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PS5: Mark Cerny talks about SSD speed and its advantages

During the interview with Washington Post, Mark Cerny revealed some background on video game development and explained why the presence of a SSD on Playstation 5 makes life a lot easier for developers.

In Cerny’s words, until now development teams have had to make more or less major changes to their projects to ensure that the hardware could handle them properly. Sony’s big shot, for example, has motivated the presence in some places of endless corridors OR very long elevator rides, whose purpose is none other than to intelligently hide loading screens that would otherwise be intrusive and annoying. With the fast custom SSD that mounts each PS5 unit, this is all just memory as you no longer need to shape your game design at console speed and you will have much more freedom in this regard. All of this is possible thanks to the incredible capabilities of the SSD, which you can charge 2 GB in a quarter of a second and therefore has a significantly higher performance than an HDD with its 20 seconds to load only one GB.

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Cerny also specified that the advantages of an SSD are not only in speed but also in structure, completely different from mechanical hard drives:

«PlayStation 4 is equipped with a hard disk that must read and write information on a disk. This mechanism has major design flaws. If the data to be read is at the end of the disk, it will take longer to complete this process compared to data focused on reading. If the data is scattered across the disk, the read process will take even longer to complete. Whether it’s seconds or fractions of a second, you’ll still have to wait longer on your hard drive. It is precisely because of this problem that mechanical hard drives are cheaper than SSDs.

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In short, the absence of disk and read head make the SSD even faster and to take advantage of this feature there will also be Demon’s Souls, the exclusive launch of the PlayStation 5 that was discussed in the course of the interview with Washington Post. . By the way, did you know that Demon’s Souls will make extensive use of DualSense features? We also remind you that in the last few hours an interesting rumor has been circulating according to which PlayStation 5 could reach European territory in advance.

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