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iPhone App Store: A First Look

iPhone App Store: A First Look

The iPhone App Store works over the cellular network and over Wi-Fi, which means it’s accessible from virtually anywhere, so users can buy and download apps wirelessly and start using them instantly. Some of the applications are free and others have a price that is paid through the user’s iTunes® account; In addition, the App Store notifies the user of the appearance of eventual updates for the applications that he owns. The App Store is also available in iTunes for Mac or PC, and iTunes itself syncs apps to iPhone or iPod touch via USB cable.

More than 125 apps – or more than 25 percent – ​​are free. According to the Chief Executive (CEO) of Apple, Steve Jobs, 90% of the applications will cost less than 10 dollars.

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“This is the biggest release of my career,” he said.

Browse through all apps, or by sections

Users who have downloaded the newly released iTunes 7.7 can now browse the store through the Jukebox software. The store includes sections that list all iTunes apps, all touch apps, all free apps, most popular apps, and most popular free apps.

Browse by categories

Users can also browse the categories: Business, Education, Entertainment, Finance, Gaming, Health & Fitness, Lifestyle, Music, Navigation, News, Photography, Productivity, Reference, Social Media, Sports, Travel, Utilities, and Weather.

The best free applications

It’s no surprise that the best-received app right now is iTunes Remote, with which you can control music on your computer or Apple TV from your iPod Touch or iPhone. Play, pause, skip or shuffle. See your songs, playlists and album art on your iPod Touch or iPhone as if you were in front of your computer. Remote works with Wi-Fi networks so you can control your music from anywhere in your home.