betty Boop’s cartoon, The Old Man of the Mountain. In the fight against the boss we will only see the head and arms, as the fight takes place above his beard, but to create the character the artists of the team made sketches of the entire body. Even when there are bosses who are only partially seen in the game, the developers of the studio still make full-length sketches to get an idea of ​​how they work and behave in the game world, so that they can animate them in a more believable way.

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Also in this case we do not know what kind of attack pattern the giant will have, and the only thing you can guess from the trailer is that the platforms that emerge from his beard will play a fundamental role in hitting him and avoiding dangers. Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course doesn’t have one yet release date precise, but the hope is that we will know more very soon.