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Ninja vows to abandon Fortnite, enraged against a stream sniper

Ninja vows to abandon Fortnite, enraged against a stream sniper

Ninja is again shot down by a stream sniper and makes an incredible outburst, announcing that he wants to leave Fortnite forever.

Ninja yes it definitely is enraged after being the subject of stream sniping during a game a Fortnitethreatening to completely abandon the Epic Games game if situations of this kind continue to arise.

In case you don’t know, stream sniping is defined as killing (in the game, of course) a streamer during a game using the streaming of the subject in question as a reference point to have a precise vision where the target is, preferably by catching it in a moment of difficulty or greater exposure.

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It is obviously an incorrect practice because it allows the attacker to take advantage of a net benefithaving the opponent’s view available and knowing precisely where he is and what he is doing, thus being able to exploit a blind spot or a moment of particular distraction or commitment to other threats.

However, this is a rather popular trend against streamers, also because it allows you to hitting celebrities and thus obtaining (metaphorical) “scalps” of great importance to be exhibited, perhaps by recording the clips on video.

Perhaps after several such cases, Ninja has blurted out in a rather heavy way, however, going into a rage against a bit of everyone: “Good for you, friend”, said the famous streamer, “Make your ******* clip and send it to your friends, you killed Ninja. I didn’t play In a long time, I will not play it anymore. I just got back and I am still able to kill you all anyway, even if you put in the effort for 12 hours a day I can still take you down without any training at the competitive level. “

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In short, a real live scene, as often happens to streamers and Ninja in particular following some wrong (or presumed such) received during a live game. However, in this case it seems that the streamer also wanted to pour a lot of bile on Fortnite and his community, who are in fact responsible for its success: “This game is so ******* stupid, man,” he added. “Like his community, these kids, they’re so stupid, it’s not even funny anymore and the fact is that they hurt the game too because I don’t want to play it or stream it.”

After the closure of Mixer, Ninja had explained some time ago the reasons for the return to Twitch and the rejection of YouTube, however this did not protect him from such scenes. On the other hand, just a few days ago he reported that it is not up to him to educate his viewers on social issues, but perhaps a digression from time to time would not be bad, instead of such scenes.