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Provato Ghost Recon Wildlands

Provato Ghost Recon Wildlands

In the field of video games, fifteen years is really a long time, and certainly enough to make us understand whether or not a brand has managed to conquer a special place in the hearts of the public. The story of Ghost Reconwhich began in 2001, has always had a great number of successes, to the point of always earning the attention and respect of the crowd, and with the announcement of the new wild lands the last – unequivocal – confirmation has arrived. Ubisoft’s title has provoked fans very well and since our first hands-off, which dates back to the last E3, we felt that a new energy was breaking into the saga, thanks to a compelling concept, supported above all by an intriguing and incredibly current environment. The open world structure, seamlessly stitched over the gorgeous Bolivian locations, had us immediately won over and seemed to marry perfectly with the highly cooperative dimension of the title. Also, the strategic component and distinctive traits that made Ghost Recon great seemed to be in excellent shape. Indeed, solid PvE in gameplay and potentially dead-end in slots perfectly rounds out the current Tom Clancy brand proposition, but to fully understand the effectiveness of this new formula and its exquisitely cooperative nuances I certainly needed a hands-on test. . Before giving in to our enthusiasm, ultimately, we were interested in discovering the cut that the single player campaign would take, the exploratory approach, and more generally, we wanted to delve into the entire structure that governs character progression and the quest system. Fortunately, a few days before the Losangelina fair, we were able to dive into the new one. wild lands, thanks to an exclusive presentation specially organized by Ubisoft. Along with a handful of colleagues, we once again assumed the role of a Ghost Recon unit, launching into a demo mission that, despite its short duration, proved to be quite articulate and comprehensive. Also, thanks to the briefing and a talk with the developers, many of our questions have finally been answered, and now, we are ready to tell you about our great little war against Bolivian drug traffickers.

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Free Bolivia!

The atmosphere that permeates Ubisoft’s production is clearer than ever: in Ghost Recon we will play the role of a chosen unit, highly specialized in operating behind enemy lines. However, the feeling you get when you go out on the battlefield has something special. Our Ghosts are not a “simple” neighborhood SWAT, but a completely independent, almost rebel assault team, specially trained to survive in the wildest guerrilla scenarios. Our enemy is not a criminal organization like many others, nor a highly inflated terrorist cell, but the largest drug cartel in South America, with its myths and its particular folklore, also super equipped and animated by a ferocity unique in its kind. . El Sueño is our villain, the Pablo Escobar of the situation, who commands his personal army, who takes the name of Santa Blanca, like a divinity. Finally, it is precisely the locations that complete the picture and represent the backbone of the new Ghost Recon WildlandsWe had the opportunity to explore the Bolivian territories, and in a short time we realized the immensity of the game map. Ubisoft was quick to point out that this is their biggest open world ever, with a variety of never-before-seen settings. Impossible to blame him: in terms of the breadth and differentiation of the areas, we find ourselves before a more than remarkable work, carried out with technical mastery and imbued with sincere inspiration. Deserts, snow-capped mountains, canyons, and riverine forests follow one another with consistency, and it all feels believable, alive, colorful, and freaking wild. In a land ravaged by violence, a frightened population still lives, grouped in small villages with a characteristic appearance. One of our tasks, in addition to directly confronting the advance of the cartel, will be precisely to protect civilians, freeing their settlements from the oppression of dreams (with dynamic effects of change). Freedom, as Ubisoft teaches us, is once again the watchword; at any moment we can choose what task to dedicate ourselves to, taking our time to explore the wild lands, discover its secrets and above all its strategic advantages. Yes, because the beauty of the new Ghost Recon is that there are no pre-established paths, everything is fluid and above all the enemy is able to adapt to our movements. There is no script, therefore, rather, a promise of a completely autonomous and unpredictable AI, which will have to be faced by all possible means. Speaking of vehicles, here are some numbers: there will be more than sixty vehicles, not to mention the myriad of weapons and gadgets that the developers have assured us. In short, it seems that there is no lack of content, just a shame not to have tried the character growth system, which we hope will be able to support such an open structure. On the other hand, Ubisoft has assured us of extremely thorough customization for our Ghosts and of course we will also have a respectable editor at our disposal.

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OSOK: One Shot, One Kill

As for the actual gameplay, we confirm that the game features a campaign playable in both solo and cooperative modes for up to four players, with the ability to switch between them at any time. Those who prefer the silence of the individual player can count on the traditional Ghost Recon system, which allows you to manage your companions with simple commands, which will give you access to a good number of tactics. The highlight, of course, remains the four-player co-op, and at this point, to better explain our experience, we want to tell you about the mission in San Mateo: it’s an infiltration and recovery mission, conceptually similar to capturing the forts seen in Farcry, but more extensive and complex, which however represent only one of the various types of operations present in the title. Along with three other soldiers, we organized ourselves for the assault on a small village that ended up in the hands of the Cartel, who have seen fit to assign a full battalion there. The suggested approaches are essentially two; stealth or action

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Under the guidance of a team leader, we obviously opted for a low profile, but quickly realized that keeping it to the end is not a trivial matter. The enemies are many, the spaces are wide and very complex, and many times having a vision of the battlefield is not easy, to the point that one ends up being discovered in a very short time. Also, just think that there is no adaptive cover system, and you have to manage the movements of our Ghosts with extreme precision if you want to kill the holes. In case you’re wondering, we immediately confirmed that objective management is still based on first-person view, and this gives the Ubisoft TPS a rather distinctive and rhythmic breath. In addition, the movements are well weighted (and heavy), and this should be understood as something positive, since it returns a sense of solidity, which increases the strategic dimension of the title. We found the actual shooting really good, satisfying, and even if we couldn’t try who knows what paraphernalia for now we felt satisfied. It must be said that even the gadgets and mods for our rifles were not many in this test, in this case it was a bit of C4, a reconnaissance drone (very vital in the organization phase prior to the assault) and the classic silencers . What we have told you so far should not make you think of a slow title; total. As we mentioned earlier, in fact, it only takes a moment to trigger the alarm and before long you’re in a firefight to the death, with mortar fire and machine gun fire to dodge. The use of vehicles is certainly interesting and promising, which will undoubtedly be a fundamental component of the gameplay. Our mission, according to the textbook, began by quietly parachuting out of an assault helicopter, but ended with a daring escape by car. Regarding the driving system, we can say that it is basically a strongly arcade model, which must be contextualized, however, with the different types of terrain that, often uneven or rough, can also constitute a significant penalty for the driver. Also, it seems that all vehicles will be unlocked and available immediately, but we will have to discover them through the game map.

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Also on the gaming side, therefore, we consider ourselves satisfied, thanks to a really satisfying amount of content and a successful and satisfying cooperative rhythm. Finally, we wonder if if you go the single-player route the experience will resize in any way, but the developers have nonetheless assured us that there will be an intuitive and fast first-choice matchmaking system to get the job done. title. always fluid and accessible to all. There is still much to discover in this Ghost Recon Wildlandsand there is still time before the launch (expected on March 7, 2017), but we are sure that in the coming months we will have the opportunity to talk about it abundantly…