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The House of the Dead Remake, the review of an arcade classic resurrected on Nintendo Switch

The House of the Dead Remake, the review of an arcade classic resurrected on Nintendo Switch

Guns, zombies and a technical sector so-so are what emerges from the review of The House of the Dead Remake, a classic risen on Nintendo Switch.

The House of the Dead Remake goes hand in hand with nostalgia. There was a period, between the late 1990s and the early 2000s, when it was easy to come across the original cabinet. Some of you may have seen one in the city arcade when there was still one; others in the bars frequented during the summer holidays, perhaps in the seaside ones. However, it was easy to recognize that beautiful vertical pillar all black and equipped with a screen, also because it sported two captivating plastic pistols on the front, one blue and the other red, the so-called “light guns”.

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Round and round he invents everything and never really invents anything: it was only a matter of time before he found himself grappling with the remake of the very first The House of the Dead. And why not, after all? The developers of MegaPixel Studio immediately found the perfect console, the only one capable of returning the sensation of holding guns, aiming and firing. Let’s talk about Nintendo Switch, of course, and its Joy-Con equipped with gyroscope, motion sensors and many other beautiful things. There review of The House of the Dead Remake you are about to read is based exactly on the version tested on Nintendo Switch. Keep in mind, however, that someone has already spotted The House of the Dead Remake on PlayStation 4 as well.

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There plot: nowadays video games must necessarily have one, because the very demanding crowd of players just need any pretext to take the pitchforks. The House of the Dead Remake also has its own narrative, but it goes back to the “good old days” when the playful offer – especially that of the arcades – was content with much more modest stories. It should be noted that, apart from minimal content elements and updated graphics (which are not that updated on balance), MegaPixel Studio has proved to be very faithful to the starting content. A few reminders may perhaps be useful, because water has passed under the bridge.

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You may remember the initial moments of The House of the Dead: the pressing soundtrack, the very fast shots, the enemies already beautiful ready on the screen, the phone call from a woman, the car whizzing on the pavement of the villa; then you start shooting, and good luck reconstructing the context.

Because the title, today as then, demands its good dose of attention: you have to put all the pieces back together one at a time, playing it and if necessary replaying it again, also because between crossroads and alternative endings it is not enough to reach the end credits (it will take you less than an hour) to understand everything about The House of the Dead Remake.

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The writer remembers the story in question well, but he has also refreshed his memory with the proper study; the passage of time had erased, for example, the names of all the characters. Anyway, the woman he was rumored about is Sophie Richards. Sophie worked for a mad scientist, Roy Curien, who managed to create a zombie army to conquer the Earth. Thomas Rogan, the woman’s boyfriend, and his colleague G. From there onwards shoot as if there was no tomorrow, saving (or letting them die, the choice is yours). , until the confrontation with Curien. Sophie’s fate will depend on you. A little, in truth, also from the pointing system on the Nintendo Switch. Read on to move on to the “pains” of this historic revival.

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It is good that you know what you are buying. Let’s start from a necessary premise: the condition of The House of the Dead Remake on Nintendo Switch is not disastrous. The title is enjoyable and for true lovers of the genre, we are ready to bet, it will again prove to be an exhilarating experience. But we must be objective and admit that much more could have been done, proposing – in all probability – a better return in any respect. A little more effort on the part of the development team would have been enough, clearly in the face of a longer gestation.

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Between remake problems, the first to report concerns the game system. The cabinet had its beautiful colored guns, while here you will hold a single Joy-Con in your hands, in the hand of your choice: with ZL or ZR you open fire on enemies, while the L and R keys (or with B) reload the gun. It is no longer necessary to “point” off the screen, as was the case in the past, and this simplifies the situation a lot. If pointing at the TV screen and slaughtering everything that moves on the screen is fun, however, the same cannot be said of the implementation of gyroscope and motion sensors.

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Although the sensitivity, in every aspect, can be changed at will, The House of the Dead Remake it’s not accurate, and even when everything goes as it should go, it gives back a feeling of woodiness. Do not think of playing in portable mode, that is, with the two Joy-Con connected to the console and tilting the same to point at the enemies, because at that point you would enter the realm of anarchy. Sure, in both TV and tabletop mode you could still use the left stick to manually move the crosshair around the screen, but at that point the game itself would lose all sense.

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Also bad technical sector: honestly we expected much more, also because the photos published in recent months by the developers on social networks were more than fair, or in any case bode well. The House of the Dead Remake, on the other hand, is downright ugly to see, including more neglected polygonal models and interpenetrations. Okay, even the original was not this masterpiece of technique and animation, but twenty-five years have also passed and Nintendo Switch is perfectly capable of offering much more full-bodied, vast and detailed titles.

Fortunately i think to counterbalance this general mediocrity contents. From this point of view it is not possible to accuse the developers of laziness: again we note the presence of the Horde Mode (many, many more zombies!), Of a gallery containing the 3D models of all the monsters eliminated along in the Story mode, of multiple objectives (you will have to dissect the title in all its secrets to complete the collection), and even a photo with all the scientists of the villa, who are just waiting to be saved by you. So be careful where you are aiming: the monsters must be hit, not those poor people in white coats!