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Delivery man stole PS5 from a young man on his birthday

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PS5 is undeniably the most sought after product at the end of the year. Sony’s new console has generated a lot of anxiety among fans, selling out in a few seconds when sales are released. Certainly many families see the product as an excellent choice for Christmas or a child’s birthday. Surprisingly, a case in the UK ended up gaining worldwide prominence for the way it happened. A company delivery guy decided to steal the PS5 from a young man who had won the birthday console.

The act was recorded by Jenni Walker, the young man’s mother. The family home has a surveillance camera and identified the delivery boy taking a box the size of the PS5. When he identified what the order was about, he returned it to the car and went on his way. Disgusted, Richard Walker, the young man’s father, decided to publish the video on social networks, causing him to go viral. The company initially promised to investigate the incident and promised to ship a new console. However, the shipment was not made and the company chose to return the money and fire the delivery man. Unfortunately, the consequence seems to have been small for the birthday gift thief.

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About the PS5:

As I mentioned above, the console has been the most sought after product this year. It is estimated that about 2.5 million units were sold in the week of launch, representing a break from all previous Sony records. The numbers would certainly be even greater if the Japanese company managed to expand its production capacity. Console sales have been boosted thanks to extremely favorable reviews that exalt DualSense and an initial line of extremely strong and quality games. The console’s first major exclusive is Demon’s Souls, the father of all Soulslike. The title developed by Bluepoint Studios is accompanied by Godfall, a temporary exclusive developed by Counterplay.

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