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Ghost Recon: Island Of Thunder

Ghost Recon: Island Of Thunder

The American Special Team by Ubisoft is back in action!

The multiplayer aspect and, above all, that linked to the Xbox Live world is undoubtedly the heart of Ghost Recon Island Of Thunder: twelve are the new maps for the multiplayer experience, among these the four most famous and used are also included by players in the title released last fall.
The code for the online game has been optimized, making it easier to host games on Xbox live, even for those who don’t have a lot of bandwidth available.

But are there any other news? Of course, in Island Of Thunder real-time rankings have also been introduced, divided by type of game and soldier used in the matches, such as the famous Rifleman. The number of players in a single game has also been increased from twelve to sixteen soldiers as well as the division into teams has undergone changes. In this “expansion” we could, in fact, create up to four different teams.
The reinterpretation of the Multiplayer section has also affected some new options on the part of the player acting as server. In particular, for fans of online gaming, Island Of Thunder offers a large number of selectable game types, starting from the main subdivision, namely Cooperative, Team or Solo, to arrive at a fairly broad branching, covering the classic ” Last man “, whose goal is easily identifiable, up to the” Siege “mode, in which a team starts from inside a base that the opponents, starting from the positions, must conquer within a certain time limit.
Especially noteworthy is the “Hamburger Hill” mode, in which the main purpose is to keep an area fixed in the center of the map as much time as possible, obviously, in Team mode.
Island Of Thunder will remain very familiar to all veterans from the first campaign even the menus have remained (unfortunately?) Unchanged and are certainly not the symbol of practicality.

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As for the strictly technical part of the game, you can notice some improvements, or better optimizations, in the graphic engine. For example in the realization of some light effects or in some textures and polygonal construction renewed compared to the first Ghost Recon, in particular the sections in the forest or in any case outside the urban centers are more accurate and realistic, greater details, moreover, for the soldiers and squad members and the items that make up the equipment.

Everything else remained unchanged. Ghost Recon was certainly not one of the titles that pushed Xbox to the limit of its possibilities and Island Of Thunder does not improve this situation much. It’s a shame because Ubisoft has much more updated graphics engines available, such as that of the next Rainbow Six, and Island of Thunder would have definitely benefited.
As for the audio department, new environmental and game effects have been introduced, already very valid in its predecessor. In this field the programming team has confirmed itself in a positive way, the speech is not localized in Italian, but it is probably better this way: in this way, in my opinion, the atmosphere has remained intact and in Island of Thunder it certainly does not exist. the danger of running into long or incomprehensible dialogues. However, the report must be made for all those players who are not comfortable in games not localized in Italian.

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Ghost Recon Island Of Thunder, born as an Add-on to one of the most loved and played titles on Xbox live, has reached the world market in the form of a stand alone game, which can therefore be used even without having a copy of its predecessor.

This time the American assault team will have to solve a crisis that broke out on an island (hence the title of the game) in the Cuban area and as usual you will not find much hospitality among the local soldiers … so no more chatter and let’s talk of the innovations introduced in Island Of Thunder
First, a new campaign has been planned in the single player game, consisting of eight missions, of course not only new environments, but also equipment, kits and weapons suitable for the occasion.
This campaign has a slightly higher difficulty level than the first missions featured in the first Ghost Recon, but experienced players will have absolutely no difficulty getting used to it. Although the part dedicated to the single player may seem short-lived, there is no need to worry since Ubisoft has already made it known that in the future downloadable updates will be available via Xbox Live, with some new missions to download and this obviously also applies to maps dedicated to multiplayer games.