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Server on a pre-PPC Mac, Step One and Two: Downloading the NetBSD Files, on NETBSD, by Toad


Server on a pre-PPC Mac, Step One and Two: Downloading the NetBSD Files, on NETBSD, by Toad

Now on the new Mac, I downloaded the mac68k folder for the latest version of NetBSD, which in my case was version 1.6.2.

Step One: Download the NetBSD Files

If you don’t know how or where, a guide:

Use an FTP program like Transmit, connect to ftp.netbsd.org and browse through the folders until you find version 1.6.2. with its “mac68k” folder that you can download by dragging it from the FTP program to the area of ​​your hard drive.

Actually within binaries/sets (where the sets are) there are some that start with x-, the graphical environment, but I didn’t need it (although if you have plenty of hard disk space you might want to experiment 🙂 ).

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Then look in the “mac68k/installation/misc” folder for all the files ending in HQX and BIN to unzip them, as they contain executables that need to be used on the old Mac.

And now I transferred the newly downloaded mac68k folder to the old Mac, again using AppleTalk.

Step Two: Backup and start the installation

I need a recorder for the old Mac

Now I needed to wipe the hard drive and make a bootable CD from the old mac, so I needed a burner.

Older Macs have SCSI cards built in…and I already had a SCSI burner, the one I used in my new Mac, so I moved it to the old Mac.

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I needed a recording program. The recorder came with Toast for Mac, which I ported from the new Mac to the old Mac via AppleTalk. It worked perfectly… (it was version 4).

I made a full backup of the hard drive on three CDs: one for the documents, one with the NetBSD files, and one bootable with the Mac system.

If you don’t know how to record them here is a guide:

FIRST CD: Record everything important on a CD (documents, things you didn’t want to lose…). Do not write the system or NetBSD to this CD.

SECOND CD: Burn the mac68k folder that we moved from the new Mac to another CD, which contains NetBSD.

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THIRD CD: Records the System Folder of the hard drive on another CD, so that the CD only contains this folder. (If your Toast is Professional, make sure you have “Bootable” checked, if it is Normal, hitting Files&Folders will make it bootable automatically).

Now I started to install NetBSD. Here is an installation guide:

The Mac is put into “32-bit addressing” mode in the Memory control panel, and the screen is set to B&W. All this is necessary to be able to use NetBSD…

After restarting, insert the CD from the mac68k folder and move this folder to the hard drive.

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Then the BSD mac68k/Booter is executed whose icon is as in the screenshot, the one below:

That program is executed. Go to the “Options”->”Boot Options” menu and mark “Auto-set GMT Bias”, “Boot from Mac OS file”.

Then it is given to “Set” mode, and the netbsd-INSTALL.gz file from installation/kernel is chosen.

Then press Command+B to start booting the installation program.

After a bit this comes out (before it will ask you for the type of terminal, leave the one that comes by default):


* NetBSD-1.6 Install System *

* *

*>a: Install NetBSD to hard disk *

* b: Upgrade NetBSD on a hard disk *

* c: Re-install sets or install additional sets *

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* d: Reboot the computer *

* e: Utility menu *

* x: Exit Install System *


Option “a” is chosen.

Then you will need to prepare the hard drive for Mac OS and NetBSD. Important: The “Use Entire Disk” option cannot be used.

Then different partitions are made for /, /usr, etc.

Ok, you will see the current partition map. With PageUp and PageDown you can move from one to another. With the up and down arrows you choose the operation to perform with the selected partition.

This was the partition map I used:

– I created a partition for MacOS; not very big, about 50MB (disk was 700MB).

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– A NetBSD swap partition of about 50MB.

– A NetBSD Root partition (/) of (approximately) 400MB and

– A NetBSD Usr partition (/usr) of over 200MB


This thing about mount points is important.

Remember that “Split Selected Partition” will reduce or enlarge the size of a partition. use PageUp & PageDown to switch up/down. This method of partitioning will take some getting used to at first, but you’ll soon get the hang of it and partition well.

Now it asks us how to install the packages. It can be installed either by CD or by network.

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Insert the CD that we have recorded before and hit install by CDROM. You must edit the path of the files, because if the CD is the mac68k folder they will be in /binary/sets on the CD. Put the correct path. I mean, if it’s in the sets folder inside binary inside mac68k inside the CD, then the path will be /mac68k/binary/sets . The name of the CDROM device will automatically give you, usually cd0.
NOTE: If you have two CD drives, an external SCSI burner, and an internal reader, use the internal one.

Then in the package selection panel install everything except the X (everything that starts with x) and the games. Use the arrows to select the different packages, and each time you hit ENTER it will change its status from YES to NO or vice versa.

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Wait for it to install, it takes some time.

In my case, I preferred to install it over the network, through FTP, because the connected recorder gets hot and doesn’t read well after a while.

You can see on the screen the status of how it is decompressing all the TGZ. If you get an error, it must be that you have not configured the route correctly, you must go back.

One of the processes, “Making Device Files”, will take some time. It is normal.

Then you configure what it asks you for, the root password, etc.

And in the end it restarts…

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Next week: Step III: Preparations before booting NetBSD.

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