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PS5 is already in production, soon the first photos of the console?


Within minutes of the appearance of numerous photos of the DualSense, accompanied by a series of details and impressions, the author of these shots also provided information on the production of Playstation 5.

In fact, among the questions that the user was asked, we also found those who asked for photos of the console, who received a very interesting response:

“From what I understand, Foxconn is assembling the consoles and the workers have already seen it. There are no photos at this time, but Sony will soon provide the final product to third-party teams for their reference.

In short, what has been happening in recent hours with the controllers of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X could soon be replicated with the Sony console, whose design can be deepened thanks to a series of photographs that portray every corner.

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Speaking of the console, we remind you that in recent days some interesting details have emerged about Sony’s willingness to focus its attention on the PlayStation 5 controller, since haptic feedback and mechanical triggers will play a fundamental role in the involvement of the players in the next generation titles.

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