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Ghost Squad – Review

Ghost Squad – Review

SEGA’s arcade shooter classics are finally back on consoles! It is the turn of Ghost Squadexclusively on Nintendo Wii.

The cabinet of Ghost Squad he was massive and imposing, with his two assault rifles on display. The Nintendo Wii version, for obvious reasons, is decidedly less evocative with remote controls, but to avoid it it is definitely advisable to use the same Zapper that works with both Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles and Link’s Crossbow Training. Unfortunately, playing with the Wii Light Gun is not simple and intuitive, as during the missions you will have to press the A key several times, not easily reachable if we wield the Zapper just like a machine gun. Customization is one of the keywords of this title: it is in fact possible to change your appearance, but also that of your enemies, through options such as Ninja Mode and Paradise Mode, in which the opponents on the screen will all appear as ruthless Ninja or girls in costume bathroom ready to take us out. The quantity of weapons is more than excellent, with 25 types of pistols, submachine guns, rocket launchers, shotguns or sniper rifles. It is also possible to select the rate of fire, from single shot to rapid fire. The variety of options is therefore worthy of a Ghost Recon, even if the same cannot be said of the amount of levels available, only three.

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we are at the controls of the Alpha team, a highly specialized team with the task of defeating terrorists

In arcade mode we are at the controls of the Alpha team, a highly specialized team with the task of defeating terrorists and organized crime. In the “Gran Villa” scheme our task is to rescue the President and other Summit participants who have been held hostage; in “Airforce One” we fight in the skies, aboard the presidential plane that has been hijacked, while in “Jungle” we are looking for Steve McCoy, CEO of a military company. The game environments are therefore only these, but it must be said that it is possible to face them in many ways: within the levels there are multiple paths and tactical decisions that modify events and make us take different paths, so that to complete the 100% a pattern we have to start and finish it many times. Furthermore, the level of our character is linked to an experience score that rises as we improve our performance, and as we grow it unlocks new game modes. Going forward, in fact, the respawn of the enemies changes, they increase and so does the difficulty, making Ghost Squad a varied game with more than good longevity considering the game genre.

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Ghost Squad it is certainly one of the most successful Light Gun games ever. Let’s finally say goodbye to the static that characterized the first Virtua Cops: the new SEGA title is highly dynamic, adrenaline-pumping and frenetic. Enemies pop out from every corner, hide in crevices, and attack in large numbers. The camera is moved by a director clearly inspired by Hollywood action films, with the intention of making the game as exciting as possible, especially given the fact that it runs on a fixed and non-maneuverable track. Despite having a deep and very replayable arcade mode, Ghost Squad offers its maximum multiplayer fun, up to four people at the same time, against two in the cabinet. The game action is never monotonous and focused exclusively on shooting, but numerous collateral actions are also performed, such as defusing explosive devices, protecting hostages or long-range sniping.

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Ghost Squad offers its maximum multiplayer fun, up to four people at the same time

There is also a welcome option online via Wi-Fi Connection, with which we can send our scores to international rankings, constantly updated and controllable directly from the game. The latter is a determining factor for the longevity of the game, and partly compensates for the scarce amount of settings present. Ghost Squad it is also a beautiful game to look at: it is the exact counterpart of the arcade version, certainly nowadays a technical achievement surpassed by the most powerful consoles, but a great sight on the Nintendo Wii. The amount of polygons is enviable, offering environments rich in details and details, completely destructible on-screen objects and many enemies at the same time. The animations, while always fluid, suffer from the typically SEGA arcade legacy of the 90s, often resulting unrealistic and woody. There are also some effects like a hinted HDR for the sky, a small satisfaction for Nintendo hardware. The audio sector is excellent, with music worthy of the major arcade classics, military motifs full of rhythm and various and well-sampled sound effects. Using the Wii Remote is also good: numerous effects come out of the microphone that help even more with immersion. Finally, unfortunately, the cover price must be mentioned, more than doubled in the Italian version compared to the American version. This factor certainly affects the final evaluation also because Ghost Squad it is spoken entirely in English and is only subtitled in our language. Furthermore, the distributed version is multilingual and not specifically localized only for the Italian territory.

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Ghost Squad is one of the best Light Gun games ever created by SEGA. It’s a curated, well crafted, fast-paced and fun title. It is also a varied game, in spite of the only three schemes present, thanks to a system of multiple choices that will make us replay the same levels many times. An online ranking function has also been implemented via the Wi-Fi connection, a factor that significantly extends the life of this title, which in multiplayer finds its raison d’être and the maximum expression of the fun it can offer. However, the price with which it is offered in our country is inexplicable, about 60 euros against 30 dollars in the US, also considering the fact that the game has not been completely adapted. Strongly recommended for lovers of the genre, but above all for fans of the SEGA Arcade, which they will relive with Ghost Squad a second youth.

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