Goodbye to Google+, Google closes its social network


Google Plus or Google+, the social network that Google launched in 2011, will close in August 2019, after the technology giant has admitted on its blog that a failure in the system exposed the data of at least 500,000 users. Read the post here.

Google thus shamefully closes the social network with which it tried unsuccessfully to compete with the giants of the sector, such as Facebook, Instagra and WhatsApp, all of Marck Zuckerberg’s company.

According to the newspaper ‘The Wall Street Journal’, Google already knew about the security deficiencies for a few months, but chose not to make it public to avoid investigations by the authorities.

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The search engine has announced that it will give consumers details and information on how to migrate their content from these dates until August 2019, when the final closure will take place. Only the version of the social network for companies will remain open.

Why will they close?

The company identified the security issues within an initiative called Project Storbe, designed to review third-party access to account data on Google and Android systems. In fact, one of the first priorities of the project was the analysis of G +, which despite the efforts in development by its teams, had not been successful in being adopted by consumers as a social network. A revealing fact is that the company itself admits that 90 percent of Google Plus user sessions last less than 5 seconds.

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In March of this year, teams found the bug, which they estimate exposed data from half a million accounts. According to Google, it was repaired immediately, and no evidence was found that such data (including name, email, address, age, and usage statistics) had been fraudulently used by a developer.

In the same month of March, the data leak on Facebook came to light, caused by the Cambridge Analytica company, which even forced its CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, to share it before the US Senate and Congress.

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