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  5. Fire Emblem and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: Switch summer full of great heroes

Fire Emblem and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: Switch summer full of great heroes

Fire Emblem and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: Switch summer full of great heroes

Fire Emblem: Three Houses and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order are the RPGs of the summer for Nintendo Switch: we help you choose the one that’s right for you!

Summer 2019 will be remembered as one of the hottest in recent years even for fans of RPGs that have Switch. Already in the month of July alone, Nintendo console owners can play two RPGs as valid as they are different from each other, that is Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order And Fire Emblem: Three Houses. To help you decide which one is right for you, here is a video that lists the main features and differences between these two genre hitters.

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Both Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order and Fire Emblem: Three Houses wink at the world of comics, but in terms of style and design, they couldn’t be more different. Team Ninja obviously draws heavily on the universe of Marvel superos and American comics, bringing to the stage some of the most beloved characters of the house of ideas. On the contrary, Fire Emblem does not start directly from any existing comic, but the influence of Japanese manga is still clear, in the appearance of the characters and in the animation of the cinematics. A cultural contrast that already from a couple of trailers can make players lean towards one product rather than another.

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The narrative sector is another element that clearly distinguishes the two games. Marvel Ultimate Alliance focuses on a tight story: the script is smooth and not forced at all, and leads the protagonists from one chapter to another, passing through the most famous scenarios of Marvel’s imaginary. There are no dead moments or interludes. There countryside it’s like a long film in which more and more characters are recruited. In Fire Emblem, however, things are a little more reasoned: not only do you stop and fight for tens of minutes, thinking about the right move to make in order not to lose your units; you also spend a lot of time exploring the school where the facts are set, talking to secondary characters and your students. An element, this, largely optional, but essential to understand why so many Fire Emblem players do everything to avoid losing any party member.

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With a roster With 34 fighters, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is a cauldron chock full of superheroes and villains. From the Avengers to the Xmen, from Ghost Rider to Daredevil, from Venom to Spider Gwen, the title made by Team Ninja allows almost anyone to use their favorite hero. Fire Emblem: Three Houses, however, is no different. True, there are no characters known to the general public, but Intelligent Systems always manages to characterize the many units of the game in an extraordinary way, managing to make each one of them become attached to, and we are sure that soon we will have at least a couple of Three heroes Houses within the cast of some Super Smash Bros.

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Here we are finally at the main element of the two productions: the gameplay. Yes, because although they share the role-playing component, Marvel Ultimate Alliance and Fire Emblem are profoundly different also in the game mechanics: the first is completely devoted to real-time action, since it is almost a scrolling fighting game; strategic and thoughtful in every move the second. Not that Ultimate Alliance totally lacks a tactical approach, both to have control of the battlefield and to evaluate the arrival of new enemies: the role components, then, take on a decidedly relevant role in the endgame, where the composition of the team becomes a key point to pass the so-called Infinity tests. In this sense, the two titles find almost a common dimension, given that having the right units can often mark the difference between a glorious victory and a relentless defeat even in Fire Emblem.

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Another point concerns the game modes: if Fire Emblem: Three Houses is designed for a solo challenge, where the individual must test their strategic skills, in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 the cooperative is a central element. Of course, you can also play alone, but being able to coordinate with a friend makes the clashes more frenetic, spectacular and profound. In a word, more fun.

In short, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 and Fire Emblem: Three Houses are two excellent titles and we hope this video has helped you understand which one is right for you. Obviously let us know in the comments, telling us even if you are already a fan of one or the other series.