Microsoft Teams: How to enable NDI streaming

Did you know that Microsoft Teams supports NDI integration? This means that you can easily broadcast your Teams video conferences on your intranet (local network).

However, this feature is not a streaming solution in and of itself. You can only use it on your local network and it does not support social media streaming. But first, let’s see how to enable NDI streaming in Teams. We will talk about the details later.

How to enable NDI on computers

  1. Your administrator must first activate the Allow broadcast of NDI by running the command Set-CsTeamsMeetingPolicy -Identity MEETING_POLICY -AllowNDIStreaming $ true in PowerShell. Another way to do this is to open the Teams admin center, select Met, and so Meeting Policies. Your administrator can change the Allow AND broadcast option enabled.
  2. Then you need to click on your profile picture and select configurations.
  3. Click on Authorizations And change Network Device Interface (NDI) upon. Save the changes.
  4. Start your meeting and click More options (the three points).
  5. Then select Issue in NDI.
  6. Then a banner will appear on the screen confirming that the meeting broadcast is enabled.
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5 types of NDI feeds

You can choose from five types of transmissions when transmitting in NDI.

  • Main speaker: The system plays only the speaker window. They automatically switch to the next speaker when they speak. All audio or video content coming from your machine will be skipped.
  • Local: Streaming captures shared video and audio content from your computer.
  • Individual Users: If you select this mode, Teams will broadcast the individual users window with mixed meeting audio.
  • Shared screen: The broadcast will automatically capture the incoming screen share images of all meeting participants.
  • Great gallery and fashion set: NDI broadcast will focus on large gallery view and ensemble mode. This means that you can see all meeting participants on the same screen.
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Microsoft Teams has a handy NDI feature that allows you to broadcast your meeting over your local network. This way, people in your organization can view the meeting without participating as guests or registered users.

How often do you use NDI fonts within your organization? How has your experience been so far? Share your thoughts in the comments below.