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Ghost Recon Wildlands – Interview with Jean-Marc Geffroy and Sam Strachman

Ghost Recon Wildlands – Interview with Jean-Marc Geffroy and Sam Strachman

The new wild lands represents a great and welcome return to the long saga of Ghost Reconbut there are still many months that separate us from its launch, which we remind you is set for March 7, 2017. Fortunately, at an event organized by Ubisoft just before the recent E3 2016, we had the opportunity to test it in preview and, after a good half hour of play, we also got an interview with the guys from the development team. Jean-Marc Geffroy me Sam Strachmanncreative director and director of the narrative component respectively, have presented their ideas, telling us interesting details about the new title Ubisoft.

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Everyeye.it – ​​From our test we have understood how two different souls coexist in your title: one more purely stealthy, typical of the Ghost recon style, and another more dedicated to action and dynamism. We would like to know how the two components were balanced, for example, what was the choice that led you not to insert an adaptive cover system, that is, the one that allows characters to flatten on the surfaces of objects.
Jean-Marc Geffroy – Actually, the reasons that led us to this choice are many and all are closely linked to the gameplay. The first of these strictly refers to the morphology of the maps and the consequent AI of the enemies, which have been built to guarantee a true 360 ​​° approach. Therefore, enemies will come from all directions and, since there is no single front, the coupling of the covers would have affected the fluidity and mobility of the character, thus limiting the gameplay. The second refers to the shooting system, which, being similar to that of an FPS, would not have benefited from the covers, on the contrary, it would have been more woodsy.

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Everyeye.it – ​​About the AI, what can you tell us about it? How much will the latter affect the difficulty and variety of missions?
Jean-Marc Geffroy – Here, the design of the AI ​​and the dynamics connected to it is very important to us and presents a very central quirk for Wildlands. The enemies, in fact, will continue to have their routines, their patterns, but there is no trace of a script and everything is dynamic from the first to the last mission. This means that enemies will in some cases run away, in others investigate if one of them is missing, or perhaps change course if they hear an explosion. In practice, they will adapt to the player’s movements and the player will have to do the same if he wants to get away with it. We are very proud of this aspect, because freedom of action represents a central point for our team and we want each of the 100 available missions, if they are repeated, to never be the same.

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Everyeye.it – What kind of gadgets will we have available during the missions? Will there be the typical high-tech items that will allow for even more complex strategies?
Sam Strachmann – At the moment we can’t go into too much detail, especially since this is connected to the progression system that we will show later, but we can still tell you that the character customization possibilities will be huge, and that’s why we don’t do it. They not only refer to the elements inherent to the equipment, but also to the aesthetic component of the individual Ghosts, which provides an extremely deep editor.

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Everyeye.it – As for co-op though, what happens if a player doesn’t have a full team available? Is it still possible for two to play? And again: how does the main campaign fit into this dynamic? Is there some kind of HUB where to recruit other soldiers to complete the team, for example, a base?
Sam Strachmann – Of course, you can play cooperatively with up to four players, but in the event that the team is made up of only two, you can always rely on AI-ruled comrades. Also, we would like to emphasize that the campaign will be playable from start to finish in co-op, but at any time we will have the possibility to switch to single player mode, which can also be offline, and then dive back in. in the cooperative as we want. In complete freedom.
Jean-Marc Geffroy – Regarding the hub, however, we can tell you that there is no “base”, but there will still be a special menu for pairing, and this will always be fast and immediate.

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Everyeye.it – ​​We know that it is not yet time to discuss the progression system, but maybe you can tell us a little more about the availability of vehicles and weapons? Will we be able to try them all from the beginning?
Jean-Marc Geffroy – Of course; from the beginning the entire map will be completely unlocked, and with it all the vehicles (which are more than sixty) and the weapon vendors, including the special ones. There won’t be any closed off areas due to the level, rather with exploration we’ll learn about the world and the location of individual objects, to the point where we’d like to remember where we saw that particular vehicle, because maybe it’s a better fit. the needs of our current mission. It’s a kind of “indirect” progression, if you will.

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Everyeye.it – What can you tell me about the day/night cycle? How will it affect mission performance?
Sam Strachmann – Here it works more or less the same way: if we decide to wait for the night before attacking an outpost, we would certainly get some bonuses, since the enemy units present on the field would certainly be less. Some of them, for example, may not be awake during the attack, since, as we said before, nothing is scripted and each character follows their own kind of agenda, all in real time of course. On the other hand, by attacking at night you would undoubtedly lose much of your visibility, and with it the perception of what is happening around you. Preparation is essential in these cases, also because in many missions we can assure you that there will be many enemies.

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Everyeye.it – ​​We only have time for one last question and of course we want to ask you something else about a player. What does it mean to play Ghost Recon: Wildlands solo? What changes in terms of gameplay?
Jean-Marc Geffroy – It’s very simple: when playing alone, instead of the rest of the players we will have three Ghosts controlled by the AI, to whom we can give orders to manage each situation with the strategy that we prefer. Each of them will have a large number of available actions, such as creating a diversion or putting out the fire, and even if it will not be possible to change their loadout, we guarantee that you will have all the means to handle the situation at your whim.