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Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon 2

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon 2

The sequel to Ghost Recon also lands on Sony hardware, with a specially dedicated version. Will he be able to undermine the overwhelming power of Socom 2?

The story is actually very linear at the beginning of the game even if with the passing of the missions it will be more intricate, going to intertwine with the plot of the Xbox version of the Ubisoft title, set four years earlier. In the PlayStation 2 version, we will lead the ghost team beyond enemy lines in North Korea following the sinking of a high-tech ship by actually unidentified enemies. The suspicions will prove to be correct and, after a few missions, the ghosts will be employed in a real war to defend South Korea from the invasion of the Northists. Political fiction? Maybe, but North Korea certainly doesn’t appeal to Americans and Tom Clancy in particular. The single player game is articulated through a tutorial, necessary to get closer to the game and to learn the new commands introduced, and 14 levels in turn interspersed with videos that seem taken from a television documentary are so accurate, with interviews with the men of the team and insights on the mission to be faced that make the plot clearer and increase the emotional involvement of the player in the Ubisoft title. The missions are varied and well done, although unfortunately short and sometimes frustrating, also due to the impossibility of saving during the course of the same. In addition to the canonical scheme “move the team from one point to another and destroy everything in your path” there are intriguing and different situations, such as tracking down and defending a downed helicopter and its pilot, taking control of a prison camp to free a North Korean general, or attack a dam and then repel the enemy assault. We can certainly say that the developers of Red Storm Entertaiment have pressed their brains to try to make the levels of their game always different, in this regard it is fair to remember that the Lone Wolf mode has been introduced which we will talk about later. The first change that immediately catches the eye is the different view that is set by default by the game: a third person with a camera over the player’s shoulder who frames the entire body of the player himself as well as obviously everything around him. This change is not purely aesthetic but rather it was wanted by the developers, and during the campaign this is noticed, to make the player’s action much more effective, guaranteeing him the possibility to carefully examine the area around the soldier himself in order to understand in a fraction of a second the origin of any dangers and therefore also of possible repairs. We can only confirm how good this view offers which, moreover, passes in first person every time we use the zoom of the shotgun, as if to satisfy the most fundamentalist players with regard to the game view. It is however possible by choosing in the options menu to always play with the traditional fps shot, except in the Lone Wolf mode. This possibility is completely new to Ghost Recon and allows you to use a team member to accomplish some high-risk missions. It will be armed with the new M29 rifle equipped with a video camera that allows the player, sheltered behind any obstacle, to aim at enemies simply by protruding the weapon, without taking excessive risks and thus resulting in a very precise tool, capable of carrying devastating attacks thanks to the built-in grenade launcher.

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In Ghost Recon 2 the player will command only one group of men, instead of the canonical two teams, but his work will be concentrated above all on his own soldier, while the other comrades will be able to give orders by simply pressing the triangle button. By pointing to a point in front of the squad and pressing the key in question, you will see the soldiers move forward to the target, selecting a fixed firing position, such as a machine gun, after pressing triangle you will see the soldier take possession of it and start using it against. the enemies. By extending the pressure of the same key you can choose between 4 selectable commands by simply indicating what interests us with the d-pad: forward, stop, suppress and throw grenades. Furthermore, if you are equipped with a USB headset with microphone as well as hearing the comments of your companions directly in the headphones, you can give orders simply by saying them into the microphone itself. Few commands but very useful and capable of making it simple and effective to lead our team. Rightly at this point of our article we cannot avoid facing the analysis of the game’s AI, given how fundamental the reactions of our team but also those of our enemies are to make the war simulator credible. Unfortunately, enemies are always “born” in the same points, and therefore in the event of premature death it is easy to overcome the obstacle by remembering the positions of the opponents. Their reactions are often slowed down and not very plausible, it happens too frequently that by killing one of the soldiers on guard the others will not seek cover but rather will remain motionless, easy target of our fire. As far as the team is concerned, the situation is a little different, and fortunately the “boys” move quite realistically, protecting each other and filling the enemy with lead without exposing themselves excessively to danger. Sometimes, however, they are prey to sudden attacks of unconsciousness and we happen to see the “ghosts” make absolutely illogical movements, like putting themselves in front of the player’s line of fire. In the offline mode the graphics component is not excellent but at least it manages to earn enough, certainly does not stand, even in part, the comparison with what is seen in the Xbox version. The textures are discreetly defined and even the polygonal models, while not making a miracle cry, are detailed and functional for the purpose. The setting of the various levels is well reconstructed even if aliasing is present and the structures are reduced to the essentials. Good interaction with the backdrops themselves that manage to offer protection to our ghosts on many occasions.

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The real juice of the Ubisoft game, at least for Xbox users is definitely the online mode, therefore this option could not be missing in the PlayStation 2 counterpart, which uses the network adapter and the Ubi.com server dedicated to online gaming. There are only three modes available: Last Man, Assault and Supremacy. In the first option we will simply have to survive, like the most classic of team death matches, in Assault instead we will participate in an attack on a station but obviously in turn it will also happen to defend the goal. Supremacy, on the other hand, is the most tactical mode, a kind of conquest mode in which we will have to capture numerous communication stations. The maps present are 10, large but too regular, and the visual impact is something impressive, but unfortunately in the negative. The downgrade suffered by the graphic cosmetics, already in itself certainly not exciting, is something crazy that ruins the atmosphere and forces the players to a continuous confrontation with very bad and grainy textures, absolutely thin polygonal models not to mention a framerate that dancer is an understatement. Unfortunately, it is not possible to create and manage your own clan, a very evident lack especially if we think that Ghost Recon is mainly a war game between different teams. Ultimately, the online service offered by Ubi.com seemed very subdued, especially when compared to the other games hosted, and we often encountered disconnections and a very annoying lag.

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From Ghost Recon 2 we expected more, especially after seeing the Xbox version, and we were disappointed by the little care given to this title. The single player mode, although not excellent and which neglects the tactics a little, with a wink to more action oriented productions such as Call of duty, is nevertheless pleasant for every enthusiast. The online part is to be forgotten, hoping for a sudden intervention by Ubisoft as regards the management of the server and its methods. A missed opportunity.

After being born on Personal Computer, the Ghost Recon saga landed in the console universe and, although the first episode that appeared made many turn up their noses, it was able to thrill many PlayStation 2 users. Following a new enthralling plot, woven masterfully from Tom Clancy, the continuation of that first chapter reaches our consoles: will we return to the tactics so loved by players on PC? Or will there be a more arcade twist? Follow us in our review to know all the details.