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Sony | Sony CEO explains partnership with Microsoft

Sony | Sony CEO explains partnership with Microsoft

The CEO and president of Sony, Kenichiro Yoshida, had the chance to explain in much more detail the reasons that led the Japanese company to close a strategic partnership with Microsoft. At the Investor Relations Day of the company, the Sony CEO answered a question on this same topic.

Yoshida said that “In our collaboration with Microsoft and the likely size we have in mind, at this point, in order to have a broader and deeper discussion, we have signed a Memorandum of Understanding. In the long run, the trend for cloud and streaming services will mature, but it is very difficult to determine the timeline. ”

He went on to say that “We have been working with streaming services for the past five years and there are several difficult aspects. Network latency is one. Some examples I could cite, for example, the typical means of minimizing latency is to place servers at the end closest to users, but moving the servers closer to one group of users can mean increasing latency to another group of users. users. Also, there will be a coding process at the end, and how we can minimize the compression time is another challenge. Also, to make it a viable business, what would be the business model? Our service is now a subscription model, but depending on the game, one can be played for fifty or a hundred hours and for someone playing a game like that, what is the benefit of a subscription service per month, the type of model you you can play? So, in terms of technology and services, there are several aspects that we would like to discuss with Microsoft in the future, especially in terms of streaming solutions. We would like to continue through collaboration. ”

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The goal is to leverage Microsoft’s Azure infrastructure to improve the gaming experience, but Sony is also evaluating alternative business models for its game streaming service, PlayStation Now, which currently works only as a subscription.