Flight Simulator – A fan plans an in-game world tour with a Cessna 172


Celebrating the release of Microsoft Flight Simulator for PC, a fan decided to go on a grueling world tour piloting a Cessna 172 in-game.

The aircraft of choice for the enthusiast, the Cessna 172 Skyhawk, is a small single-engine tourism and training plane that will force the fan to make dozens of stopovers to cover the immense distances of this festive flight.

The Skyhawk, in fact, has a maximum range of 640 nautical miles (corresponding to 1,185 kilometers) – With the departure and arrival point represented by Billy Bishop Airport in Toronto (Canada), the flight simulator enthusiast has planned a grueling journey that will take you to visit all the continents of the world (Excluding Antarctica).

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The programming of this complex flight plan took different months: Faced with the endeavor that awaits him shortly, the author of this project used programs such as SimToolKitPro to be able to ideally connect all airports that fall within the “operating range” of his virtual airplane that, like the real Cessna 172, does not have the autonomy necessary to support long routes of the intercontinental routes of passenger aircraft.

While we wait to find out if the MFS enthusiast will be able to go around the world at the controls of his digital Skyhawk, we remind those who follow us that Microsoft Flight Simulator is also in development on Xbox One, as the house of Redmond has recently confirmed. .

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