Destiny 2 Beyond the Light: Deepstone Crypt Raid Videos, Details, and Restrictions

A few days before the start of the Season of the Hunt phase of Destiny 2 that will give access to the Raid Beyond the Light, Bungie explains the steps to follow and the restrictions to overcome to participate in the high-level activity that will take place in the Crypt of Pietrafonda.

Destiny 2 Beyond the Light owners will be able to test their Guardian’s abilities starting at mineral 19:00 Italians from November 21. Only then, in fact, will the option to participate in the Raid on the Europa among the ice appear Pietrafonda crypt.

As with all previous Destiny and Destiny 2 raids, once again, access to this end-game activity will be allowed solely and exclusively to those who have exceeded restrictions imposed by Bungie to ensure a non-punitive gaming experience for novice Guardians.

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The Contest modeFor example, it will force players to drop to 20 power levels below boss level for 24 hours, with artifact power disabled during this phase. Those who want to access the Pietrafonda Crypt will also need to purchase a Power above 1230: The more experienced Guardians who will be able to complete the Raid before 6:00 pm on December 1, will have the opportunity to acquire the Europa Raid Jacket through Bungie Store Rewards. In this regard, we invite all new tenants of the Last City Tower to use this guide to venture into Europe in Destiny 2 Beyond the Light.

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