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Stream to Apple TV

Stream to Apple TV

When streaming content to Apple TV, the content isn’t stored on the device. Streaming only sends content over the local network when the user goes to watch or listen to it. Therefore, you can browse all your content regardless of the size of your iTunes library.

In addition to the iTunes library that the Apple TV is synced with, content from five other iTunes libraries can be streamed over the network, whether they are Windows or Mac computers. However, content cannot be streamed of two libraries at the same time.

To stream content to Apple TV:

We open iTunes on the computer from which you want to make the transmission.

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  • On Apple TV, we select Sources in the main menu.
  • We select “Connect to the new iTunes” and write down the code that appears on the screen.
  • In iTunes, we select the Apple TV icon next to which it reads “Click to configure”.
  • We enter the code.
  • During streaming of content, your computer must have iTunes open and remain on.

    Note: The time it will take for the streaming video to start displaying on Apple TV depends on your network speed.

    To stream content from a library other than the one that’s set up for streaming, go to the Sources menu on Apple TV and select another one of the Libraries. If the Apple TV is synchronized, we can start exploring the contents of said Library.