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Fortnite Season 5: Thanos could return as the skin, the details

Fortnite Season 5: Thanos could return as the skin, the details

Fortnite Season 5 could once again welcome Thanos in the form of skins: here’s everything we know about it.

Fortnite Season 5 it is certainly a season based on collaborations. We have seen the arrival of multiple NPCs from other franchises such as the Mandalorian, Predator and Kratos from God of War. Now, according to a new leak dedicated to the battle royale, the island could also be on the way Thanosprobably in the form of a skin / costume.

The information comes from Mang0e, a well-known Fortnite Battaglia Reale dataminer. As reported, as you can see for yourself below, one has been added new animation for a male Extra Large skin via the update 15.40. Why is it relevant? Because the only male Extra Large skin in the game currently in existence is Thanos.

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Is it possible that the animation is linked to a character not yet inserted and not to Thanos? It is possible, sure, but it is credible that the Titan is ready to return as one of the Bounty Hunters. Also, putting Thanos in Fortnite is now a lot less complex than in the past as he wouldn’t be much bigger than Big Chuggus and Rippley.

However, we repeat that it is just a speculation. Thanos was part of the first collaborative event in Fortnite history. Epic Games had teamed up with Marvel to create a crossover shortly before the release of Avengers Infinity War. Fortnite then appeared briefly within Avengers Endgame, in Thor’s house.

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In Fortnite, The Infinity Gauntlet it allowed you to transform into Thanos and tear your opponents to pieces. The following year, in a new collaboration, Epic proposed a MAT (timed mode) always themed. Thanos is a beloved character, that’s for sure, so his return wouldn’t mind battle royale players.

If you wait for Season 6: some clues suggest the final event of Season 5. For all the details of Fortnite 15.40, you can go here.