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Sniper Ghost Warrior 3: Try the new Slaughterhouse map!

Sniper Ghost Warrior 3: Try the new Slaughterhouse map!

In August, on the occasion of Gamescom, we had already talked about Ghost Warrior 3 Sniper, giving you a rich overview of what the game could offer once it hits stores. More information was revealed to us during a recent visit to the studios. Koch Media in Munich, where we were able to test the production by hand once more, in such a way that we tried a new map and thus test the real progress of the development. To tell the truth, the novelties that emerged from our test are not that many: what the new demo made available by the guys at IQ GamesHowever, it still bodes well for the success of the title, which seems to have learned from mistakes made in the past and may therefore finally be ready to welcome an ever-wider audience.

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in loving memories

If you have played and enjoyed the old chapters of the series, you should know that this time the extremely linear gameplay, which characterized the previous incarnations, has been completely replaced by much more open maps, where the player is given a lot of freedom of action, and in which the sniper is not the only method of approach allowed. Although the game is based on sniping, once you have full control of the mouse and keyboard you can also completely ignore stealth or other super-slick tactics, arming yourself with grenades and AKA 47s to launch yourself headlong into missions.

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In Cologne we had the opportunity to take a look at Mining town, a fairly large map that proposed a train robbery, infiltration tasks and other simple reconnaissance objectives. Slaughterhouse Explorer, a completely new location, we have also understood that there will be a considerable variety in terms of available assignments, and that the change of area with each new assignment could guarantee that extra diversification in terms of gameplay: an added value that sometimes, in games of this genre, it is usually missing. CI Games’ decision not to create a real open world has made it possible to create a shooter with different playful souls, in which also day/night alternation and dynamic weather influence mission planning.

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Therefore, it may happen that while you are approaching your target, perhaps aboard a vehicle that has just been seized, a sudden rain inevitably reduces the visibility of the scene, forcing you to modify the current plan and operate in another way: is, of course, a very particular game design choice that, if used correctly, could certainly guarantee some very interesting results. The degree of difficulty is currently at very good levels, posing a more than discreet challenge, although some doubts persist about the artificial intelligence, which, on some occasions, did not seem particularly reactive. After identifying you, the soldiers will maintain a continuous state of alert, but in order to find you they will always follow predefined paths: this means that you can carry out an indiscriminate massacre by constantly shooting in the same direction, without the AI. Noticing the massacre a few meters away. In the same way, unfortunately, despite the good variety of enemies, we have not noticed great differences in the behavior routines of the different types of soldiers: CI Games has decided to introduce snipers to deal with from a distance, attackers who hide under cover. simple lookouts. and also huge giants in riot armor, capable of absorbing a large number of hits before dying. If you want to permanently get rid of these thugs, then, you will need to aim your sniper rifle at the base of the neck, which is the only weak point of the armor: nothing will stop you, in any case, from facing them head on. -in and unloading them- your entire arsenal, but it is a tactic that will hardly achieve fruitful effects, given the enormous firepower of these very strong opponents.

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Choose your weapon and carry out a massacre

The enormous freedom of approach that it offers Ghost Warrior 3 Sniper is fully revealed as soon as we analyze the inventory: among the weapons at our disposal we find in fact different sniper rifles (Stronskiy 98, Xm 2015 and the Dragoon for example), numerous assault weapons (Herstal, OFM 500 shotgun and the already mentioned Aka 47 among many) with also a wide range of pistols.

Obviously, there is no lack of the possibility of customizing your paraphernalia with the most disparate gadgets, from simple optics to increased chargers to silencers. Among the most interesting features of this Ghost Warrior 3 Sniper Highlights the possibility of creating your own ammunition by collecting materials scattered around the map, substantially changing the effectiveness of weapons depending on the bullet in the barrel. Although the plot remains secret, from the few details revealed it is clear that in this new adventure the player will be left completely alone in the field, without any support from the regular army or possible allies. In this way, the experience undoubtedly loses some of its realism, but it is a necessary compromise so that the player always feels at the center of the action. In short, alone, we will be forced to infiltrate heavily guarded outposts, check cameras and steal data, for a series of tasks that are never really original until the end, but are still well structured and orchestrated. The choice of the style of play to use (be it sniper, ghost or warrior) will therefore be left to the player, who will also be able to take advantage of a whole series of gadgets such as smoke bombs or explosives to complete the missions without excesses. effort. Ideally, to enjoy it to the fullest, Ghost Warrior 3 Sniper asks us to survey the play area, also using an aerial drone, to pick off the most relevant threats from afar, perhaps killing sentinels, and then quietly approach the target to complete the task. If not done this way, at this point, missions tend to show a lot of issues, due to the AI ​​continuing to call mortar strikes on your location (often completely randomly), or going berserk ignoring the entire threat. . Before Ghost Warrior 3 Sniper When it hits the market, CI Games will still have to work hard on many aspects of the game to allow the saga to make the qualitative leap it deserves.