Where your WhatsApp images and videos are actually saved


Know where your WhatsApp images and videos that you sent and received are stored, in this way you can delete files and recover space in the internal memory of your device.

Many cell phones with Android system have at some point the problem of “memory full” or the message appears: There is not enough storage space available. So, it does not allow downloading or updating applications and files.

WhatsApp is one of the applications that uses the most storage space because we receive and send audios, photos, videos, gif, animated stickers, and others. These saved files can not only be viewed in the chat, but also in the gallery.

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For this reason, we show you where your downloaded files are stored in WhatsApp, and if it is necessary to delete what is necessary to free up space on your cell phone’s internal storage.

Step to follow:

  1. Locate and open the manager / storage folder of your cell phone.


2. In the internal storage, you will find the WhatsApp Folder.


3. Inside the WhatsApp folder, select the Media option.


4. You will see many files in the folder, press WhatsApp images.


5. Finally you will discover all the images that you sent and received to your WhatsApp.


In this easy way, you will be able to see and free up space from the internal storage of your Android cell phone, with the option to delete a photo / file.

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